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|Perfect Dark Combat Simulator FAQ for Nintendo 64 |
|Author: Icy Guy (               |
|Version 0.1 (Rewritten)                           |
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|Table of Contents|

 1.  Introduction

 2.  Revision History

 3.  Legal Information

 4.  How to last more than 5 minutes

 5.  Simulants

 6.  Weaponry

Classic Arenas

 7.  Temple

 8.  Complex

 9.  Felicity

Arenas in the Dark

10.  Skedar

11.  Area 52

12.  G5 Building

13.  Grid

14.  Sewers

15.  Villa

16.  Warehouse

17.  Car Park

18.  Pipes

19.  Ravine

20.  Ruins

21.  Fortress

22.  Base

23.  Scenarios

24.  Contact Info/Outro

25.  Credits

 1.  Introduction

     Welcome to this rewritten version of my Combat Simulator FAQ!  A lot of
things have changed now: the layout's been given a bit of work, and I'm
likely to (unfortunately) confuse people about the newest version of it.
However, to make up for that, I will now be including scenarios!  I'm also
going to try and go even more in-depth this time around, but I won't cover
the Challenges, because they have been over-covered.  Instead, I'm, like
before, going to try and cover every possible camping spot (and stretch this
rule to apply to as much of the level as possible) so you can have an edge
against your foes.  Enjoy!

 2.  Revision History

Version 0.1- Finished on 5/13/02 (10,119 words, 46,143 characters, 24 pages).
            -Rewrote the FAQ, but kept the same general format.

 3.  Legal Information

This document Copyright 2002 by Icy Guy.  You may not engage in an
unauthorized distribution of this FAQ or put it on your site and claim it as
your own.  You may put it on your site as long as the following conditions
are satisfied:  you give me the URL so I can check the site out, you credit
me fully, you ask me, and this _must_ remain unchanged.  However, you CAN
print out a copy for your private, personal use.

This FAQ can appear on the following sites without asking me:

Why those sites?  I send this directly to GameFAQs, and I like going to Cheat
Code Central.
This list will probably expand over time.  I added GameSages because I felt
like it. and Neoseeker were added because they asked if they
could use my FAQs.

 4.  How to last more than 5 minutes

I.  This is so important that I cannot stress this rule enough:  KEEP MOVING!
That way you'll be harder to hit.  Of course, those blasted DarkSims don't
seem to have to adhere to this rule at first glance, but they do (especially
with Slow-Motion Smart, Fast Movement, and No Auto-Aim, heh heh heh).

II.  Grab a shield.  Those things will save your butt in One-Hit Kills mode,
because their protection will make it "Two-Shot Kills"-type match.

III.  One of the most important things to do is to grab any automatics you
can find.  Not only will you have them for yourself, but also you prevent
your opponent from grabbing one.  Still, don't go out of your way for one,
but if you see it, pick it up.

IV.  Use the most underestimated feature in the game:  the crouch.  Hold R
and Hit C-Down once or twice to bend over or crouch, respectively..  Tap R to
go from crouch to bending over or from bending over to standing.  You can
also hold R and hit C-Up to give you more control as opposed to tapping R by

V.  Grenades are deadlier than most players think.  When you see the pin fly
off when you first hold Z (default configuration), you have four seconds
until the grenade explodes.  Your character won't release it until Z (default
configuration) is released, so you "alter" the fuse in a way.  This is a
great way to get double, triple, and even quadruple kills.  Note that it
_will_ explode after 4 seconds, so be careful.

VI.  Try using a Maian body with Trent Easton's head.  Most shots will miss
you and you can move a bit faster.

VII.  Use the Laptop Sentry Gun only if you absolutely have to.  It takes all
of your Sub-Machine Gun (CMP-150, Cyclone, etc.) ammo after it's thrown, so
you'd better have another weapon on hand.  Each player can only throw one, so
if you try to throw more than one, the others explode.  (The Sentry has 100
bullets available for use, unless you have the "Unlimited Ammo- Laptop Sentry
Gun" cheat activated.)

VIII.  If you use an N-Bomb, I'd advise putting it on Proximity Detonation.
Why?  If it is set to Impact Detonation, and you accidentally bounce it off a
wall, it will go off in your face.  Even if you throw it into a wall on
Proximity Detonation, it still takes about 4-5 seconds for the N-Bomb to
settle and go off.

IX.  Do not underestimate hand-to-hand combat in One-Hit Kills mode.  On One-
Hit Kills mode, one punch will kill.  Using Disarm will not, but it will grab
your opponent's gun, allowing you to shoot them, creating an easier kill
opportunity.  Note that other times, you should not do this, due to the
Simulants' annoying tendency to almost always win fistfights.

X.  One odd thing that's been noticed is that Perfect Dark is seemingly
haunted.  Very rarely, a player (or Simulant) will be killed by nothing.
Yes, you read that right: "nothing."  What happens is that a player will be
far away from everyone else and then suddenly attacked, always getting
killed.  This has actually happened to me on the Grid: I was playing with 5
other Sims (2 on my team) and they were on the other side of the level.
Suddenly, I was killed by Dragon fire.  Now the strange thing: _I didn't put
a Dragon in *any* of the weapon spots!_  Other people at the GameFAQs boards
have reported similar incidents, but the "ghost phenomenon" is really dying.

XI.  Use the speed strafe.  You can do this by running and strafing
simultaneously.  As a result, you go faster and may avoid being hit.

 5.  Simulants

I will now list the Simulants, with behaviors on each difficulty under each
Special Simulant.

Normal Simulants

MeatSim:  What an idiot!  It can't use radar and if it sees you it waits a
couple seconds before firing at something 5 feet away.  If you lose to this
fool then maybe you should take up a different hobby.

EasySim:  This guy isn't as dumb as its aforementioned cousin, but it's still
pretty dumb.  About one out of every 20 shots will connect with your

NormalSim:  Aahhh...competition.  It uses the radar a little bit.  If there's
a SuperDragon in the arena, a good portion of the time it will have that gun.
Average difficulty.  A foreshadowing of what is yet to come...

HardSim:  They're getting harder now.  This Sim _will_ use the radar and
terminate whatever with extreme prejudice.  Return the favor.  Watch out for
its high accuracy.

PerfectSim:  Run for your life!  Lock the doors!  Hide the children!  It's
coming!  Hope this Sim doesn't get you in its sights - you're probably as
good as dead, although you may be able to survive.  Very high accuracy.  Uses
radar when it's turned off and should be dispatched of with a locked-on
CMP 150 or a charged-up Mauler, although any high-power weapon will suffice.

