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          P e r f e c t   A g e n t   W a l k t h r o u g h

|   Perfect Agent Walkthrough  /  Version 10.1   / August 12th, 2001  |
|         Written by marshmallow <> &         |
|                    Pyro Vesten <>                |
|                                   |

This file will basically hold you by the hand and lead you through the
big, bad world of Perfect Dark's "Perfect Agent" difficulty level, which
is the most difficult of the default difficulty levels. It'll also
describe basic skills, along with the tools and technology (we're
talking guns here, folks!) you'll find along the way.


   0.    T  A  B  L  E    O  F    C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S


0.  Table of Incompetence (...)
1.  Revision History / Updates
2.  Important Legal Information
3.  Introduction
     •  Background Story
     •  Basic Moves
     •  Advanced Moves
     •  The Perfect Rules

4.  Perfect Agent Walkthrough

     Mission 1:
     •  dataDyne Central (defection)
     •  dataDyne Research (investigation)
     •  dataDyne Central (extraction)

     Mission 2:
     •  Carrington Villa (hostage one)

     Mission 3:
     •  Chicago (stealth)
     •  G5 Building (reconnaissance)

     Mission 4:
     •  Area 51 (infiltration)
     •  Area 51 (rescue)
     •  Area 51 (escape)

     Mission 5:
     •  Air Base (espionage)
     •  Air Force One (anti-terrorism)
     •  Crash Site (confrontation)

     Mission 6:
     •  Pelagic II (exploration)
     •  Deep Sea (nullify threat)

     Mission 7:
     •  Carrington Institute (defense)

     Mission 8:
     •  Attack Ship (covert assault)

     Mission 9:
     •  Skedar Ruins

     Special Assignments:
     •  Mr. Blonde's Revenge
     •  Maian S.O.S.
     •  War!
     •  Duel

5.  Frequently Asked Questions
6.  Weapons / Gadgets
     •  Semi-Automatics
     •  Automatics
     •  BOOM! Baby
     •  Futuristic
     •  Other
     •  Gadgets
     •  Lesser Used Gadgets/Items
7.  Credits
8.  Contact Information


       1.   U P D A T E S  /  R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y


Note: New update information will appear near the top, pushing older
      updates towards the bottom.

Version 10.1 (Thursday, August 15th, 2002):

•  (Pyro) - Just updating my email address.

Version 10.0 (Sunday, August 12th, 2001):

• It's been a looooooong time hasn't it? Just so you know marshmallow
  isn't dead :P He's just had other things to do...
  He's let me (Pyro Vesten) finish the FAQ up, by writing a walkthrough
  for Maian SOS, WAR! and Duel.

• Started and finished the walkthrough for Maian SOS.

• Fixed an single mistyped word that marhsmallow didn't see. Talk about
  a major update! :P

• Added the walkthrough for WAR!

• Did a walkthrough for Duel.... don't ask why :P

• Added the Laser to the weapons/gadgets section.

• Created "Lesser Used Gadgets/Items" Section.

• Hmmmm..... it's past 3:00am. But finally, I've finished the
  "Lesser Used Gadgets/Items" section. 14 items are listed in total.

• Added a FAQ in the Freequently Asked Questions section.

• If you've got any suggestions, additions, corrections etc for this FAQ
  send an email to me (pyro),

• That's about it for this version of this FAQ. Don't expect another
  update for a while, if at all...

Version 9.0 (Saturday, July 22nd, 2000):

• I added two reader hints to Pelagic II, about how to skip the golden
  hallways at the end entirely, and a different strategy for the last
  alarm scenario. Both are very useful, especially if you're having
  trouble beating the game on PA. I also added another read tip to the
  Chicago: Streets level.

• I added a note at the end of the Carrington Insitute: Defense level,
  on how to get Johhny boy to appear there.

• Added a walkthrough for Skedar Ruins on PA, and the first bonus
  assignment, Mr. Blonde's Revenge. The other three bonus stages will be
  finished in the next version.

• Added the cloaking device to the gadgets section. Nothing big, I know,
  but bear with me here...

•  Be sure to check out marshmallow's Fast Times site at

Version 8.0 (Friday, July 7th, 2000):

• Added walkthroughs for Pelagic II, Cetan Ship, Carrington
  Institute, and Attack Ship on Perfect Agent. That's A LOT of

• Added a cool reader trick to dataDyne: Investigation about the angry
  scientist. This same reader has also been added to the credits

• Another reader trick to Air Force One: Anti-terrorism.

Version 0.7 (Saturday, June 24th, 2000):

Added all the Air Force One levels to the walkthrough...

Version 0.6 (Monday, June 19th, 2000):

Added the entire Area 51 mission (Infiltration, Rescue, Escape) and
another tip in the "Enemy AI 101" section. It talks about using enemies
as live and/or dead shields. I also added another strategy for the lobby
section of the first dataDyne stage, and the second cloaked guard room
in the G5 Building. Enjoy.

Version 0.4 (Saturday, June 10th, 2000):

According to the game clock, I have totaled 50 hours of Perfect Dark
goodness. I'm such a freak, aren't I? ;)

I've completed the weapon section, and have started writing detailed
walkthroughs for the first levels of the game (stopped at G5 Building).
At first I was really surprised to see PD guides over 200KB at GameFAQs,
but then I realized they just re-used the Agent walkthrough three times
(once for each difficulty) and added smaller updates (and extremely
vague and sloppy at that) for new objectives. Talk about flooding...

Before I forget, I also added another trick to number nine of "The
Perfect Rules."

Version 0.01 (Wednesday, May 24th, 2000):

Cha-ching! I have to admit, writing to this FAQ with what is possibly
the best game I have ever experienced sitting at my feet is
quite...difficult, to say the least. School is coming to a fast end, the
summer light beginning to shine...This means I'll be able to update this
FAQ/play PD _a lot_ more than'll be ridiculous, up to five
or six hours straight of nothing but PD. It's the life, isn't it? Go and
check out this preliminary FAQ with the knowledge it is far from being

Just let me play Perfect Dark for about another week or so, then I'll
get down to some more serious work. Besides, if you're going to use a
walkthrough already, then what's the point of getting the game in the
first place?


  2.   I M P O R T A N T   L E G A L   I N F O R M A T I O N


This FAQ can only appear on the following sites:

- GameFAQs <>
- Cheat Code Central <>
- GameSages <>

Why? Because those are the only three sites that can keep my FAQs
updated. GameFAQs gets away with murder, though, on account of the fact
I send my FAQs there myself. Gamesages is GameFAQs sister site, so they
share information. Cheat Code Central is great, because they always seem
to have the most updated version without me having to tell them. Great
job, guys and gals.

I just hate it when people have outdated versions of my FAQs, because I
get loads (e.g. 100+) of e-mails telling me to "update my FAQ" even
though it IS updated, or they ask a question that has been answered in
the new versions, or make additions that are already there, etc., etc.
I've had problems with this with other FAQs, and I'm taking steps (e.g.
this note) to put an end to it!

Here are a few "do's" and "don'ts". Webmasters! Take note...

Webmasters! Do NOT:

Post this FAQ on your site directly. The only sites that this rule DOES
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Webmasters! Please DO:

If you are a webmaster of a site that wants to post this FAQ, what do
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Why GameFAQs? Because I said so. To clear up some confusion, you can not
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If it ends in anything else, such as the page where it lists all the
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answer the most common question I'll get, you can not link to any
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This FAQ cannot be used in magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any
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with the game itself, etc. This FAQ cannot be used for either profitable
or promotional purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of
these rules is in direction violation of U.S. law.

Any characters, names, places, or miscellaneous objects are copyright
their respective companies. I am in no way affiliated with Nintendo,
Rareware, nor any companies that were/are involved with this game.

This document is © 2000-2001 marshmallow & Pyro Vesten
All rights reserved


  3.   I N T R O D U C T I O N


A simple but elegant "introduction" section never hurt anyone. Certainly
for a game of this type, there's much to get out of the way before
getting to the meat (I am of course speaking of the walkthroughs). Even
if you consider yourself an ace at the game, read the following sub-
sections. You just might learn something.

                      B A S I C   M O V E S

Strafing: By using a combination of the C buttons and the analog stick,
          one can strafe left and right. In open spaces this is
          extremely important because it will allow you to slightly
          avoid enemy gunfire. It'll also enable you to find cover much

Aiming: By going to the options screen and checking "Always Show Target"
        on the "Display" screen, you can get the targeting crosshair to
        remain on screen at all times. This is EXTREMELY useful,
        allowing you to accurately shoot while moving at the same time.

                      A D V A N C E D   M O V E S

Speed Strafe: This is easily done in control version 1.2 (Turok style),
              but is still possible in the default setting. In 1.2, you
              have to hold down C UP and then either C LEFT or C RIGHT,
              and then hold the analog stick in the direction you're
              moving. This is the fastest you can possibly go, and is
              useful just about anytime. Using this is pretty much
              required for the timed cheats.

Circle Strafe: Again, this is easily done in Turok style control mode.
               You hold C UP plus either C RIGHT or C LEFT and hold the
               analog stick in the OPPOSITE direction you're moving.
               This enables you to literally run circles around your
               opponents, leaving them confused and dazed.

Leaning: This is pretty simple -- hold "R" and then either C LEFT or C
         RIGHT. This will allow you to rapidly move yourself either to
         the left or right, which is especially useful around corners.
         Use this to show yourself for a split second, and when they
         stop firing their weapons you can use the "shooting cycles"
         trick to easily kill them. This remains unchanged from

Secondary Fire: This is accessed by holding down the B button for a
                moment. You can tell if you're in secondary mode by the
                color of the square next to the ammunition display --
                red equals primary, yellow signals secondary. The
                secondary functions of many guns can give you a huge
                boost in performance -- for example, the secondary
                function of the Super Dragon is a grenade launcher,
                which helps IMMENSELY in the levels you find it in.
                Experiment and see what works for you.

