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Version 2 (16 April 2005)

Okay, apologies for the fact that for some time there has been a FAQ for this
game under my name that was actually for Mario Party 2 FAQ. This was caused by
my failure to label it properly. I now have this game, so here is my FAQ for it.

E-Mail Policy

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A few things to be aware of before posting:

1) Read the FAQ first to see if your question is answered. That is why it is
2) Put "Mario Party" in the subject heading, otherwise I will think you are
sending spam. No matter how many times I say this, there are always some people
who ignore this request. In particular, don't try to send e-mails headed: "I am
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3) No spam, and this includes asking questions and accompanying them with spam
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6) Write legibly, and in English. For example, if you write: "Y HA70 THAR IM
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something like that, I will have no idea what you are trying to say and will
ignore you. Similarly, e-mails that are unclear as to what help is needed (e.g.
simply writing: "Please help, I'm stuck" will not get a reply.
7) Banal questions will also be ignored. By that I mean looking for things that
have not been included because no one should need a FAQ to work them out (e.g.
"Which button is the control stick?", "Which character is Mario?").

Extra Note: All secret items are included in the "Secrets" section at the end
of the FAQ so as not to spoil them for unwary FAQ readers. If it appears that I
missed something out, it is likely that it will be found in this section.

Revision History

Version 1.1 - 3 January 2005

Made a few quick changes, including the addition of Mushroom Spaces and a few
more items.

Version 2 - 16 April 2005

Updated to include a certain board  and Koopa's Bonuses.


1) Characters
2) Mini Games
3) Spaces and Board Events
4) Boards
5) Endings
6) Mini Game Island
7) Item Shop
8) Secrets



Mario is, obviously, the star of the game.


Luigi is Mario's younger brother.


Peach, a.k.a. Princess Toadstool, is the ruler of Mushroom Kingdom.


Yoshi is a dinosaur, who has helped Mario in many adventures.


Donkey Kong is a gorilla, and was the title character of Mario's first game.


Wario is Mario's greedy rival.

The following characters appear in the game, but are not playable


Bowser (a.k.a. Morton Koopa) is the king of the Koopas, and frequently tries to
take over Mushroom Kingdom.


Toad is Peach's steward. He helps you by giving you stars.


Koopa Troopa is the host of all the boards and will give you coins to help you
when you pass start.


Boo is a ghost who steals items from players for other players.


		2.1) 4-PLAYER

4-Player Mini Games happen if each player is on the same coloured space (Bowser
spaces count as red; fortune and minigame spaces count as blue, while happening
spaces randomly change to red or blue). In most 4 player games, the winner(s)
will get 10 coins.


Type: Skill
Difficulty: Easy

Press A and Z alternately or A and B alternately, to inflate your Bowser
balloon. Don't press too rapidly, though - wait for your character to push or
pull the pump properly before pressing the next button. Get the right rhythm to
be the first to burst your balloon.


Type: Survival
Difficulty: Medium

Keep jumping to avoid the bombs fired from Bowser's pirate ship, or you will be
momentarily stunned. If you manage to survive the time, then you win coins (all
four players win coins if they all survive).


Type: Coin Collecting
Difficulty: Medium

Attack the boxes by punching (B) or hip dropping (A+Z), and quickly get the
coins (easier said than done as the opponents can get in your way). Watch out
for Thwomp Blocks, which bounce back and throw you across the room.


Type: Survival
Difficulty: Fairly Easy

Use the control stick to move around and knock the other players off the
platform (if you are lucky, some computer players may knock themselves off).
Just try not to fall off yourself if an opponent dodges out of your way.


Type: Luck
Difficulty: N/A (down to luck)

Press A repeatedly to dig and use the control stick to move, and search for the
treasure chest. You will slow down slightly when digging through rocks. The
chest is hidden somewhere, randomly. If you uncover an arrow, it is pointing in
the direction of the chest.


Type: Coin Collection
Difficulty: Fairly Hard

Push the control stick forward to cast your line and hopefully get one of the
items in the water, then rotate the stick to reel it in. Coins are worth one
coin, bags are worth 5 and chests worth 10. You win all the coins you reel in.


Type: Coin Collection/Luck
Difficulty: Easy

Keep jumping up and hitting the "?" blocks (nine in total) and get the coins
inside (when a coin appears above it, you get it, like in traditional Mario
games). The amount of coins in a block is random and can be anything from 1 to
10. You win all the coins you collect.


Type: Skill
Difficulty: Medium

Use the control stick to move your pneumatic drill around the fossilized
character. Make the cut as neat as possible to win (the player or players with
the highest score wins).


Type: Skill
Difficulty: Fairly Easy

Watch the way the Bowser face is distorted, and then copy it yourself by
pressing A to grab a feature and using the control stick to move it (press A to
release and B if you want to undo that move). Points are gained by how accurate
you were, and the winner is the player with the highest score.


Type: Coin Stealing
Difficulty: Medium

Get behind an opponent and repeatedly press B to steal coins from their bag. If
you are grabbed, press B repeatedly to stop them taking your coins. The
difficulty here is getting behind opponents while stopping others from sneaking
up on you. In this game, the coins that you have are all the coins you have
collected so far, and coins will be added to or deducted from your total
depending on what you gained or lost in the mini game.