DarkSim:  THIS SIM IS TOTALLY CHEAP!!!  This cheater moves faster than you
do, always gets the best gun, uses radar when its turned off, and has almost
100% accuracy.  An extremely Dark challenge, but beating 8 of them is
possible (see the Scenarios section for how to do it).

Special Simulants

KazeSim:  Its name says it all:  "I'm a kamikaze."  This Simulant will charge
into any situation with reckless abandon.

-Meat:  Runs around aimlessly.  Won't always shoot at you.
-Easy:  Still runs around, but will probably let off a couple poorly aimed
-Normal:  Uses the radar every once in a while.  Will charge you, firing as
it goes.
-Hard:  Will use the radar to find the nearest opponent and vector in on them
with annoying accuracy.
-Perfect:  Tracks anyone with uncanny ability, fairly high accuracy.
-Dark:  Seems to go after players with the lowest health, charges at high
speed, incredible accuracy.

CowardSim:  The opposite of a KazeSim.  Carry something powerful and it'll
run away.

-Meat: Runs away.
-Easy: Runs away.
-Normal: Runs away, will occasionally fire off a shot or two.
-Hard: Seems to have had a dose of Conker's Bad Fur Day's "confidence pills."
Will still run away, but will VERY rarely give chase.
-Perfect: Now it starts to act how it shouldn't.  Will fire on you a bit more
often, ignoring the fact that you may have a gun a bit more powerful than a
-Dark: Will shoot at you more often and with better accuracy.  It may even
lay a minor ambush.

VengeSim:  This Simulant is big and bad:  it wants revenge!  WILL IGNORE
you, regardless of the team settings.  So if it's on your team, it'll kill
you anyway.  It will also run by and ignore other players just to kill you.

-Meat: Does its thing, only not as efficiently.
-Easy: Still does its thing, but now can home in on you a little better.
-Normal: Now it can seek you better and fire with better accuracy.
-Hard: Uses its seeking skills more efficiently, so expect to see it sooner
than you expected.
-Perfect: Seeks only marginally better than last time, but aims better.
-Dark: Seeks and fires so well you'd swear it was a homing pigeon.

PreySim:  Remember when I mentioned cheap Simulants?  Here's the worst of
'em.  If you've just respawned, get a gun.  Fast.  It will shoot you when
you're poorly armed, like the CowardSim, only this one won't back off if you
carry a big gun.

-Meat: Can't find you too well and doesn't seem to know what you are
-Easy: Will find you a little faster and will attack you if you only have one
weapon most of the time.
-Normal: Usually finds you after you respawn and will almost always shoot at
-Hard: Will always find you after you respawn, even if in the middle of a
firefight - it will slowly back out of it and look for you.
-Perfect: Will pop up in front of you without warning in about 10 seconds
after you respawn.
-Dark: Attacks ASAP.  If you don't respawn close to a weapon, you're in

JudgeSim:  This Sim is supposed to have a sense of fairness, but it seems to
have no reservations about shooting you in the back.  It only targets the
winning player, so if you're winning, cloak or just keep warding it off.  If
it can't find the leader (i.e. if they've cloaked), it will attack whoever's
next in points.  If it can't find _that_ person, it goes after the next, and
so on.

-Meat: Surprisingly, it actually has some idea as to who the leader is.
Still, it isn't all that persistent.
-Easy: Has a bit of a better idea as to who the leader is.  Stops firing
without a clue.
-Normal: Knows who the leader is and will continuously pester that player,
usually ignoring the other players.
-Hard: Knows exactly who the leader is, although it won't have any
reservations about blasting other players if they get in the way.
-Perfect: Same as on Hard, only fires with higher accuracy.
-Dark: Fires with better accuracy and still attacks other players, even if
they aren't directly in its way.

FistSim:  Probably one of the least-used Sims.  It refuses to use guns;  its
only weapons are its fists.  It will disarm you as well, so open fire as soon
as you see this Simulant for a relatively easy kill, no matter what
difficulty.  Just make sure you have an automatic with a generous clip,
because you do not want to be caught reloading when one of these is charging

-Meat: Charges around with no clue as to what to do.
-Easy: "Time to wander around...aimlessly."  Like the Hayminator from
Conker's Bad Fur Day, it does just that and attacks anything within range.
-Normal: Will pick out targets from a crowd, usually whoever has the largest
amount of health after a firefight.
-Hard: Runs a bit faster and has this annoying habit of being able to disarm
you while it is at a 90-degree angle to you.  Disarms you and then starts
-Perfect: This time it moves a bit faster.
-Dark: Moves a bit faster and takes you down in only a couple hits.

PeaceSim:  This Simulant wants peace, so it tries to collect every gun
available.  It will even disarm other players for _their_ guns.  Show no

-Meat: Runs around near where it thinks any weapons might be.  Doesn't pick
up dropped weapons yet.
-Easy: Has a little better of an idea regarding where weapons might be.
Occasionally mistakes a thrown Grenade for a dropped weapon.  :D
-Normal: Pretty adept at finding any weapons and will readily disarm anyone.
Best taken care of when Auto-Aim is off and you have Auto Look Ahead off in
your Control menu (so you can backpedal and continuously fire headshots
without having to worry about looking up manually).
-Hard: Usually finds weapons and stops mistaking thrown Grenades for dropped
weapons.  It sometimes will actually go out of its way to disarm a player.
-Perfect: Always finds what it wants and will sometimes gang up on other
-Dark: Never fails to grab any weapons, whether they are dropped weapons or
otherwise, and disarms weapons.  It may even punch someone to death.  Easy to
take out with a Proximity Pinball Grenade: throw the Grenade over its head,
allowing it to bounce off the wall and come back the way it was thrown.
Laugh maniacally, but be sure to get out of the way.

FeudSim:  This Simulant's original name was VendettaSim, and for a good
reason.  It picks a random player in the arena and will hunt them down
unmercifully.  Now matter how many times you kill it, it keeps coming back.

-Meat: Doesn't seem to be all that sure of whom it's picked and is an easy
-Easy: Has an idea of whom it's picked, but it still is an easy kill.
-Normal: Knows whom it's chosen to stalk and does so with skill.
-Hard: Stalks whoever it's chosen with good accuracy and occasionally ignores
other players.
-Perfect: Expect to see it pop up everywhere you go.  Will ignore other
players, but it shoots at them if they get in the way.
-Dark: It just doesn't let up!  It follows you everywhere you go and ignores
most everyone else, unless they are nearby.

