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Recruiting low/high CF characters?

Hey folks. I want to start a new game and go for the bad ending, just so I can fight the Zenobians. However I had a few questions about recruiting characters (and hopefully there are fans of this game that still check this page)

I want to recruit Liedel, and she requires HCF. Additionally I want to recruit Shane (LCF female character to recruit, yes?) Ankiseth, and while I know he requires you disobey orders, does he require HCF?

After those three characters, I want to lower my CF so I can recruit Biske, Paul (or Kageiye in lieu of Paul), and Carth.

So my question is, is it possible to recruit the latter three characters, with Liedel and Ankiseth in your party? Anyone attempted this before?

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Ok, awesome Tarnai, thanks. What about Ankiseth though? My last playthrough I went HCF, good ending, recruited him...but does he require HCF, or just simply that you disobey orders and work with him and Yumil?

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Mm, ok. I'm quite fond of Ankiseth, he's pretty powerful, and his troops that come with him kick ass. Biske is only, what, one guy? Meh.

And I definitely want Carth. But I can still get him without saying "....," it simply requires a LCF, but that's towards the end of the game, so, piece of cake. And by then I'll have Liedel, Ankiseth, and Shane.

So to recap all the details (for myself and any future readers who have the same question) of getting Liedel, Ankiseth, Shane, AND Carth together:

1. Liedel requires HCF
2. Recruit Shane via LCF Female unit leader
3. Ankiseth, you must not say "...." at Fred's execution; must also disobey orders and work with him and Yumil
4. Carth simply requires a LCF, and that the Zenobians can't have asked to join.

I'll leave this question open for future discussion, but for now, kudos Tarnai

DouglasFett provided additional details:

Wait a tick. So even if Aisha and other Zenobians OFFER to join, Carth won't come along? I keep hearing this on message boards, but I always thought Carth simply required LCF and no Zenobians.

As for oh man. I really want him on the team, so I can see him fight Zenobians. Good guy versus good guy. Gah.

DouglasFett provided additional details:

So, I could recruit Liedel, then the next mission sink my CF completely (and I'd have to, that's when Aisha offers to join), since Ankiseth doesn't require CF. Or so I've been led to believe, having done some research. That way, Aisha and the rest won't offer to join.

Or, wait...what if I avoid going to Puld in Audvera Heights, and skip meeting her entirely? Like just not liberate/capture it at all? Unless she still comes to you after the mission is over...

DouglasFett provided additional details:

Gotcha. Well, if you come across anything new, please do report your findings back. I hope our discussion here will help other fans of OB64 gain some insight into this particular issue. Thanks Tarnai. And when I advance my own game, I will also report back my progress.

Again, leaving this thread open for future discussion.

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Alright. I'm back. Currently playing a run through with what I talked about here. I'm going with a high chaos frame to start so I can recruit Liedel, then after that, I'm shooting it straight down so I can recruit Biske and Carth.

I know this convo was months ago, but once again, thanks Tarnai. Playing through it today, I was worried my CF would be too high, but your strategy you mentioned [capture a town, let enemy retake, recapture, rinse and repeat] sounds decent. Additionally, I sure hope the strongholds in the next couple maps have low morale, because quite a few of my units are Lawful [once again, need to break my CF back to 0 after recruiting Liedel]

I keep hearing about how if Aisha or any Zenobians even offer to join you, then a player's chances of recruiting Biske and Carth are gone. Can anyone else confirm?

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Tarnai answered:

That is correct with Carth/Biske. If the Zenobians even offer to join your battalion then you're sunk. I believe you can still get away with this by having a terrible CF, and you can still say "I can't do it." at Fred's execution. You can plummet your CF in one mission, by taking a stronghold, letting the enemy recapture it, then attack them with Attack Strongest as your strategy, retake the town, rinse and repeat.

As for your Anky/Biske dilemma, it occurs to me that if you are intent on getting Paul, then Biske is off the table for you anyways, since going to the Tremos Mts closes off Capitrium where Biske is located.
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Tarnai answered:

I don't have the numbers in front of me, but since you can plummet your CF in only a few missions if you try to do so, I would imagine that this is relatively easy to do.

I have personally had Liedel, Ankiseth and Shane in the same game, which would seem to be the dicey-est part of your strategy.

The only place you'll be disappointed is that you cannot have both Ankiseth and Biske. If Ankiseth is in your party, Biske will not join.
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Tarnai answered:

And yes LCF to NCF and female character for Shane.
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Tarnai answered:

After checking a couple of sources, it seems to get Ankiseth you have to

1) NOT say "... ..." at Frederick's execution
2) Make peace with the Western Division, and keep him alive during the Wentinus I mission.

So if you intend to go LCF route, then you probably are saying "... ..." at Fred's execution, and thus forfeiting Ankiseth anyways.

I should mention that to get Biske, Ankiseth and the Zenobians cant even have asked to join your party, and saying "... ..." at Fred's execution is the easiest way to do that. Same goes for Carth, although just with the Zenobians for him.

Hope that answers all your questions.
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Tarnai answered:

Just to clarify a couple of things:

Biske in his werewolf form is actually the strongest single character in the game. Anky is #2.

Remember, that your CF has to be low relatively early in the game if you want to get Carth, because if Aisha asks to join your battalion earlier in the game (somewhere in Ch.2 I think), then you're sunk.

To be specific - Liedel requires CF 34 or greater, Sheen 66 or lower. And technically, to get Sheen and Carth, you have to Enter Stronghold on one of the other towns on the map first, and have a resident tell you about them first, and then they'll appear in the correct town.

Personally Doug, I would give Biske a try. While you are sacrificing a whole unit with Anky, you can only have 10 of them out at a time anyways, which is pretty easy to hit. If you're going to go the low CF route after doing it on high, you might as well go for it all the way. That's just my opinion of course.

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Tarnai answered:

To be totally honest, I'm not sure if that will work or not. Even if Aisha doesn't attempt to join you upon completion of the mission, the game might think that she would have joined you given the opportunity, and thus you'd still be out of luck for Carth. It would depend on how the game was coded exactly.

But the strategy of just dropping your CF into the gutter on one town before liberating Puld should certainly work.

Perhaps someone else can answer explicitly whether or not leaving Puld alone gets around this problem or not. I'm really not sure, and the two files I'm playing right now are either way before or way after a point where I can test it.
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