                 T H E   P E R F E C T   R U L E S

The following 10 rules give general information over the great game of
Perfect Dark, as close as I can go without giving specific level
walkthroughs. Many of them also apply to GoldenEye.

# 1 -- "Know the differences between the difficulty settings."

In Perfect Dark, there are three difficulty settings: (1) Agent (2)
Special Agent (3) Perfect Agent. There's also another hidden one, but
let's not get into that yet.

• In Agent Mode, the enemies take very little damage off of your meter,
  ammunition is ridiculously abundant, and the amount of objectives you
  have is extremely limited. Each stage basically consists of running
  through the area mowing down people, then getting to the end.

• Special Agent is similar to Agent, except mixed in with a little
  bit of...

• Perfect Agent! Yowza! This is what the entire game was designed
  around, as you get barely any ammunition at all, each stage has at
  LEAST five objectives, and the enemy AI will
  surprise you at every corner. Beating this will give you some heavy
  bragging rights.

                              •  •  •

# 2 -- "Go for the head shot, and good things will happen."

Similar to its previous incarnation, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark has an
accurate body-hit detection system. This is where a shot to the leg will
cause little damage (though stall the enemy, causing him/her to limp in
pain), while a shot to the head ensures instant death: one shot, one
kill. With pistols and even some of the smaller automatics, going for
the head-shot is crucial for the following reasons: (1) Lack of
ammunition (2) Few rounds per clip -- reloading wastes time and leaves
you open. (3) It takes several pistol shots to the chest to down an

Even with blazing automatics, going for the head shot can be important.
But realize that the more foes you see at once, and the more powerful
your weapon, the less important a head-shot becomes. Excluding
explosives, always at the VERY LEAST try to go for a hit to the chest.

                             •  •  •

# 3 -- "Surprise the enemy wherever possible."

If the enemy has no idea that you're around the corner, they can't do
anything about it! It takes them several seconds to react, so if you
know where they are but they don't have a clue where you are, then
surprising the bee-jebus out of them can only be good for you. This only
works if they DON'T know you're there -- for example, in dataDyne
Extraction, as soon as you turn the corner you'll get fired upon. To
avoid situations like this, turn the corner and then immediately take
cover behind the cover. After the firing stops, go drop them.

                             •  •  •

# 4 -- "If all else fails, run. Run far, far away."

This can actually be quite the life-saver. If you're faced with
overwhelming forces, simply flee to a cleared area (e.g. the starting
point, or a previous corner) and wait for the people who follow. Attempt
to break one or two people from the group and take them out one at a
time...the less people you have to face at any one time, the better.
Especially considering Perfect Dark has MANY more enemies than GoldenEye
ever did.

                             •  •  •

# 5 -- "Beware of the scary people."

"Scary" people usually possess some of the following traits: (1) Having
more than one weapon at a time -- twin Magsec pistols, for example. (2)
Having peculiar -- or at the least different -- wardrobes. Shock
troopers, for example, are dressed in black/bluish Darth Vader costumes
and are extremely dangerous. These usually have more health than normal
guys, too.

                             •  •  •

# 6 -- "There's a right weapon, for the right job."

You're not going to snipe someone at 100 yards using a dy357 Magnum. It
just isn't possible. Instead, use a weapon with a scope, such as the
Laptop Gun, or better yet, the Sniper Rifle.

                             •  •  •

# 7 -- "Use the environment to protect yourself, lest you be mowed

I CAN NOT stress this enough. If you're facing some adequate resistance,
don't try to be Rambo. Hide behind a corner or a group of boxes, or even
a pillar; cover is remarkably important in Perfect Agent mode.

                             •  •  •

# 8 -- "Suppress the urge to blow a cap in a scientist's groin."

It only takes a single civilian death to kill the mission. Scientists
and automatic weapons DO NOT mix.

                             •  •  •

# 9 -- "Enemy AI 101."

We're all used to GoldenEye's AI, right? We've learned what we can and
cannot do against it, and exactly what any given soldier will do in any
given situation. ERASE ALL OF THIS FROM YOUR HEAD. Perfect Dark's enemy
AI is utterly brilliant, and if you use GoldenEye tactics you are going
to die a horrible, horrible death.

•  Hiding behind railings or low walls will not save your ass. A guard
   will simply fire over the railing. They will see you immediately.
   They will fire straight up, or down at an angle just to peg one shot.

•  Glass is not a barrier. Similar to railings, they will simply shoot
   through it. EXCEPTION: Bullet proof glass (obviously)

•  Remember the old trick of getting really close to a guard so it can't
   shoot you? Well, better not try that anymore, because these dataDyne
   fiends know karate and will KICK you in the head, which can actually
   be worse than getting shot as your vision will be blurred for several
   seconds, and your shots will go all over the place. You don't even
   have to be up against the guard, if you're fighting multiple
   opponents then sometimes one will break from the group and kick you
   in the back regardless.

•  If you toy around with a guard he will scream for help, and dozens of
   enemies will flood into your area (depending on the level)

•  Enemies ARE NOT practically stationary targets anymore. After only a
   few minutes of fighting them, you'll long for the days when they
   stayed in place and took their punishment. Now, they run to and fro,
   where-ever you AREN'T shooting they will go. This increases the
   challenge dramatically.

•  Remember the "draw the guards" trick? That's where you would go into
   an area infested with guards, then go to the previous corner and wait
   for the huge mass of guards to arrive, then you'd blast them with an
   automatic or a grenade, or whatever you had handy. This doesn't work
   anymore...well, not ALWAYS. Sometimes a single guard will split from
   the group to "check up" on you, but it seems that they are playing
   the "draw the Joanna Dark" trick a majority of the time.

So, after all of this, is there ANYTHING you can do to defend yourself?
Thankfully, there is...behold!

•  This one artifact remains from GoldenEye's engine. If you go to an
   enemy and they raise their arm, and you should happen to quickly move
   five feet to the left/right, he will fire where his arm was
   originally pointing, even if you begin to run away or go up close. HE
   CAN NOT SWIVEL HIS GUN. Use this in open spaces. It does, however,
   require decent timing. If it wasn't for this trick, the game might be

•  Shooting cycles. Anyone who is decent at GoldenEye knows exactly what
   the shooting cycle is. Sure, you may know it by another name, but you
   know it's there. It's where a soldier will shoot his gun for several
   seconds, and then stop. During this pause, you can do anything you
   want to them, because they can't do CRAP. They can't move, they can't
   shoot you, and well, the game might as well count it as a kill right
   there and then.

   A good example of how to exploit this trick is in the dataDyne
   Extraction stage. At the very start, groups of shock troopers are
   positioned behind boxes or desks (the part where you use the night
   vision goggles). As soon as you turn the corner -- BAM BAM BAM.
   Automatic machine gun fire, and you take severe damage. By the time
   you reach the foyer elevator, you're almost dead! To get past this
   tricky section (besides reading the walkthrough, of course) is to
   show yourself for only a split second, then dash behind the corner
   you came from as fast as you can. They will open fire with their CMP
   150's, and the pause of the shooting cycle is yours for the picking.
   Now you can simply walk casually into their area and put a Falcon-2
   round into their cranium. This trick works THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE
   STAGE, especially when fighting Cassandra's body guards at the very

•  Enemies can not -- and will not -- shoot their guns while they are
   running. As in GoldenEye, they can only shoot when they are standing
   still. Thus, your first priority should be to take down the still s
   soldiers, and wait for the running ones to calm down. This is a
   helluva lot more useful than I make it out to be.

There also a few "extra" features in Perfect Dark's AI...

•  If you shoot the enemy's weapon, it will fly out of their hands and
   they will be reduced to a harmless waste of polygons. Well, this
   isn't exactly true. They can kick you, and in some cases they will
   pull out a pistol of some kind and continue the attack. But a
   majority of the time, they will simply whimper one of the many
   "surrender" lines (e.g. "Please, don't shoot me!" or "I'm unarmed"
   etc.). However, if you give them enough time, they can go and
   retrieve their weapon. Cool animation...

•  Guards are now faced with the physical laws of our world, and must
   stop to reload their weapons. It's actually cool to watch, until they
   bust a cap in your head. But the point is that when they do this,
   they are stationary targets ready for your mercy...but of course, I
   doubt anyone reading this has mercy and will just go up and direct
   their automatic weapon fire to the guard's groin area. Don't deny it!
   I saw you peg that poor, defenseless scientist in the dataDyne
   Investigation stage...don't even try to hide it...

•  When a guard is rather far away, they will get on all their bellies
   and shoot you in that position. This is actually quite effective,
   because the target area is reduced to the point you are pretty much
   FORCED to go up and shoot them in the back, instead of trying to
   sniper them.

•  Do you know what a human shield is? It's where you use another person
   as a shield, whether they are dead or alive, and it works in this
   game as well. If there are several people in the same room with you,
   move behind the guy closest to you and they won't be able to hit you,
   allowing you to focus on just this one guy. Another interesting trait
   of this is that you can hide behind someone who is in the middle of a
   death animation. The most useful is the one where the guy slowly
   falls to his knees, hovers there for a second, then falls flat on his

                             •  •  •

# 10 -- "Automatics can be both your friends and enemies."

Aren't fully automatic weapons awesome? They're big, loud, powerful, but
unfortunately they eat away at your ammunition like a bastard. If
there's one single thing you know about automatics, it should be this:
Do not use full auto when going head on head with a single enemy unless
they are extremely powerful or you have tons of ammo. Use full auto when
going against groups of guys. A good example of this is in the first
Area 51 stage, where you have an awesome gun in the Dragon, but
ammunition is limited. By using one or two shots for a single kill --
instead of say, 10 -- you will conserve ammunition very easily.

