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  |   Welcome to my  guide to  Mario Kart 64. This   |
  |   is my first guide published on GAMEFAQs. Out   |
  |   of all  the racing  games I've  ever played,   |
  |   the  Mario Kart  series truly  stands  in  a   |
  |   class  of  its own.  I'll try  to keep  this   |
  |   guide as  informative as possible  without a   |
  |   lot of  rambling. If  you see anything  I've   |
  |   forgotten to include, e-mail me and I'll fix   |
  |   it right away.                                 |
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i. Version Info

Version 1.1 - Changed my e-mail address.
            - Added a tidbit to Next Mario Kart and slightly changed
              its formatting.
            - Slightly modified the rules for a tiebreaker to make it
              more exciting.
            - Changed some information in Contact Me and added a
              paragraph for if you've e-mailed me and haven't gotten
            - Added a site authorized to use this guide.

Version 1.0  Updated Next Mario Kart with Mario Kart Advance info.
            - Updated Legal Info with more sites allowed to use guide.
            - Added Difficulty ratings to every track.
            - Added a little bit of info to the drivers section. 
            - Added section about items with descriptions of each.
            - Added tidbits about Luigi Raceway and Choco Mountain.
            - Added tidbits about Extra Mode and Techniques.
            - Added a tip to Double Deck.
            - Made many small one-word changes.
            - Yes, this section does look different.
            - Released 1.06.2001

Version 1.0b (beta) - Test-piloting the guide.
                    - Made many small revisions.
                    - Added Special Thanks Section.
                    - Added signature to end.
                    - Simplified Score Sheet.
                    - Released 12.31.2000

Version 1.0a (alpha) - Unreleased first draft.
                     - Checking for major errors
                     - Completed 12.29.2000

ii. Table of Contents

1. Drivers
   a. Lightweights
   b. Mediumweights
   c. Heavyweights
2. Techniques
3. Race Modes
   a. Grand Prix
   b. Vs. Mode
   c. Time Trials
   d. Battle Mode
4. Items
4. Mushroom Cup
   a. Luigi Raceway
   b. Moo Moo Farm
   c. Koopa Troopa Beach
   d. Kalimari Desert
5. Flower Cup
   a. Toad's Turnpike
   b. Frappe Snowland
   c. Choco Mountain
   d. Mario Raceway
6. Star Cup
   a. Wario Stadium
   b. Sherbet Land
   c. Royal Raceway
   d. Bowser's Castle
7. Special Cup
   a. D.K.'s Jungle Parkway
   b. Yoshi Valley
   c. Banshee Boardwalk
   d. Rainbow Road
8. Battle Mode Tips
9. Battle Mode Arenas
   a. Big Donut
   b. Block Fort
   c. Double Deck
   d. Skyscraper
10. Multiplayer Ideas
11. Secrets
12. Pre-release Changes
13. Next Mario Kart
14. Score Sheet
15. Contact Me
16. Special Thanks
17. Legal Info

1. Drivers

Lightweights: Toad, Peach, Yoshi

The lightweights have great acceleration and maximum speed, but they 
lose a lot of speed in corners if they don't power-slide and they can 
take a beating from big bruisers like DK and Bowser. They are ideal for 
setting records in Time Trials. Toad is the lightest of the 

Mediumweights: Mario, Luigi

Mario and Luigi have poor acceleration but are well-balanced in 
cornering, maximum speed, and bashing other players around. They suffer 
in battle mode and time trials, but they can do well in GP mode. They 
are great for beginners to use when learning to play the game.

Heavyweights: Wario, Donkey Kong, Bowser

The heavyweights are great at bashing other players into obstacles. 
While they lose a lot of speed if they go off the track, they can 
maintain their speed in corners and have so-so acceleration. The 
heavyweights are best of the best in battle mode and Vs. mode. Wario is 
the lightest of the heavyweights, and out of the three, he's the best 
in GP mode.