Type: Coin Collection
Difficulty: Fairly Hard

Run around to get the coins dropped by the Hammer Brother, but avoid the
hammers and avoid running off the edge of the tower. The reason I'm listing
this as "fairly hard" is that the coins move fast, and the opponents will often
get in your way when you are trying to get to them.


Type: Sudden Death/Luck
Difficulty: N/A (mainly down to luck)

Keep pressing A to throw the Bob Omb to an opponent and use the control stick
to specify the direction. Keep passing it, and make sure you are not holding it
when it explodes. The player holding it when it explodes loses and must give
five coins to all three opponents.

N.B. In that case that the losing player does not have 15 coins, the other
players will still gain 5 coins each, but the loser will lose all the coins
they have).


Type: Survival
Difficulty: Fairly Easy

To beat this game, you must make 20 jumps over the podobo rope. Press A to jump
when it swings near you and watch out when it speeds up. All survivors win 10


Type: Co-operative

Keep passing the key from player to player with B to avoid the spiked koopas
getting it. If it lands on the floor, run to it fast to pick it up. Since this
involves co-operation between all four players, all four win coins if they are


Type: Skill
Difficulty: Playing Instruments - Easy; Conducting - Effectively Luck

One player conducts with the control stick and chooses when each player plays.
If you are playing an instrument, watch for when an icon appears by your
character's face and press A when the cursor goes over it; if you are
conducting, push the control stick in the right direction at the right time.
The 10 coins go to the player(s) who performed the best.  If you happen to be
conducting, it can be very hard to win, even if you do everything right. It
seems that the conductor can only win if all the instrument players screw up (I
have often conducted perfectly and won nothing). This game would maybe have
been better as a 1 v 3 game.


Type: Quick Reaction/Survival
Difficulty: Medium

When Toad raises a flag, quickly get to the mushroom of the same colour as the
flag before the other mushrooms lower into the water. Last one standing wins,
and the longer it takes, the faster the mushrooms will move. You can also press
A to jump and A + Z to hip drop. Be careful not to confuse the two shades of
blue, or red and pink.


Type: Quick Reactions
Difficulty: Medium

When the music stops, quickly run to the centre mushroom and jump up to get the
coins before your opponents. All I can suggest is concentrate and react fast,
and don't bother with the smaller mushrooms as you will most likely leap it at
it and miss completely in your haste to beat the other players.


Type: Race to the Finish
Difficulty: Medium

Keep jumping from platform to platform with A. There are a lot of coins
littered around, but it is best to avoid being distracted by these. The winner
is the first to the goal.


Type: Co-operative
Difficulty: Fairly Easy

One player has the bulb, and the other three must protect them from Boos by
punching the Boos (using B). The player with the bulb cannot attack boos.
Rescue any trapped players with B too. At the end, throw the bulb into the
socket to get rid of the boos.

In this game, all the players can win coins by making it to the end.


Type: Quick Reaction/Survival
Difficulty: Medium

The Shy Guy will raise one of two flags, labelled A and B, and you should raise
either button A or button B, depending on which is raised. If you make a
mistake, he will take his cutlass and you will drift out to sea (and you are
out). Be careful when he raises two flags to trick you, and wait a moment to
gauge which one he will lower; don't take too long to raise a flag, though, or
you will also be out. The last one standing wins.


Type: Race to the Finish
Difficulty: Variable (depends on CPU or human opponent skill level)

Press B repeatedly to skate to avoid falling into the lava, and press A to jump
over the Thwomps. Be careful not to hit A by accident or you will waste time.
About halfway, you will see some coin bags overhead, which you can easily jump
to get (worth 5 coins). This is always very close, but the winner gets 10 coins.


Type: Race to the Finish
Difficulty: Medium

To get around the track, hold the control stick on the straight section and let
go on the curves to stop yourself spinning out. There are four laps.


Type: Skill
Difficulty: Fairly Easy

Your weight will tilt the picture that you are on and will help you to uncover
the picture. My usual tactic is to run to all four corners first to wipe out
the tiles on the edges before dealing with the ones in the middle.


Type: Coin Collecting
Difficulty: Medium

Keep pressing A to swim and guide yourself with the control stick to get the
treasure from the sea bed. Larger chests contain more coins. Don't stay down
too long to avoid drowning, and avoid running into Sushi the Shark or the
Gooper Bloopers, who will try their best to get in your way, otherwise you will
drop your treasure. The game ends when all the treasure is collected, or time
is up and you win all the coins you collected.

		2.2) 1 v 3 MINIGAMES

These are triggered if one player is on a different coloured space to the other
three players. In most cases, the single player will either win or lose 15
coins and each of the three players will win or lose 5 coins.


Type: Single Player - Coin Protecting; Three Players - Coin Stealing
Difficulty: Single Player - Fairly Hard; Three Players - Medium

If you're the single player, keep running around and try not to let your
opponents hit you; if they do, try and grab the coins that go flying out. If
you're in the team of three, keep attacking the single player (with A) and try
and get some of their coins.


Type: Single Player - Coin Collecting/Stealing; Three Players - Coin Protecting
Difficulty: Single Player - Easy; Three Players - Hard

The single player has to throw the koopa shell (using A) and guide it to the
other three players, who are bowling pins. Make sure you don't hit the sides
(if so, you win nothing, but you lose nothing either). You win coins for every
pin you knock down, and if you knock down an opponent, you steal five of their
coins. If you're a skittle, don't go near the other players, and try and time a
jump right as the shell is about to hit you. Computer players have an annoying
tendency to follow you around, and you can be knocked down if another pin falls
on you. The three players cannot win any coins in this game.