The second thing you should know, is that when the gun kicks into fully
automatic fire, its accuracy is going to drop like a used body bag the
farther away your target is. So, if you are trying to pick off guys you
should only peck at the trigger, allowing only one or two shots to go
off. Surprisingly, this can be more powerful than just shooting off 10
shots in a few seconds. This especially becomes evident when you are
sniping Drone Guns later in the dataDyne Investigation level.

Of course, the kickback of a gun can also be to your advantage. If
there's three guys in front of you, spraying bullets everywhere can only
HELP you.


  4.   P E R F E C T   A G E N T   W A L K T H R O U G H


Yes, as the title of this entire document suggests, the walkthroughs
were •specifically• made towards the Perfect Agent difficulty setting.
Granted, they will work on the lower difficulties, but you'll end up
doing a lot more mission objectives than you should have to in the first
place. It's just that the entire game was designed around this
difficulty setting...everything else is simply child's play.

As for the walkthroughs themselves, I thought these were the best
strategies for people who might have problems with that level. It
definitely won't be time efficient (see my other FAQ for that), and it
might not be the fanciest, but it is generally the safest. But the
beautiful thing about each level is that there are usually many, many
different ways to do it, so if you prefer to do something different than
what I say, and it works, then go ahead and do it!

         __  __  __  ___  ___  __   __   _  _     __   _  _  ___
        (  \/  )(  )/ __)/ __)(  ) /  \ ( \( )   /  \ ( \( )(  _)
         )    (  )( \__ \\__ \ )( ( () ) )  (   ( () ) )  (  ) _)
        (_/\/\_)(__)(___/(___/(__) \__/ (_)\_)   \__/ (_)\_)(___)

Mission One deals with Joanna sneaking into the dataDyne tower to
retrieve a man by the name of Dr. Caroll. The first level involves
descending into the enormous skyscraper, silently making her way towards
the basement, which holds all the technological secrets of the company.
The second stage involves busting into the research area and rescuing
the good doctor. The final stage involves the desperate escape as the
corporations leader, Cassandra de Vries, sends everything she has to
stop you from getting to the roof of the tower to your jumpship.

                  D A T A D Y N E   C E N T R A L

                        TYPE:  Defection

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Disable the Internal Security Hub
•  Obtain the Keycode Necklace
•  Download Project Files
•  Disable the External Comms Hub
•  Gain Entrance to Laboratory

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Falcon-2 (silenced) (2x)
•  CMP-150
•  Laptop Gun
•  ECM Mine
•  Data Uplink
•  Keycode Necklace

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

This is quite possibly my most cherished level of the entire game...if
you just play it, you'll see why. GOD, I LOVE covert operations! :p

After you are dropped from the helicopter you will find yourself on the
very top of the dataDyne tower. To get off you may either fall down the
edge, or climb down the grating to your immediate right. Either way, be
extremely weary as a single guard is patrolling the area. Shoot him in
the head and grab his CMP-150. DO NOT use this at all -- you'll want to
save as much ammunition for this baby as you can for the very end.

To gain access to the building, go through the metallic doors. Here,
another guard will be shocked, usually saying something to the effect of
"What the Hell?" When a soldier says something such as this it will
usually back away in confusion, which gives you precious seconds to cap
him in the face.

Go down the bending rampways until you get to the bottom: the area has a
fan, and a corner bathed in red light. Go here, and you'll get a message
from Carrington. Go up to the computer console on the wall, take out the
ECM mine -- three of which you have -- and carefully place it on the
screen. "OBJECTIVE 1: COMPLETED" should flash on the screen.

Although there are two automated security cameras in this small room
(they are somewhat camouflaged due to their color) you shouldn't waste
either your time or bullets to destroy them, seeing as once the first
objective is completed they will be reduced to nothing more than moving
light fixtures. And if they DO sound the alarm before completing the
objective (e.g. you are really slow), I feel sorry for your ass, because
just about every guard in the entire building is going to warp to your

Falcon-2 in hand, go to the grated door in the corner and open it. Right
about now the awesome part of the level's music should kick in, and good
lord is it glorious. But that's beside the point; make your way down the
curving stairs until you reach the brown door at the bottom. Open it up
and quickly dash behind the wall on your RIGHT; you should hear gunfire
and see the sparks of bullets hitting the wall. When it dies down, head
into the open and blast the goons down. If they start to shoot,
immediately find cover either behind the wall or a pillar. Once the area
is cleared, head to the table in front of the computer monitor, and
locate the red button. Press it (action button) and the door to
Cassandra's office will unlock. The door in question is much larger than
any other in the region, so it is easy to locate. Go inside and punch
out both Cassandra and her secretary, then collect the keycode necklace;
"OBJECTIVE 2: COMPLETED" should flash on screen.

This is where you will first encounter the foyer elevators (made of
glass and they look absolutely breath-taking, etc.) There are two of
them; one on the left side of Cassandra's office, and the other on the
right. At this point, I would NOT go inside of them, because it's
anyone's guess where they'll go. Instead, go to the brown door you
haven't entered yet. Inside is a similar spiraling staircase as before,
except this time it's going DOWN. If you go to the wrong one, the stairs
will be going UP. This can confuse newbies, but like all levels, once
you play it awhile the map will become engraved in your skull.

Go all the way down the stairs, so you are as far down as you can go.
Enter the door on the bottom (NOT THE ONE IN THE MIDDLE) and quickly
open the brown door across from that. Mow down the man behind the desk
and grab the ammunition laying there. Show yourself in the hallway and
three dataDyne goons will begin to fire. Pick them off as you please,
using a combination of strafing and the shooting cycle trick. Once done,
go to the door on the left, go inside, kill the guy behind the desk, and
go back into the hall. Open the next door you come to, kill the guy,
then the man behind the desk (notice a pattern?). These people will be
so surprised their reaction time will slow to a crawl. By the time they
reach for their weapons, your targeting reticule should be on their

The final hall holds two doors and a security camera. Right about now
you should get a message that says that the security systems are back
online; for this very reason you should take out the camera. Now open
the brown door nearest the camera and mow down the shock-trooper that
holds double Falcon-2's; they will be equipped immediately. Now go in
front of the other door -- it's locked, but you can hear a telephone
conversation inside. After a bit, the door opens and the programmer
there will scream for help, then run away. Chase him down and he will
slowly walk back to the foyer elevators, he's now your hostage.

AWESOME TIP: When he is waiting for the elevator, if you run far away he
             will go and hide in a weapon storage room that was locked
             before. Go inside and collect the LAPTOP GUN! Oh baby,
             where have you been all my life? This will become extremely
             useful in the lobby sequence (read on).

When the elevator goes to the middle floor, you will quickly learn that
you have not cleared this floor yet. You really don't have to, but
several guards are lurking in these halls. The first thing you should
accomplish is the destruction of the camera, and then take care of any
would-be threats.

Now, finally, the programmer is inside the computer room and hacking
into the files you require. Once he says, "I-I'm in..." you should bust
a cap in the side of his head, because he will then try to sabotage the
system, thus failing your mission. Once that is done, take out your Data
Uplink and download the files. "OBJECTIVE 3: COMPLETE" will flash on

Return to the foyer elevators, board either one you please, and take it
ALL the way down to the lobby. This is the infamous "lobby sequence" I
was speaking of earlier. As soon as the doors slide open, a shock
trooper will scream something and everyone within earshot will come to
you, and then this awesome music score will begin (if this doesn't put
your adrenaline gland into action, nothing will). This scenario is
extremely challenging and requires a large amount of skill and strategy.

Immediately after the doors open, rush forward (DO NOT GO DOWN THE
STAIRS) and shoot the guy on the lower level. The bullets will go
through both the glass and his body. Due to the automatic fire, the
glass should shatter before you reach it, enabling you to fall below.
Quickly mow down the other shock trooper. You now have to deal with
three or even FOUR other guys. One will come through the left side of
the stairs, the other two-three the right side. Go to the side with the
more guys, shoot one down, and then go to the other side with the one
guy and easily kill him.

Now it's time to play a nice game of "Run Around the Mulberry Bush" and
catch the troopers from behind. In other words, run totally around the
stairs and shoot them in the back. Remember to use every trick in your
bag; shooting cycles, leaning out, whatever it takes. If you dick around
with these guys you're going to die very quickly. Once completed,
collect the ammunition and go in front of the staircase.

NOTE: Using the laptop gun here can give you a much higher amount of
      success than the CMP-150. The laptop gun has a much larger
      magazine clip, a zoom feature, and is more powerful. What more
      could you want? Well, aside from some prostitutes...but
      regardless, you should be able to do this just using the CMP-150
      with practice. Besides, it just looks awesome when you mow guys
      down with it!