SpeedSim:  Don't try to run away.  This Simulant is about twice as fast as
you are, so just stand and fight.  Targeted Rockets are advised not to be

-Meat: Doesn't quite run as fast as it should, but aims like it's blazing by
at top speed.  In other words, like always, its aim is bad.
-Easy: Runs a bit faster and aims a bit better.
-Normal: Runs at a good clip and aims fairly well.
-Hard: The only difference is that it now aims better.
-Perfect: Runs at almost its full clip and aims very well.
-Dark: Moves so fast and aims so well that you'll think it's not human.  And
it's...uh, not.

TurtleSim:  Slow and well protected:  just like a turtle.  This Simulant
carries a special shield device that is EXTREMELY durable.  Dispose of it
with an automatic rifle or explosive.

-Meat: Has good protection but moves like a slug.  Give it some lead "salt."
-Easy: Shield strength is increased a bit, and so is its mobility and
-Normal: A much better level of shield strength and it actually moves faster.
-Hard: Higher shield strength, speed, and accuracy.
-Perfect: Ditto.
-Dark: Same, only to a much higher extent.

ShieldSim:  This Simulant has an interesting playing style that revolves
around shielding.  If it takes damage, it will run off to find a shield.
(NOTE: You can use this to your advantage:  wait until it starts to turn
around, and then finish it off.  I know it's cheap, but you have to think
like the opposition.)  Not using shields defeats the whole purpose of this

-Meat: Occasionally searches for a shield when shot, but doesn't do much.
Its accuracy is very poor.
-Easy: Searches for a shields only slightly less than humans do.  Shoots
-Normal: Always searches for shields, no matter what, although it may turn
around and shoot as it runs backwards.
-Hard: If it gets shot, it tries to finish you off, and _then_ searches for a
-Perfect: Same, although it doesn't always try and finish you off; its level
of accuracy causes it to do so.
-Dark: It'll shoot (and kill) you if it sees you and then runs off to find a

RocketSim:  The most dangerous yet fun special Simulant.  It will forego
regular weapons in favor of Rocket Launchers or anything else explosive.
Although if there are no other explosives in the arena, it will use the
SuperDragon, due to it Secondary Function.

-Meat: Usually can differentiate between explosive and non-explosive weapons,
but fires them willy-nilly.
-Easy: More adept at finding explosives and using them, but it has a pretty
high suicide rate.
-Normal: Knows exactly what to look for and will use the explosives pretty
well, although it still kills itself a lot.
-Hard: Probably one of the better difficulties to use in this case (except
with SuperDragons), it finds the most powerful explosives and will use both
-Perfect: Almost always goes for SuperDragons or Devastators and uses them
with scary accuracy.  Still blows itself up every now and then.
-Dark: Does everything the Perfect variety does, but does it better.

 6.  Weapons

In here, you will find the weapon's name, both the functions, and an analysis
of the weapon itself.  So, without further ado, I present...the weapons of
PD.  (Only the weapons that appear in the Combat Simulator without a
Gameshark, though.)

Falcon 2 (no modification, w/silencer, or w/scope)- Function 1: Single Shot;
Function 2: Pistol Whip.  Zoom: x2 (w/scope).  8-round Clip.  A very accurate
and versatile firearm.  If you miss, then it's your own fault, because this
gun is almost as accurate as the Sniper Rifle.  Pistol
Whip comes in handy when you want to make your opponents dizzy, but not when
you're looking for real killing damage.

CMP 150- Function 1: Rapid Fire;  Function 2: Follow Lock-On.  32-round Clip.
A fairly accurate weapon.  The Follow Lock-On can be deadly:  hold Aim and
sweep the targeting cursor across whomever you wish to target.  If you plan
on camping, crouch to increase your accuracy.

K7 Avenger- Function 1: Burst Fire;  Function 2: Threat Detector.  Zoom: x3.
25-round Clip.  This mean-looking automatic has decent accuracy, but too
small of a clip.  The Threat Detector may come in handy if your foes use trap
weapons (like mines).  The Threat Detector also eliminates muzzle flare,
allowing you to see better.

Dragon- Function 1: Rapid Fire;  Function 2: Proximity Self-Destruct.  Zoom:
x2.  30-roundClip.  This weapon can _easily_ hold its own in any mode.  It
reloads fast and has a generous clip.  The Secondary Function will come in
handy to set a trap, but it's a waste, as you have to throw the gun away.

Dy-357- Function 1: Single Shot;  Function 2:  Pistol Whip.  6-round Clip.
This magnum has very good accuracy and high power.  A single headshot with
this gun will probably take your opponent out.  You won't need to use the
Secondary Function.

Dy-357 LX-  BRING IT ON!!!  One of the sweetest guns around!  I didn't
include stats because this is identical to the Dy-357, but with a difference:
any shot that hits any part of your foe is lethal.  The Golden Gun of PD.

Sniper Rifle-  Function 1: Single Shot;  Function 2:  Crouch.  8-round Clip.
Zoom: x36.The essential item in _every_ shooting game, the Sniper Rifle.  The
Secondary Function is useless if you are hiding behind a small wall.  Try
using it in Area 52.  Mayhem!

K12 Devastator-  Function 1: Grenade Launch;  Function 2: Wall Hugger.  8-
round Clip.  Very vicious and very volatile.  The Wall Hugger mode is cool,
as you can stick the grenades on the floor, the walls, or even the ceiling.
After about 3 seconds, the grenade drops and explodes.

Laptop Gun-  Function 1: Burst Fire;  Function 2: Deploy as Sentry Gun.  50-
round Clip.  Zoom: x2.50.  My personal favorite gun in the game is the most
versatile.  Not only does it have a generous clip, you can leave it behind
for a nasty surprise.  The downside: the sentry only has 100 shots and uses
all of your SMG ammo.

Remote Mine-  Function 1: Remote Explosive;  Function 2: Detonate.  Max of 12
mines.  A classic weapon.  The mine sticks to any surface for easy laying of
traps.  Put it near doors and blow it up when your victim comes into range.
A+B also detonates.  Can be affixed to people, too.

Proximity Mine-  Function 1: Proximity Explosive;  Function 2: Threat
Detector.  Max of 12 mines.  Another classic.  This too will stick to people.
Goes off when it detects movement.  Cannot be thrown in Threat Detector mode.
(To combat the mine, shoot it or throw something at it.)

MagSec 4-  Function 1: Single Shot;  Function 2: Three-Round Burst.  9-round
Clip.  Zoom: x2.40.  Fairly inaccurate pistol.  Forget about trying to shoot
at far-away targets unless you crouch down to steady your aim.  The Secondary
Function relies on the law of averages (as demonstrated by the movie Mouse
Hunt):  "If they all go off at least one of 'em will have to nab 'em."
Still, it has some power.

