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Remember:  The Lin Kuei Headquarters
#13  7/16/1998  For Mortal Kombat 4:  Revision 3.0
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(1)-Close Range (2)-Sweep      (3)-Outside Sweep
(4)-Half Screen (5)-3/4 screen (6)-Full screen
---KAI   (Weapon is a Spear :  D-B-HK)-------------------------
Falling Fireball: B-B-HP            Rising Fireball: F-F-LP
Flying Fist     : D-F-HP  Slide: D-F-LK   Handstand: BLK+LK
During Handstand: Leg Spin(LP)|Kick(LK)|Stand Up(BLK)
*Body Rip*(1)   : U-F-U-B-HK     *Fireball*(3): U-U-U-D-BLK
*The Prison*(1) : F-F-D-BL    *Goro's Lair*(1): B-F-D-HK
---RAIDEN (Weapon is a Mallet :  F-B-HP)-----------------------
Spark: D-B-LP   Torpedo: F-F-LK Teleport: D-U
*Electrocution*(1): F-B-U-U-HK     *Impalenent*(1): D-U-U-U-HP
*The Prison*(1)   : D-F-B-BLK     *Goro's Lair*(1): F-F-D-LP
---SHINNOK (Weapon is a Bladed Staff : B-F-LP)-----------------
Impersonation moves(Can wield opponent's weapons as them)
     Kai : F-F-F-LK     Raiden : D-F-F-HP  Liu Kang : B-B-F-HK
 Reptile : B-B-F-BLK  Scorpion : F-B-LP         Jax : F-D-F-HK
   Reiko : B-B-B-BLK      Cage : D-D-HP       Jarek : B-B-LK
   Tanya : B-F-D-BLK     Fujin : F-F-B-HK  Sub-Zero : QCB-LP
Quan Chi : F-B-F-LK      Sonya : F-D-F-HP
*One Hand*(1)  : D-B-F-D-RUN     *Two Hands*(1): D-U-U-D-BLK
*The Prison*(1): D-D-F-HK      *Goro's Lair*(1): D-F-B-HP
---LIU KANG (Weapon is a Flamberge Sword :  B-F-LK)------------
Fireball   : F-F-HP           Low Fireball: F-F-LP
Flying Kick: F-F-HK           Bicycle Kick: Hold LK(3 Sec)
*Dragon Morph*(2): F-F-F-D-HK+BL+LK  *Screen Throw*: F-D-D-U-HP
*The Prison*(1)  : F-F-B-LP         *Goro's Lair*(1): F-F-B-HK
---REPTILE (Weapon is a Battle Axe :  B-B-LK)------------------
Acid Spit   : D-F-HP           Invisibility: BLK+HK
Dash Punch  : B-F-LP            Super Krawl: B-F-LK
*Face Chew*(1) : HP+LP+LK+HK-U     *Acid Spew*(3): U-D-D-D-HP
*The Prison*(1): D-F-F-LP        *Goro's Lair*(1): D-D-F-HK
---SCORPION (Weapon is a Broad Sword :  F-F-HK)----------------
Spear       : B-B-LP        Teleport Punch: D-B-HP
Air Throw   : BLK                Spit Fire: D-F-LP
*Toasty!*(2)   : B-F-F-B-BL       *Scorpion!*(1): B-F-D-U-HP
*The Prison*(1): F-F-D-D-LK     *Goro's Lair*(1): B-F-F-LK
---JAX (Weapon is a Spiked Club : B-D-F-HP)--------------------
Energy Wave : F-F-D-LK           Missile: D-F-LP
Dash Punch  : D-B-LP           Back Breaker: BLK
*Arm Rip*(1)   : Hold LK(F-D-F)   *Head Clasp*(1): B-F-F-D-BLK
*The Prison*(1): F-F-B-LK        *Goro's Lair*(1): F-F-B-HP
---REIKO (Weapon is a Spiked Club : F-D-B-HP)------------------
Teleport Slam: D-U (BLK after reappearing)
Circular Teleport: B-F-LK             Flip Kick: B-D-F-HK
Throw Shirukens  : D-F-LP
*Thrust Kick*(1): F-D-F-LP+BL+LK+HK  *Shiruken*(3):B-B-D-D-HK
*The Prison*(1) : D-D-B-LP        *Goro's Lair*(1): F-F-D-LK
---JOHNNY CAGE (Weapon is a Broad Sword : F-D-F-LK)------------
Low Fireball: D-B-LP         High Fireball:  D-F-HP
Shadow Kick : B-F-LK       Shadow Uppercut:  B-D-B-HP
Crotch Punch: LP+BLK
*Torso Rip*(1) : F-B-D-D-HK       *2nd Fatal*(1): D-D-F-D-BLK
*The Prison*(1): D-D-F-F-HK     *Goro's Lair*(1): B-F-F-LK
---JAREK (Weapon is an Arabian Sword : F-F-HP)-----------------
Cannonball  : B-F-LK        Ground Slam: B-D-B-HK
Projectile  : D-B-LP       Vertical Roll: F-D-F-HP
*Heart Rip*(1) : F-B-F-F-LK    *Laser Beam*(3): U-U-F-F-BLK
*The Prison*(1): F-D-F-HK     *Goro's Lair*(1): B-F-F-LP
---TANYA (Weapon is a Blade Wheel : F-F-HK)--------------------
Fireball    : D-F-HP          Downward Fireball: D-B-LP(air)
Splits Kick : F-D-B-LK           Corkscrew Kick: F-F-LK
*Kiss*(1)      : D-D-U-D-HP+BLK    *Neck Break*(1): D-F-D-F-HK
*The Prison*(1): B-F-D-HP         *Goro's Lair*(1): F-F-F-LP
---FUJIN (Weapon is a Crossbow :  B-B-HP)----------------------
Whirlwind Spin: F-D-LP   Flying Knee: D-F-HK  Dive Kick: D+LK
Levitate    : F-D-F-HP  Slam after Levitate: B-F-D-LK
*Crossbow*(2)  : Tap BLK+RUN(4X)  *Wind Blast*(3): D-F-F-U-BLK
*The Prison*(1): D-D-D-HK        *Goro's Lair*(1): B-F-B-HP
---SUB-ZERO (Weapon is a Ice Club : D-F-HK)--------------------
Freeze: D-F-LP   Ice Clone: D-B-HP   Slide:  LP+BLK+LK
*Head Rip*(1)  : F-B-F-D-BLK+RUN+HP    *Ice*(3): B-B-D-B+HP
*The Prison*(1): D-U-U-U-HK    *Goro's Lair*(1): D-D-D-LK
---QUAN CHI (Weapon is a Spiked Club :  D-B-HK)----------------
Green Skull: F-F-LP  Weapon Steal: F-B-HP
Tele Stomp: F-D-LK    Air Throw: BLK   Slide: F-F-HK
*Leg Rip*(1)   : Hold LK(F-D-F)   *Impersonate*(3): U-U-D-D-LP
*The Prison*(1): F-F-D-HP         *Goro's Lair*(1): F-F-B-LK
---SONYA (Weapon is a Blade Wheel :  F-F-LK)-------------------
Fireball: D-F-LP  Leg Grab: D+LP+BLK  Sqr-Wave Punch: F-B-HP
Bicycle Kick: B-B-D-HK  Cartwheel:  B-D-F-LK  Air Throw: BLK
*Kiss*(2): D-D-D-U-RN                *Leg Split*(3): U-D-D-U-HK
*The Prison*(1): D-D-B-B-HK        *Goro's Lair*(1): F-D-F-HP

