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Where can I find the boomerang?

My little brother needs help in jabu jabu's belly and i remember he needs the boomerang. where might i find it?

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loskilla answered:

To get it you have to go to the room with the holes in it and then go down the hole ruto fell in. once you are down by her you have to talk to her twice so that she will crl up into a ball and then pick her up. work your way back to the room with the holes and then go through the door on the other side of the room. Here there will be some monsters in the ground that come up if you get near them. throw the princess at them to kill them in one hit : P then go right. while holding the princess step on the switch and go through the door. in this room there are some flying things that you have to kill, just throw ruto at them or use the slingshot. once they are all dead a chest will appear with the boomerang in it.
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