FAQ by WSiglerJr

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For the Nintendo 64
Written by William Sigler, Jr. (ssigler@prodigy.net)
Please do not reproduce this without my permission, Also, please do not change 
ANYTHING! And if you do have permission to copy this to your website, etc., 
GIVE ME CREDIT! Thank you.

Revision 1.11: I made a Glitch section, using mostly stuff from ItsaMePete's 
FAQ, who is now in the Credits section. (2/14/99)
Revision 1.00: Everything! (1/1/99)
1.  Controls

 -Battle Mode-
2A. Big Donut
2B. Block Fort
2C. Double Deck
2D. Skyscraper

 -Mushroom Cup-
3. Luigi Raceway
4. Moo Moo Farm
5. Koopa Troopa Beach
6. Kalimari Desert

 -Flower Cup-
7. Toad's Turnpike
8. Frappe Snowland
9. Choco Mountain
10. Mario Raceway
     -Star Cup-
11. Wario Stadium
12. Sherbet Land
13. Royal Raceway
14. Bowser's Castle

   -Special Cup-
15. D.K.'s Jungle Parkway
16. Yoshi Valley
17. Banshee Boardwalk
18. Rainbow Road

19. Shortcuts
20. Tips & Tricks
21. Game Shark Codes

22A. Level Glitches
22B. Jump Techniques
22C. Spiny Shell Trick
22D. In General
22E. The Technique

23. Credits

1.                              CONTROLS
L-Button: Music Adjust; R-Button: Hop, Power Slide; D-pad/C-Left: Nothing; 
Analog Stick: Move; Z-Button/C-Down: Fire Weapon; Start Button: Pause game; B-
Button: Brake; A-Button: Accelerate; C-Up: Zoom out/in; C- Right: Change View

                              -BATTLE MODE-
2A.                             BIG DONUT
Plant Fake Boxes near real ones, also try bananas. Don't do Mini-turbo near 
lava edge. Try forcing opponent off road. Use Mario or Luigi.

2B.                             BLOCK FORT
Place Fake Boxes near real ones, around corners, and ramps. Place bananas (in 
bunches) around corners, Item boxes, and on the ramps. You can also bombard 
the opposition with shells from above, and around corners. Use Mario or Luigi.

2C.                             DOUBLE DECK
Place Fake Boxes near real ones, around corners, and ramps. Place bananas (In 
bunches) around corners, Item boxes, and on the ramps. You can also bombard 
the opposition with shells from above, and around corners. Use Mario or Luigi.

2D.                             SKYSCRAPER
Place Fake Boxes near real ones, around corners, and the starting positions. 
Place bananas (in bunches) around corners, Item boxes, near the starting 
positions, and outside. Use a Lightweight or Middleweight.


                             -MUSHROOM CUP-
3.                           LUIGI RACEWAY
Use your mushrooms on the long straight sections of the course, and do the 
mini-turbo trick on the corners over and over again rapidly. To race Luigi, 
the course ghost in Time Trials, beat it under 1 minute, 52 seconds. (This is 
easy if you follow the advice above.) Use Peach.

4.                             MOO MOO FARM
Use the mushrooms on the straight part near the starting line, plus the mini-
turbo, although difficult to do (the bumps in the course) can be done almost 
everywhere. Use Peach.

5.                          KOOPA TROOPA BEACH
Mini-turbo around the edges, go right at Turtle Rock, then you should see a 
ramp. There should be a ramp leading up to a hole. Use your mushroom there and 
you  should land in the hole, a shortcut. Or, there is also a mini-shortcut a 
little right of the ramp, behind the rock. Then, use your mushroom on the 
large ramp to grab the Spiny Shell. (Unless you're on Time Trial, it has no 
weapons.) Use Peach.

6.                           KALIMARI DESERT
Mini-turbo around the edges, watch out for trains, and don't go on the track. 
(Unless you have a super star, which isn't on Time Trials.) Use mushrooms on 
straight parts of track. Use Peach.

                              -FLOWER CUP-
7.                           TOAD'S TURNPIKE
Watch out for cars. Use mushrooms on straight sections, (If it's safe) and 
mini-turbo around the edges. (If it's safe) Use Peach.