Type: Coin Collecting
Difficulty: Medium

One player has a mallet while the other players have no weapon. The mallet can
stun opponents and break open the blocks faster, but also slows the player
down. If you have the mallet, make sure you attack players trying to beat you
to coins (A or B). The opponents can attack the player with the mallet and
knock it out of their hands, and then anyone can take it - also, they can break
the blocks by jumping (like in a traditional Mario game), but this takes longer.


Type: Coin Collecting
Difficulty: Single Player - Easy; Three Players - Hard

The single player runs around on the flower collecting coins by tilting it,
while being careful not to run around the edge. If you're one of the three
players, you will just have to collect what falls off the side by moving your
boat around. You will all coins that you collect.


Type: Single Player - Coin Collecting/Stealing; Three Players -
Difficulty: Single Player - Fairly Easy; Three Players - Hard (if grabbed)

The unfairness of this game may have some players yelling at the screen. If
you're in the crane, move it around so you are above an opponent or other prize
(coin = 1 coin, bag = 5 coins, chest = 10 coins). Move so that your shadow is
directly over the target, then press A to grab it, then repeatedly press A to
move it back to the warp pipe. If you grab an opponent, you will win one third
of their coins. If you're one of the "prizes", all you can do is bash A like
crazy and hope the crane controller drops you (very hard against a computer).
Generally, computers will go for whichever of the other players has most coins
- this way you will know if you are likely to be picked on.


Type: Coin Stealing
Difficulty: Single Player - Hard; Three Players - Easy

In order to row, you must rotate the control stick fully and quickly. You don't
need to do it too fast, though. This will push the boat over to the opponents'
side, hopefully. The single player is playing against all three others, and
therefore has a harder job. Each time a player is speared by the shy guys (by
getting too close to the bank), they lose coins - either the single player
gives a coin to each opponent, or vice versa. Coins are deducted from your
current total.


Type: Single player - Observation/Luck; Three Players - Luck
Difficulty: Single player - Medium/Luck; Three Players - Luck (or Impossible if
playing against an expert)

Another gloriously unfair game, the single player will get to drop a chest of
coins down the maze of pipes. The pipes act in a similar manner to the rocket
minigames seen in some of the old Mario games, and every time one of the
vertical pipes meets a horizontal pipe, the chest will follow the horizontal
pipe and continue to fall down the next vertical pipe. If you are the single
player, bear this in mind and try and work your way up the pipes from your
character and see if you can deduce where you should drop the chest.

Here is an example below, with the lines representing pipes. If you are playing
as Mario, then you would have to drop the chest from the pipe marked "*" in
order to receive it.

	|			|			|			|
	| ---------|			| ---------|
	|			|			|			|
	|			|----------|		     |
	|			|			|----------|
	|			|----------|			|
	|----------|			|			|
	|			|			|----------|
	|			|			|			|
Mario  	Luigi		Peach	Yoshi

If you're not dropping the chest, this game is pure luck.


Type: Single Player - Survival; Three Players - Knock Out
Difficulty: Medium

In all honesty, no one has much of an advantage. If you're the single player,
keep pressing B like crazy and jump over all obstacles (including the falling
logs), and swing on the vines if possible. If you're in the team of three,
ground pound when the piranha plant is directly under the cloud to water it the
best way possible, and hopefully you will catch the single player.

				TUG O' WAR

Type: Survival
Difficulty: Single Player - Fairly Hard; Three Players - Fairly Easy

Keep rotating the control stick as fast as you can to pull your opponent(s) off
the ledge, where they will be eaten alive by the piranha plant.

		2.3) 2 v 2 MINIGAMES


Type: Race to the Finish
Difficulty: Easy

Keep pressing A repeatedly to run up with your bobsled, and then be the first
to finish; try and run over the boosters to speed yourself up and don't fall
off the edge. Computer players are always a pushover at this.


Type: Beat Other Team
Difficulty: Medium

Keep passing to your partner with B if you have the "ball", and avoid having
the ball stolen. If you don't have the ball, try and steal it. The team who
first scores wins.


Type: Coin Collecting/Co-operation
Difficulty: Fairly Easy

If you're the one diving, first of all quickly swim down to the bottom to get
the chest with 10 coins in and hopefully beat your opponent, then swim back
fast before you drown (don't worry, you get resurrected after a few moments).
Then go for the other chests; the ones to the sides, further down, have more
coins in. If you're reeling in, rotate the control stick fast when your partner
has a chest.


Type: Race to the Finish
Difficulty: Easy

Keep pressing left and right alternately to get to the end. If you press the
wrong way, you will fall over. Don't worry too much about the Thwomp. This is
second only to Ground Pound in terms of computer player stupidity.


Type: Race to the Finish
Difficulty: Hard

Keep pressing A to move the handcar and when you reach a bend, lean in the
direction that you are turning, but be careful - lean too much and you will
plunge off the track to a fiery death (very annoying).



Type: Observation
Difficulty: Hard

Watch the shadows of the boos to see which one moves fast (they do so in quick
succession), and try and at least make an educated guess as to which moved
first and attack it. If you are right, you get the coins. If you are wrong, the
Boos will spirit you away to another dimension.


