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Klonto007's 1st FAQ        Mario Kart 64 Guide  
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Date Finished:Nov. 14, 1998
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1. Introduction
2. What this FAQ is for
3. Mushroom Cup
4. Flower Cup
5. Star Cup
6. Special Cup
7. Credits
8. The End?

Hello. This is my first FAQ, and it is on Mario Kart 64. I decided to do 
this game because I have not seen a single site that has a good Mario 
Kart 64 guide on it. So sit back, and enjoy the show. That was fast.

2. What this FAQ is for

Now that I have introduced myself, onto Mario Kart 64. MK 64 is a fairly 
easy game to complete, but it has a great multiplayer mode. Needless to 
say, it is tougher in the multiplayer mode than the regular, since the 
GP is with the AI, but Battle is against humans. This FAQ is for both 
the multiplayer gamers and the one-player gamers. 

For each course, I will tell you the shortcuts, best racers, how to use 
the mushrooms, and anything that is interesting. That's pretty much all 
you need to win. Be wary, though, that best racers are my personal 
choices. In case you are looking for the rather large list with all the 
game info that is usually at the beginning, you will find it at the end. 
This is because I want it that way. Don't bug me about it.

3. Mushroom Cup

Luigi Raceway
*There are no shortcuts here, but the hot air balloon that occasionally 
appears in GP always contains a Spiny Shell.
*It really doesn't matter which kart you use, but Peach seems to be 
best, especially for earning the Track Ghost.
*I recommend using the mushroom for each lap on the long straightaway. 
You can then do Mini Turbo Boosts on the two giant curves.
*It is possible to get knocked on to the blue area surrounding the 
track. Also, the Luigi balloon that appears in GP should have something 
good, but it is tough to get to empty-handed.

Moo Moo Farm
*Nothing special in the way of shortcuts, but the best racer is Yoshi. 
He seems to handle the bumps best.
*Speaking of bumps, there is a part after the first arch that if you go 
too near the left, you automatically tumble down. It slows you down 
quite a bit, and it is very annoying in GP.
*Another interesting thing is that the beavers can knock you off the 
course, just like a Star would. These are one of the the few enemies 
(possibly the only) that will not send you straight up after a collision 
*It doesn't matter where you use the mushrooms because of all the turns, 
but it seems to be best to use them after the second bridge.

Koopa Troopa Beach
*This place has quite a few shortcuts, but most of them only save you a 
couple of seconds. At the beginning, go around the Koopa Rock. When you 
reach the arch, there are two things you can do. If you go to the right 
of the arch, you'll find a sandbar that goes across the lake. If you 
want to have a bigger shortcut, go under the arch and use the ramp to 
enter the tunnel. The last shortcut isn't that much of a shortcut, but I 
do it every time, and I have even won because of it. At the end, go 
across the beach when the water is at low tide so you can skip the 
*If you are experienced, you can do anyone for any course, but I find 
lightweights best, so I choose Toad for this course. He has the traction 
you need.
*Use the mushrooms on the ramp leading into the tunnel. It is the only 
way you can make the jump in Time Trials.
*At the lake between the first set of ramps and the sandbar shortcut, 
there is a very deep spot if you go in. Avoid the lake at all costs.

Kalimari Desert
*There IS a shortcut here, but it can only be used in GP. If you get a 
Star, you can go through the train tunnel and move ahead a lap! 
Interesting,especially since for once it is helpful.
*The best lightweight for this course seems to be Toad. For 
lightweights, he has the best traction.
*As in Moo Moo Farm, there are few, if any, straightways. The best place 
to use it is at the end, where you can skip over the sand.
*If you did a Rocket Jump, then you could jump over the train railing. 
It would be pointless, but it it also fun to be flying in the air when 
you hit the train and explode to an even greater height.

4. Flower Cup

Toad's Turnpike
*The only shortcut here is pretty hard to do, but it is possible to do 
it. You will need the radar to do it, however, unless you have memorized 
the spot on which to do it. What you must do is get to the spot near the 
beginning where you go over the track about halfway through the level. 
Get hit by a car or truck of somekind and try to go THROUGH the big wall 
on either side. If your positioning is good, you will either fall to the 
track below or land somewhere where you will go up to the lower track. 
You can also use the Rocket Jump here, but it isn't possible to do 
except in two-player GP.
*Try Toad for this course. Since it has his name in it, there has to be 
an advantage for him, and here it is. Since Toad is the smallest 
charecter, he can pass between cars the easiest.
*Use your mushrooms on the big straightway. It not only helps you get 
ahead, but there is less of a chance of you hitting a car.
*There is nothing at all in this level that is interesting (except the 
shortcut), but try to pass up the items in GP and snug the sides 
instead. This way, not only are you safer from cars than in the road, 
but you won't try to grab an item and get run over in the attempt. Also, 
beware about being hit, because all to often you are hit by the first in 
a row of five or so cars.

