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Asked: 5 years ago

Kookiri in Hyrule Field?

In the end credits, there are several of the Kokiri shown to be in Hyrule Field. But the game said that a Kokiri resident who leaves the forest dies, so how could they be in Hyrule Field?

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From: kanzen_muketsu 5 years ago

There are theories but no one knows for sure since there's no dialogue about it.

It's possible that the deku tree sprout could have more powers than the deku tree did, or that having aquired all of the triforce parts that link/zelda wished that hyrule be united in peace.

Pick one or make one.

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along with kanzen muketsu's two theories it might also be possible that since ganandorf had been sealed away that the world was then safe(or safer) or It could also be possible that the game desingners forgot about that. good eye by the way I've beet the game 3 times and I've never noticed that

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I thint that they BELIEVED that they die in hyrule field.

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I agree with x9hp. No one but the Kokiri furthered the idea that they would die outside of the forest; it was simply a legend that was started there (not without cause, as the rest of Hyrule is clearly much more dangerous than the idyllic village of the Kokiri). Besides, Saria certainly left the Forest on more than one occasion, and no harm done to her. And then in addition, their own Lost Woods have built-in passages to other parts of Hyrule - Zora's Domain, Goron Village, etc.

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LOL nintendo made this game in 1998 nothing makes sence in these old games now look at the old zelda over half of zelda fans noticed the changes also take a look at MM they sell the "Heros Sheild" wen u have the "Mirror Sheild" PH and ST (Spirit tracks) has alot of differencese then OoT and MM

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It is simply a continuity error. People like the theories and stories, they are just more fun but there is no real explanation.

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Continuity error. they made a mistake or they should have just explained better

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They would age and die?

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