Type: Memory
Difficulty: Very Easy

Prepare yourself to double up in laughter at the pathetic efforts of the
computer players whenever they get this, as they turn it into a game of luck by
randomly ground pounding everything in sight. All you need to do is memorise
which of the posts have flat tops (easy unless someone distracts you), and then
ground pound the butterflies on top (A + Z).


Type: Skill
Difficulty: Medium

Jump (A) and kick (B) to break the wooden crates, but don't kick the Thwomps or
you will be chucked off the tower. Be careful as the Thwomps move up and down,
so timing is important, and you only have 10 seconds. Then, jump to get the
chest when it is within reach.


Type: Skill
Difficulty: Medim - Hard (varies depending on which course you are given)

Keep pressing B to make your character lean back, but don't overdo it or you
will fall over. Watch your characters getting into some really compromising
looking positions as you have to dance lower and lower. If you look as though
you are about to fall over, slow down your button tapping, and tap the button a
few times repeatedly if you look like you are going to hit the bar. Courses
vary in length; all you can do is hope you get the short course.


Type: Memory/Luck
Diffuculty: N/A (Luck-based)

Ground pound matching tiles to win coins here; memorise where each picture is
and try not to get Bowser. My advice is to start with the middle picture, then
go around the sides, in sequence, only diverting when you find where a pair is.
You get 2 coins for each pair (maximum: 8 coins).


Type: Survival
Difficulty: Very Hard

This is one game you don't want the game to randomly serve up to you. Rotate
the control stick like crazy to light the room before you are caught by the Big
Boo. Even if your light looks very bright, you can still be caught out. The
only way I managed this was to use the palm of my hand to avoid slippage (this
can hurt a LOT, so try wearing a glove).


Type: Memory
Difficulty: Easy

Simply keep your eye on which Koopa has the treasure chest with the coins in as
they flip and spin around you. As long as nobody calls out to you and distracts
you, you should find it quite easy to keep track of them. If a human opponent
is playing this one, and you're particularly mean, you could always try
distracting them in some way.


Type: Coin Collecting/Skill
Difficulty: Fairly Hard

Carefully line up three of a kind. This can be hard because the roulettes spin
very fast. Try and figure out which item is two items before the one you are
aiming for and jump when that one comes up (easier said than done).


Type: Reach the Goal
Difficulty: Medium

As the towers teeter, do a running jump to get to the next one BEFORE you fall
to your doom. The tower teeters depending on where you stand, so stand
somewhere where you will easily reach another tower. This can often be harder
than it looks.


Type: Coin Collecting
Difficulty: Very Easy

Rejoice if you get this. Scream if an opponent gets it. This is easy money;
jump on the heads of all the piranha plants you can and get a coin for each;
the numbers slowly increase from 1 to 8, and you can get many, many coins.


Blue Space

You win three coins, or six if during the last five turns

Red Space

You lose three coins, or six if during the last five turns

Happening Space

See next section for various effects

Chance Space

You can make other players give each other coins, or stars, or make them trade
coins or stars, but be careful as you could end up losing a lot of things.


You will either get a red mushroom (throw again) or a poison mushroom (miss a

Mini Game Space

You play a one-player mini game.

Bowser Space

You will unleash one of the following events:

Give coins to Bowser: Self-explanatory
Bowser revolution: All coins are divided equally
Bowser's Chance Time: One player must give coins to Bowser (the chances of it
being you are doubled)
Bowser Mini-Game: All four players must play to avoid losing coins
- Face Lift (any player who gets less than 90 points loses some coins)
- Bash 'n' Cash (you will be in the Bowser suit; all coins that are bashed out
of you will be lost forever; no one can collect them
- Tug o' War (you are in the Bowser suit)
- Balloon Burst (you must win to avoid losing coins)

If you land on a Bowser space with no coins, prepare to say goodbye to one of
your stars as Bowser will force you to sell it for the miserly sum of 10 coins.
If you have no stars either, he'll give you 20 coins.

Koopa Troopa

Koopa Troopa stands by the start and gives you 10 coins as you pass. There are
occasional bonuses; if you are the 10th person to pass, you get 20 coins; the
20th person to pass gets 30 coins, and so on. The coins you receive are doubled
during the last five turns.


You can buy a star if you have 20 coins or more.


Steals other players' coins for free (this costs five coins in other Mario
Parties), or stars for 50 coins.


Bowser will usually take coins for you, rarely giving you anything in return.
He will usually charge a set amount of coins for his "services", and will take
all your coins if you don't have enough.



A castle, set in the sky. This board is very different from the typical sort of
board that you will find in Mario Party Games. Rather than going around in
circles, you follow a single path, with only a few points where you can take
different routes (e.g. to go past the Boo). When you reach the end, ride the
cloud up to find either Toad or Bowser. Toad will give you a star, but as soon
as someone has visited Toad, he will switch with Bowser, and vice-versa.

Bowser Effect

Bowser will give you a Ztar (fake star), which is useless and costs a massive
40 coins.

Happening Spaces

Each happening space will switch Toad and Bowser around.


This game is a more traditionally-styled board; Toad will move whenever you get
the star, but Bowser remains in one spot. You can pass the Whomps by paying 10
coins and the grey slate barriers only let you past if you have 20 or more
coins (you don't pay any though).