2. Techniques


This is by far the most important technique to learn. A power-slide and 
it's mini-turbo will temporarily increase your speed and prevent turns 
from slowing you down. There's a great explanation on page 19 of the 
instruction booklet. Try practicing power-sliding on Luigi Raceway 
until you feel comfortable power-sliding.

Holding an item behind you:

If you get a green shell, red shell, spiny shell, banana, or fake item 
box, and you are in first place, a good technique is to hold the item 
behind you by pressing and holding the Z-trigger and trying to ram an 
opponent. Occasionally, this technique backfires when the opponent is 
doing the same and when they spin out, their item touches you, but 
that's extremely rare.

Rocket boost:

At the start of a race, press and hold A as the second light is fading 
out. You'll get an early lead if you succeed. If you are not in first 
or second and there are people in front of you, if you don't hop before 
you hit them you may spin out. If you are a heavyweight, don't hop and 
you'll spin the others out. Once you get the hang of this, it should be 
second nature to get it in every race.

Back up:

If you find yourself stuck against a wall, you might want to try 
backing up by holding B and down. When you're far enough from the wall, 
just accelerate to where you need to go. It's a lot better to back up 
than it is to keep ramming the wall and possibly spinning out. This is 
most useful on levels like DK's Jungle Parkway where you can miss the 
bridge and hit the wall right next to it.

Banana recovery: 

If you hit a banana, quickly hit the brakes. You should see a musical 
note above your head and you won't spin out. While you will lose some 
speed, you'll lose a lot more if you spin out. This can be a life-saver 
if you run into a banana right near an obstacle like a long jump or a 
place to fall off the track. Keep in mind that this technique won't 
work if you hit a banana while turning, so if you see a banana right 
ahead of you and it's too late to avoid it, just run straight into it 
and use this technique.


If you follow another driver very closely for a few seconds, smoke will 
appear and you'll get a temporary speed boost. This is fairly rare, but 
it is great when you're trying to take the lead and you can't quite 
pass the first place driver.

Crazy spin:

While stopped, if you hold A and B and hold the control stick left or 
right, you'll do what I like to call the "crazy spin." You'll turn 
around while the camera stays in the same position, and when you let go 
it'll line up behind you. While it doesn't have many practical uses, 
it's very fun. Woohoo! :)

3. Race Modes

Grand Prix: 1-2 players

GP is the main mode of Mario Kart 64. You race against 7 (or 6) 
computer opponents and get a certain amount of points for finishing in 
first through fourth. You can win a trophy at the end which will be 
saved into the game's memory. There are three normal speeds, 50cc, 
100cc, and 150cc, which are increasingly difficult, and one secret 
mode, Extra, which you can unlock by getting gold on all the cups in 

Vs. Mode: 2-4 players

In this mode, you can race against 1-3 human opponents on a single 
course. In this mode, there are bombs scattered around. In this mode, 
it's even more fun to get opponents with items. This mode is good for 
practicing shortcuts.

Time Trials: 1 player

In Time Trials, you're the only one. You start out with Triple 
Mushrooms, but there are no other items on the course. You try to set 
records. In this mode, using all the shortcuts and doing everything 
flawlessly become extremely important.

Battle Mode: 2-4 players

My personal favorite, in this mode you duke it out with other human 
opponents in one of four special arenas. Each player starts with three 
balloons and loses one whenever he or she gets hit by an item. This is 
the most competetive of all the modes. The more players you're playing 
against, the more fun it is.

4. Items


Your chances of getting any specific item depend on what place you are 
in. Drivers in the front are more likely to get Bananas, Banana 
Bunches, Fake Item Boxes, Green Shells, Triple Green Shells, and 
Ghosts. Drivers in the back are more likely to get items like Blue 
Shells, Triple Red Shells, Lightning, and Stars. Drivers in the middle 
tend to get Triple Mushrooms, Super Mushrooms, and Red Shells.

