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Game:  Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
Guide By:  Brian Fish
E-Mail:    brianfood@hotmail.com
Web Address: http://www.freespeech.org/owf/
Guide Version: 1.0
Date Written:  Sometime in 1998, I wrote this for HnW a while back.
Platform:  N64
What It Covers:  The whole Goemon game.

1.  Walkthrough
2.  Copyrights


1.  Walkthrough

You start off with Goemon and Ebisamuru being chased out of a shop by the angry owner. 
After a few seconds of them talking to each other, they hear a disturbance.  They look up
in the sky, and see a spaceship flying by.  The camera then changes to Oedo Castle being
blasted by the mysterious ship.  Your first mission in the game is to climb Mount Fuji, to
get to the tool worker who lives at the top of the mountain to get a chain pipe from him. 
After you retrieve the chain pipe, you can go to Oedo Castle and cross the bridge on the
right bridge using the chain pipe to hook on to the star block.  After you travel through
the castle, when you meet Baron at the top, follow him through the wall.  After you go
through the sets of doors, you will eventually reach the first boss: Congo.  To defeat this
boss, use your chain pipe to hit him in the chin.  When he tries to spit fire at you, run
around in a circle behind him until he is done spitting the fire.  Then continue hitting him
with the chain pipe.  After you hit him with the chain pipe enough,  there will be an
explosion, and four lasers will come out from the robot's neck.  The robot will turn around
one whole time, then turns off the lasers.  Continue to use this method until you beat him.

	After you beat him, one of the four Miracle Pieces, the moon, will fall from the
ceiling.  Pick it up, then continue on through the door.  When you go through the door,
you will find the Lord of Oedo and his daughter, the Princess of Oedo, sitting in the back
room.  If you go talk to the Lord, he will give you the Super Pass, which you can use to
open the gate to Mushashi Town.  Go to Mushashi, and go through the tunnel.  After you
go through the tunnel, you will find yourself in a grassy area.  Find the 'mountain' that is
across the area, and climb up the right side of it.  Then, when you get to the top, walk a
little ways, and you will see the destruction of Ol' Wise Man's house.  In the rubble, you
will see Baron again.  Goemon, Ebisamuru, and Baron will exchange wise cracks, then
Baron will fly away, into his robot.  Goemon will use the ocarina to call 'Impact', the
gigantic movie star robot.  Once you have watched the movie of Impact, you will be
roller-skating down an area.  Use the 'B' button to attack the buildings, trees, and enemies. 
Sometimes there are trip wires and crevasses in your way, so press the 'A' button to jump
over these obstacles.  You want to destroy as much as you can, so when you fight 'Kabuki
Wartime Robot', you can have bullets to shoot at him.  When you reach the end of the
narrow area, you will be inside Impact.  When the robot shoots colored balls at you, hit
them with the 'B' button.  When everything is clear, aim at the robot, and press the 'R'
button.  This will shoot a grappling hook at him.  Rapidly press the 'A' and 'B' buttons to
bring him in.  When he is all the way to you, press this combination to get a 'Punch,
Punch, Kick' combo: 'B' 'B' 'A'.  Continue this until he gets to 1000 power.  Then he will
use a new power where he turns the sky dark, and creates a hologram enemy who goes
from side to side and tries to attack you.  Hit the hologram image with 'A' and after a
while, the hologram will disappear.  Repeat this until his power reaches '0'.  He will then
blow up, and Impact goes back to working on his movie.  Continue on to the bridge
ahead, and go through the door. 