Bowser Effect

Bowser will give you a completely worthless Golden Bowser Statue, costing 10

Happening Spaces

If a player is in the right place, a rock will chase them and any other players
in the way across the board, and they will end up at the bottom of the board,
right in the middle.


This board is very luck-based, and you have to keep following the same path all
the time. There are a lot of happening spaces, so you will need to win a lot of
Mini Games in order to get coins. The main feature of the board is Goomba's
lottery. Pick one of four seeds and only one is a "winner". Actually, the
"prize" is being sent towards Bowser's space. All the other three send you to
Toad (who stays in the same place throughout the game). When the next player
reaches the lottery, they choose one from the remaining seeds; when all are
gone, the game restarts.

Bowser Effect

Bowser will give you a Bowser Cake, costing you 20 coins.

Happening Spaces

If you have less than 30 coins, nothing happens. If you do happen to have 30 or
more coins, you have the option of paying 30 coins for Goomba to grow a piranha
plant. When someone with a star lands there, the piranha plant will steal their
star and give it to you.


This board consists of two islands, connected by two bridges with Thwomps on,
who you must pay to pass. The toll starts off as 1 coin, but increases by one
coin each time someone passes (you can also increase the toll yourself). Toad
will start on one of the islands, and will swap places with Bowser when a
Happening space is landed on. However, it is best just to stay on one island
rather than follow Toad around (happening space events are very frequent). Each
island has an advantage; the left hand one has Koopa, and the right hand one
has Boo.

Bowser Effect

Bowser will give you a Bowser Tube, costing 30 coins, which will burst due to
the fact that it is too small.

Happening Spaces

Bubba (the big fish from Super Mario 64) will swallow Toad and Bowser will surf
in and take his place. Bubba will spit Toad out where Bowser was previously (on
the other island).


This board consists of five areas, and to make things clearer I've provided a
rough diagram.

		3(RED)								4(BLUE)


		1(RED)									2(BLUE)

Each of the main areas has a cannon, which you will be forced to go in when you
pass them. When you are fired, you will go to another area (the cannons in the
red areas will always fire you to the blue areas and vice-versa). The cursor
will flash randomly over the spaces and you must press A to stop it and you
will land on the space the cursor is on. This is generally luck-based, and this
board can be very unpredictable. Bowser is in the circle in the middle and is
surrounded by one-player games, but its best to avoid this area completely.

Bowser Effect

You must pay Bowser to use the cannon to go to one of the other areas (chosen

Happening Spaces

The cannons will change direction. There are two possible ways in which they
can be orientated.

		Cannon				Takes You To Area

			1								2
			2								3
			3								4
			4								1

			1								4
			2								1
			3								2
			4								3

Fly Guy

You can pay the fly guy 10 coins to either take another player to him (handy if
one player is close to the star), or you can pay him to take you to Bowser
(usually not worth it, unless you happen to get Whack-a-Plant).


From turn to turn, the red and blue gates will alternated between being open
and closed, so this board can often be unpredictable. When you reach a warp
pipe, you will return to near the start (and pass Boo).

Bowser Effect

Bowser will give you a coin he made in his coin machine. But this will cost you
20 coins - meaning a net loss of 19 coins.

Happening Spaces

The closed gates will open and the open ones will close. The Happening Spaces
to the top right will make the player go flying onto the other pathway nearby.


If you have 20 coins when you pass them, you can pay them to switch the
positions of the gates. Very useful for screwing opponents over.


This section details the endings for the various boards.


A bunch of rainbows appear and a bridge is formed to a new tower, which the
players run up, except for the player in last place, who slips down and is
saved from certain death by Lakitu, but is swept away and prevented from taking
part in the final pose.


The star will reveal a treasure chest containing golden bananas. The player in
last place will be chased by a rock (that'll teach them).


While the player in last place sulks in the corner, the other three players go
to the top of the cake to celebrate.


The stars will create a bridge for the blue Yoshi to reach the pink Yoshi. The
players will run across it, but the player in last place will be eaten by Bubba.


The two Bob Omb armies will make peace with each other, and then put the losing
player in a cannon and fire him away, for being so unhelpful.


The winning player will create a huge airship, which they will fly off in. The
losing player is shown being chucked about by pistons.


This walkthrough details all the games you will play on this one-player mode.
Remember, the player you select as your partner will accompany you on two
player games and will never play against you.

All 1 v 3 games are played as the single player.

For more information on the individual games, please refer to Section 2 of this

Stage 1

 	1.1: Coin Block Blitz

Goal: Get 10 coins
Difficulty: Very Easy
Tips: Refer to what I said above; this should be no problem at all.

	1.2: Coin Block Bash

Goal: Get 10 coins
Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Tips: Make sure you keep hitting your opponents to stop them snagging the coins
you are after.

	1.3: Coin Shower Flower

Goal: Get 20 coins
Difficulty: Easy
Tips: Keep running about and don't fall in. You really shouldn't need help on

	1.4: Paddle Battle

Goal: Get 15 coins from your opponents.
Difficulty: Fairly Hard
Tips: All I can say is practise rotating the control stick in the intro screen
to see how you paddle before trying this one. This might take several tries, so
you may need to return to previous games to collect extra lives.

After this game, you will reach the first save space.

Stage 2

	2.1: Memory Match

Goal: Match all of the pictures
Difficulty: N/A (luck-based)
Tips: You need a lot of luck for this one. Use the tips I gave in the mini game
section and hope you don't get Bowser.