Red Shell:

The Red Shell will seek the kart one place ahead of you in GP or VS 
mode or the closest enemy kart in battle mode. They travel in a fairly 
straight path to their targets, so only fire one if you can see your 
opponent or if you are sure that there are no walls or obstacles 
between you and your target. When a red shell runs into a wall, it will 
"die." Occasionally, if you are ahead of your target in battle mode, 
the shell will go straight then turn around to hit your opponent, who 
you are right in front of. You figure out what happens.

Green Shell:

A Green Shell, when fired, travels straight ahead of you and will 
bounce off any walls until it hits someone, falls of the track, or 
otherwise leaves the track. A green shell can also be fired behind you 
by holding down when you fire the weapon.

Blue Shell:

The Blue Shell is a rare item. No matter what your ranking is, it will 
target the person in first place. They will steer around all turns and 
obstacles, but will hit any karts that get in its path. If you're 
lucky, you can hit four or five opponents with one blue shell. For 
obvious reasons, don't fire one of these when you're in first place.

Triple Shells:

Triple shells come in both the red and green varieties. When used the 
first time, the shells will surround you and rotate closely around you. 
You can fire them one at a time using the Z button and can ram anybody 
near you. This is especially useful where you can fall off the track, 
because they can be blown up and off the track fairly easily.


A mushroom will give you a temporary speed boost, and while you have 
this boost going off the track and rounding corners won't slow you 
down. While you may be tempted to use the mushroom on a straightaway, 
it's best used to cut a corner instead of staying on the track.

Triple Mushroom:

Triple Mushrooms are used one at a time just like normal mushrooms. 
Instead of bursting them off all at once, wait until one is used up 
before using the next one.

Golden Mushroom:

A Golden Mushroom can be used as many times as you want in a short 
period of time. Don't worry about having to use one boost up before 
using the next because you can use unlimited speed boosts with a Golden 


A single banana, when run over, will spin an opponent out. A banana is 
best placed on a narrow part of a course, especially on a bridge where 
it's nearly unavoidable. Bananas can be either thrown far ahead of you 
or placed behind you. To throw a banana, hold up while using it.

Banana Bunch:

A Banana Bunch will string out behind you. The individual bananas can 
be used one-by-one like normal bananas. If you place them diagonally 
across a track, they are very likely to spin out at least one or two 
drivers. If someone behind you runs into a banana bunch, one of your 
bananas will be used to spin the driver out and the rest will be 
dropped in a cluster right near the person.


A Star will make you temporarily invincible, giving you the ability to 
plow through shells, bananas, fake item boxes, snowmen, moles, trees, 
and more without anything happening. If you run into an opponent while 
invincible, they will crash just as if they had been hit by a shell. 
You will get a small speed boost and will be able to go off the road 
without slowing down.


A Ghost will make you temporarily invisible and undamagable from items 
and obstacles. You'll also steal an item from another player's item 
box. This is especially useful in Vs. and Battle Mode, where you can 
steal great items like Triple Red Shells, a Star, or Lightning. Be very 
careful in battle mode when an opponent has a ghost.

Fake Item Box:

A Fake Item Box looks just like a normal item box except the question 
mark is upside-down. If a driver runs into one, he or she will go 
flying into the air. Try placing these right in a group of real item 
boxes and other drivers will think it's a real item box and will swerve 
to "get it."


Most players think the lightning bolt is the best item in the game. 
Using it will shrink every other enemy kart, except those that are 
invincible or invisible. The small karts will go significantly slower, 
and running into them will flatten them and put them behind. Small 
drivers cannot get over large jumps and will fall in the middle.

5. Mushroom Cup

Luigi Raceway:

This course is definitely the easiest and simplest in the game. You can 
get a lot of power-slides in on the turns here. If you get a mushroom, 
use it to cut off part of a turn. Starting on the second lap, a Luigi 
balloon will appear on the course with an item box hanging from it that 
always gets you a blue shell. It's pretty useless because you have to 
be there at just the right moment to get it. You can do four power 
slides on the first turn, two at the tunnel, and three on the next 
turn. DIFFICULTY: 1/5

Moo Moo Farm:

