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Wtf, cow?

What is the purpose of the cow that's in your house?

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redroses_4life answered:

Play Epona's Song to get milk.
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darkdestroyer13 answered:

So that you can get milk whenever you want
Simply play a song in front of the cow while you have at least one empty bottle
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AWing_Pilot answered:

The cow is a gift for beating the time at the track. Play Epona's Song and have an empty bottle to get a free gift of milk.. Milk is free from other cows too.
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DarthGreenGrape answered:

If you beat the time at the Lon-Lon ranch track, that cow gets put into your house. If you play Epona's Song by it, it gives you milk to drink which replenishes your health.
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Renan_Fontes answered:

The cow is basically for free milk and bragging rights.
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Gadth answered:

This is just to get milk from the cow with eponas song and an empty bottle.
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nintendofan50 answered:

If you play Epona's Song to it you can get free milk if you have an empty bottle. Good if you need HP and are low on cash.
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Neo_Masamune_ answered:

No cost hp fill
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AdidasSupporter answered:

If you have an empty bottle,you can play Epona's song and get free milk.How cool is that?
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ShotGunShoooter answered:

Free Milk, walk up and play Epona's song and you will get milk!
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Ultimate_Somnia answered:

You can use it to fill an empty bottle with milk. And its just cool to have a cow
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Shadowlynk answered:

...did we mention that you can play Epona's song by the cow to get an empty bottle filled with milk for free? I don't think anyone's said that yet. >_>
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BanjoKazooiePwn answered:

lol. nice shadow. and who DOESN'T want a cow in their house?
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Nightmare577 answered:

Walk up to your cow,play Epona's song and demand the milk. That's it, nothing new will come no matter how long you leave this open for answers.
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KirbyPuffball answered:

It is used for easy Milk, if you need healing suplies. Persenoly, the milk is a waste, and should just go with fairys. otherwise, the cow is a Joke Upgrade that the producers put in.
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Shadowlynk answered:

Anyone want to say "milk" again? Plenty more opportunities left.
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jenofwildfire answered:

Milk. It fills your hearts. You play Epona's Song to get it if you have an empty bottle. If you don't have one, it makes Link sad.
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muscles_R_best answered:

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Benny9 answered:

You use The cow to get milk if you have a empty bottle. Just play Eponas song in front of the cow and you get Eponas song when youre a kid at Lon Lon Ranch. You get the first bottle at Lon Lon Ranch when you play a super cucco game and when you finish it or complete you get a bottle. You get the second bottle at Kakariko Village. Where you have to find six or seven cuccos. You get the third one by getting a silver scale by beating a waterfall game in Zoras Domain. Then you dive under this tower thingy go straight you will see a bottle with a letter in it. You show it to King Zora he lets you keep the bottle. Last bottle when youre a adult and you collect big poes show them to a old guy and he will give you a bottle. You get the cow in youre cabin by first beating the guy who owns Lon Lon Ranch in a horse race. Then talk to a girl named Malon who works there and she will make you do a obstacle course. Beat the best record get a cow in your cabin. FINALLY IM DONE.
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Benny9 answered:

forgot something the old guy is in Hyrule castle town AS A ADULT
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Benny9 answered:

Forgot another THING The Big Poes Are At Hyrule Field (Tip.You might Need a Bow and Epona)
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