SECOND NOTE: If you really, reeeeealy suck, you can deploy the laptop as
             a sentry turret and watch the guys fall like sacks of
             potatoes, then kill any survivors using your double

Go into the office and open the door, and then peg the shock trooper
that is directly in front of you. Take cover, and in almost a GoldenEye-
fashion they will all come right in front of you. *BAM* Watch them all
fall. Now go to the other side of the lobby and open the bronze colored
door, kill everyone there (if you shoot the computer console, the
explosion will kill two guys!). Throw another ECM mine on the screen
near the floor ("OBJECTIVE 4: COMPLETED" will appear on screen), then go
back to the office. Go near the wall and a secret door will open, and
the elevator -- and thus the exit -- has been found. "OBJECTIVE 5:

                        E N D   S T A G E

                  D A T A D Y N E   R E S E A R C H

                         TYPE:  Investigation

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Holograph radioactive isotope
•  Start security maintenance cycle
•  Shut down experiments
•  Obtain experimental technologies
•  Locate Dr. Caroll

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Falcon-2
•  CMP-150
•  K7 Avenger
•  Dragon
•  Proximity Mine
•  CamSpy
•  Data Uplink

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

You start out with the Falcon-2, except this time it's not silenced!
What gives?! Oh well, you'll have to make due...outside the elevator you
used to get here, turn to your right and head down the hallway to the
metal door. Inside is a room caked with machinery, and a single dataDyne
guard is monitoring the computers. Take him out with a headshot and grab
his CMP-150. Further inside there is a lounge of sorts, with two
soldiers taking a rest on sofas. They'll be caught off guard, and you
should be able to kill them without much trouble. Since this is a dead-
end, you'll have to go back.

If you go up to the computer that has red text on its screen (as opposed
to green) and activate it, the "maintenance hatch" will become open. You
don't need to do this, and it doesn't make the mission any easier, so
you can skip it if you wish.

Return to the elevator and take out the guard mingling around the
pillars. You should have enough ammunition for your CMP-150 by now, so
whip it out and get ready for some action. Follow the brown hallway to
the next door, open it up, and be surprised as two guards will
immediately call for backup. There is a large, bullet-proof wall of
glass in the middle of the room shaped like an "L". Since it is bullet-
proof neither yourself nor the soldiers can shoot through it. So wait
for them to round the corner of the glass and shoot them in the head.
Remember that the soldiers behind a dying guard can not shoot through
their comrade as in GoldenEye, so use this to your advantage!

When all four threats are gone, grab the plentiful amount of ammo and
head through the next door. This large chamber has four doors -- the one
you entered, a large one inside of an alcove marked "SECTOR TWO",
another one marked "CAUTION", and another regular metallic door. Go
through the one marked "CAUTION"; it is to the right side of the
chamber. Inside you will find two green men, side by side. They'll be
stunned at your arrival, so just shoot your CMP-150 into their chest.
Deploy your CamSpy and let it open the next door for you, then guide it
to the glowing piece of green material in the middle of dark room. Hit
the trigger button to flash some pictures, and OBJECTIVE 1: COMPLETED
will appear on screen.

NOTE: You can find a box of Proximity Mines in the glowing room, but
      they are not necessary for this mission. These are better used for
      when you are trying to get the cheat.

Now go inside the door to the left of the entrance marked "SECTOR TWO."
Here you will discover a long, twisting brown hallway filled with
soldiers hiding behind crates. I definitely recommend turning auto-aim
OFF, because it makes the cursor go to the chest, and in this section
the chest will be behind the crate, meaning you'll hit nothing but
metal. All you have to do here is line up the guy's head with the cursor
and shoot off four or five rounds, and they'll drop. Grab their gun, and
then simply rinse and repeat until you get to an intersection. Take the
right path, go down the slope, open the door here, and expertly take
down two green dataDyne guards. You'll now get a message from Grimshaw
informing you to reprogram the cleaning bots. Go to the computer console
in the back and activate it, then go to the one nearest the entrance,
activate that, and "OBJECTIVE 2: COMPLETED" should flash on screen. If
you do it in the incorrect order you won't get the objective completed!

Return to the large chamber with blue walls, and enter the final door
marked "SECTOR TWO." Kill the guy there, open the doorway behind him,
and immediately take cover behind the support pillar. Wait for the men
to come up to you, then peg them in the chest with sub-machine gun
blasts. There's about five of them, and as long as you hide behind the
slanted support pillar you shouldn't even get hit once.

Here is an ASCII map of the hallway:

           L __________________
           A                    --> To laser grid system
           B ______       _____
           4       |     |
                   |     |
                   |     |___L
                   |         A
                   |      ___B
                   |     |   3
              L ___|     |
              A          |
              B ___      |
              2    |     |__________ L
                   |                 A
                   |      __________ B
                   |     |           1
                   |     |
                   |     |

I'm really sorry I had to do that. I promise I won't torture you with
any more crappy, half-assed maps...I'll torture you with crappy, half-
assed walkthroughs! Ho ho!

Laboratory 1:

As soon as you enter, run to your left and mow down the guard standing
there, then immediately find cover behind the large wall of glass in the
middle of the room as another moron will open fire as soon as he sees
you. After he stops shooting, go into the open and blast him in the
chest. Now turn around and greet the astonished scientist. Joanna will
do all the hard work, ordering him to shut down the experiment. While
he's busy with that, collect the two brown ammunition cases in the small
alcoves. This is for an assault rifle you'll get soon.

Laboratory 2:

Collect the two cases of ammunition, then make your way to the back of
the room to discover a large lift. Stand on it and it'll take you down
to a darkened chamber. This part is pretty shows a dataDyne
soldier testing out an experimental assault rifle, and alongside him is
a scientist telling him what to do, and asking him questions about the
gun. You can watch for awhile, but ultimately you'll want to shoot the
trainee in the head. The scientist will scream, "Help! Help! She has a
gun!" in the most pathetic voice I've ever heard, then run and huddle in
the corner. It all actuality it is quite hilarious! Now go pick up the
assault rifle -- it's called the K7 Avenger and you'll probably want to
switch to it immediately. This is the first experimental item, and
there's two more to go.

Laboratory 3:

As soon as you round the corner you'll see two guards, so immediately
back up behind the slanted pillar and wait for them to come to you (a
bit like GoldenEye, eh?). After they're dead, enter the lab and shoot
out the glass surrounding the pillar. Collect the item on the pillar, it
is the second experimental item (Night Vision Goggles). Collect the two
boxes of ammunition in the corner for much needed K7 Avenger power.

Laboratory 4:

Talk about Deja-vu! You can handle the two guards exactly like in lab 3,
and the ones inside the actual lab can be killed in the same manner as
the ones in lab 1. Collect the two ammo cases and order the scientist to
shut the experiments down. Make your way to the back of the room and
open the large metallic doors, and a prissy scientist will scream, "Who
the HELL are you?" If you tell him to shut off the experiments he'll
sound an alarm, so you should just knock him out. Go to the computer
terminal that is the closest to where he was originally standing, and
operate it. One of three things will happen:

•  Nothing
•  The experiment will be shut down (90% of the time)
•  An alarm will sound

If the alarm sounds, quickly shut it off. Check all the other terminals
until you find the one that shuts the experiment off ("OBJECTIVE 3:
COMPLETED"). If an alarm did sound, a single soldier will run into the
hallway...not much of a threat, really.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ has this to say about the pissed off

"When entering the 4th lab and the labcoat says, "Who the hell are you?"
instead of knocking him out immediately, follow him to the terminal
which will always be the alarm then knock him out.  You've just
eliminated the guess work and now no longer need to worry about alarms
while you find the right terminal."


Getting past the laser beams:

K7 Avenger equipped, open the final door and carefully shoot each of the
four guards in the chest/head around with a single tap of the trigger.
Although the Avenger has an obvious magazine shortage (25 rounds per
clip? What gives?!) you should be able to kill a single guard with only
three or four bullets. Take your time to line up the shot, and not
spurting bullets every which way as they run around like a chicken with
their heads cut off. You should only have to use a single clip to take
out these four guards (and that's if you missed a few shots).

When you get to the lasers, wait for the cleaning robot to come. Since
it has to clean the rooms further in, it has the ability to shut the
lasers off long enough for it to pass. So follow it through the fields
of lasers, until you get to the end. Ta-da!

Of course, this won't work if you didn't reprogram them earlier. The bot
will be stationary.

Continuing with the rest of the stage...:

Open the door, kill the guy there rather easily, then open the door
behind him. Use the Avenger's scope to pick off the soldier to the
right, then run into the room and hide behind the pillar in the center.
When the guard further in stops shooting, cap in the face. On the pillar
is a shelf with more CMP-150 ammunition, but since you'll be using the
Avenger for the rest of the mission, you may as well skip it.

When you're about to open the next entrance, Carrington will radio in
with a message talking about how you're near the highest security
sector. Guarding this very sensitive area are two shock-troopers armed
with Dragons! Blow them away using whatever means possible, collect
their dangerous weapons, and then turn around to the door you entered.
Open it. Hold down B to activate the Dragon's secondary function -- a
proximity mine. Now launch this in the small room before the chamber
that holds the computer monitor. Now that you don't have the Dragon
anymore, you'll have to use the Avenger.

Go up to the monitor and use the Data Uplink to crack the code to the
door. While you do this, you'll hear a huge explosion from the room you
put the Dragon, and you'll hear the death screams of several people.
When the door is unlocked, go in there and you'll find that many
soldiers snuck up on you! This is just like in GoldenEye -- they
magically appeared out of nowhere (remember the Facility?). Don't worry,
though, these are the only people whom will come. The proximity Dragon
took care of them, so head into the now unlocked door!

After a long series of hallways you'll come to a large metallic door
marked "SECTOR FOUR." This is it, the final section!

This huge chamber has three shock troopers armed with Dragons, each
positioned far from each other. Luckily, they won't see you when you
enter. Carefully slide inside, and look straight ahead, slightly to your
right. Use the scope of the K7 Avenger and put a single round in his
head. Immediately turn to your left and there will be another one in the
corner, behind the glass: BAM BAM BAM! Only one remains, and you can
avoid his shots by getting behind the large pillars. Once they are all
dead, collect at least a single Dragon and open the door marked
"RESTRICTED." It's on the left side of the room.

