Fortune Doll List by DarkSun

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                        _/      M Y S T I C A L          \_
                      _/   /Ż\  |Ż|            __ /Ż\      \
                     /     \  \ | |Ż|/Ż\  |Ż|  \ |\  \      \
                    |      |   \/ | ||  \ | |  | |//\ \     |
                    |      | |\  /| || \ \|_|_/ // ŻŻ  \    |
                    |      |_| \/ |_||_|\__\___//_/ŻŻ\_/  _/
                     \_      starring                  __/
                       \_              G O E M O N  __/

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Mystical Ninja copyright (C) 1998 Konami Computer Entertainment of Osaka. All
rights reserved.

Nintendo, Nintendo 64, the Nintendo logo, and all related characters, logos,
and titles are copyright (C) Nintendo of America 1998. All rights reserved.

All of the text and references to Mystical Ninja found below are the full
copyrighted work of DarkSun 2002. Plagiarism can and will result in immediate
arrest as well as impoundment of car/bike.

Guide version 1.0

{=} Contents

  1. Intro
  2. Overview
  3. Fortune Doll Checklist

{=} Intro

My 1st FAQ is focused solely on finding those damn dolls to help you get some
sleep at night. Use the empty boxes by the doll number as a checklist if you
print this out. The list is sorted in the chronological order in which you can
obtain them. Also, the requirements listed for some items apply for that item
and every item below it.

Getting all 45 Fortune Dolls will not only give you full health of 20 hearts,
but will also allow you to fight all the Impact bosses from the Options menu
upon completion of the game.

{=} Overview

 Title: Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon (1998)
 Producer: Konami (KCE Osaka Co.)
 Platform: Nintendo 64

 Graphics: 4/5
 Sound: 5/5 
 Gameplay: 4/5
 Storyline: 3/5
 Replay: 3/5

 Overall: 4/5

 + In all, the gameplay is smooth and fluid, the characters are unforgettable,
   and the authentic Japanese soundtrack and scenery never fails to impress.
   One of the N64's best games in my opinion, although not very well-known.

 - The game has a few glitches, and it is very easy. Some physical aspects were
   tossed out the window, such as momentum, but hardly impacts gameplay. The
   storyline's enjoyable, but cheesy beyond comparison.

{=} Fortune Doll Checklist

*Important! Once you enter space you can't collect any of the previous dolls--
be sure you have all of them before proceeding (you should have 18 hearts
before heading into space).

 1. [ ] Oedo Town (Gate to Mushashi - South Gate)
          on a wooden platform in the river

 2. [ ] Kai Highway
          in the northeastern corner of the map

 3. [ ] Mt. Fugi
          on the 1st level; head past the ladder leading to the 2nd level

 4. [ ] Oedo Town (Gate to Oedo Castle - North Gate)
        Requirements: Chain Pipe (Mt. Fugi)
          on a wooden platform to the left; accessible via the star blocks

 5. [ ] Oedo Castle: First Floor
          in the 3rd room of the castle you will find it across from
          Mr. Elly Fant

 6. [ ] Oedo Castle: Second Floor
          in the 2nd room, take the unlocked door to the left, where it will be
          in plain sight

 7. [ ] Oedo Castle: Third Floor
          in plain sight, located right in front of the door leading to the
          Congo boss fight

 8. [ ] Oedo Castle: Second Floor
          after Congo has been defeated, the hand blocking the path has been
          removed, allowing you to access a room with the doll in it via the
          star blocks

 9. [ ] Mushashi
        Requirements: Lord's Pass (Lord of Oedo Castle)
          located underneath the red grate to the east

10. [ ] Zazen Town
          in the corridor joining the two sections of the town; hit the bamboo
          pole near the pond and the doll will descend on top of it

11. [ ] Yamato (Yamato Shrine)
          in the lower levels of Yamato shrine; push the Turtle Stone at the
          shrine west of Yamato's northwards, enter the shrine, stand on the
          ledge above the doll, jump off, and land on the doll's platform

12. [ ] Yamato (Yamato Shrine)
          at the top of the Yamato shrine; push the Turtle Stone at the shrine
          west of Yamto's northwards, enter the shrine, and climb to its peak

13. [ ] Yamato (Turtle Stone Shrine)
          in the Turtle Stone shrine (west of Yamato shrine), push the Turtle
          Stone southwards and the doll will drop down in front of you

14. [ ] Kii-Awaji Island
          on a lowered outcrop of the cliff; found to the left of the path
          leading to the Kii-Awaji Tourist Center

15. [ ] Kii-Awaji Island
          at the top of Husband and Wife Rocks; walk through the red gate on
          the small island east of the main path, which will transport you to
          the doll's location

16. [ ] Vine Bridge
          fall through the 2nd creaky section of the bridge to land on the
          elevated island that the doll sits on

17. [ ] Folkypoke Village (Grain Fields)
        Requirements: Ebisumaru's Mini-Ebisu Magic (Zazen Town [Golden Temple])
          found underneath a grain stack; use Ebisumaru's Mini-Ebisu magic to
          climb underneath the stack and claim the doll