	There you will meet Yae, the Secret Agent Ninja.  She will join your team, and
you can head into Zazen Town's Shopping District.  Go talk to the bridge watcher in the
door to the left when you enter the main area.  After you talk to him, jump off the right
side of the bridge and run until you find a platform with a ladder.  Climb up the ladder, and
talk to the rude fisher.  When he gives you a choice, select the second choice.  Then look
for an option about doing him a favor.  He will want you t catch him 3 blue fish.  Find 3
blue fish, and walk over them.  When you have 3, return to the fisher and he will tell you
to catch him 5 yellow fish.  Catch the yellow fish the same way, and return to the fisher. 
Then he will tell you to catch him 8 red fish.  Do this, return to him, and he will give you
an 'Achilles' Heel' log.  Go back to the bridge watcher, and he will want to fight you. 
Press the 'B' button to throw the log at him right when he jumps up off the bridge.  Do this
3 times, and he will let you pass.  The 3rd time you try to throw the log at him, he will
block it with his stick if you don't get it just perfect.  After you beat him, he will let you
pass through whenever you want.  He will also give you the ninja robot 'Sasuke'.  But the
robot doesn't have batteries, so you have to collect them later in the game.  When you
pass through the gate, ahead of you, you will see a shrine.  Go to the front of the shrine
and look down the hill.  You should see 2 paths.  1 leading to the left, the other leading to
the right.  Take the left path.  Go in the doorway, follow the path, and you should find a
house.  Go in the house, talk to the person(s) in it, and one of them should say a dragon
could take you to any town you want, but a monster has taken over the dragon.  Then
they will ask you if you want to try to get rid of the monster.  Say yes.  Once you get on
the dragon, you have to go forward, and try to keep your balance so you don't fall off. 
Once you make it to the dragon's head, there will be a robot there.  The robot will spin
around and shoot some stuff out.  When it stops, run up to it, and hit it with your chain
pipe.  The robot will start spinning again.  Continue this until the robot is dead.  The
dragon will change into a person, and gives Yae a flute.  Whenever you want to go to a
city that you have already been to, just change into Yae and play the flute.  Next you
should find yourself in the middle of a city, with a temple nearby.  When you go up to the
temple, there is a closed box there.  Use Goemon to throw 5 Ryu in the box, and the
'Money God' will talk to you.  For donating 5 ryu, he will give you the fire coin.  You will
need this for the Ghost Toys Castle.  

	When you get back to the town, go through the gate.  Then take the gate directly
to the right.  Go through the door in front of you then.  After that you should see an old
bridge.  There are parts to the bridge that will fall through if you walk to fast.  So you
have 2 choices.  You can either walk VERY slowly, or jump over the old parts.  When
you get across the bridge,  follow the path.  You should come to a house with a sign that
says that the spa is closed.  There will also be a small hole to the left.  To get through the
hole, you have to be small.  Go back to Zazen Town and talk to the fisher.  He will be a
dwarf now.  He will tell you that you have to go to the Golden Temple to finish the
training.  Talk to the man, and tell him you want the training.  He will take you inside the
building.  For this training mission, you have to collect 8 of the candies that fall from the
sky before you die.  (Note: For this training, you have to switch to Ebisamuru.)

	When you complete this, you will be given the shrinking ability for Ebisamuru. 
Head back to the spa and shrink yourself so you can get in the small hole.  A fast way to
get there is using the Dragon.  Go into the spa and stand there for around 5 seconds.  This
will replenish your energy.  Then shrink yourself and go under the red gate.  There are
some bumps on the floor.  Look for a ladder and climb up it.  Read the sign in front of the
door so you can save your game.  Before you go in the room, select Goemon and select
your coin weapon.  When you go in the room, run to the end, hold 'B' until the icon of the
coin stops flashing, then shoot it into the torch.  Do this for the other torch also.  Then
turn around and kill the 2 ghosts that are in the room.  Go back to the torches and enter
the door.  In the next room you will see a gigantic crane machine, but the castle power is
not on, so you can't play it yet.  Proceed to the next room, and defeat all the enemies in
there.  That will give you the key to the next room.  In that room, go in the door to the
left.  When you are in there, go to the end of the room and jump on the elevator.  When
the elevator stops, exit through the door at the end of the room.  In the next room, you
will see the power switch.  Jump on it, then look for a platform in the corner.  Then jump
over the gate, and you will be in the room with the crane machine.  Now you can play. 
First jump on the switch with the up arrow, until it is lined up with the camera.  Then jump
on the other switch until it is over the camera.  Jump off and the claw will drop.  If you
positioned the claw right, it will pick up the camera and put it on the conveyer belt.  The
camera will be in Ebisamuru's possession.  Now that you have the camera, you can make
ghosts visible by holding 'B' then releasing it when the icon stops flashing.  This will let
you see the ghosts so you can kill them.  Go to the room right before the elevator room. 
In that room there should be a bunch of ghosts.  Defeat them all.  Then in the next room
take the door on the left.  In that room there should be more ghosts.  Defeat them all, then
get the key they leave behind.  Go and unlock the door with it.  In the locked room, defeat
all the enemies to get the key (again!), then go back to the other locked door.  There
should be a bunch of ropes.  Go to the door at the very end of the room, go through it,
and then duck down.  Take a picture and kill the ghost.  There is a key at the end of that
room past the parts of the missing floor.  Then go back to the 2nd locked door.  Leave the
red enemies you find alone, since they are useless, and go to the door on your left.  In this
room, there is a gigantic pool table with gigantic balls rolling around.  One of the balls will
have an arrow above it.  All you have to do is hit the ball with an arrow above it, and it
will roll itself into a pocket.  Do this until all of the balls are knocked in.   Then you will
get a key.  Go through the locked door.  You should find a key, then go back to the main
room. And you will find the boss.  Use Ebisamuru to take a picture of the boss, and he will
become transparent.  Hit him with your chain pipe, and he will turn normal.  He will try to
attack you, but then he will turn transparent again.  Do this until you beat him.  Grab the
miracle piece, watch the movie, then save your game.

