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HOW DO I UNLOCK (goro/kintaro/shao khan/motaro?

People On YOUTUBE Have Somehow Unlocked The Above Characters The game Says 4 Unlockable Characters but My game only shows 2 are these secret characters or does the n64 only have 2 unlockable characters

anti_scorpion95 provided additional details:

on the home information for this game it says "26 immediatly playable characters plus 4 unlockable characters" PLEASE HELP


noblefatass answered:

There 's a cheat called unlocks everything,once you begin the game VERY QUICKLY press c-up, c-right,c-down,a bbb aa, in that order remember to be quick about though
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Infirnex answered:

Better late than never I guess.

MKT for the N64 only has two "unlockable" characters, Human Smoke and Khameleon (with a K, yes it matters).

However, Motaro and Shao Kahn can be playable with a code before a match starts.

Goro and Kintaro are absent in the N64 version. All four of these characters are playable from the start in the other versions.
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