Moo Moo Farm is a lot wider than Luigi Raceway, but there are lots of 
Moles here out to get you. If you stray into their patches, you stand a 
good chance at being sent into a low orbit. Cut through a mole field if 
you have invincibility or a ghost. The only (semi) shortcut here is to 
go on the very right side of the bridge right before the finish line. 
It's the best place to use a mushroom here. Try laying bananas and fake 
item boxes under that bridge. DIFFICULTY: 2/5

Koopa Troopa Beach:

One of my favorite courses, Koopa Troopa Beach has three shortcuts. The 
best and most obvious one is the tunnel right after a ramp. In 50cc, 
it's almost impossible to make it in without a mushroom or star. In 
100cc and 150cc it's fairly easy to make it in without a mushroom or 
star if you hop at the very end of the ramp, especially if you're a 
lightweight. If you don't think you can make it, instead of going along 
the bay, go to the right of the arch -- there's a sand bridge to the 
other side. Also, near the finish line, go straight to the finish line 
instead of staying out of the water. Watch for crabs, though. There's a 
huge ramp ahead of a mossy rock with an item on top. The item here is a 
blue shell. Go for it if you desperately need it and can make the jump. 
Otherwise, weave through the trees. DIFFICULTY: 2/5

Kalimari Desert:

There are a few shortcuts here, but they only work if you draw the 
right items. If you get a star on your first or second lap, turn left 
at the second train crossing and activate the star before you enter the 
tunnel. You'll get credit for a lap about half-way through the tunnel. 
Remember, this only works on the first and second laps with a star. The 
other shortcuts are all cutting corners using mushrooms or stars. You 
can go through the train if you have a ghost or a star. Remember, if 
you get a good start on your first lap, you CAN beat the train. 

6. Flower Cup

Toad's Turnpike:

This course is great. It's fun ramming opponents into cars while trying 
to dodge them yourself. This level's pretty straightforward. The best 
place to lay things, especially fake item boxes, is right in a row with 
the real ones. Most racers will be going too fast to notice the fake. 
This course gives a whole new meaning to skillful power-sliding. You 
need to be extremely careful if you want to get the mini-turbo. Stars 
and ghosts let you go right through the traffic. DIFFICULTY: 4/5

Frappe Snowland:

The surface here is simply horrible. In addition, there are snowmen 
here which are located in logical places for power-slides. In the field 
with the giant snowman, the best path seems to be slightly to its left. 
You'll still have to be careful, but that path is a bit easier to 
navigate. The snowmen, if you run into them, will send your kart sky-
high just like a fake item box. Watch out for the bridge at the end. 
It's an excellent place to lay items, but it's also easy to fall off. 
There are a few places you can use a mushroom to cut across the snow. 

Choco Mountain:

Choco Mountain is a fairly bland course. The only noteworthy aspect of 
the course is the curve, where you can fall off in 100cc and 150cc 
or be smooshed by falling rocks. It's best to take the whole turn in 
one or two wide power slides far from the edge. If you fall off, you 
could be placed back by lakitu or you could fall to an earlier part of 
the track and have to repeat a significant portion of the track over 
again. Of course, it's a very good place to lay traps on that section. 
If you're not careful at the very end, you could end up flying into the 
wall and losing your painstakingly-earned place. DIFFICULTY: 4/5

Mario Raceway:

This course is a return to the great paved surface of Luigi Raceway, 
but it is much more difficult than its sister course. There are many 
opportunities to use mushrooms to cut corners here, most notably across 
the sand before the pipe. There is a "legendary" shortcut on this track 
that is extremely difficult to perform. When you're about to reach the 
highest point on the first hill, turn right so that you're at a right 
angle to the wall, activate a mushroom, and hop right before you fly 
off the track. The only hazards here are the piranhas off the track, 
but in general they're easy to avoid. DIFFICULTY: 3/5

7. Star Cup

Wario Stadium:

One of the longest courses in the game, Wario Stadium boasts excellent 
shortcuts. Right near the start, you can drive straight towards the 
left wall on one of the four small hills and hop at the last moment. If 
you succeed, you'll cut off a good third of the course. If you can 
immediately turn left and hop into the red and white wall to the right 
of the finish line, you can finish a lap in about 7 seconds. Use 
lightning when opponents are in the middle of or about to use a jump, 
but make sure the same thing doesn't happen to you. If you can't make 
the second shortcut, wait until right before the hairpin turn at the 
end and hop over the red and white section of wall there. DIFFICULTY: 

Sherbet Land:

If you haven't guessed already, the surface of this course is extremely 
slippery. The penguins here present a major hazard, especially if they 
dive in front of you. It takes a little bit of practice to get used to 
their patterns, but it's definitely worth it. You can hop over small 
gaps if you're careful, but it's not a good idea to do it in the last 
lap because it's so hard to catch up with less than a lap to go. The 
last cave is particularly hard to navigate without practice. In 
general, you should go to the right of the second column and to the 
left of the third and fourth columns. DIFFICULTY: 4/5

Royal Raceway:

The pavement on this course makes for nice turning. To stay on the 
track during the hairpin turn at the beginning without losing a lot of 
speed, hop madly during the turn. You can also power-slide through it, 
but that's a lot more difficult. During the huge jump, you can try for 
a shortcut by heading left and hoping to crash into the side near the 
road. This only works with 150cc karts, it's very hard to do, and it 
doesn't save much time, so I recommend going straight. To make for a 
better landing, press and hold R as soon as you see your shadow appear. 
Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to Princess Peach's castle. It will not 
save you any time at all. The only reason it's here is for the award 
ceremony. Make sure not to fall in the water or to go off the track at 
the very end. DIFFICULTY: 3/5

Bowser's Castle:

Bowser's Castle has an assortment of L-turns, narrow bridges, thwomps, 
stairs, treacherous jumps, and other hazards. The first room with 
thwomps is relatively easy. In the second thwomp room, stay to the left 
of the red carpet so as not to run into the thwomps here. In the third 
thwomp room, drive extremely carefully and use your brakes if you need 
to. Line yourself perfectly on the bridge. The bridge is an excellent 
place to lay traps. Slow down when you get to the stairs to ensure that 
you get an item, and hop around the ensuing turn. Take the spiral 
quickly, but hop so you don't run into walls. It helps to hop right 
before the jump. Now make sure to go off the next jump on the left 
side. That's extremely important. You've just finished one lap of the 
most treacherous level in the game. DIFFICULTY: 5/5

8. Special Cup

D.K.'s Jungle Parkway:

There's a bug here that can give you a lap at a time. If you go back at 
the start to the cave and hop just to the left of the corner of the 
wall, you can go into it. If Lakitu places you behind the finish line, 
go past it and you'll be credited with a lap. When you go off the jump, 
aim slightly to the left. You can use mushrooms to cut corners, but 
coconuts will come flying at you. Lay items on the narrow bridge near 
the end. You can hop up the hill at the end instead of going around. 
Just don't try to cut too much off or you'll end up behind. DIFFICULTY: 

Yoshi Valley:

Yoshi Valley is full of differing, winding paths varying from short and 
treacherous to long and safe. The two best paths are left, right, left 
and right, left, right. The first path is a little shorter, but there 
are more spinys there. If you're careful, you can hop across a chasm 
before the egg. Be cautious not to get smooshed by the egg. After the 
egg is another opportunity for item-laying on the bridge. After the 
bridge is the only good opportunity to use a mushroom here. DIFFICULTY: 

Banshee Boardwalk:

It's extremely tough to power-slide here. If you make the slightest 
mistake, you could go flying into the water below. The most hazardous 
area is the S-curve before the haunted house. If you don't steer 
carefully, it's easy to go flying off the side. In the haunted house, 
follow the arrow to the right of the first wall and go to the left of 
the beam and hop over the hole where it's narrow. That should make the 
next turn a little easier. DIFFICULTY: 5/5

Rainbow Road:

Rainbow Road is the longest course in the game. It's gentle turns and 
guardrails make it a lot calmer than its Super Mario Kart counterpart. 
At the  start, if you hop, you'll go flying down the track, getting a 
head start. If you aim perfectly to the left before you hop, you can go 
flying onto another section of the course, getting a huge lead. In 
general, if you go toward where the chomps are when you first see them, 
they'll have moved out of the way by the time you get to them. The wide 
turns are excellent opportunities to power-slide. DIFFICULTY: 2/5

9. Battle Mode Tips

- Be a heavyweight. You can ram other drivers off edges or ram them 
hard so that they lose a balloon.