Here you will find three more shock troopers, again equipped with the
lethal Dragon assault rifle. Use the Dragon you picked up, set it to a
proximity mine, toss it into the middle of the room, and hide behind a
pillar. KABOOM! All three will be killed while they shoot at you,
missing pathetically. Wasn't that fun? :) Now only was it cool, but it's
a lot easier than just shooting them. At the back of the room they were
guarding you will find the third -- and final -- experimental item, the

The final door in the large chamber holds three drone guns, two which
are facing you. Now if THIS doesn't bring back painful memories of
GoldenEye, what does? :P The easiest way is to simply run through,
clinging to the side of the room while speed strafing. You shouldn't get
hit once. But, not everyone is skilled in the art of speed strafing, so
you novices can just use the scope on the K7 Avenger to pick the guns
off. Either way, it's not that difficult. The final door holds Dr.
Caroll...his form is more surprising than you would imagine. "OBJECTIVE

                        E N D   S T A G E

                    D A T A D Y N E   C E N T R A L

                            TYPE:  Extraction

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Access foyer elevator
•  Reactivate office elevator
•  Destroy dataDyne hovercopter
•  Defeat Cassandra's bodyguards
•  Rendezvous at helipad

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Falcon-2 (scope)
•  Shotgun
•  CMP-150
•  Hand Grenade
•  Dragon
•  Night Vision Goggles
•  Office Key Card

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

This is quite possibly the most frantic mission in the game! You have to
escape to the roof of the dataDyne building while the entire staff it
seems is chasing you down, and they even have a HELICOPTER equipped with
a chain-gun gunning for you.

When you start off, the lights will go off so immediately equip your
night vision goggles so you can see everything in a sexy green tint.
Enemies appear as light shades of green blobs. Because they don't have
any goggles of their own, their reaction time will be extremely slow, so
you can take your time and line up a head shot. The trick to getting
around this section is to show yourself around the corner for a single
second -- just long enough for them to shoot -- and then immediately
hide behind the corner again so you won't be hit. Then simply strafe
back out and cap them in the forehead. It comes with practice.

Once you reach the foyer elevators, take off your night vision goggles
and call for an elevator (only the one on the right works, the other one
is locked at this floor). Once you step on, "OBJECTIVE 1: COMPLETED"
will appear in large letters, as always. Once it stops at the next
floor, immediately run out, go around the corners, and show yourself for
an instant. The shock trooper behind the barricade will fire off his
gun, so go back behind the cover and then show yourself again and shoot
him dead. Easy pickings...

NOTE: In the lobby, when you shoot the guys hiding behind barricades, if
      you shoot each guard within seconds of them shooting at you, then
      an extra shock trooper will appear at this floor. Upon killing
      him, he drops a key card. This will be of use later. If you go too
      slow, though, he won't be there. So you'll need some quick
      reaction speed.

While going through the long hallway, be extremely wary as two of
Cassandra's leather-clad, female "assistants" will pop out and begin to
shoot off their shotguns. Take them down immediately with your CMP-150,
take their lethal weapons, but keep your CMP-150 on the ready. By now,
you should have already met the dataDyne helicopter with its front-
mounted chain gun, the pilot yelling at you the entire way. "Give it up,
NOW!" and "Halt, fugitive!", etc. This guy will be the bane of your
entire existence until near the end, so just avoid his streams of
gunfire the best you can. Go to the room at the end, kill the bodyguard,
and go up to the computer on the desk. Press the action button near it,
and the locked elevator will become available for use. "OBJECTIVE 2:

So what are ya waiting for? Go back and use it! By now, Dr. Caroll
should've caught up. Whatever you do, don't let him on the lift with
you! He'll just get in the wrong place at the wrong time, get blown up
(though you should kill him once just to see the's funny),
and your mission objectives will be failed. So just leave him behind --
he'll find his own way up.

On this next floor, your main goal is to make it to the brown door with
the stairway that leads to the floor with Cassandra's office. Only
problem is the fact that there's a large blue barricade blocking the
way! So you'll need to take a slight detour. Your only resistance will
be two shock-troopers and a handful of shotgun-wielding lesbians (three,
to be specific). Make short work of them with the CMP-150, and be sure
to grab more ammunition.

When you finally reach the story that holds Cassandra's office, you will
find a shock trooper and two office workers arguing over what to do with
a military rocket launcher. You can listen if you wish, or just shoot
them all and watch their pathetic screams for help (sadistic, yes, but
ever so fun). Grab the rocket launcher and head up the long stairs near
their bodies.

NOTE: If you have the key card to Cassandra's office, go inside and you
      will find a hand grenade on her desk. You can do two things with
      this: (1) Use it to escape much easier (2) Use it to blow a large
      hole in the right wall, which reveals a secret room containing a
      Dragon. Personally, I like the first choice myself.

When you make it to the room with the fans, you will be surrounded by
Cassandra's bodyguards, all equipped with night vision goggles and
shotguns, and Cassandra will begin to shoot her mouth off. Don't just
stand there! Move to the back of the room -- where the red light and the
computer monitor are located -- and blow the bodyguard on the RIGHT away
with your shotgun (G1). They will react by turning out the lights, so
equip your night vision goggles as fast as you can. Some new fast-paced
music starts, indicating the fight. Hide behind the corner and take out
the other bodyguard back here (G2). There are three more -- one around
each corner, and one who will snipe you as soon as you go into the open.

ASCII map of the "fan-room sequence":

               G5 |   |  |    |
              ____|G2 |__|  G1|
             |S G4        ____|
             |t           G3 |
             |a            __Light Switch
             |i           |
             |r           |
             |s           Enter

The easiest one to take out from here is G3; the one near the light
switch. Just barely show yourself (stand where G2 is located above) and
she'll shoot her shotgun, whose shells will merely hit the wall. So now
just shoot her dead. Now, as fast as you can, run to the corner where G3
was, and both G4 and 5 will shoot, hopefully missing you. From this
vantage point you can kill G4, and then stop to reload. Taking out G5 is
the hardest of all, because she has the height advantage (a ten foot
one, at that). There are three main ways -- (1) Running into the corner
where G4 was, and she'll shoot her gun, then you can quickly get into
the open and mow her down. (2) Show yourself for a second so she shoots
her gun, then quickly going to the light-switch, turning the lights ON,
and taking your goggles off. This will paralyze her for roughly five
seconds, giving you plenty of time to snipe her down. (3) Using the hand
grenade. Either way, it goes to this --> "OBJECTIVE 4: COMPLETED"

Make your way to the roof of the dataDyne building -- a mere jog -- and
the helicopter will greet you, "THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING! GIVE IT UP
OR DIE!" then spray the entire place with automatic fire. That's not
good, in case you're wondering...whip out your handy-dandy rocket
launcher, go to the secondary function, and place your targeting
reticule over the lethal flying machine so a box appears around it. Make
sure you get the lock, because you only get one chance. The rocket will
slowly make its way to the chopper, where it will violently explode and
send the hovercopter to the streets below, killing dozens of people in
the process (hooray!). "OBJECTIVE 3: COMPLETED"

NOTE: If you screw up somehow, it is possible to destroy the helicopter
      using conventional weaponry. It will take several hundred rounds
      of ammunition, but just so you know, it IS possible. You'll need a
      lot of cover and strafing techniques to make it through the
      process, though.

Now simply step up to the helipad, and your final mission objective is
complete, and the level is over.

                          E N D   S T A G E

                M I S S I O N   O N E   C O M P L E T E D

       __  __  __  ___  ___  __   __   _  _    ____  _    _   __
      (  \/  )(  )/ __)/ __)(  ) /  \ ( \( )  (_  _)( \/\/ ) /  \
       )    (  )( \__ \\__ \ )( ( () ) )  (     )(   \    / ( () )
      (_/\/\_)(__)(___/(___/(__) \__/ (_)\_)   (__)   \/\/   \__/

Now that you have the sapient in your posession, the dataDyne
corporation has retaliated by taking Carrington's private villa into
their own, taking Carrington has their hostage and prying secret
information from him. They also took Dr. Caroll back...Mission Two
involves rescuing Carrington and wiping out all of dataDyne's prescence.

                   C A R R I N G T O N    V I L L A

                        TYPE:  Hostage one

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Eliminate rooftop snipers
•  Activate wind generator
•  Locate and eliminate dataDyne hackers
•  Capture dataDyne guard
•  Rescue Carrington

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  CMP-150
•  Sniper Rifle
•  Laptop Gun
•  Devastator
•  R-Tracker
•  Stores Room Key Card

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

In Agent / Special Agent, you have to save the negotiator by sniping
some guards. In Perfect Agent, you _ARE_ the negotiator! To escape, pull
out your Laptop Gun (cleverly disguised as a regular laptop computer)
and mow down both of your hostage-takers. Then swivel your view to your
right and snipe the purple man on the roof -- this is one of the many
snipers you are supposed to take out. Now turn 180 degrees, go down the
dock, and snipe the purple man on the other side of the lake.

Collect the CMP-150's, but don't use it, not in the entire stage. The
Laptop Gun is twice as efficient as the CMP-150: it has a scope, it has
a clip almost twice as large, and is more powerful and easier to control
(it has little kickback). However, since they both use the same type of
ammunition, you should collect all the guns the soldiers in this level

In all actuality, you can complete one of your mission objectives right
away. All you have to do is knock a soldier unconscious, and "OBJECTIVE
4: COMPLETED" will appear on screen. The easiest way to do this is to
sneak up on someone -- that, or shooting someone in the legs several
times, then disarming them, then punching them out. Whatever works for

Now, as you probably have already realized, the biggest problem with
this stage is the ridiculous amount of guards you're going to face, and
the maze-like layout of the level. Thankfully, both problems can be
solved easily with practice.