 	2.2: Ground Pound

Goal: Pound all the posts without spikes
Difficulty: Very Easy
Tips: Simply memorize the positions of the posts with no spikes before the
butterflies land; this is one of the easiest games ever.

	2.3: Limbo Dance

Goal: Reach the end
Difficulty: Fairly Hard
Tips: You are on the longest course; near the end there are about three low red
bars, so be careful when going under these. You may well want to save after
clearing this one.

	2.4: Musical Mushroom

Goal: Get the chest
Difficulty: Medium
Tips: As I said before, simply make a dash for the centre mushroom when the
music stops.

	2.5: Piranha's Pursuit

Goal: Reach the end without being caught
Difficulty: Medium
Tips: Simply go as fast as you can and try and swing on the vines if you can to
help you; this isn't particularly hard to beat.

After this point, you can go two different ways. You can take Stage 3 or take a
shortcut through Stage 5. It is a good idea to take both if you want to unlock

Stage 3

	3.1: Crazy Cutter

Goal: Get 80 points
Difficulty: Medium
Tips: As long as you get 80 points or more, you will be okay; simply make sure
you cut as neatly as you can.

	3.2: Buried Treasure

Goal: Get the chest
Difficulty: N/A (luck)
Tips: All I can suggest is watch out for the arrows and the chest (sometimes
the computer players will partially unearth the chest and dig away from it).
The chest will rarely be under rocks.

	3.3: Desert Dash

Goal: Win the race
Difficulty: Very Easy
Tips: The opponents on this are incredibly bad, and will probably fall over
about three times at least; you should have no difficulty clearing this one.

	3.4: Tug O' War

Goal: Win the Mini Game
Difficulty: Fairly Hard
Tips: If you're not very good at control-stick twirling, save before trying
this one. All I can suggest is doing it as fast as you can and hopefully you
will beat the computer players.

	3.5: Teetering Towers

Goal: Get to the end
Difficulty: Medium
Tips: Once again, make sure you do running jumps to make it to the next tower
each time.

Stage 4

	4.1: Bobsled Run

Goal: Win the race
Difficulty: Easy
Tips: Simply go over all the boosters and try and get a good start. This should
be no problem whatsoever.

	4.2: Skateboard Scamper

Goal: Win the race
Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Tips: Again, the opponents here will not put up much effort and you should win

	4.3: Handcar Havoc

Goal: Win the race
Difficulty: Hard
Tips: Be careful when leaning your cart so as not to overbalance into the lava,
and you should beat the computers if you mash the A button fast enough.

	4.4: Ghost Guess

Goal: Win the game
Difficulty: Hard
Tips: As before, check the shadows of the Boos carefully, and watch where the
first signs of movement are.

Stage 5 (optional)

	5.1: Cast Aways

Goal: Get 30 coins
Difficulty: Hard
Tips: It's probably quickest here to only go for the chests and ignore
everything else. I tend to find doing long casts easiest, so learn to time
correctly when to cast, and also hold the control stick ready for when a chest
appears. If you're on the far right, you should cast just as the chest is about
to pass you; if you're second from the right, try casting as it passes the
player on your right; if you're second from the left, the best time to cast is
as it passes between the two players on your right; if you're on the far left,
cast just after it passes the second-to-right player.

	5.2: Shy Guy Says

Goal: Be the last one standing
Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Tips: Don't be too hasty when the Shy Guy raises both flags as you will get a
fair amount of time. With any luck, the computer players will be hopeless at

	5.3: Bumper Balls

Goal: Be the last one standing
Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Tips: Try and trick opponents into falling off by standing on the edge and then
moving out of the way; with any luck, at least one opponent will commit suicide
by rolling off the edge for no reason at all.

	5.4: Treasure Divers

Goal: Get 10 coins
Difficulty: Medium
Tips: Go for one of the larger chests, and don't be too hasty when trying to
surface; watch the movement of Sushi and the Gooper Bloopers and start moving
when they're not too close to you. When there are only a few chests left, stick
close to an opponent with a chest and hope they get hit, then grab the chest
when they drop it.

	5.5: Bombs Away

Goal: Survive the Game
Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Tips: Bowser seems to be a pretty rotten shot in this one; most of the bombs
will miss the island. Keep jumping and try not to jump over the edge and you
should make it.

	5.6: Deep Sea Divers

Goal: Get 15 coins
Difficulty: Medium
Tips: Mash the A button like crazy and beat your computer opponent to the large
chest; after that, go for one of the chests in the middle of the screen, to one
of the sides, and then get as many chests as you can.

	5.7: Mushroom Mix-Up

Goal: Be the last one standing
Difficulty: Fairly Hard
Tips: The computer players are actually quite good at this one, and it is
likely that this could go on for a while. Make sure you get back to the centre
as soon as possible and try and get in their way as they jump to the mushroom.

	5.8: Tightrope Treachery

Goal: Don't fall off
Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Tips: Keep walking; the computer players are somewhat poor at this one.

Stage 6

	6.1: Box Mountain Mayhem

Goal: Get 10 coins
Difficulty: Medium
Tips: All I can suggest is attacking the boxes like crazy and hoping for the

	6.2: Pedal Power

Goal: Turn the light on fully
Difficulty: Very Hard
Tips: Use the palm of your hand to get a better grip on the control stick and
try wearing a glove or something to avoid doing yourself a physical injury.