Grenade-  Function 1: 4-Second Fuse;  Function 2: Proximity Pinball.  Max of
12 Grenades.  I think you know how to use this, but probably not properly.
(See "How to Last More Than 5 minutes.")  Beginners tend to be prone to
suicide.  Simulants throw these without thinking.

SuperDragon-  Function 1: Rapid Fire;  Function 2: Grenade Launcher.  30-
round clip, 6 grenades per clip.  Zoom:  x2.  An accurate, automatic beast
that is usually the weapon of choice in 8-Simulant matches.  The Grenade
Launcher is dangerous and should be used at a distance.

Tranquilizer-  Function 1: Sedate;  Function 2: Lethal Injection.  8 darts
per container.  A very mean weapon that is often underestimated.  One hit
will make anyone dizzy.  The Lethal Injection uses 4 shots and must be
initiated at close range.

Phoenix-  Function 1: Single Shot;  Function 2: Explosive Shells.  8-round
Clip.  A quality Maian handgun.  Fairly accurate.  DO NOT use the Secondary
Function at close range, as it will cause you damage, too.  Use that function
at a distance.

Rocket Launcher-  Function 1: Rocket Launch;  Function 2: Targeted Rocket.
1-rocket Clip.  A very dangerous weapon.  The Primary Function is the faster
of the two functions.  The Targeted Rocket function is identical to the CMP
150:  move the targeting crosshairs across your target to get a lock, then
fire.  Be aware that this is slower but more reliable.

Crossbow-  Function 1: Sedate;  Function 2: Instant Kill.  5 bolts per Clip.
Just like the Tranquilizer, this will cause dizziness to whomever it hits
when you're using Sedate.  Instant Kill is self-explanatory.  (Bolts reload
one at a time.  Can stop by hitting the "Fire" button.)

Cyclone-  Function 1: Rapid Fire;  Function 2: Magazine Discharge.  50-round
Clip.  It could've been a little better than it is.  EXTREMELY high rate of
fire.  Magazine Discharge is useless, unless you have Auto-Aim on.  It
empties your current clip in about 2.63 seconds.

Timed Mine-  Function 1: Timed Explosive;  Function 2: Threat Detector.  Max
of 12 mines.  Once placed (on an inorganic or organic surface) you have about
3-4 seconds to run away.  Like the Proximity Mine, it cannot be used in
Threat Detector mode.

Shotgun-  Function 1: Single Shot;  Function 2: Double Blast.  9 shells per
Clip.  Very powerful weapon.  Best used at close range, due to the spreading
blast.  Each shell reloads individually, like the Crossbow.  Hit "Fire" to
stop the reloading sequence.  Double Blast fires two shells in about a second
and almost always results in an easy kill.

AR34-  Function 1: Burst Fire;  Function 2: Use Scope. 30-round Clip.  Zoom:
x3.  Nearly identical to the K7 Avenger in terms of stats.  The Use Scope
function allows you to use the gun's scope while moving.  Very convenient
when trying to get headshots.

Combat Knife-  Function 1: Knife Slash;  Function 2: Throw Poison Knife.  Max
of 12 knives.  A devious little item.  The Knife Slash needs to be used at
close range:  you'll just swipe air if it isn't.  The Secondary Function is
very mean, as it makes your foe's vision become severely impaired while
draining health.  In about 7-10 seconds your opponent dies, depending on
where you throw the knife.  A knife in the head can sometimes kill in a
couple seconds, if not instantly.

Mauler-  Function 1: Single Shot;  Function 2: Charge-Up Shot.  20-round
Clip.  An accurate and fairly quick-firing pistol.  The Charge-Up Shot uses
up to 6 bullets with one blast, which is usually enough to eliminate your

FarSight XR-20-  Function 1: Rail-Gun Effect;  Function 2: Target Locator.
8-round Clip.  Zoom: x20 (?).  The ultimate gun for camping.  The Primary
Function allows you to hold R and see everything in the level.  Just move the
Control Stick to aim, and press C-Up or C-Down to zoom in or out.  The Target
Locator automatically locates the nearest target.  The Control Stick moves
the cursor and any hit kills.

Callisto NTG-  Function 1: Rapid Fire;  Function 2: High-Impact Shells.  32-
round Clip.  About as accurate as the CMP 150.  Rapid Fire is self-

explanatory.  The High-Impact Shells fire a bit slower, but they are more

Slayer-  Function 1: Rocket Launch;  Function 2: Fly-By-Wire Rocket.  1-
rocket Clip.  SWEET!  Another favorite weapon of mine is very cool.  It
normally launches high-speed rockets.  But the Secondary Function allows YOU
to steer the rocket until it (a) hits something, (b) is shot, or (c) you blow
it up.  "Aim" slows it down, "Fire" detonates it, and the Control Stick
steers it (typical flight controls).  NOTE:  YOU ARE VULNERABLE WHILE THE

Cloaking Device-  Max of 300 seconds (5 minutes).  Very evil item.  Each
device picked up gives 20 seconds of cloaking.  However, you automatically
de-cloak when firing.  So fire and run away.

Combat Boost- Max of 10 pills.  This item seems to slow everything down, but
it actually speeds up your reaction time.  If you liked The Matrix, then this
is for you.  Dodging whatever is thrown/shot/launched/hurled can be easy, as
long as you sidestep, but knives, rockets, and grenades are easier to dodge.

X-Ray Vision-  I don't know why this was included in Combat Sim mode.  It
enables you to see through walls.  Go with the FarSight XR-20 instead.

Laser-  Function 1: Pulse Fire;  Function 2: Short-Range Stream.  Unlimited
ammo.  The Pulse Fire shoots lasers over a distance, while the Short-Range
Stream fires a continuous stream at close range.  My advice:  hide behind a
door, wait for it to start to open, and then activate the Short-Range Stream.

The level strategies will show any possible camping spots, with a rating in
stars.  *=bad.  **=fair.  ***=average;.  ****=good.  *****=very

                                   7. | Temple |

Everyone remembers the Temple, right?  Even though it's one of my least
favorite levels, it has its moments.  Best scenario:  Hacker Central or King
of the Hill

A.  Between the pillars in the large sandy area= this is actually a pretty
good spot to snipe from.  Watch out for people coming down the ramp.  Be
really vigilant, as someone could sneak up and shoot you in the back.