- Try to get red shells, triple shells, or a ghost. Most of the other 
items aren't as useful.

- If you get a fake item box or banana, drop it in a group of item 

- If you are being pursued by someone with a red shell, hold an item 
behind you. This works especially well against less experienced 

- Keep an eye on your opponents' screens. You'll be able to learn their 
location at a glance.

- Round corners or stay close to walls to dodge red shells.

- If the other drivers are battling, stay at a distance and fire red or 
green shells.

10. Battle Mode Arenas

---- Big Donut ----

This is the simplest arena. It is, of course, shaped like a big donut 
with four walls to dodge shells behind. Of all the battle arenas, 
power-slides are the most useful here.

* If an opponent has a red shell, hide behind one of the four sections 
of wall.

* Outrun other drivers with power-slides.

* Drop fake item boxes and bananas in one group of items and remember 
which group it is.

---- Block Fort ----

Block Fort, a party favorite, has four sections and three levels, with 
bridges connecting each section on each level. Here, it's really easy 
to tell where the opponents are because of the color-coding of the 

* Fire red shells so that they will hit opponents on lower levels. They 
won't know what hit them.

* Fill the lower level with green shells and stay on the forts.

* Put bananas on the bridges or on the yellow zone near the bridges and 
put fake item boxes on the bridges.

* Notice the patterns the item boxes are arranged in so you won't run 
into any fake item boxes.

---- Double Deck ----

Double Deck is the biggest arena of all, but the action here's as 
intense as it is in the smaller arenas. The four levels here and the 
plentiful straightaways make for exciting pursuit.

* In the beginning, if you're a heavyweight, go straight into your 

* Go to the top and fire red shells through the hole.

* Lay bananas and fake item boxes around blind corners, but remember 
where they are.

* Again, note the neat groups the item boxes are arranged in so you 
won't run into any fake item boxes.

* Stay on the beginning platform and let your opponents duke it out. 
Opponents will only be able to hit you from the very top.

---- Skyscraper ----

Skyscraper has many holes to fall down, so watch out. It's very small, 
so you can very easily find any opponent. Generally, it's best to stay 
on the outside.

* Jump over the holes on the sides if red shells are coming after you.

* Go to the middle if you need to find other drivers.

* Lay traps in the canopies so other drivers won't see them until it's 
too late.

* Get triple shells and force your opponents to choose between ramming 
into you or falling off the edge.

* Only use red shells when the opponents are in your line of sight.

* Note where Lakitu brings drivers when they fall off and ambush them 

11. Multiplayer Ideas

These are fun ideas to use when playing with friends, especially when 
they get tired of playing Mario Kart 64 the normal way.

- Play one-handed. It's a heckuva lot harder to steer and use items 
this way.

- Play versus, extra, Toad's Turnpike. Now the traffic is coming at 
you. Combine this with another idea to make it even more challenging.

- Work in teams of two. The driver is blindfolded and his partner has 
to tell him what to do. Good when you have more than four players. Fun 
on Skyscraper.

- In battle in the Block Fort, give each player 5 minutes to lay traps 
on the top level. Now all come to one spot (preferably by going down 
one level first, then coming up) and race around the top level. The 
person who gets farthest without losing all their balloons or falling 
off wins.

- Team up for battle mode. Self-explanatory.

- Outlaw use of red shells in battle mode. Now battle games take a lot 

- Have each player draw out of a hat the name of the driver they must 
use. Alternatively, have each player draw out of a hat the name of an 
item they cannot use.