8.                           FRAPPE SNOWLAND
Mini-turbo around corners, and watch out for snowmen. Use mushrooms on 
straight areas, or you can shave time off by cutting corners. Use Peach.

9.                           CHOCO MOUNTAIN
Mini-turbo around the edges, use mushroom around the "mouth cave". Watch out 
for falling off edge, and rocks. (But, in 50cc and Time Trial, there is a 
guardrail. Use Peach.

10.                           MARIO RACEWAY
Mini-turbo around the edges, use mushroom on the straight portion where there 
is a giant green tunnel. Beat this level in under 1 minute, 30 seconds, and 
you will be able to race the course ghost, Mario. (I have heard rumors of a 
shortcut about jumping over the wall or something, but to me that is 
unconfirmed.) Use Peach.

                               -STAR CUP-
11.                          WARIO STADIUM
Head towards the left wall, bounce off it, and if done right, it should take 
you over the wall, already cutting off half the lap! (This can be difficult to 
do, but it does work! Plus, there are many other shortcuts on this track, most 
of them are huge time savers, but they are very hard to pull off. If you 
really want to know how to do them, check the Shortcuts section of this FAQ) 
Mini-Turbo on the edges, and use the mushroom on the straight sections of the 
track. Use Peach.

12.                          SHERBET LAND
Jump over the small sections of the cracks to shave time off, Mini-turbo 
around the corners. Use the mushrooms on large, long sections of ice. Use 

13.                          ROYAL RACEWAY
Use the mushrooms on straight places, and you can cut across the grass near 
the end to save time if you use one. Mini-turbo around the turns. After the 
jump, turn left, or you will drive right into the outside area of the castle 
from Mario 64! Beat this level under 2 minutes, 40 seconds, and you get to 
race Peach, the course ghost. Use Peach or Mario.

14.                         BOWSER'S CASTLE
Use Mini-turbo on turns, watch out for Thwomps! Use mushrooms on long 
sections. Use Mario.

                              -SPECIAL CUP-
15.                       D.K.'S JUNGLE PARKWAY
If you go off-road, you will be hit by coconuts. Use mini-turbo on corners, 
use mushrooms on the shortcut that I will now tell you. A shortcut in this 
level is to hop up the ramp going up, instead of following the normal road, 
but don't hop up too far too the left, or it will be too steep. Use Peach or 

16.                           YOSHI VALLEY
Mini-turbo on edges, (When possible) Go past the bridge, turn left, (Avoid 
porcupines!) turn right, turn left, then at the place where the guardrail 
stops, turn around, and hop onto the other side for a shortcut, then get past 
the egg and the bridge, then cut across the grass with a mushroom. Use Yoshi 
or Mario.

17.                         BANSHEE BOARDWALK
Use Mini-turbo on corners, use mushrooms on long sections. Follow arrows in 
house. Use Mario.
18.                            RAINBOW ROAD
Right before the steep drop, turn and jump off over the railing to the left, 
if done properly, you should land far ahead. Use Mini-turbo on the turns, and 
use the mushrooms on the long, straight sections, or use it as a boost for 
going up the small hill near the Toad constellation. Use Peach.

19.                             SHORTCUTS

If you know any other shortcuts, just e-mail me!

-Luigi Raceway: None found.

-Moo Moo Farm: None found.

-Koopa Troopa Beach: 
1. About halfway into the lap, there are a bunch of ramps. One ramp is leading 
into a hole in the mountain. Go up the ramp, aim toward the hole, and either 
use a mushroom, (which is recommended) or hop at the last possible moment to 
get inside the hole.
2. Instead of doing #1, you can go to the right, there should be a narrow 
strip of land cutting across the water. (Watch out for crabs)
3. During the final stretch, cut across the coast to shave off some time.

-Kalimari Desert:
1. Go onto the track on the railroad crossing, and use a Super Star item, and 
then come out the other crossing for a small shortcut. (Be sure not to screw 
up, and this also might work with a Super Mushroom item, too.)
2. There are a few places where you can cut across the sand with a mushroom to 
shave time off.

-Toad's Turnpike: None found.

-Frappe Snowland:
1. There are a few places where you can cut across the snow with a mushroom to 
save time off.