B.  In the large room with the hole in the center= I'd advise crouching in
one of the corners and wearing clothing that has a similar color to the wall.
Listen for doors.  Rating=**

C.  At the entrance to the orange dead end hallway near the large sandy area=
unless your opponents are Hard/Perfect/DarkSims, you're going to be alone for
a while.  Rating=***

D.  At the top of the ramp near the pillars in the large sandy area=  be
ready to pivot if someone comes near.  You have to cover a ramp some 30 feet
away and the slope in front of you.  If anything fails, dive off of the ledge
in between these 2 ramps.  Rating=***1/2

E.  Facing the sandy area, open the door and take the left junction=
whenever the door opens, crouch down and shoot at your foe's legs.  A weapon
appears here as well.  Just watch your back.  Rating=****

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1:  In the main area with the big opening in the ground.

2:  In the sandy area.  Put a sentry on a pillar.

3:  In any areas that force you to turn your back on an opening.

                                 8.  | Complex |

Ah yes, the Complex.  A Goldeneye 007 fave.  Best Scenario:  Hold the

A.  The ledge above the L-shaped walkway (to get up there, climb up the
grating in the corner of the walkway in the room that has the stack of crates
close the walkway)= Snipe with impunity.  Laugh as your opponents die like
flies.  The only threat would be someone right below you or someone coming up
the grate.  Rating=****1/2

B.  The room that has a weapon in the window and a small square opening in
the floor nearby (right across from the yellow ramp in the multicolored
lighting area)= if your enemies want to attack you they have one place to go:
your line of fire.  Brutal.  Rating=****

C.  In the alcove in the large room that the aforementioned location
overlooks (it has two ramps)=  if your opponents see you or you see them,
open fire.  They can run away and then suddenly pop into view while you
reload, so beware.  Rating=  ***1/2

D.  In a little alcove overlooking the V-shaped walkway=  anyone who tries to
use this walkway is subject to becoming a lead weight. ;) You also have a
view of the opening across from you.  If an enemy comes near your ramp and
they try to come up, use C-Up or Down to put the cursor at head level.

E.  In the seafoam-colored vent at ground level=  hiding in here would be
suicide.  You may have the element of surprise, but your back is exposed to
anyone behind you.  Watch your radar.  Rating=*1/2

F.  In the alcove in the room with pillars (the room with two walkways
running over a pit with a weapon exits here)=  you won't see a lot of action
hiding here.  Someone can come charging through the pillars without noticing
you, which is an upside.  Rating=***

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1:  Above the walkway mentioned in spot A.

2:  In the vent.

3:  In the room with differently lit exits and ramps.

4:  In the large room with two ramps.

                                 9.  | Felicity |

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, RARE!!!  What a classic arena.  There are some new
twists, too...  Best Scenario:  Combat

A.  The little room at the end of the large hallway with 2 doors on either
side=  nasty hiding spot.  Put a Sniper Rifle in weapon slot 4 for more fun.
It appears here.  The Slayer works well, too.  Rating=****

B.  In the dark gray room with the destroyed tanks on either side of the
center=  put a Shotgun here (slot 6) and stand in front of the door.  If
someone opens it, shell 'em.  Hope that someone doesn't spawn behind you.

C.  In the room with a pillar in the back.  There is a gun in front of the
pillar and ammo boxes on either side=  this is weapon slot 3's location.
Stand in the corner that faces the room with the window.  Nasty.

D.  In the room that is directly opposite the balcony outside the bathroom=
facing the balcony, you will notice the room has a door in front of you and a
door on the left.  Put some Grenades on Proximity Pinball and throw them down
the hallway at an angle.  Rating=***1/2

E.  In the room with fallen tanks and a walkway (across from the room
mentioned in tip B)= Too bad the tanks fell down- they used to give a feeling
of security.  Stand on the walkway and send explosives at the door when it
opens.  Rating=***1/2

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1:  In the room with two windows that is basically a corner.  It is mentioned
in tip C.

2:  Outside of the door mentioned in tip A.  (Make sure the sentry faces the
room that you are in so it doesn't fire at anyone that goes down the

3:  In the room mentioned in tip B.

4:  Below the balcony outside the bathrooms.

                                  10.  | Skedar |

A pretty interesting level.  It has a lot of varied terrain, which can make
one say that this is a good level for all playing styles.  Best Scenario:
Capture the Case

A.  In the dead end in the lower level= perhaps not the best place to be at
all.  Once you're down here, you're cornered.  There is also a hole in the
ceiling nearby, so watch it.  Despite the fact that it _is_ a dead end, it's
still a good camping spot.  Get a powerful weapon (like a Devastator or
automatic rifle) and sit here, waiting for anyone stupid enough to wander
into your sights, although it's liable that only a Simulant would do that.

B.  On the platform in the room with the sand (with the opening facing the
thick pillar in one part of the level so that an opening leading to the lower
level is below it; NOT the area with the really tall obelisk)= pretty good,
provided you have a SuperDragon or something.  A real drawback is that there
is an opening in the wall to your left, so anyone coming through there has an
easy shot at you.  Still, you have an easy shot at the path in front of you
and the opening below it.  Rating=****

C.  In the other room similar to this (smaller and is above one of the ramps
leading off to the sides in the room the previous mentions that you face)=
seems kind of stuffy in this room, but it's great for camping.  Get an
automatic and plug away at anything that comes in the door.  Pretty good
overall, and you can dive through the hole in the floor if things get sticky.

D.  In the hallway that is next to the room in tip B= hide in the alcove at
the end of it.  When some unsuspecting victim saunters by, open fire.  Just
make sure that you have pretty high health, because this can really be the
death of you if you make one tiny mistake.  Rating=***1/2

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1: In any of the rooms mentioned.

2: In the big, open, two-level room.

3: On the lower level's underground area.

                                  11.  | Area 52 |

Aside from the Ravine, this is probably the best place for sniping matches.
For best results, go to the towers surrounding the moat.  Grab a Sniper Rifle
and pick your opponents off with ease.  Best Scenario:  Pop a Cap

A.  In one of the towers surrounding the moat=  excellent.  Any explosives
lobbed your way (the key word is "lobbed," which means rockets are your
only threat) will bounce off of the top of the tower.  Grab a Sniper Rifle
and put on One-Hit Kills for an easy win.  Rating=*****

B.  In the room with 6 shutters and 1 door=  a dirty place to hide.  There is
a spawn point and a  weapon as well.  The shutters can be opened from either
side, so watch out.  Crouch in front of the door and open fire when it
clatters upwards.  Rating=****1/2

C.  In the room with windows, a door, a weapon, and two pillars near the
back=  ouch.  Do not stay here, unless you wish to be a glutton for
punishment.  It's kind of dumb why they put a door here, yet they included
windows.  If you must camp here, crouch and fire at the door when it opens.
Still, if you're a good player, it works.  Put a DY-357 LX in here for
maximum effect (weapon slot 2).  Rating=**1/2

D.  In the big open area a little bit farther away from the area mentioned in
tip B - has two doors, one which opens along a horizontal axis= a good place
to go, but not if you're going to camp.  Note that you can sit in the far
corner, but you'll be an easy shot.  Not bad if you are prepared to engage in
a heavy gunfight.  Rating=**7/8

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1: Behind you if you're in one of the sniper towers.

