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Where can I find 'Fire Arrows'?!

Ok so i'm in Ganondorf's Castle and i've completed every room but the Spirit temple room [orange medallion above door] and in order to complete the room I need 'Fire Arrows' to aim at the spider webs. I have one problem...I have no idea where they are! So if you know where I can find them I'd greatly appreciate it!

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WOOOOOOW Thanks so much I never wouldve thought to look there, Ive searched everywhere. That's what that brown plaque was talking about lol.

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---Nintendo--- answered:

Go to Lake Hylia to the island above the Water Temple (where you appear when you warp using the Serenade of Water), then stand over the brown pedestal on the floor and shoot an arrow to the sun when it rises, if you do it right, the Fire Arrows will appear on the island in the front.
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comename_ACE answered:

Like nintendo said but you have to do this when you had beaten the water temple
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