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Asked: 6 years ago

Do -Tamers and -Masters have to be leaders to give a boost?

I'm wondering if Dragon Tamers, Beast Tamers, and Doll Masters have to be specifically unit leaders in order to give the stat boosts to dragons, beasts, and golems?

Accepted Answer

From: dino200089 6 years ago

for said "Beast" class to get a boost the -tamer/-master needs to be the leader

Doll Master/Enchanter needs to be the unit leader for a golem to get the boost
Beast Tamer/Beast Master needs to be the leader for a beast to get the boost
Dragon Tamer/Dragon Master needs to be the unit leader for a dragon to get the boost

The boost given is a 10% damage boost, it is not show on the status screen and is only shown when the beast/golem/dragon does damage

Wyrm/Wyvern ARE BEASTS

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Yes. They must be the unit leader in order to give the status boost.

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