Go up the ramp, and go through the double doors right in front of you.
You should see a sofa and some other miscellaneous furniture. Turn the
corner, and two guys will be right there. Kill them, then kill the other
two men down the hallway. Do a 180 degree turn and go through the double
doors, returning to the docks. Follow the brown path until you reach an
open area with a purple sniper on the roof: kill him, using the wall as
cover if you must. There's another guard behind the staircase, I
personally like to knock him out, since he's all alone and can't call
for help.

Speaking of staircases, go right up the stone staircase. Open the door
and kill both men. You should see a small kitchen to your right, and a
long hallway to the left of it. Go down here, and four dataDyne thugs
will begin their assault. You can just stay in the open and use your
Laptop's scope to take them all down: remember, they can't shoot through
each other like in GoldenEye, so take down the guys in the front first.
When all of that is done, pick up the large amount of ammunition. Make
note of the small computer room here, we'll be coming back later.

It's pretty hard to miss the small garden near the computer room, filled
with shrubs and ferns. Go inside and look up immediately: purple man!
Purple man are mean...they want to shoot you in the head. I suggest you
do the same to him before he gets a chance to do his dirty work. You
gotta love his death animation...he rolls down the slanted roof and
falls on the hard ground. "OOMPH!" is right!

Straight ahead is a long corridor; for reference it has a double door on
its right hand side, a painting of two people dancing, and a yellow
carpet in the center. Go inside the door to find a master bedroom, and
open the sliding glass doors. A bathroom with glass walls? Hmmm, I
didn't know Carrington was an exhibitionist! Ugh, now that puts a nasty
image into my head...regardless, collect the Sniper Rifle leaning
against the toilet. You probably won't need it, but you never know.

Near the bathroom, straight ahead in fact, is a staircase that bends in
the center. Go up, right into the open, and fire off about 5 rounds or
so of your gun. Then IMMEDIATELY run back into the master bedroom, shut
the door, reload your gun, and get ready. In GoldenEye fashion, about 10
soldiers will try to jam themselves into the doorway. Take out the guys
in the front first, then the ones in the back, etc. It'll take about an
entire clip to take down all 10 or so of them. When the coast is clear,
collect the ridiculous amount of ammunition, and then go up the stairs.

Here, there are three doors, each of them double doors. The one you want
to go through has several windows by it, and leads to an area filled
with stone pillars. Kill the two guys (I like to go outside for a brief
moment, go back inside, and then peg them as they come through the
door). Two purple snipers await your appearance in the stone-pillar
area...both of which are easy to take down. Now follow the dirt path,
killing two dataDyne men along the way, until you reach a clearing with
a high wall straight ahead. Use the scope on your Laptop to kill the
sniper there (or, if you prefer, your Sniper Rifle). There's only one
more sniper left, and he's on top of a roof nearby. If you can't find
him, don't worry, he'll find you. Kill him easily. "OBJECTIVE 1:

If you want a really cool weapon (and hot damn, who DOESN'T?) then go to
the staircase that's near the high wall. Go up, turn to your right, and
you'll find a helipad. In the back, against the wall, are several
crates. One of them can be blown up using a gun, and doing so will
reward you with a DEVASTATOR! You gotta love grenade launchers -- and
this one will become quite handy in a few minutes. You get three rounds,
but that's more than enough for this stage.

Now what you want to do is backtrack ALL the way back to the kitchen
area. It sounds far away, but it should take about 10 seconds to speed
strafe back there. Once here, look behind the kitchen, and you'll find a
long, thin, red staircase. Go down it to find a huge corridor (it's the
one where we briefly entered and killed four guys near the start of this
entire stage). Keep your eye on the LEFT HAND SIDE wall, and you should
find a brown double door. Go inside, down the stairs, and kill the man
there. Open the door next to him, and from the doorway you can kill
three guys. The first has his back to you, and his death will cause the
one near the couch and another in the swimming pool to rush in to see
what's going on. BANG, BANG; they're dead.

Return to the staircase, and look to the side to discover two men and a
double door. Go through to discover some extensive underground caverns.
Look at the ground and follow the metallic line straight ahead to a
large chamber filled with water. Show yourself for an instant, firing
off your gun, and then quickly leave, following the metal line to yet
another chamber filled with guys. Shoot your gun to get their attention,
and as fast as you can, speed strafe back to the staircase inside the
villa. Shut the double doors and keep your body against them. This
"trick" (or oversight, I suppose) remains from GoldenEye. There's going
to be about 20 people on the other side of this door, all trying to get
in, but since you're there the door can't open the way they want it!
Wait about ten seconds, so everyone can catch up, then back away and
shoot a grenade into the wall.

After the smoke clears, go back into the underground passage and collect
an insane amount of ammunition from the ground. Go straight ahead, into
the chamber that has a lake and two large metallic boxes. Each one has a
computer console on it; so switch both on to activate the cooling and
power systems to the wind generator. Now follow the metallic line in the
floor until you arrive at a large, white pillar. Activate the monitor
there, and the wind generator will start up. "OBJECTIVE 2: COMPLETED"

About now you're going to get a message from base telling you to take
care of the dataDyne hackers...ugh! Now you have to backtrack quite a
bit, go back to the computer rooms, and kill three guys in under 30 or
so seconds. This isn't so hard, unless you're a newbie to the level,
then it'll get really confusing. If this is the case, you can use your
R-Tracker for some help. But here are specific steps to reach the

1. Get out of the caves, back into the villa.

2. Go up the stairs.

3. Through the double doors.

4. Turn right and go up the long red stairs.

5. Arriving at the kitchen, go down the long hall. Turn right and kill
   both guys seated at the computer screens.

6. Go down the long hallway (yellow carpet, painting, master bedroom to
   the side, etc.) and up the stairs.

7. At the top of the stairs, turn left and go to the back of the room.

8. Kill the guy there. "OBJECTIVE 3: COMPLETED"

Now backtrack to the underground passageway. Go through the door near
the windmill room, and down the small stairway. Turn right and kill all
three shock troopers. This next part is really cool, it's a shootout in
the middle of a wine cellar! Glass shards will be flying's great. Be sure to take down every single shock trooper
you see. The last one will drop a key card that will open the door at
the end. Funny thing, though, considering there's no keycard slot to put
it to deactivate any locking mechanism. Oh well, it works, so I won't

                          E N D   S T A G E

                M I S S I O N   T W O   C O M P L E T E D

   __  __  __  ___  ___  __   __   _  _    ____  _  _  ___   ___  ___
  (  \/  )(  )/ __)/ __)(  ) /  \ ( \( )  (_  _)( )( )(  ,) (  _)(  _)
   )    (  )( \__ \\__ \ )( ( () ) )  (     )(   )__(  )  \  ) _) ) _)
  (_/\/\_)(__)(___/(___/(__) \__/ (_)\_)   (__) (_)(_)(_)\_)(___)(___)

Apparently, a huge meeting between leaders from different organizations
is taking place in the G5 Building in Chicago, Illinois. The first stage
involves sneaking through the raining streets and into the building
itself, while the second stage involves finding the meeting room and
listening in, following by retrieving Dr. Caroll's personality diskette
and escaping before you're overwhelmed by enemy forces.

                   C H I C A G O   S T R E E T S

                          TYPE:  Stealth

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Retrieve drop point equipment
•  Attach tracer to limousine
•  Prepare escape route
•  Create vehicular diversion
•  Gain entry to G5 building

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Falcon-2 (scope) (2x)
•  CMP-150
•  dy-357 magnum
•  BombSpy
•  Reprogrammer
•  Remote Mine

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

Dang, this level is too awesome...I just like to play this only to shoot
civilians, mess around with the robot, or explore the bathroom. Heheh,
and you can't forget the awesome rain effects!

Run to the first corner and wait here, you should see a guard walk past.
When he turns his back, run up to him and punch him out, along with the
nearby civilian. Go into the dark tunnel and punch out the FBI agent at
the end. These guys will become the bane of your existence, as if you
allow them to call for backup then the entire level will open up and
super-soldiers will flood the streets, all equipped with dy357 magnums.
Scary it's in your best interest to take these FBI guys out.
There's only two more left.

Go out into the streets, and you should note two guards. Duck into the
nearby alcove that has a red square on the wall, and two sliding doors.
One soldier in the streets will be walking away, unless you were really
slow. Shoot him in the back of the head. If the second guard -- the one
by the dumpster -- notices this, then shoot him dead as well, and then
quickly move to the split in the fence and kill the FBI agent there.
Move away because this will attract guards back there. Move to the
large, black limousine and start the small conversation with the
civilian. Punch him out, but be careful because if the robotic sentry
starts shooting and the civilian gets caught in the crossfire, he'll die
and the mission will be failed. Now put the tracer bug on the limo
(NOTE: If the civilian sees you do this, he'll scream for help and you
fail the mission, which is why you should knock him out). "OBJECTIVE 2:

Now, return to the hole in the fence and take out the guys there. Go
into the ditch, and take out anyone in the area. You should now be
getting a message from Carrington, telling you where they hid the drop-
point equipment. Go up the long ditch, and then duck to get by the small
hole. Run to the very end and retrieve the suitcase off the ledge -- you
now have possession of a reprogramming device and a single remote mine.

