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What is the best strategy for getting to haunted wasteland?

I try going through gerudo fortress and all i go is i go to jail?
How do i get there?

timo4142 provided additional details:

And if you get caught,They send you down to the jail.

timo4142 provided additional details:

I was old link that's what i was playing as.
You still go to jail if they know your there.

timo4142 provided additional details:

I got the card.

Accepted Answer

Blood_Cakes answered:

Well i will try to Help but first i am not sure if you mean.."letting the carpenters free and getting the Gerudo's membership card" or "Crossing the haunted wasteland to get to the Spirit Temple but i will anwser the first respone i Guessed....YOU HAVE TO SNEAK AROUND almost like a Mini Sniper XD..and basically let all the carpenters free.CAREFUL: each time you come across a carpenter a Eleite guard will appear and you have to defete her in order to get the Key then once you have let all the carpenters go you will recieve your Membership card that lets you roam free through-out Gerudo Fortress and haunted waste land
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Captains_Hat answered:

Indeed yes that happens.
Just try going straight up there.
I don't know if your getting sent down the jail by them seeing you.
Even if your old link.
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timo4142 answered:

Can i still get out of it?
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