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Where can I find the Hookshot?

I need to know where the Hookshot is so i can enter the Forest Temple

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kim_120908 answered:

As an adult In Kakariko Village, enter the graveyard at night left along the path turn left again to the first grave stone with flowers in front. Go behind it and pull on the sone to open an entrance to Dampie's Grave. Follow Dampie to the end and he will give you the hookshot as a prize. There is no raceing in this. It's impossible to get in front of him.
To go faster is to roll throughout this and take the sharpest turns, watch out for him dropping flames too.
Just for the extra info, the Longshot is located in the Water Temple. You need the Hookshot to enter it.
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gfreak11 answered:

To get the hookshot you need to go to the graveyard (as adult LInk) and turn to your left and head up the stairs and you will see a tomb stone with flowers in front of it,get behind the tombstone and and pull it back and it will reveal a hole jump into the hole and you will see the ghost of the gravekeeper and he will want to race you,You don't have to beat him in the race,you just have to keep up with him until you reach the finish line and once you reach the finsh line you have to go and talk him and he will reveal a treasure chest,go open the treasure and you will get the Hookshot! PS:to get out of there you have to walk up to the big block and Navi will tell you that the block has the same symble thats in the temple of time so you need to play the song of time and you will be able to exit the place.
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harvied answered:

Follow the above to get the hookshot then when you complete it you can race him again for extra goodies. Namely, 50 rupees and again for a heart piece. You can also pick up a heart piece in the windmill on your exit from the race. Simply jump onto the rotating platform to reach it. Don't forget to speak to guru-guru to learn the song of storms before you leave!
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