	Go back to the main part of Zazen town.  When you get there, go through the
'secret' passage into the second part of town.  Go through the door in which a kid is
waiting in front of.  You will then come to a city in which there are 2 locked doors, and a
normal door.  Turn your map on for this part with the Right-C button.  Go to the door
that is at the top of your map.  When you go in it, you will see 2 paths, leading to the left
and the right.  Go on the path that leads right.  There you will find a desert/sand dunes. 
Look for the small pond on your map, and get the small can-like object.  It is the first of
the 2 of Sasuke's batteries.  In the pond, you can also obtain a fortune doll.  When you
leave the desert area, you will see a big hill.  Go up it and into the building.  There is a lake
and a big tree there.  Climb up the tree using the platforms in the back.  When you are at
the top, use Ebisamuru's camera to take a picture.  Sasuke's 2nd battery will appear. 
When you pick it up, there will be a short movie showing Sasuke talking to the 3.  When
you come down the hill, turn right and go to the door.  When you go into the area, turn
your map on, if it already isn't, and head to the door in the top left corner.  From there go
through the doors until you get to a cave.  Inside the cave, go to the very back of it. 
There, you will find a sign, and a cracked door.  Switch to Sasuke, press Left-C to get to
his bomb weapon, and throw it at the door.  Your own bombs cannot hurt you, so it
doesn't matter how close to the door you are.  After you blow up the door, read the sign
and save your game.  When you go in, go to the left part of the castle.  There will be a
hole in the gate so you are underneath the castle.  Turn right and run along there.  Avoid
the rolling barrels on the way.  Then go through the door at the end of the path.  From
there, you should find your way along.  When you find Sasuke's freeze weapon, head back
to the main castle entrance.  Go up the platform and into the door.  This is a long and
confusing castle, and I need to do the rest of this Game Help....So I will let you find your
way to the boss :-) .  

	When you get to the boss,  he will throw plates at you.  Avoid them until you see
him throw 2 red plates.  Hit the red plates with your weapon and they will bounce back
and hit him.  Do this a few times until he changes his attack.  When he changes his attack,
he will VERY RAPIDLY throw the plates, so run as fast as you can to avoid them.  The
red plates will be mixed in with the blue ones so you will have to keep a close eye on them
while you are running.  After a few times of doing this, you will have beat him.

	After you beat the boss, backtrack yourself until you reach an area where you can
turn right.  There will be a door there.  When you go through the door, you should see a
red wall on your right, and a girl walking to the bridge up ahead.  Go up to the girl and the
movie will start.  This is when the Island flies away.  Now use the dragon to fly back to
Oedo town.  Change into Goemon when you get there.  Find your way to the residential
area with the 2 rows of houses.  One house in one of the rows has a Japanese marking on
it.  Don't go in there, because it's not the right house.  Face that door though, turn around
so you are looking at the row across from t, and enter the house in the middle.  Talk to the
man in there to start your training.  In this training mission, you hold a metal box, and
throw it on the guys' heads who pop out of the holes.  The easiest way to do this is if right
from the start you start throwing the boxes.  Spin to the left and throw boxes on all their
heads.  Try to keep them as low as you can, as to not pop the balloons.  This may take a
few tries, since each time, their heads come up at different rates, but after a few tries you
should be able to get it.  After you complete the training, head back to Mushashi.  When
you get there, turn left.  When you are by the wall, there will be a ramp.  Go up the ramp,
then jump across the gap.  There is a metal box in the wall.  To move it, choose Goemon,
then press C-Up.  His hair will turn gold and he will have super strength.  Push the box
through the hole and you can continue on your journey.  Be warned though, because while
you may be able to do twice as much damage to an enemy, they will also be able to do
twice as much damage to you.  Go through the doors and you will be in a cave.  Work
your way around the cave until you find another door.  When you go through this door,
you will be in a snowy area.  Go through the door in front of you and you will be in the
main town.  Find your way through the town until you reach Mount Fear.  Turn left when
you are in the area.  There will be an infinite amount of ghosts, so donít bother to try to
fight them.  When you come to a place where you can turn right, you will see a ramp.  If
you go up the ramp you will notice that there is a big stone blocking your way.  To get
past this stone, head back to the man on top of Mount Fuji for a weapon upgrade.  Once
he upgrades your weapons to Level 2, head back to Mount Fear.  Go back to the giant
stone and hit it with one of your weapons.  The stone will fly away and you can pass
through.  Keep climbing up the mountain until you reach a house.  If you go in the house,
you will find the witch that everybody in snow town is talking about.  In order to proceed
to the next part of the game, you MUST have 300 Ryu in order to pay the witch.  When
you pay her, she will call the spirit of The Ol' Wise Man.  