	6.3: Tipsy Tourney

Goal: Win the Game
Difficulty: Medium
Tips: Go for the tiles on the outside first, and then carefully take out the
middle ones.

	6.4: Hot Bob-Omb

Goal: Don't lost
Difficulty: N/A (luck)
Tips: This one is down to luck. Save before playing this one, and then save

	6.5: Bombsketball

Goal: Win the game
Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Tips: Let your partner help, and with any luck they will score (your partner is
very skilled at this game).

	6.6: Hot Rope Jump

Goal: Make 40 jumps
Difficulty: Medium
Tips: The rope will slowly speed up, but after 20 jumps it will drastically
slow down for a while. Don't be caught out when this happens.

Stage 7

	7.1: Slot Machine

Goal: Line up three of a kind
Difficulty: Fairly Hard
Tips: All I can suggest is hope for the best; try and time it right and don't

	7.2: Crane Game

Goal: Capture one opponent
Difficulty: Easy
Tips: The computers hardly put up a fight at all, so all you need to worry
about is your positioning.

	7.3: Pipe Maze

Goal: Get the chest
Difficulty: Fairly Hard
Tips: Follow the maze upward from yourself, using the tips I gave before rather
than relying on luck alone.

	7.4: Bowl Over

Goal: Knock down all three opponents
Difficulty: Medium
Tips: Watch carefully where the opponents are. Computers aren't too bright on
this one and will often bunch together and make this an easy win.

		7.5: Whack-a-Plant

Goal: Get 25 or more coins
Difficulty: Very Easy
Tips: Simply bounce on the head of every piranha plant you can, and when there
is more than one showing, try to bounce from one plant to another. Remember,
you can still get them when they're half-retracted.

	7.6: Mario Bandstand

Goal: Win the game
Difficulty: N/A (luck)
Tips: Save before this game; you are likely to lose a lot of lives (and
patience) here. You are the conductor, and as far as I can tell, you can only
win if all three opponents mess up at some point, and you conduct perfectly.
The problem, is, that usually - while two opponents will always be terrible at
this, there will usually be one that makes no mistakes, and there is no way you
can force a computer into screwing up at this. This is an atrociously unfair

Stage 8

	8.1: Running of the Bulb

Goal: Place the bulb
Difficulty: Medium
Tips: One of the computer players will be your chosen partner. The other two,
unfortunately, will make very little effort at helping whatsoever. You will be
using the bulb, and all I can suggest is keeping away from the Big Boo and
hoping your partner will not let you down.

	8.2: Grab Bag

Goal: Win 15 or more coins
Difficulty: Fairly Hard
Tips: Simply try and go after one of the opponents and hope no one gets behind
you. Once you've grabbed someone's coins, try and grab them again. I beat this
one by repeatedly attacking Peach.

	8.3: Key-Pa-Way

Goal: Open the Door
Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Tips: Don't even bother passing to any opponents; computers are generally bad
at this in normal play. Make a run for the Spiked Koopas and jump over their
heads, then dash for the barrel and jump on it.

	8.4: Balloon Burst

Goal: Burst your Bowser balloon first
Difficulty: Easy
Tips: As I said before, get a good rhythm going and you should beat the

	8.5: Face Lift

Goal: Get 90 or more points
Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Tips: Watch the example and ignore the pathetic efforts of the computers, who
will more often than not do something they weren't meant to do at all. As long
as you don't assume they must be correct and copy them, you should be okay.

	8.6: Bash 'n' Cash

Goal: Have at least 1 coin left at the end
Difficulty: Very Easy
Tips: The computers are very slow and tend to bunch together, so keep running
around. Finishing the game with 1 coin is actually incredibly simple.

Stage 9

	9.1: Hammer Drop

Goal: Get 10 coins
Difficulty: Fairly Hard
Tips: Keep jumping to get the coins before the opponents, and hope that your
opponents are stupid enough to jump off the tower.

	9.2: Slot Car Derby

Goal: Win the race
Difficulty: Fairly Easy
Tips: Release the control stick as you go around bends and don't start until
you hear Toad say: "Go". This  track is very straightforward.

	9.3: Shell Game

Goal: Get the coins
Difficulty: Easy
Tips: Simply watch the chests, and if someone calls out to you or looks like
they're about to walk infront of the screen, just tell them to hold on a moment
- you must not lose concentration on this one.

	9.4: Knock Block Tower

Goal: Get the chest
Difficulty: Medium
Tips: Don't rush, and time it right to kick the boxes (not the Thwomps) and you
should be okay.

	9.5: Platform Peril

Goal: Win the race
Difficulty: Medium
Tips: Getting ahead of the computers isn't too hard; don't get too worried
about grabbing the coins that are scattered around.


Toad will tell you you must play against him in Slot Car Derby

	Slot Car Derby (Version 2)

Goal: Win the race
Difficulty: Medium
Tips: You will be playing against Toad and two other computer players. Toad
drives quite fast, but isn't particularly hard to beat (I beat him on my second


Most items bought in here must be activated in the Mushroom Bank before use.
You buy these with coins collected in Board play, but ONLY coins collected by
human players get saved.

Hidden Block (Cost: 200 coins)

This will randomly appear in Board Play when you land on a space. You will
either get:

Koopa Troopa (gives you 20 coins)
Boo (steals coins or a star for you)
Bowser (steals 20 coins from you)

Speed Block (Cost: 200 coins)

Will sometimes appear instead of the normal dice; only the numbers 8-10 will
appear on it.