2: Anywhere around the moat.

3: In the ducts in the walls.

                                 12.  | G5 Building |

     At a first glance, you may think that this level is simply one of those
levels that harbor drawn-out matches, but it's not.  It has several walkways
across pits, which can be used to your advantage.  Grenades can make this a
fun and frantic deathmatch.  This level isn't much for camping, though.  Best
Scenario: Combat or Pop a Cap

A.  On the topmost walkway= I can't say this is the best place, to sit and
snipe, but I can't say it's the worst either.  On one hand, you'll be an easy
target if someone pops out of either of the openings on either side of you,
but the good outweighs the bad: if you are attacked, you can simply (if you
can call this simple) run and strafe off this walkway to the next one in
front you and anyone who uses ANY walkway has one place to go - in your line
of fire.  But if you shoot someone off and they don't die from the shots,
then it counts as a suicide for them.  Still pretty good.  Rating=**7/8

B.  In any recess in the floor in any room= these little recesses actually
can really help you, just as long as you're not using a Maian's head on your
character, due to their big heads.  Run into one of these recesses, crouch
once, and arm an SMG (the CMP-150 and Callisto NTG work rather well).  Most
Simulants (including DarkSims) seem to have a tendency to fire at the ground
in front of you while you take your time aligning your crosshairs with their
head.  Kind of mean.  Rating=****

C.  In the little "balcony" room reached from one side of the walkway in tip
A (it has a blue light in it)= the best place in this level to camp.  You
have a clear view of the walkways, and if someone charges you and you fail to

kill them (allowing them to come running down the hallway, closer to your
position), just turn around and set your sights on the opposite wall.  They
will only have one possible route - your aiming cursor.  The only way you
could be flushed out is by a Laptop Gun, rocket, or a Fly-By-Wire rocket from
the Slayer fired through the small vent near the top of the wall.

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1: On any wall above any walkway.

2: Behind you in the area mentioned in tip C.

3: In the room with a ramp running along the wall.

                                 13.  | Grid |

Ah, yes.  This level is well-known for its setting not unlike that of The
Matrix (fave movie). One hall is nearly identical to the movie:  two doors
directly across from each other, two doors off to the side at one end, and
(of course) the pillars.  Best Scenario: Combat

A.  The room mentioned in the overview=  stand in the back of the room and
fire on anyone who comes into your sights.  Most players (including
high-level Simulants!) will not notice you until it's too late.  Make sure
you stand in front of THE LOCKED DOOR; NOT THE ELEVATOR.  Rating=***3/4

B.  In the two-level room with the floating glass=  crouch down in between
the pillars at either end of the room.  Either level will work fine.  Make
sure you crouch down in the space (between the pillars) that is FARTHEST FROM
THE DOORS.  (e.g.  If you are on the upper level on the right side {facing
the elevator} make sure the door is to you right.)  You have a clear shot at
nearly anyone.  Rating=****

C.  In the elevator=  crouch down while riding upwards or downwards and aim
your gun at the door.  Simulants have a tendency to fire BEFORE the doors
open, so you will know if anyone's outside.  Automatic weapons will be your
friends in this situation.  Rating=****

D.  In the room with a little cubicle (w/glass walls)= crouch in the middle
of the room and pop up when someone's nearby.  You are very hard to hit in
this situation.  Rating=***

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1: In the "Matrix lobby."

2: In the cubicle with glass walls.

3: In the elevator itself.

                                 14.  | Sewers |

A pretty interesting level.  This is definitely one of the larger ones, due
to the fact that it is pretty high, but not as high as the Car Park.  Best
Scenario: King of the Hill

A.  On the big beam over the reservoir= you can sit here and snipe at
everyone, but that'll last about...oh...*maybe* 2 minutes at the max.
Someone's bound to enter this room, and you'll be shot off the beam and into
the water below.  Don't worry: the water doesn't hurt you.  Still not a good
idea, though.  Rating=*1/2

B.  On the elevator (either will do)= this actually isn't a bad place to
camp.  As the elevator moves between levels, pepper your foes with gunfire.
If your position becomes compromised, jump off the elevator or chuck a
Grenade below you.  Just make sure you time it so that the elevator isn't
coming down when the Grenade explodes, especially in One-Hit Kills mode.

C.  In the reservoir (can be reached by falling off the beam in tip A or from
a hole in the ground in the upper level)= the best camping spot in the level.
Depending on where you stand (a good place is on the side of the reservoir
opposite the ladder), you'll have different targets available.  Standing
under the ladder will allow you to shoot anyone coming down the ladder,
anyone who lands in front of you, or anyone dumb enough to poke their head
over the railing of the reservoir.  If you get lucky, you may be able to hit
someone on the beam, but only if they look down (or you are next to the
ladder).  Standing on the opposite side of the reservoir lets you hit anyone
who comes close the to railing, anyone on the beam, anyone who lands in the
reservoir, _and_ anyone on the ladder.  Great.  Rating=*****

D.  One of the colored corners= this is a mixed bag.  On one hand, you have a
pretty good shot at anyone, but they have a pretty good shot at you.  If you
ARE going to sit here, crouch twice so that you're a smaller target.  Rating-

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1: On top of the beam.

2: On either elevator.

3: In any of the 4 colored corners.