Frappe Snowland
*There is a shortcut, but it is a small one. At the place around the 
middle of the level that appears to be snowman haven, go THROUGH the 
gigantic herd. Sticking to the sidelines by the next part of road is the 
safest way through this, although an experienced person can easily get 
through the minefield as long as no one plasters them with a shell.
*Use anyone. As long as they can turn well, they have a pretty good 
chance of survival.
*Either the jump or the canyon is an oppertune place to use a mushroom 
to zip through a lot of empty space. In the beginning, however, there 
are many places where you go around a bank of snow. You can use a 
mushroom in those places too. If you REALLY want a shortcut, use the 
left snowbank in the snowman minefield. Just make sure you don't rocket 
into a snowman.
*You can't hop over the snowmen here, but you CAN Rocket Jump over them. 
You need to do a 2-person jump, but it is pretty neat to jump over one 
popsical and land on the next in the minefield.

Choco Mountain
*There are NO shortcuts in this level if you are in a race. You CAN, 
however, use the Rocket Jump to go on to the cliff and skip all the 
*It seems Bowser is the Koopa King of this level. Reasons, I am forced 
to say that if you want some, make them up. Try traction.
*Use your mushrooms at the top of the last bump at the VERY end of the 
level. It saves LOADS of time.
*There are various points in this course where you can climb up the 
sides of the mountain and fall through the floor into a white ocean. Try 
checking out before the tunnel and before the boulders.

Mario Raceway
*Here's a not-so-big shortcut. At the beginning, go behind the mushroom 
and between the wall. The area is also a great place to ambush someone 
*Peach is the bomb in this course. She has what you need to win on a 
course like this-speed.
*Right before the pipe, use the mushroom to go across lots of grass, 
cutting several seconds off your time.
*If you hit the first fencing area, Lakitu will pick you up. Avoid that 

5.Star Cup

Wario Stadium
*Here's a well-known one-at the start, get a boost and jump when you are 
on the left side of the first bump. If done correctly, you will go OVER 
the wall and skip a lot of the track. You can also jump over another 
wall not far ahead that will take you pretty close to the finish. This 
wall, however, is VERY tough to clear.
*Pick a fast character, like Peach or Bowser. Hop at the peak of any 
jump to gain a little air distance. That trick works well for any 
character, actually.
*The big jump is the opportune place to use a mushroom. Or any other 
straightway you can find.
*No secrets that I know of, that's for sure.

Sherbert Land
*Just jump over the small cracks in the ice and avoid the penguins. If 
you can do that without messing up, your chances for winning increase 
*Use someone with good traction, like Mario or Luigi. That way, you 
won't slip on the ice as easily.
*Use the mushroom on the straightway right before the finish line, since 
their is nothing to slip on there.
*Notice that the big penguin from Super Mario 64 is in the center of the 
course, surrounded by the sea. I wonder if you could get to it.

Royal Raceway
*Here is a very good one. At the big jump, if you are in 150cc mode, you 
can tilt left and hit land! If you fall in, you will be picked up by 
Lakitu and moved to the end of the course.
*This is a fast going course, so try someone like Peach to keep up the 
*At the end of the course, use a mushroom to go across the grass. Just 
make sure you don't fall into the water.
*The castle from Super Mario 64 is here, along with the front yard. Try 
exploring it, since their are a lot of interesting things to do.

Bowser Castle
*No shortcuts here, but here is a guide on how to stay alive in the 
castle. After the courtyard (and the nifty-looking, but harmless, Koopa 
fire-breathing statue), the first Thwomp room is easy to get by if you 
stay on the road. The next Thwomp room is the hardest area in the 
course. In here, try to stay to the sidelines so you don't have to worry 
about the Thwomps that follow you. The third room of the accursed stone 
demons houses Thwomps that go from side to side. Avoid them at all 
costs, or you'll be knocked out. In the last stretch of the interior, 
cross the narrow bridge carefully or you will be taking a dip in the 
lava pool. Go down the steps (which happen to be a bit big for a 
go-kart) and into the garden, and watch out for the bushes, since they 
CAN knock you out. Climb the spiral, jump, and veer left or right on the 
next jump; otherwise, you'll hit the central tower and rebound back into 
the lava. After that, the finish line is just ahead.
*Use a lightweight, since you need speed to avoid the traps. Go too 
fast, however, and you'll be killed by a careless error.
*The mushrooms should be used at the drawbridge, since there is no 
hazard to get in your way.
*At the second Thwomp room, you can jump when a Thwomp is falling on 
you. That way, you're already flat when youn reach the floor!