18. [ ] Iyo 2 (Hot Springs)
          found in a large stone recess; fall through the cracks in the
          inclined wooden path that leads to the Ghost Toys Castle

19. [ ] Ghost Toys Castle: 1st Floor
          atop the large head in the wall of the 4th room

20. [ ] -GOLD-
        Ghost Toys Castle: 1st Floor
          on a stone ledge in the 6th main room of the castle; walk across the
          tightrope to get it

21. [ ] Ghost Toys Castle: 1st Floor
          behind the gate in the 1st room; pass through the basement to find it

22. [ ] Ghost Toys Castle: 2nd Floor
          in the large room with the tops, spinners, and boiling water; swim to
          the platform and walk up either of the side ramps

23. [ ] Chukogu Region: Aki-Nagato
          once in the sea, swim to the land ramp to the east that leads to a
          narrow ledge in the rock face; use Ebisumaru's Mini-Ebisu magic to
          fit under the low-cut rock that guards the doll

24. [ ] Chukogu Region: Aki-Nagato
          on top of a submersed red gate to the west; use the vertically-moving
          wooden platform to snatch it

25. [ ] Chukogu Region: Inaba Dune
          in the oasis in the south-eastern corner of the desert

26. [ ] Chukogu Region: Bizen
        Requirements: Sasuke in party
          behind a cracked door; use Sasuke's Firecracker Bomb to reveal it

27. [ ] -GOLD-
        Chukogu Region: Bizen
        Requirements: Sasuke in party
          behind a cracked door; use Sasuke's Firecracker Bomb to reveal it

28. [ ] Festival Temple Castle: West Area
          in the room with a silver locked door in it (the first room of the
          west area), climb up the ladder and jump across the rooftops until
          you reach the doll, found in a pin

29. [ ] Festival Temple Castle: South Area
          atop a metal platform in the corridor; in the smaller semi-circle
          room, climb up the ladder, go through the door at the top, and
          traverse down the narrow, elevated platform to nab the doll

30. [ ] -GOLD-
        Festival Temple Castle: East Area
        Requirements: Kunai of Severe Cold (Festival Temple Castle)
          after going through the door at the top of the steps near the
          castle entrance, use the Kunai of Severe cold on the heated moving
          metal platforms and head through every door until you are outside
          again; from there jump off the deck on the far left side--with a
          ladder poking up--to reach the doll

31. [ ] Festival Temple Castle: North Area
          in the room with the large, spinning fish kites (the first room of
          the north area), the doll will be atop the highest central platform;
          ride the kites above the door to grab the doll

32. [ ] Tunnel to Northeast 2
          in plain sight at the north end of the tunnel, on the lower level

33. [ ] Uzen: Tunnel
          beside a ladder at the bottom of the stream; hop in the current and
          ride it to the bottom to find it

34. [ ] -GOLD-
        Waterfall of Kegon
          in a cave behind the waterfall; use Yae's Mermaid magic to enter the
          underwater tunnel to the left of the waterfall that leads to the cave

35. [ ] Yamato
        Requirements: Yae's Mermaid Magic (Waterfall of Kegon)
          jump in the river, activate Yae's Mermaid magic and swim to an
          underwater cave at the north end that holds the doll

36. [ ] Ghost Toys Castle: Basement
          use Yae's Mermaid magic to swim to the underwater cage found in the
          middle of the path

37. [ ] Mutsu: Festival Village (Shopping District)
          use Yae's Mermaid magic and swim through the underwater tunnel in the
          lake, where the doll will be waiting beside the shop on the other

38. [ ] Japan Sea
          found in the southwestern corner of the map

39. [ ] Zazen Town
        Requirements: Sasuke's Super Jump (Bizen)
          in the section of Duck Creek west of Benkei's bridge, on an
          elevated stone floor; use Sasuke's Super Jump to reach the wooden
          platform that allows you to see it

40. [ ] Festival Temple Castle: West Area
          in the same room as the Kunai of Severe Cold--the very back room of
          the west area; use Sasuke's Super Jump to leap over the wall, then
          find your way to the ladder, make your way across the rooftops, and
          claim the doll at the end

41. [ ] Gorgeous Music Castle: 1st Floor
          in the room with the contracting fans and a Gold Locked door; it's
          on a high platform

42. [ ] Gorgeous Music Castle: 1st Floor
          in plain view in the room just past the previous doll

43. [ ] Gorgeous Music Castle: 1st Floor
          in the same room as Mr. Arrow--just before the town--on top of a
          wooden platform; from the water jump on the narrow ledge and use
          Sasuke's Super Jump to reach the doll

44. [ ] -GOLD-
        Gorgeous Music Castle: 1st Floor
          behind Dancin's portrait at the top of the staircase in the room just
          past the town; just jump through the painting

45. [ ] Gorgeous Music Castle: Basement
          at the end of a sidepath in the maze-like 1st room of the basement