                                 15.  | Villa |

 A pretty big level with several good camping spots.  At first, you'd think
it would be possible to get lost, but it's not.  Best Scenario: Combat or
Hacker Central

A.  With your back to the wall, facing a big opening in the rock (there will
be a staircase on your right)= a fairly decent place to camp.  The best thing
you could do for yourself is grab an automatic rifle.  The worst thing you
could do is come here with little health and a low-power weapon, because one
false move can lead into a pretty big firefight.  I'd recommend crouching
once, because if someone fires a rocket at you and misses you'll take damage
from the explosion.  Still, you'll have a good view of anyone coming down the
stairs - you'll only need to shift your view a little bit.  Note that if
you're playing with humans, they may jump down from behind you, because there
is a raised break in the wall, but Simulants tend not to do this (although
VERY rarely KazeSims and VengeSims may do this), so be sure to watch the
radar.  Rating=****

B.  In the rocky tunnel (near the light on the wall)= an OK camping spot.
Depending on which way you face (neither matters as long as you watch the
radar), you'll always have a view of your foe.  Get a powerful weapon (an
automatic) and sit down here and wait for some poor fool to blunder into your
sights.  Pretty mean.  Your only threat would be Grenades or a Fly-By-Wire
Rocket.  Rating=****3/4

C.  On the ledge overlooking the little platform with a weapon on it= you're
vulnerable to fire up here, but so is anyone who chooses to run around below,
which will usually be the Simulants.  Occasionally, one will actually be
smart enough to come up here and attack you from the side, so keep an eye on
your radar.  This is best used with any kind of explosive except Targeted
Rockets, Fly-By-Wire Rockets, and Wall Hugger grenades.  If you take damage
or if someone fires an explosive at you, simply run off the ledge and onto
the platform below (weapon slot 5) to avoid it *and* get a weapon at the same
time.  Neato!  Rating=****

D.  In a corner of the ramp along the wall in the area with the little
bridge= a good place to camp, especially with explosives.  If you face the
opening in the wall on the ground area (not the opening the bridge leads to),
you'll have an easy shot at anyone coming in that way, and you can easily
turn to see anyone coming out onto the bridge.  An ideal location for
Proximity Mines.  Rating=****

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1: On the platform with weapon slot 5 (see tip C).

2: In the opening the bridge leads into (tip D).

3: In the rock tunnel (tip B).

                                 16.  | Warehouse |

A fun, expansive level.  Many camping spots for the experienced marksman.
Note that there is not a position for weapon slot 6, so it doesn't matter
what you put there.  Best Scenario: Capture the Case, Combat, or Pop a Cap

A.  The L-shaped outdoor area with a walkway running around the perimeter=
an evil delight.  Simply perch on the walkway after getting a weapon and
snipe at anyone coming out of the tunnel in the distance or the door to your
lower left.  Rating=****1/2

B.  On top of the crate tower in the large room=  effective for a good
marksman.  Use C-Up to lean over the ladder leading to the top and snipe
anyone coming up.  This works best with Meat, Easy, Normal, or HardSims.  The
Perfect and DarkSims know where you are at all times.  This works with humans
because they won't expect an attack while climbing up, especially if they are
being pursued by other players.  Weapon slot 3 is just behind you and slot 4
is below the tower and in the room with stacks of crates (just down the
hall), so you have no excuse to not have double weapons.  Rating=****3/4

C.  In the vent farthest from the ladder in the room with the crate tower=
cheap yet effective.  Your opponents will try to climb into the vent, only to
be met by you.  Watch out for Grenades, as humans will lob them in.  Play it
safe.  Rating=*****

D.  In the room that has a hole in the ceiling (it's along a hallway - you
can also get here by dropping through the hole in the vent area)= a good
place to stay, unless you have a shield in the weapon slot here, because then
it won't be.  You'll have a clear view of anyone sauntering down the hallway,
and if anyone drops from the vent, they'll land right in front of you.
Particularly nasty.  Rating=****

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1: Under the crate tower (tip B).

2: In any area near the hole in the floor in the vents.

3: On the ground in the area in tip A.

                                  17.  | Car Park |

Probably the tallest level in the game, but it is fairly simple.  It consists
of 4 tall staircases and 3 levels.  Best Scenario: King of the Hill, Combat

A.  Stand in any of the staircases and look down= fairly mean, no matter what
weapon you use.  Explosives (obviously) work best here, because if the
initial shot misses, the explosion will get your foe.  Note that the Phoenix
and SuperDragon will work well, due to their secondary functions.  Another
recommended weapon is the DY-357 LX, due to one-shot kills.  Just make sure
that your opponent doesn't reach the top of the stairwell - you'll be in
trouble if they do.  Rating=****

B.  Behind one of the angled crates of one of the piles on the rooftop= this
is another mixed bag.  On one hand, if you stand behind one of the angled
crates, it acts as a pillbox, allowing you to shoot whoever opens one of the
doors.  The bad part is the fact that someone can easily shoot you from
behind, so if you hear gunfire close by, see flashing light, and see bullets
hitting the walls nearby, run.  Note that humans are more likely to stand
still and take the time to aim a headshot, so be careful.  Rating=***3/4

C.  On the lower level of either of the two wide areas (1st and 2nd floors)=
if you crouch once behind the protruding upper levels of these areas, you
can't be shot from the upper levels, but you have a clear view of the door in
front of you.  Note that Sims will jump off the upper level and shoot you on
the way down, so watch it.  Rating=***

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1: Any of the stairwells.

2: On the ground anywhere on any floor.

3: Above any door.

                                  18.  | Pipes |

Reminiscent of the dataDyne basement, this has a few camping opportunities
available, but not all that many.  The level's namesake structures are
definitely a hazard, but can be used to your advantage.  Best Scenario:

A.  At the end of any of the pipes in the basement= probably one of the best
camping spots in the entire game.  If anyone tries to walk along the pipes,
shoot them.  The shots will make them tumble off the pipes, counting it as a
suicide, so aim for upper-body shots.  A great way to get people mad at you.
Just watch your radar and back.  Rating=*****

B.  On one of the upper-level walkways overlooking the pipes= from here, you
have a clear shot at a section of the pipes, as well as the area around you.
If your safety is compromised, take a running strafe off the platform onto
the pipes below.  Just watch it.  Rating=****

C.  On the elevating platform= use this as you would the Sewers' platforms.
Open fire on anything that moves and toss a Grenade down when appropriate.

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1: On the gray extensions on either side of the pipes.

2: On the elevating platform.

3: Near any of the ladders.

                                  19.  | Ravine |

If you like to snipe from long distances, then this is the level for you.
There are so many wide-open spaces and places where the level folds back on
itself you can hit anyone from anywhere.  Best Scenario: Hacker Central

A.  On the ledge in front of the pipe you can climb= mean!  If anyone tries

to climb the pipe, you have a clear view of them.  If they are on the other
side of the level across from you, you can probably hit them.  Anyone on the
elevating platform is also in for it.  If someone charges you from the left,
you just have to pivot a bit.  Rating=****7/8

B.  On the elevating platform itself= this isn't very good, but it'll do in a
pinch.  You're going to be subject to heavy fire if you stand on here, but if
you have an automatic rifle (both have scopes), you can aim and spray your
aggressor with gunfire.  Still, watch it.  Rating=**1/2

C.  In any room with crates= this is a good thing and a bad thing.  The good
part is that you can move the crates to block the doors.  The bad thing is
that humans can move the crates, and someone can also jump down from above
and ambush you.  Rating=***

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1: On the elevating platform.