6.Special Cup

DK Jungle Parkway
*Here are two shortcuts for you to take. At the big jump, tilt right a 
bit so you can land farther on the road. The second shortcut is in the 
cave, where you can jump up the wall and skip the long curve by 
continously pressing the R button.
*Use someone with good steering, or you will be the victim of a rock 
bombardment by the natives.
*The mushrooms are best used when climbing the rocks of the cavern near 
the end of the course.
*The steamboat will knock you out into the water if you make contact. 
Time your jumps wisely.

Yoshi Valley
*You'll need to find the route that you like best on your own, because 
this course is a complete maze. My favorite route is taking a left, and 
then another left. It seems to be the shortest path. Another good route 
is left, right, left. Remember, however, that there are many traps on 
this course, consisting of narrow roads, extremly annoying hedgehogs, 
and paths that become pitfalls. Be wary on this course, especially if it 
is your first time here (which it probably WON'T be if you are reading 
this handy guide).
*Use Yoshi on his home terrain, as the little green dragon helps a lot 
when you are doging rolling eggs and spiky porcupines.
*The mushrooms are best used after the actual valley. Hit the gas to 
take a shortcut across the grass, but be wary that there is no fence 
before the finish line, and I am assuming tht you DON'T want to bungee 
jump down a 100-meter cliff without a bungee cord (no, I do NOT count 
Lakitu as a cord, even though he DOES bring you back up to the beaten 
*I covered everything of interest on this course already, but you WILL 
be flattened by the egg if you are in midair when you make contact.

Banshee Boardwalk
*There are no definate shortcuts that I know of-well, none that could be 
classified as useful. However, I have heard rumours of a secret pathway 
that is only accessible by falling of somewhere. It is supposedly 
outside the building, but I really don't think it exists.
*If you can avoid the bats and ghosts, pick Toad. If you can't, pick 
Toad. If you have decided to quit playing this game and switch to 
Goldeneye 007, pick Toad in the charecter list their. Need I say more?
*Use the mushrooms on the home stretch, since it is actually safe there.
*OK, now I'm going to list those pointless paths. They are both insode 
the building. The first one is if you go left at the fork. You come to a 
LOT of water, but you CAN hop across. Just don't get your hopes up. The 
other one is by the first bat disposer. It is possible to go BEHIND the 
darned thing, and that can help you a bit if you aren't claustrophobic. 
Go into the alley, and you will see what I mean.

Rainbow Road
*If anybody DOESN'T know about this one, please notify me imediately. 
The shortcut is tricky to do, especially in the lower CCs. You have to 
get a good start, and right before the big dive, turn hard to the left 
and JUMP!!! If you are lucky, you'll land waaaaaay ahead of everybody 
else. If you miss, then you will land waaaaaay BEHIND everyone else. I 
rest my case.
*Use anyone you want, since this is the last portion of the guide and I 
am sick and tired of saying something obvious for a bunch of idiots who 
have never seen a console system in their life. OK?
*Use the mushrooms for the big jump since you will definitely need them.
*Here's a helpful hint: Those Chomps are more likely to mow you down 
when you are notpaying attention to the road. Keep your eyes off of the 
starry portraits.


7. Credits

These are all the people (and compamnies) I could not have built this 
FAQ without (well, actually, none of them helped me at all). The list is 
realitively small, but it is my first FAQ, my first website, my first 
public article...you get the idea.

Gpig123: My friend, who really wants me to make a web page. I probably 
will make a web site, but for now, I'll stick with this. 

Michael Lipin: If he reads this, I will be shocked beyond belief. 
Anyway, he is a crazed lunatic who-actually, I'll stop there.

Nintendo: This is the company that made this game, people. I know, it IS 
a shock to see the asscociates at Nintendo work instead of one of their 
divisions, but then again, it's a Mario game.

8. The End?

Sorry, folks, but this guide will go no further. What you should expect 
is a Bomberman 64 battle guide coming up. See ya!