Backtrack to the area with the yellow cab. You'll get a message from
Grimshaw telling you to reprogram it, but ignore this for now. Go into
the alley illuminated by a red light, and take care of any threats.
Don't bother to punch out the civilians, just let them run away (Hahah,
"Here, t-take the wallet...I-I don't want any trouble!"). Continue past
the barrels, and you'll see an FBI agent at the end...quickly shoot him
in the head and retreat back into the area with the barrels, because
this will attract the attention of two soldiers. Don't even think of
going into the next area to take them out, because you will be mowed
down. There is a large fire-escape filled with baddies. It is possible
to take them out using conventional ways (and it is somewhat cool,
because one will climb over the railing and fall 20 feet to the ground).
Exploring the area with the barrels, you will find a trash dumpster.
Push this into a stack of barrels, and then shoot the cans to cause them
to erupt into a huge fireball. The dumpster will explode, and a suitcase
will spill out. Collect this to acquire a BombSpy.

Deploy this little treasure just like you did the CamSpy, and send it
right up the fire-escape. The soldiers will ignore it, so drive it to
the very top and detonate it. All four guards will die a pathetic death,
and the civilian on the ground will be safe (as long as you detonate it
at the highest part of the escape). Now collect the ammunition and equip
the CMP-150, and throw the remote mine on the blocked up doors. I HIGHLY
recommend throwing the mine on the higher of the two, due to the fact
you'll get a bonus weapon in the next stage by doing so (which makes the
level a piece of cake). "OBJECTIVE 3: COMPLETED"

Now backtrack to the taxi and use the reprogrammar to put in a new
instruction set to its navigational system. When that's done it will fly
off somewhere now you can just wander around for awhile if you

NOTE: Near where the limousine was originally parked, there is a door
      you can go inside. Down the ramps are several guards, and if you
      dis-arm them all using the secondary function of the fist, one of
      them will eventually open the locked double doors, which allows
      access to the "Punk Pond Bar", and you can find double Falcon-2's
      on the bar shelf. You can also explore the bathroom, heheh. But
      all this is optional, so don't feel like you have to come down

After about 20 seconds the taxi will crash into the streets, blowing up
the cyborg in an hilarious scene. "OBJECTIVE 4: COMPLETED". If you wait
near a corner for a few seconds, the soldiers guarding the entrance to
the building will come out and start talking about the robot and car
parts littering the streets.

"What the hell was that?!"
"What a mess!"
"I never liked that robot anyways..."
"The boss ain't gonna like this!"
"We can always get a new one."

Great stuff. Now you can either run right past them and into the
entrance to the G5 Building, or kill them if you wish. Either way =

NOTE: If you send the BombSpy into the area with the entrance to the G5
      building, all four or so men will immediately run to it. Detonate
      the device and all of them will die, and "Alternate Diversion
      Created" will appear on screen. So you don't HAVE to program the
      taxi if you don't want.


DIFFERENT STRATEGY: has this to add:

"On Chicago Streets Stealth, i found there is an easier way to put the
tracer bug on the dataDyne limo. In the small hole in the fence where in
your walkthrough you kill the second FBI agent, you drop down into the
ditch, go into the small duct that is closest to the area where you drop
in. Go all the way to the end and stand up. Push C-Up to look up and
you'll see a red grate. Pust the action button to open it and you'll see
the bottom of the limo. Just toss it to the bottom and Objective 2 will
be completed. Then from your vantage point you can kill almost, if not
all the straglers from the safety of the duct. I just thought this is
easier and you may want to consider trying it."

Thank you,
Limp Bizkit 9168


                         E N D   S T A G E

                     G 5   B U I L D I N G

                     TYPE:  Reconnaissance

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Disable damping field generator
•  Deactivate laser grid systems
•  Holograph meeting conspirators
•  Retrieve Dr. Caroll backup from safe
•  Exit building

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Falcon-2 (Silenced)
•  CMP-150
•  CamSpy
•  Remote Mine Trigger
•  dy-357 magnum
•  Door Decoder
•  Level 1 Key Card
•  Level 2 Key Card
•  N-Bomb

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

You start off in what is supposedly a car garage, but I see no cars nor
places to park cars! Talk about a crappy concept. Regardless, you get to
meet a brand new breed of nemesis -- cloaked guards. They'll become
somewhat invisible and will run around the room. Then they find a nice
corner and peg you full of sub-machine gun rounds...the thing is though,
once they shoot their weapons they will become visible again. And
finding them when they are cloaked isn't so hard, because they leave a
"Predator"-effect, which can be easy to follow if you can spot it (which
can be difficult to the untrained eye). The best strategy for the first
room is to go to the dead body, collect his gun, turn to your right, and
kill the guy that appears there. Do a 180 and another soldier will
appear against the wall near the dumpster. He'll drop the keycard to the
door when defeated.

Run through the hall and mow down the man standing next to the switch.
Collect the ammunition and equip the CMP-150; you should have a full
clip and change. In this next room, the lights will go out and about
five guards will cloak themselves. The best method of attack is to hide
behind the dumpster to the left of the entrance, duck down for cover,
and take out anyone who gets in front of you using manual targeting (R
button). You shouldn't even get hit before, the last guy will
drop the keycard for the exit.

NOTE: Another cool trick is to go near the glass walls to activate the
      guards, then run to the entrance and look down the middle of the
      room. All five guys will run across here, so get your CMP-150 and
      extend its entire clip in the middle, creating a sort of wire of
      bullets, and once they cross the wire, they're dead. You should
      kill them all within a five second period, which is absolutely
      wicked to see.

Wait next to the door and look through the glass...when the guy comes
by, peg him in the head. Rush into the next room and turn to your RIGHT.
There should be a guy either walking away or towards you, depending on
the time it took you to get here. Shoot him immediately and move further
into the room, blocking access to the alarm console. If one single alarm
goes off your mission objectives are failed! There are two other guys
here, so take them both down immediately. Now go through the door near
the alarm console, and immediately find cover behind the corner, then
peak out to kill the guy near the bend in the middle of the stairwell.
This dead-end room has three guys: one near the computers, and two in
other corners. Move in slowly and pick them off one at a time, using
pillars as cover. When it is clear, collect the ammunition and shut off
the computer equipment. "OBJECTIVE 1: COMPLETED"

Return to the room with the alarm box and you should notice several
switches, all with green lights. Go up to each one and press the action
button to switch it off. When they are all disabled the laser grid will
be inactive, giving you access to the ceiling assemblage. Climb up the
stairs, duck down, and follow the large metallic line (really, what else
IS there to follow?) until you get into the room with the locked door
(it's one-way only; it has no key).

Look down, and you should see a man standing next to an alarm. Cap him
in the face before he sees you. Another guy should come running...kill
him as well. Now all should be silent, so send your CamSpy through the
small hole, view the long cinema if you wish, and then drop down into

If there's anyone left, be sure to kill them swiftly. Although an alarm
won't fail the mission now, it won't exactly help you either. Go through
the door near the alarm and up the stairs. Two more soldiers are
guarding the vault: a single sweep with the CMP-150 and they'll be down
on the ground. Move there quickly to get the attention of another pair
of guys deeper inside, hiding behind a support pillar. Circle around and
mow them down. Go up the stairs further in and kill the final man of the least, the final regular man. This area is bathed in red
light, and a box of N-Bombs should be laying in wait -- that is, if you
put the remote mine on the upper door in the Chicago: Stealth mission.
If not, it won't be there for reasons that are simply beyond me.

Equip the N-Bomb and set them to their secondary function: proximity!
Oolala! Set four-to-five of these at strategic locations -- in the
middle of stairways, near doors, in the middle of halls, and at the very
entrance to the vault. Save about two for later. Inside the vault,
you'll get a message from the Institute. Place the door-decoder on the
console and an alarm will sound. Back up against the shining vault door
and set off your remote mine device, blowing a large-sized hole in the
side of the building that will do well for an escape.

Now wait, patiently, and listen with delight as N-Bomb after N-Bomb
explodes, sending bodies flying and shrieks echoing down the metal
halls. At about the 25 second mark (the countdown to the vault door's
opening) the first dazed and extremely confused wave of guards will
enter the room, their accuracy at about 5% (read: they couldn't hit you
if you were two feet away). To add further insult to injury, they carry
dy357 magnums, the slowest firing weapon in the game. Kill these guys
easily. Now the heavy vault door will be slowly sliding open, and this
alone takes about 20 seconds, so throw your last N-Bombs into the
corridor, laughing as people wander into their black eruptions.

When the door FINALLY comes to rest, rush inside and grab the floppy
diskette off the shelf. It's the year 2023 and people are still using
these? Sure, why not, it's almost as believable as hover cars going
mainstream within the decade [/sarcasm]. "OBJECTIVE 4: COMPLETED"
Regardless, the stage now simply consists of rushing past the now-
drooling guards and through the exit. "OBJECTIVE 5: COMPLETED"

                         E N D   S T A G E

              M I S S I O N   T H R E E   C O M P L E T E D

   __  __  __  ___  ___  ___  __   __   _  _    ___   __   _  _  ___
  (  \/  )(  )/ __)/ __)/ __)(  ) /  \ ( \( )  (  _) /  \ ( )( )(  ,)
   )    (  )( \__ \\__ \\__ \ )( ( () ) )  (    ) _)( () ) )()(  )  \
  (_/\/\_)(__)(___/(___/(___/(__) \__/ (_)\_)  (_)   \__/  \__/ (_)\_)

Hey man, any game that has you sabotaging government operations has to
be cool! :p The main point of this mission is sneaking inside Area 51
(first stage), obtaining the space alien who is a friend of the
Carrington Insitute (second stafe) and escaping before the entire
government collapses around you, while rescuging the alien and another
CI operative. Hectic fun.

                         A R E A   5 1

                      TYPE:  Infiltration

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Shut down air intercept radar
•  Plant comms device on antenna
•  Disable all robot interceptors
•  Gain access to hangar lift
•  Make contact with CI spy

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Falcon-2
•  Magsec-4 (2x)
•  Hand grenade
•  Dragon
•  Rocket Launcher
•  Explosives
•  Comms rider

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

The way you take on this stage largely depends on one factor: do you
want to kill the technician? It's easier to kill him, but it makes the
next stage harder. In this walkthrough I made it so he lives, so you
don't have to come back. BUT, you can kill him if you want and come back
and let him live with a cheat (like invincible).