2: On any crate.

3: On the bottom of any ceiling.

                                  20.  | Ruins |

A pretty nice level, although I mean "nice" in terms of the layout.  The
power seems to be a bit twitchy, because the doors have an annoying tendency
to malfunction, often when you're in pursuit.  Best Scenario: Capture the
Case, Combat, King of the Hill

A.  At the intersection of the outside sand canyon= an OK place to camp.  All
you have to do is swivel this way or that and you'll have you target in your
sights.  However, this is like Whack-a-Mole: if you have to concentrate on
one target, you may miss another.  If you're playing with 2 other players,
they may set up an ambush by having one distract you while the other sneaks
up on you.  Simulants may tend to do that when they're on each other's teams.

B.  In the room with two pillars and one opening leading outside= a good
place to sit, especially if this is Capture the Case.  If you stand in the
back of the room, opposite the door, anyone who comes from outside or through
the door will be in your line of fire.  You have a warning if someone is
coming through the door - when someone tries to open it, it makes noises,
letting you know someone's coming.  Aim at the center of it, around head
level for an easy kill.  Rating=****

C.  In the room with the weapon in the niche in the wall= standing next to
the niche in the wall is a good choice.  If someone tries to come in through
the door, you can easily nab them.  If someone tries to drop through the hole
in ceiling, they will be in your line of fire.  Just make sure you have an
automatic weapon.  Rating=****1/2

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1: In the room in tip C.

2: In the intersection in tip A.

3: In the long hallway with the dividers.

                                  21.  | Fortress |

An interesting level.  There are four areas with different color lights, so
if you look at your opponent's screen, you can tell where they are.  Not a
lot of camping spots, though.  Best Scenario:  Hacker Central

A.  In the huge area with the intersecting walkways=  stand in the little
balconies and shoot at people crossing the walkways on the bottom level.
When on the walkways, they have 3 ways of escape:  (1) your sights, (2) one
of the doors, or (3) the pit.  Just watch out for players creeping up from
behind.  Rating=***3/4

B.  In one of the black rooms in one of the four color-coded areas=  average
hiding spots.  Just stand on one floating platform while it bobs up and down.
If an opponent wanders into the room, they are easy meat.  Rating=**7/8

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1: Anywhere in the area in tip A.

2: Behind the big doors leading away from the area in tip A.

3: On any moving platforms.

                                 22.  | Base |

Seems that Rare started to run low on camping spots.  You've only got a few
here, but they're good ones.  Best Scenarios: Hold the Briefcase, Combat

A.  Behind the row of crates in one room with ramps= excellent.  There are
breaks in the crates, so you can fire through.  If you don't kill a Simulant,
it will be to your left, so heads up.  You will be hard to hit if you strafe
behind the crates or even sit there.  Rating=****7/8

B.  On the section of platform on the wall (speed strafe off the ramp that
goes into the ceiling and grab onto the ladder)= pretty good.  Once up here,
you have a clear view of everything except the ground behind the crates.
Anyone who wants to shoot will have to look up while running.  Rating=****

Laptop Gun placement areas:

1: Anywhere in the room mentioned in both tips.

2: In the long hallway with two stacks of crates.

3: In the room with the ladders and elevating platform.

                              23.  | Scenarios |

Here’s where you’re going to see a staple of anything CS-related, especially at
the GameFAQs boards.  Feel free to send me some scenarios.  I’ll credit you,
but make sure you have everything so people know what to do.  Include a name as
well.  Note that when I list the weapons, this is in the order of weapon slots,
1-6.  (Dark181st, if you’re reading this, then feel free to use these in the
Perfect Dark Warzone at the PD board, but please credit me.)

These are by me (Icy Guy):

The Matrix
Arena: Grid
Weapons: Falcon 2, Falcon 2, CMP-150, CMP-150, K7 Avenger, Shotgun
Limits: Team Score- 45
Options: No Radar (Optional), Slow-Motion Smart, Fast Movement, Auto-Aim off
Simulants: Your team- Dark SpeedSim (Neo; guy who has a sad face and black
hair, FBI Agent body), HardSim (Trinity; Joanna Leather body, thin face with
dark hair), Perfect JudgeSim (Morpheus; head with bald spot, FBI Agent body);
their team- 2 HardSims, 1 PerfectSim (Smith, Jones, and Chance; any head,
President’s body)
Teams: You (blue) vs. the Agents (Brown)
Other: You should take out the required number of Sims on each side to make it
3 on 3, or add another Perfect Sim to the Agents to make it 4 on 4.

Paint the Townsville Red
Arena: Villa
Weapons: AR34, K7 Avenger, Shotgun, Shield, Laptop Gun, Dragon
Limits: Score-

Simulants: 4 Hard KazeSims, 4 Perfect PreySims
Teams: none
Other: It doesn’t matter what you use: anything will cause mayhem.  If you use
a Dragon and put it on Proximity Self-Destruct, remember where you put if. 
Putting the Shotgun on Double Blast will help.

Arena: Random
Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Rocket Launcher,
Rocket Launcher, Rocket Launcher
Options: Slow-Motion Smart, Fast Movement
Limits: Score- 40
Simulants: 8 DarkSims
Teams: none
Other: Using Targeted Rockets are not advised, due to the fact that they move
so slow.  Be careful when speed strafing and firing: inertia sets in, sending
the rocket at a weird angle.  Instead, lead your shots.

Easy Does it, Now...
Arena: Felicity
Weapons: Remote Mine, Timed Mine, Proximity Mine, Laptop Gun, Dragon, Grenade
Options: Auto-Aim Off, One-Hit Kills
Limits: Score- 56
Simulants: 2 RocketSims, 2 KazeSims, 2 VengeSims, 2 FeudSims, 1 SpeedSim, 1
Teams: none
Other: Notice that all of these weapons are ambush weapons.  The Laptop Gun and
the Slayer go together, and they are nearby (the end of the long hall or room
with fallen tanks and the room opposite the one with fallen tanks,
respectively).  Put a Laptop Gun outside the door you find it and launch a
Fly-By-Wire Rocket out there.  It’s rather easy to get double and triple kills,
too.  One-Hit Kills makes it so that one false move and you’re toast.

24.  Contact Info/Outro

Well, I guess that just about covers it.  If you have anything you want to add
– new camping spots, corrections, or scenarios, then drop me a virtual line at

25.  Credits

CJayC- For starting GameFAQs.
The webmasters of their respective sites- For starting them.
Nintendo Power- For general Simulant (non-difficulty-specific) behavior). For suggesting that the DY-357 LX be put in slot 2 in
Area 52.