	After everything is finished, go back to the beginning of the town.  Go back out
through the doors and into the cave.  Jump off the side of the cave, and go through the
doors to a river.  Then follow the path to the next doorway.  You should be at a giant
waterfall with a sign.  Choose Yae then read the sign.  When you start the training, you
have to press the 'A' button really fast so you can get to the top.  An easy way to do this is
to press 'A' really fast, while holding left.  You should be able to avoid almost everything
by doing that.  At the top, Yae will receive the power of the mermaid.  With this you can
swim underwater.  This will be very valuable.  Go back to Mount Fear, turn left, and go
strait.  At the far end, there is a door that leads to a lake.  Use your mermaid powers to
get to the submarine under the lake.  When you enter the submarine, follow the arrows up
and left.  Climb up on an orange table to get the map for the submarine.  Then ahead of
you, you will see 2 doors.  Choose whichever you want, because they both lead to the
same room, just different obstacles in the way.  When you get to the room with the
moving platforms, jump across to get the key.  Go back 2 rooms and enter the locked
door.  From there, choose Yae because there is swimming involved.  After a few rooms of
swimming there will be a key.  Get it.  After you get the key, go in the door in that same
room.  In the next room, just swim left, and go down the ladder.  When you get to the
next room, jump on the conveyer belt and go down it all the way to get the key.  After you
get the key, jump on to the conveyer belt that leads to the locked door.  In the next room,
the key is up the ladder.  When you get it, unlock the door in the corner.  Inside that
room, you will find a new weapon for Yae, and the key to the next room.  Go underwater
to unlock the next door.  In the next room, swim to the top, change into Ebisamuru, and
get on the lift.  When you get to the room with the 2 choices of doors, go into the one on
the left.  Just ride in the bowls until you get to the end.  Go in the room that is open, bet
the enemies, and get the key.  Return to the previous room and go in the locked door. 
There will be a key for the door in front of you.  Then go through the door and get on the
lift.  Go to the end of that room, watch the movie, and get ready to use Impact again.

	This boss is a fish/mermaid.  This boss is the exactly the same as the Kabuki
Robot.  Just use your grappling hook and the combo to beat him.  When you beat him,
you will be at the lakeshore again.  Fly back to Zazen Town on the dragon.  From there,
go to the bridge watcher, and he will tell you to go to the pond. So, go to the little pond
inside the 'secret' passage.  Walk up to the pond, stand on the slab of rock, and a frog guy
will pop up.  He will tell you about something weird he found.  But he will only give it to
you if you give him a cucumber.  Head over to the town of Bizen.  The warehouse gym
you have to find is in a locked door, so choose Sasuke and use his bombs to blow open
the doors.  In this training mission, you have to be Sasuke.  This is probably the easiest
training mission of the 4.  In this, all you have to do is jump up from platform to platform
to the top in the amount of time given.  When you complete this, you will be given the
Super Jump power for Sasuke.  Then go back to Zazen Town, and go to the fire wall
room.  Fly up to the platform using C-Up, jump on the moving one, then jump to the guy
on the other platform.  He will tell you he has the magic cucumber that the frog wants, but
he will only sell it for 800 Ryu.  Get the cucumber, and head back to the frog.  He will
give you your 4th miracle item.  Now go back to the snowy lake.  Go through the other
door, and you will be at a stone hedge like place.  Get on the platform, and the stone will
talk.  Say yes you want to go to space, and you're off!  From there, you will find the
missing island, Ol' Wise Man, a weapon upgrade, and the final bosses, which you use
Impact to fight both of them.

2.  Copyrights

This FAQ is copyright (c) 1999 Brian Fish.  You may not post this on your site without my
permission.  If you don't want to wait for a response from me, just link to GameFAQs or the site
listed above.  You may not remove or edit any information from this FAQ.  Goemon, and all related
items are copyright (c) Konami.