Free Weapon         - 111-111           Disable Maximum Damage - 110-110
Throwing Disabled   - 100-100   Goro's Lair            - 011-011
Armed And Dangerous - 444-444   The Well               - 022-022
Silent Kombat       - 666-666   Elder Gods             - 033-033
Explosive Kombat    - 050-050   The Tomb               - 044-044
Random Weapons      - 222-222   Rain Stage             - 055-055
Many Weapons        - 555-555   Snake Stage            - 066-066
Randper Kombat      - 333-333   The Dojo               - 101-101
Red Rain            - 020-020   Living Forest          - 202-202
Permanent Weapons   - 002-002           The Prison             - 303-303
Noob Saibot Mode    - 012-012           Weapons Disabled       - 010-010
Energy at 'Danger'  - 123-123           No Rain              - 060-060

--------------------HOME VERSION INFO-------------------------

Fireball: F-B-HP        TeleStomp: F-F-B-HK     Swipe: F-F-HP
Ground Shake: B-F-D-D-HK        Super Uppercut: D-D-HP
Lunge Kick:     B-B-HK
---NOOB SAIBOT (Weapon is a Scythe : F-F-HK)------------------
Fireball: D-F-LP  Teleport: D-U  Teleport Throw: D-U-BLK
*The Prison*: D-B-B-HK          *Goro's Lair*: F-D-F-HK
---KITANA (Weapon is a Fan : F-F-HK)--------------------------
Fireball: F-D-LP (D-F-LP for PC)        Sqr Wave Punch: F-B-HP
*Torso Rip(1)*: F-B-D-D-HK      *Leg Split(3)*: U-D-D-U-HK
*The Prison*: D-D-B-B-HK        *Goro's Lair*: D-F-D-F-HK


Ice Pit           - 313-313             Big Heads       A- 321-321