Question from Phazon2000

How do I get the Ice Arrow? (More to it)

Because I THINK... I left when I had a key in my invent, and it dissapeard.... Is there a glitch or trick to get it another way?

Phazon2000 provided additional details:

I said is there another way to get it other than using keys? Anywall pass through cheats?

Accepted Answer

Rho421 answered:

There are more keys available in the dungeon than you need to get to the ice arrows, so there's no way you're "screwed." Persevere, you can make it.
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spy_vs_spy_athr answered:

Either A: it was for a different dungeon, B: it was a glitch, or C: you have to get it again. If it is D: none of the above, then your mind was playing tricks on you, 'cause you've already spent it.
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