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How do I enter Zora's Domain easier?

Do I have to enter Zora's Domain with the normal 3 meter dive or can I enter after I get a item to dive lower? And if I have to enter Zora's Domain with the normal 3 meter dive then how do I? But if i can enter with a item that makes me dive lower what's the name of the item and where can i get it?

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its not exactly wat i wasnt looking for but I guess it answered my question im not going to close it yet though

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Thanks for your help guys! I hope I wasnt too much trouble!

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SScloud99 answered:

The only way to enter Zora's Domain with the normal 3 meter dive is through main entrance at the end of the Zora's River which of course doesn't involve you diving at all.

There are two scales that you can get that will allow you to dive deeper but they can only be obtained after going through the normal main entrance. The first being the Silver scale which is obtained by completing the diving mini-game in Zora's Domain. The second one is the Gold Scale but can only be obtained as an adult at the fishing pond.

So yeah unless there is some kind of glitch that you're looking for then the only way is through the main entrance at the top of Zora's River.
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NintendoBoy259 answered:

The easiest way to Zora's Domain is walking up Zora's River, which is located in the Northeast of Hyrule Field, right under the entrance to Kakariko Village. You need the bombs (Bomb Bag) from Dodongo's Caven to get past the rocks. After walking all the way up to the waterfall, you stand on the Triforce symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby. The waterfall will part, and you can jump through the middle into a hidden entrance leading to Zora's Domain.

In Zora's River there are two Pieces of Heart you can get using the chicken that was near the rock circle. You can also get them later as an adult using the item you get in the Shadow Temple. There are a few golden skulltulas here to look for as well.

Also of importance is the man selling Magic Beans past the rock circle in the river. He sells a total of ten beans for 550 rupees, starting his price at 10 rupees and each time again increasing his prices by 10 more rupees. There are ten spots of soil like the one next to him that you can plant beans in that will later grow into levitating plants. By dropping a bottle full of bugs on every soil patch other than the one on Zora's River, you can find a hidden golden skulltula.

After playing the song and jumping past the waterfall, you walk all the way up the stairs to King Zora's throne room. Down the left corridor is a Zora that hosts a diving game. The Zora throws rupees down the waterfall, and you must dive to collect them all. It costs twenty rupees to play, but you will make the money back after playing...and possibly more. After winning, walk back up and talk to the Zora who will award you with the Silver Scale. This item lets you dive to 6 meters.

In the throne room, there is a lit torch that you can use to light the rest of the torches in Zora's Domain. Be sure to check behind the waterfall, you will get a Piece of Heart. There are more secrets to be had here as well, including a Fairy Fountain. There is also a shop near the bottom of the stairs.

After getting the Silver Scale, return Lake Hylia and dive for the bottle near the warp to Zora Domain. Inside of it is a note that you must present to King Zora. After doing so, head down to the shallow part of the domain near the waterfall and catch a fish with a bottle. Go back to the throne room and walk down the corridor that King Zora revealed by moving his bulbous behind.

You will then enter Zora's Fountain. Use the fish in the bottle in front of the large fish to enter the next dungeon. At the far side of the fountain is a silver rock on a sand bank. If roll into the tree near it, you will find a golden skulltula. There are more skulltulas to be collected here as well, including one that you can't get until much later in the game. If you bomb the wall behind the Silver Rock, you will find a Great Fairy Fountain that presents you with the magic spell Faroe's Wind.
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hobojimbolifrnd answered:

This glitch allows you to get the Golden Scale anytime after you first leave
Kokiri Village. To perform it, go to the Fishing Pond and catch a fish that
will earn you the Piece of Heart. Before going back to the Fisherman, swim
out to the center of the pond, make sure Navi isn't hovering over any fish, and
press R+Z. You should be facing down, looking into the water. Don't let go of
the buttons, and swim over to the fisherman. Press A to talk with him (while
still holding R+Z) and have him weigh your fish. Instead of giving you the
Heart Piece, he'll give you the Golden Scale!
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hobojimbolifrnd answered:

Then simply go to where you get rutos bottle and dive deep and you are in
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