- Set up handicaps for the best players. It's a lot more exciting when 
you don't have one player stealing the show.

12. Secrets

Extra Mode:

In 150cc GP mode, get the gold in all the cups to unlock the Extra 
Mode. All tracks will be mirrored, meaning that a left turn will now be 
a right turn and vice-versa. Very funny on Toad's Turnpike! Remember 
that this is the same speed as 150cc. The karts don't go any faster.

Alternate Title Screen:

When you unlock Extra Mode, the title screen will change. Anybody who 
hasn't seen it will think you have a different version of Mario Kart.

Course Ghosts:

In Time Trials, on Luigi Raceway, Mario Raceway, or Royal Raceway, 
finish under a given time and you can race against the course ghost, 
who is extremely fast. If you can beat it, you are among the best.
Luigi Raceway   1'52"
Mario Raceway   1'30"
Royal Raceway   2'40"

Time on Mario Raceway:

On the title screen, press R and your top speed for Mario Raceway will 

13. Pre-Release Changes

* The game was going to be called "Super Mario Kart R".
* Toad was going to be called "Kinopio".
* D.K. was going to be called "D.Kong".
* Bowser was going to be called "Koopa".
* Magikoopa was going to be a character instead of Wario.
* The feather was going to be included but was taken out after it was 
realized that it caused too many glitches and huge shortcuts.
* Toad's Turnpike was going to be called "Kinopio Highway".
* Frappe Snowland was going to be called "Frappe Snow Land".
* Mario Raceway was going to be called "Motor Speedway".
* Royal Raceway was going to be called "Toadstool Turnpike".
* Bowser's Castle was going to be called "Koopa Castle".
* Special Cup was going to be accessible only after you have beaten all 
the other circuits.
* Instead of facing right, the characters in the 1 player rankings on 
the left were going to be facing straight and to the left.
* There was going to be a strange icon in vs. next to the amount of 
laps. Anyone know what this was going to be for?
* There were going to be "spin" and "drift" techniques.
* Above the "time", there was going to be a "total time".
* There was going to be part of Bowser's Castle in which there were 
four thwomps lined up.
* Instead of Lakitu appearing with lights, the word "GO" was going to 
appear on-screen.
* The game was going to use the D-pad and the analog control stick.
* Before you got an item, a question mark was going to be displayed in 
the item box.

14. Next Mario Kart

Nintendo recently announced Mario Kart Advance for the Game Boy 
Advance. It appears to be slightly downgraded but very similar 
graphically to Mario Kart 64. It's pretty exciting to have a portable 
version of Mario Kart in (almost) all its N64 glory. Note that this 
game is NOT just a port of the N64 version, though, just with 
downgraded graphics. There are completely new levels. The new Mario 
Kart uses Mode 7, but the GBA's Mode 7 is much better than the Super 
NES's Mode 7.

I expect that Nintendo will also release a Mario Kart for the GameCube, 
and they may be already working on it. However, they haven't said 
anything about this possibility. Here are some of the things I'd like 
to see in a GameCube version of Mario Kart:

- More characters; Koopa Troopa's return would be nice, and I'd like to 
  see Magikoopa in the game.
- More battle mode arenas; while the current four are very good, a few 
  more would be nice.
- More challenging modes; the game's G.P. mode is way too easy.
- Polygonal characters; sprites just don't cut it.
- Multiplayer combat over a network.
- Options in battle mode: the ability to set handicaps like amount of 
  balloons, set which items appear, set teams, etc.
- The ability to skip past the awards ceremony. It may be nice the 
  first 10 times, but after that it gets annoying.
- More tracks as exciting as Yoshi Valley and Toad's Turnpike.
- More items; the Blue Shell and triple shells were brilliant 
  additions, but Mario Kart could use more.
- Bots in battle mode.
- Include changing time of day, season, and weather or include it as an

15. Score Sheet

If you want to keep track of how you and your friends do in battle mode 
and who does the best, print out this score sheet. The points are 9 
points for placing first, 3 points for placing second, 1 point for 
placing third, and 0 points for placing fourth. The margin is the
amount of balloons the winner had when the game was over. The game 
total is Points x Margin for the winner and Points x ( 3 - margin ) for 
everyone else. The Match Total is just the sum of all the totals. One 
game should be played in each arena. A tie is broken by a battle
between the two winners. The choice to who gets to choose the arena
(between the people sitting out) is decided by the flip of a coin.