-Choco Mountain: None found.

-Mario Raceway:
1. Drive along the wall until you come to the last turn before the big turn 
with the mushroom, drive up the hill, drive down, use mushroom as you hit the 
road, then turn a little to the right, and jump over the wall.

-Wario Stadium:
1. At the start, bounce over the walls by the bumps to cut off half of the 
2. After this, there is a small part where you can bounce back over, right in 
front of the finish line, cutting off the entire lap to nothing!
3. There are a couple of other parts where you bounce over the walls to shave 
off some time.

-Sherbet Land: None found.

-Royal Raceway: None found.

-Bowser's Castle: None found.

-D.K.'s Jungle Parkway:
1. There is something about driving backwards, and through a wall, then Lakitu 
picking you up, and it counts as an entire lap or something. I don't remember 
exactly, but I HAVE witnessed it. It DOES work.
2. On the hill going up to the finish line, hop up the side to shave some time 
off. Don't go too far left or it will be too steep.

-Yoshi Valley:
1. The shortest path is: After the ramp, go left, right, then left. (Watch out 
for the porcupines.
2. At the large curve right before the egg, there is a place you can turn 
around and hop onto to shave off a lot of time.

-Banshee Boardwalk:
1. Entering the house, turn left, then jump the hole to save a little time.

-Rainbow Road:
1. Stay in the middle of the road and hop right before the big hill at the 
start drops down, to shave off a bit of time, and to avoid the Chain Chomps.
2. Instead of doing #1, right before the hill drops down, turn to the left, 
and jump over the railing, onto the platform below. This saves a lot of time.

20.                           TIPS AND TRICKS

-Mini-turbo: Do a powerslide, (Turn while holding the R-Button) then move the 
opposite direction, then quickly back to the original direction. If done 
right, your smoke should turn orange. Do this again, and it should be red. 
Then, release the R-Button, and you should have a temporary burst of speed.

-Turbo-boost: Right before the starting light turns blue, start accelerating, 
and you should get a turbo-boost. (Timing is important, and practice makes 

-Course Ghosts: Three courses have ghosts that appear once you beat a specific 
time. These levels and times are:
Luigi Raceway: 1 minute, 52 seconds (Luigi)
Mario Raceway: 1 minute, 30 seconds (Mario)
Royal Raceway: 2 minutes, 40 seconds (Peach)

-Extra Mode: To get this mode, get all gold trophies, in all courses, in all 
classes. The tracks, if this mode is selected, will be mirrored. (Left turn is 
now right, vice-versa, etc.)

-The racers who are ahead mostly get bananas, and other almost useless junk. 
The people who are behind, however, get items such as lightning bolts, Spiny 
Shells, Triple Red Shells, etc.

21.                          GAME SHARK CODES
For these codes, you will need a Game Shark. It is available for purchase in 
many stores that sell video games.

No Laps for Player 1: 81164390 0000  81164392 0002
No Laps for Player 2: 81164394 0000  81164396 0002
No Laps for Player 3: 81164398 0000  8116439A 0002
No Laps for Player 4: 8116439C 0000  8116439E 0002
GS Button for 1 Lap Player 1: 89164390 0000  89164392 0001  *
GS Button for 1 Lap Player 2: 89164394 0000  89164396 0001  *
GS Button for 1 Lap Player 3: 89164398 0000  8916439A 0001  *
GS Button for 1 Lap Player 4: 8916439C 0000  8916439E 0001  *
Player 1 last place: 81164390 FFFF  81164392 FFFF
Player 2 last place: 81164394 FFFF  81164396 FFFF
Player 3 last place: 81164398 FFFF  8116439A FFFF
Player 4 last place: 8116439C FFFF  8116439E FFFF

*: Press GS Button after passing finish line

                             -BALLOONS-  **
Infinite Balloons Player 1: 8118D8C0 0002
Infinite Balloons Player 2: 8118D8C2 0002
Infinite Balloons Player 3: 8118D8C4 0002
Infinite Balloons Player 4: 8118D8C6 0002
GS Button for # of Balloons P1: 8918D8C1 00??
GS Button for # of Balloons P2: 8918D8C3 00??
GS Button for # of Balloons P3: 8918D8C5 00??
GS Button for # of Balloons P4: 8918D8C7 00??