Slow Block (Cost: 100 coins)

Appears in place of the normal dice; only the numbers 1-3 will appear.

Plus Block (Cost: 200 coins)

However many spaces you get to move, you will also receive that number of coins.

Minus Block (Cost: 100 coins)

Has the opposite effect of the plus block; causes you to lose coins.

Warp Block (Cost: 200 coins)

Will allow you to switch places with another player (randomly)

Lucky Coin Box (Cost: 400 coins)

You get a 10% discount on all collected coins (i.e. if you win 200 coins in a
board, you will end up with 220).

Casino Box (Cost: 300 coins)

Using this, you can gamble to get double the coins you won in a game, but be
careful, because you could also lose half.

Mecha Fly Guy (Cost: 100 coins)

This item does not need to be activated first and will be placed in the Mini
Game House. Try rotating the control stick as much as you can in 10 seconds to
see how long you can make him fly.

Parrot (Cost: 100 coins)

The parrot sits in the Options room and does not require activation. Use the
parrot to listen to random character voices.

Jukebox (Cost: 100 coins)

Also does not require activation, this is placed in the Option room and allows
you to play the music from the game.

Further items are covered in "Secrets", below.


This section contains SPOILERS


Play all six main boards once and this will appear in the Item Shop. Purchase
it for 980 coins.

This board is full of roulette spaces where you can pay 10 coins for the chance
of taking shortcuts. Images of Bowser and a star will flash up and you must get
the star to take the shortcut. Time it right to jump up just as Bowser is
vanishing and you should get the star.

Bowser Effect

Avoid Bowser at all costs (there is a roulette at the end of the path that
chooses whether you pass Boo or Bowser). Bowser will take coins or stars from
you, so beware.

Happening Spaces

Bowser will start a volcanic eruption and all blue spaces will become red
spaces for two turns.


For once, the losing player does not get beaten up, eaten or kicked out in any
way. The winning player will defeat Bowser and all players will celebrate.


This becomes available once you have 100 stars deposited in the Mushroom Bank.

Once you reach 100 stars, the game will not let you collect more. However, once
you return to the menu screen, a trail of footprints will appear leading from
Mushroom Bank to the Warp Pipe.

Go into the bank and you will discover that Bowser stole all of your
hard-earned stars. Go to the warp pipe, and the game will force you to play
Eternal Star.

This is a very unconventional board, set on a broken up star. You must use the
warp machines to go from area to area. The biggest difference is that there
will be up to seven stars on the board at any time, each guarded by Baby
Bowsers (also known as Mini Bowsers and Koopa Kids). Once each of the stars has
been collected, another lot will be set.

But there is a twist. When you give your coins to the Baby Bowsers, you must
play a dice game to throw higher than your opponent to get the star, in
addition to paying 20 coins. It's not that bad, as your dice only throws
between 8 and 10 (giving you an 80% chance of success, but if by chance the
Baby Bowser rolls higher than you, then you lose one of your stars.

**As yet, I have not witnessed the Baby Bowsers throwing the same number as the
player, so I have no idea if this is even possible, or whether there are
different rules in such a case. But, to be fair, I have only just played this
board for the first time a few hours ago, as I write this.**

And there are three different warp sequences, so the machines will not ALWAYS
take you to the same place each time, so be careful you don't accidentally warp
to Bowser's space.

A good tactic I use is to identify which warp machine takes you to Boo, and if
have between 50 and 69 coins and know that I will be passing a Baby Bowser and
Boo on my turn, I tend to decline the chance to gamble for a star (the Baby
Bowser calls you a wimp if you do this, but don't let that get to you), then
steal a star using Boo. This is a good idea as, despite the extra cost of
stealing the star, it will save you lots of frustration in the case that you
end up losing a star from the gamble. You should of course only do this if at
least one opponent as a star for you to steal.

Oh, and one last thing - at the start of the board, Baby Bowser will kick Koopa
Troopa off the board, so don't expect to receive a bonus when you pass start.

Bowser Effect

The biggest danger on this board is running into Bowser. If you have a star,
he'll steal one; if you don't, he will take your coins. Either way, you'll be
sent back to start and Bowser will alter the pattern of the warp machines,
making it impossible to tell which machine leads to his space.

Happening Spaces

Everyone on the board is sent back to start by Bowser.


The stars will flick Bowser and Baby Bowser off the board, which will join
together to make a perfect star. After this, you will view the credits.


There are three Bumper Ball Mazes, which are one player games with the
objective of reaching the goal within the time limit. You must not fall into
the sea, so make sure you take them slowly, but not too slow or you will run
out of time. The first is collected by beating Mini Game Island, the second by
clearing all the Mini Games in Mini Game Island, and the third is by clearing
both of the first two.


It is possible to remove both from the boards, if you are so inclined, after
playing Eternal Star once. You need 500 coins for both.


Once you've played Eternal Star, you can buy these to play from the Option
House for 100 coins. In all honesty, the credits aren't really worth watching
more than once, though.


If you have more controllers than human players, this will work. On the last
turn by a computer player (or on your last turn, if you happen to be the last
to go), pause the game and put the player 2 controller into socket 3. You can
then change the settings so that the computer players are set as human players
(but you can only have as many "humans" as you have control pads). You will now
collect more coins and stars at the end of the game.