                        P   |   P   |   P   |   P   |   
.___  ___.  __  ___     L   |   L   |   L   |   L   |   
|   \/   | |  |/  /     A   |   A   |   A   |   A   |   
|  \  /  | |  '  /      Y   |   Y   |   Y   |   Y   |   
|  |\/|  | |    <       E   |   E   |   E   |   E   |   
|  |  |  | |  .  \      R   |   R   |   R   |   R   |   
|__|  |__| |__|\__\         |       |       |       |  
                        1   |   2   |   3   |   4   |   
                            |       |       |       |     
Game 1 Points               |       |       |       |  
Game 1 Margin               |       |       |       |  
Game 1 Total                |       |       |       |  
Game 2 Points               |       |       |       |
Game 2 Margin               |       |       |       |
Game 2 Total                |       |       |       |  
Game 3 Points               |       |       |       |  
Game 3 Margin               |       |       |       |  
Game 3 Total                |       |       |       |  
Game 4 Points               |       |       |       |  
Game 4 Margin               |       |       |       |  
Game 4 Total                |       |       |       |  
Match Total                 |       |       |       |  

16. Contact Me

I have been unable to check my e-mail for at least two months and as
such, haven't been able to respond. If you have sent me anything and
haven't gotten a response, please e-mail me at shadowdragon@chez.com .

My e-mail address is shadowdragon@chez.com . Feel free to send me 
anything and everything, including but not limited to:

- Telling me there's missing or wrong info
- Requesting further explanation of something
- Constructive Criticism
- Flames, hate mail, and other non-constructive criticism
- Just talking
- Pointing out typos
- Requests to use this Guide on your website
- Requests to be listed in the Special Thanks

However, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES send me a chain letter, either 
asking for money or not, unless it is a parody or it is otherwise 
funny, or else I will automatically filter all of my messages from you 
to the trash. If it is for money, I'll forward it to the FTC and the 
USPS because no matter what it claims, it's in violation of federal 

17. Special Thanks

Nintendo, for making this great game and the hardware to play it on.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind the games.

Me, for taking the time to write this Guide and not procrastinating 
(too much).

My friends, for being excellent and sportsmanlike (well, except Goody) 

Nintendo Power magazine, for giving out pre-release information.

GameFAQs , for providing a great service to video game players and FAQ-
writers alike.

ASCII Generator at http://www.network-science.de/ascii/

Car Talk's credits website for some of the thanks below.

Appointment Secretary                       Stu Earley
Copyright Attorney                          Pat Pending
Director of Computer Services               Dot Matrix
Director of Intensive Care                  Picabu Street (Picabu ICU)
Director of Purchasing                      Lois Bidder
Divorce Attorney                            Carmine Nottyors
Fact Checker                                Ella Fynoe
Grammar Checker                             I.M. Shirley Wright
Legal Consulting                            Dewey, Cheetham, and Howe
Nutrition Consultants                       Eaton Wright and Liven Good
Overseer of Florida Voting Practives        Emmanuel Recount
Sexual Harrassment Investigator             Hank E. Panky
Tax Consultant                              Lou Pole
Telephone Solicitation Response Specialist  Theresa Noboddihuom

18. Legal Info

This document is copyright (c) 2000-2001 ShadowDragon. All Rights 
Reserved. This document may not be used in part or in its entirety 
without my express written or e-mail consent. You may e-mail me with 
your website's URL and I may grant you permission to use this guide. If 
you see any site using this guide that's not listed below, please e-
mail me at shadowdragon@hotpop.com

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