**: Amount of Balloons not shown on screen
??: Adjust amount: 0-F (0 least, F greatest)

                         -DEAD/CAN'T USE WEAPONS-
Player 1: 8118D8C0 FFFF
Player 2: 8118D8C2 FFFF
Player 3: 8118D8C4 FFFF
Player 4: 8118D8C6 FFFF

Player 1: 8018EDE4 00??
Player 2: 8018EDE5 00??
Player 3: 8018EDE6 00??
Player 4: 8018EDE7 00??

??: Mario- 01, Luigi- 02, Peach- 03, Toad- 04, Yoshi- 05, D.K.- 06, Wario- 07, 
Bowser- 08

                         -WEAPONS (1 ON 1 ONLY)-
Player 1: 80165F5D 00??  80165F5D 00??
Player 2: 8016603D 00??  8016606A 00??

??: Nothing: 00, Banana: 01, Multi Bananas: 02, Green shell: 03, 3 Green 
shells: 04, Red shell: 05, 3 Red shells: 06, Blue shell: 07, Lightning Bolt: 
08, Fake item box: 0, Star: 0A, Ghost: 0B, Mushroom: 0C, 2 Mushrooms: 0D, 3 
Mushrooms: 0E, Gold Mushroom: 0F

                    -WEAPONS (3 AND 4 PLAYERS ONLY)-
Player 1: 8016611D 00??  8016614A 00??
Player 2: 801661FD 00??  8016622A 00??
Player 3: 801662DD 00??  8016630A 00??
Player 4: 801663BD 00??  801663EA 00??

??: See Last ?'s

                        -ALWAYS HAVE 46 POINTS-
Mario: 8118D9C8 002D
Luigi: 8118D9C9 002D
Yoshi: 8118D9CA 002D
Toad: 8118D9CB 002D
D.K.: 8118D9CC 002D
Wario: 8118D9CD 002D
Peach: 8118D9CE 002D
Bowser: 8118D9CF 002D

Press GS Button for Debug Menu: 8818EDEF 0002
Always Race Mode Modifier: 800E86B0 00??

??: 50 cc: 00, 100 cc:01, 150 cc: 02, Extra: 03

22A.                           LEVEL GLITCHES

-Luigi Raceway: 1. You can use the Spiny Shell Trick here, just park him in 
the place where the gray wall in the middle of the course meets the round 
brick wall.     2. You can also use the technique described later here.

-Moo Moo Farm: 1. You can use the technique described later here.

-Koopa Beach: 1. The Spiny Shell Trick works here, just park inside the 
waterfall tunnel shortcut.     2. You can hop up the walls in the middle of 
the course in at least two places. You will land in the water, and Lakitu will 
take you out.     3. In between the last two ramps, there is a place where you 
can hop up the rocks.     4. Behind Koopa Rock, at the top there is some moss 
that shows you where you can hop up, but it spreads out, so you have to look 
carefully.     5. You can get stuck between the trees by the waterfall. Try to 
use Yoshi.

-Kalamari Desert: 1. Park inside the train tunnel, to do the Spiny Shell 
Trick.     2. Also, the length of the trains depend on what mode you chose.

-Toad's Turnpike: 1. You can use the technique described later here.

-Frappe Snowland: 1. At the jump, if you jump over to the left without 
touching any snow on the way and landing in the said object, then you can 
continue the drive until Lakitu picks you up. He will try to put you back on 
the track, but get stuck, and eventually drop you behind the starting line. By 
driving to different places on the snow on the left of the rack, possibly even 
getting to the other side of the river, you can adjust how high Lakitu takes 
you before dropping you. You can even get him to take you so high, you can see 
the end of the track.     2. Or, if you jump over to the right without 
touching any snow on the way there, then drive to the tree, Lakitu will pick 
you up and try to put you back on the track, but get stuck, and drop you in 
the river. But, not in the ordinary way. You will fall into a void, and the 
only way to get out is for someone to jump in on you. Or, if you go to the 
left, you won't be able to get out! Plus, when you are in the void, you are 
underneath the finish line, so shells will do some fancy stuff to get you. In 
fact, they will stay there.     3. If you drive to just past the end of the 
bridge, into the snow, and then the water, Lakitu will pick you up and put you 
in a spot on the bridge that really isn't there. You will fall back into the 
water. Also try to start accelerating before you are down.     4. Also, the 
bridge has one spot, where if you are driving at the right time, will drop you 
into the water.     5. You can hop up to the top of the walls of the canyon by 
going to the walls start to form, then keep hopping up.

-Choco Mountain: 1. At the place along the long curve, where the wall on the 
left turns dark, after the items, where the mountains on the right are 
striped, you can climb up them to the top, where you fall in. You can do this 
all along "Caramel Mountain" after the first spot.     2. At the falling rocks 
sign, if you turn left, you can hop up the mountain after the part that juts 
out. You can even see a part of the track that lies ahead.     3. At the next 
falling rocks sign, there is a tiny spot in the wall which can be climbed. You 
can go pretty far horizontally, or keep going up until you fall in.     4. At 
the place where the track crosses over itself, after the big yellow signs, you 
can hop down to the track below.     5. At the place just after the item 
boxes, you can climb up on the right to a plateau where you will spin around 
and flip over until Lakitu pulls you off. You can even rotate up there if you 
go up at an angle.     6. Right after the tunnel, if you turn around, you'll 
see the Mario Kart banner that's above the finish line. But if you go up to 
the finish line, you won't be able to see down there, or even how you could 
see up to where you are. There is a wall there!     7. You can get up to the 
track at the place before "Boulder Curve", right after the big bump, with a 

-Mario Raceway: 1. To do the Spiny Shell Trick, park at the first corner, off 
to the left.     2. Some people say they can get eaten by a Piranha Plant.     
3. You can use the technique described later, here.

-Wario Stadium: 1. At the big jump, after you land, you can turn around and 
jump over the wall and take the big jump again. Everything except the sprites 
will now go dark.     2. The technique described later works here.

-Sherbet Land: 1. You can climb up the wall right before the finish line. Try 
a lightweight.     2. Same thing, except after Penguin Cave's exit. You can 
land in the cave, too, if you see a penguin when you hit.     3. To do the 
Spiny Shell Trick, park on the right of the large, blue rock.     4. You can 
throw bananas to the big island in the middle, if you get a running start, 
jump as far out towards it as you can, then when Lakitu pulls you up, throw 
them forward.     5. In Penguin Cave, if you hit a penguin hard enough, or 
with a Super Star, he will spin.     6. You can use the technique described 
later to reach the island in the middle.

-Royal Raceway: 1. The Spiny Shell Trick works here, just park next to the big 
ramp leading to the jump, on either the left or right side, but on the far 
side of it. Or, you could park in the castle area.     2. At the jump, if you 
hop and turn right, you can land back on the track, far behind. Or, you could 
ram the right railing while hitting the Dash Zone, so you will hit the brown 
part of the ground around there. Or, if you hit the railing on the last Dash 
Zone, you can fall straight down into the water.     3. At the big jump, hop, 
and turn slightly to the right, and you will land on the right mountainside, 
and with well-timed hops, reach a small plateau where you can drive around a 
little. You can also get here by driving around the bottom of the mountain, 
and hopping up the steeper side of the mountain, but you need a lightweight.     
4. The trees around the castle aren't really there.     5. After the castle 
bridge, you can hop up the lighter green hills a little, before crashing back 
down.     6. If you use a mushroom on the castle's stone walkway, you can 
launch off and through the castle wall into another void. The windows are all 
floating, as well as other things, except the walls.     7. You can get up 
onto the railings of the castle's bridge.     8. You can use the technique 
described later, here on the long, final Dash Zone jump. You can even land 
back on the track far backwards.

-Bowser's Castle: 1. You can use the technique described later, here to get 
back up a step, launch into the lava, jump over the fire-breathing statues, or 
land back onto the bridge that leads up to the spiral.     2. After the big 
spiral, use a mushroom and rocket back into the spiral. You can land back on 
it if you go to the left, or land in the lava to the right. Lakitu will put 
you back onto the spiral if you miss. You actually can land on the spiral on 
the right if you turn right just before jumping off the castle part.     3. To 
do the Spiny Shell Trick, park behind the big fire-breathing statue.

-D.K.'s Jungle Parkway: 1. There is a wall that isn't really there at the 
fourth item group. Turn left, and drive up to the place where the wall sticks 
out. Now drive behind it, from Lakitu's point of view, and drive backwards 
into it and you will go right through. But just try it the other way.     2. 
In the pit area, if you turn around, you can rocket backwards with a mushroom 
and fall through the water, island, and everything, into a green void. You 
need a mushroom, and to rocket into the water on the side of the island.     
3. If you drive up into the grass right before the big turn that leads to the 
Dash Zone, you can lead up onto the turn, going over the railing.

-Yoshi Valley: 1. If you are blown up on the egg plateau, and get hit by the 
egg, you will be squished in mid-air.     2. You can climb the side of the 
shorter mountain at the highest point of the curve. Once up there, you will 
have a good view of the track, but you will be picked up by Lakitu.     3. To 
do the Spiny Shell Trick, go as far away from the track as possible in the 
grassy section.     4. The technique described later works here.

-Banshee Boardwalk: 1. You can drive behind the bat box.     2. Get a red or 
spiny shell, and put it out behind you. Jump into the water. When Lakitu is 
picking you up, fire it. It will fly back up into the house, and do some 
really weird stuff.     3. The lamp posts can eliminate your shells, if they 
are circling you, and you drive into the water, touching it on the way down.     
4. To do the Spiny Shell Trick, park on the left side of the star shaped hole 
in the house.

-Rainbow Road: 1. The technique described later works here.

-Big Donut: 1. You may be able to blow up, fly forward, and into the big 

-Block Fort: 1. Get a turbo boost, and push the opponent that is in front of 
you into the wall, being careful not to spin him out. Keep going until he is 
in the wall, and you can stop without the stars stopping. Now bump into him, 
and he will fall into some water.

-Double Deck: 1. If you get blown up in the right direction, you can fall into 

-Skyscraper: 1. The Skyscraper is floating. If you fall down the center hole, 
and shoot some shells down, they will be destroyed, because there is a wall 
that destroys them all, but since it is black, it is invisible.     2. You can 
drive right through the walls to your sides where you start. Drive, and hop 
over the pit, right through the wall.     3. You can drive over the holes if 
you have enough speed, but not the edge ones.

22B.                          JUMP TECHNIQUES

-To hop, press the R-Button. You can climb walls and more with this maneuver.

-Climbing Technique: Go up to a wall that is climbable, and accelerate, then 
keep hopping. Sometimes you will need to climb your jumps to climb higher, but 
usually all you need to do is to hop as fast as you can. Sometimes though, the 
wall can not be climbed, or your character is too heavy.

-Jump Technique: If there is a wall that can be jumped over, go to it, 
accelerate, and right when you bump into the wall, hop. If done correctly, you 
should jump over the wall.

22C.                         SPINY SHELL TRICK
This trick makes it so that the spiny shells will be circuiting the track for 
as long as you are so far off the track, or in such a strange location on the 
track, the shells do not know where you are, and will keep going around.

22D.                             IN GENERAL
This is assuming you are not using the reversed courses.

-If Toad is standing somewhere, someone else can land on him using Lakitu, and 
then Toad will be pushed underground.

-Every track is on water, so if you go off anywhere, you will land in it.

22E.                            THE TECHNIQUE
-Get someone in front of you.
-Position him according to where you want to jump.
-Get a mushroom.
-Get right behind him.
-Get a running start, and use your mushroom.
-Right before you hit him, hop.
-This should make you fly forward to where you want to go.

23.                               CREDITS

William Sigler, Jr. (ssigler@prodigy.net) I made the FAQ!

Chris Blaney (cblaney@prodigy.com) I used his FAQ for a bit of things.

Code Master & the Game Shark Code Creators Club (www.cmgsccc.com) I used their 
site for all the Game Shark Codes!

ItsaMePete (itsamepete@aol.com) I used his FAQ for a lot of my glitch section.

If you want to add anything to this FAQ, have some suggestions, or have some 
questions, just send me an e-mail!