First off, let the opening cinema run until the soldier walking in the
sand gets past the slanted pillars. When that happens, press start and
shoot one of the men who have their back to you. The survivor will
normally run to the auto-gun and try to activate it, but you should be
able to kill him before he even reaches it. The man who was walking away
should have heard the commotion, so dive behind a wall and when he stops
shooting, come back out and peg him in the head. Grab the MagSec's, but
don't use them yet. Be sure to collect all the hand grenades, as well.

Continue along the sandy path until you reach your first automated
chain-gun sentry. It won't see you, so fill it with Falcon-2 shots. The
guns in this game are really tough, requiring up to 15 rounds before
exploding. If you position yourself just right, the gun won't turn to
face you. You can use hand grenades, but I prefer to save them for
something more difficult than this, ya know?

The second auto-gun is a piece of cake. Simply duck down and position
yourself against the wall so you can just a sliver of it, then use your
Falcon to take it out. It's nigh-impossible to use the MagSec, because
it is much more inaccurate than the Falcon -- the only thing it has over
it is an extended clip and more punch to each round (notice how people
fly back like 10 feet when you hit them in the chest?).

The guard tower that's roughly 50 feet ahead gives many people
headaches, mainly because they position themselves in the group of
crates, thinking that's the only way to find cover. WRONG! Here's what
ya do: speed strafe against the wall while simultaneously firing off
your pistol at the tower, and the two men inside will duck (if not, one
will die for sure from a headshot). Position yourself at the foot of the
ladder, use the scope of the MagSec to look up, and kill them both
easily (they won't shoot down the ladder unless you start climbing up).

You'll find that a lone soldier is running down the tunnel to get help,
and if you're (un)lucky he'll already bring backup from the next
section. They won't start firing upon you until they get relatively
close, so kneel all the way down and shoot them all dead, aiming for the
chest (kneeling greatly increases your accuracy over long distances,
regardless of the gun). After this, go through the large hole in the
chain-link fence, but don't go across the sand! It's littered with
landmines -- take out a single hand grenade, toss it a few feet from the
hole, and watch the flames soar into the air. Go across the sand to the
deserted helipad and pick up the rocket launcher. What smart alec kid
left a loaded rocket launcher in the middle of an abandoned lot? Oh
well, I thank his incompetence...

Go across the sand behind the helipad and you'll find a small hole, go
through to another section. Here you will find two guys, take them down.
From this position you can sneak up behind all three drone guns and
blast them to kingdom come (these only require four or five shots
insetad of 15). You'll notice a technician tending to a robot
interceptor. Shoot him in the leg then run away and allow him to limp
after you. He'll pull out a Falcon, but his aim is pathetic and he is
extremely slow. When he gets far enough from the robot, punch him out
and grab his keycard. Destroy the robot he was working on. Go back tot
he small tunnel that took you to this area and go back through, exiting
through the hole in the chain-link fence.

Go through the large tunnel, and you should all be fairly aware of the
drone gun that sits around the corner. In the other difficulties he
wasn't so bad, but this is PA and the longer you mess around with him
the worse it gets. The easiest and decidedly most healthy strategy is to
rush forward a few feet from the tunnel entrance, fire off your single
rocket -- don't worry about aiming, just hit the wall the auto-gun is
connected to -- then immediately get back into the cave. You shouldn't
get hit once, and all that will be left of the drone gun will be some
blackened, charbroiled polygons. Yummy.

When you stepped out into the open several Area 51 security guards
should have noticed you, so step into the tunnel and pick them off. Now,
behind the wall that had the drone gun is a huge satellite dish. "I
can't throw the rider that high!" remarks Joanna. Pfft, if you were a
guy you could, you know, baseball and everything? ;) The simple solution
is to hit the shiny button, which will cause it to lower, then you can
throw it on.

However, before doing this you'll want to lure out some guards flanking
the walls of the dish. One carries a hand grenade and will often kill
both you and himself with it, so be extremely cautious -- stay as far
away as possible. And if he throws it, just start backpedaling as fast
as you can, and hopefully you won't get hurt too much.

When you get up to the dish, you will find a silver door (that is
locked) with two guards on either side, plus another auto-gun. Ignore
the auto-gun, it can't hit you from your position, just find cover
behind the structure that supports the satellite dish and kill both men
as they come running. Now the coast is clear, so toss that comms rider
up there like there's no tomorrow. "OBJECTIVE 2: COMPLETED" With this,
immediately take out your hand grenades and move towards the silver door
and the auto-gun. Position yourself behind one of the pillars (What are
they for? Who cares, it's cover so don't ask questions) so the gun's
bullets can't hit you, then toss a grenade against the door. It will
open, and a man with twin MagSec's will step out into the night air.


Both him and the automated sentry will be blown into the next existence,
but don't celebrate yet, there are three -- count 'em -- perverts yet to
be dispatched inside this room, so quickly go within and take care of
them using your new found toys (2x MagSecs, silly). The doors leading
further inside are locked, so go back outside. Do you see those robots
docked in their landing alcoves? Well, a single clip will take them out
-- be sure to do so to both of them. As long as you took care of the one
near the lifts, "OBJECTIVE 3: COMPLETED" will flash on screen.

Now hop on the hoverbike (double tap B while next to it) and ride like
the wind back to the chainlink fence. Well, maybe not; stop in the
middle of the tunnel, get off, and use the hoverbike as cover if need
be, because four guards have magically appeared ahead. Take them out
from your vantage point -- they can be somewhat aggressive, but as long
as you snipe them using the MagSec (remember to duck all the way down)
you should be fine. If you allowed the robot interceptor near the lifts
to live, you will see him flying around the skies, taking pots shots at
you: kill him quickly, and make sure he doesn't land on you when he
falls out of the sky...that would be just plain embarrassing (It's
happened to me before, ugh...).

Go through the hole in the fence, duck down, and go through the small
cubby-hole that spills out into the area near the freight elevators. I
said it once, and I'll say it again: you should really come here before
the area with the satellite dish, shoot the technician in the leg, watch
him chase you pathetically, then punch him out when he's about 10 feet
away from the parked robot. Then blow the robot away, and presto, you
won't have to fight the robot and the technician will enable the next
level -- which is very difficult the first time you play it, I might add
-- to become a lot less frustrating.

Where were we? Ah, yes, the freight elevator area. You should all be
familiar with the underground bunker, so go down there and plant your
explosives on the computer (tap B), then patiently wait for the lasers
to vanish, then run past. This scenario begs two questions: (1) How can
the computer know its a bomb? I mean, it's on the keyboard, how does it
know someone just isn't typing something? (2) What's the point of lasers
if they go on and off and can be gotten past?

Oh well, I guess if those problems were fixed then the level would be
impossible. Gotta live with it I suppose...

Once you exit the bunker you will hear a series of explosions indicating
your plastique wasn't a dud, and "OBJECTIVE 1: COMPLETED" will appear on

You have that fancy-smancy keycard from the technician, right? Well, go
up to the computer monitor near the large sliding doors and put it to
use. You'll hear some loud mechanical noises, and hear the elevator
coming up. Ready a hand grenade (you should have two left) and when the
door opens, toss it right at the ground so it bounces across the ground
and lands at the feet of two men, the blast sending the two unsuspecting
soldiers flying through the air. Collect their Dragon assault rifles,
but don't switch to it. Stay with your double MagSecs.

When the door opens, kneel all the way down and get against a crate, and
look to the left-hand side of the hangar: there should be a single
Dragon-toting soldier here. Shoot him immediately, or he will send a
grenade spiraling through the air and right into the lift, probably
killing you instantly. If he does this hideous act before you shoot him
(e.g. you're kind of slow...), back up against the rear wall and pray.
Now then, all this shooting will have caused quite a commotion, and the
freight doors will probably close by the time anyone starts shooting, so
use this to check yourself.

Do you have any hand grenades left? You should have one, but if not a
proximity Dragon will do just fine. When the elevator goes back down,
about four guys will be ready to get in -- throw your explosive of
choice against the door so when the door slides open the group will find
a very special surprise (They'll thank you by saying such things as, "OH
MY GOD I'M DYING!" or "WHY ME!?" etc.). Rush into the hangar ("OBJECTIVE
4: COMPLETED") and collect all the ammunition. Switch to the Dragon, and
well, it's all pretty much down-hill from here. The only thing that will
screw you up is one more grenade-psychotic (definition: n. a person who
has no qualms about killing himself and all his friends, just as long as
you go down along with them) up on the metallic catwalks. Your best bet
is to move in so they notice, then run FAR away and snipe them using
your Dragon as they come running for you. They magically appear out of
nowhere, which can throw a lot of people off at first, so be very aware
of your surroundings.

Once you reach the elevator (have you noticed this game has a lot of
elevators?) you'll get a message from the person you're supposed to meet
with, so go on down to the next floor. Kill the two guys in front of
you, then some fast music will start and guys will magically appear
behind some crates. You COULD throw some grenades down them, have a
really big gunfight and win easily, but why bother? The exit is right
there, just fall off the part of the catwalk with no railings and speed
strafe right into the open doorway that leads to your Carrington
Institute contact, Jonathan. "OBJECTIVE 5: COMPLETED"

                     S T A G E   CO M P L E T E D

                         A R E A   5 1

                         TYPE:  Rescue

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Destroy computer records
•  Locate conspiracy evidence
•  Obtain and use lab technician disguise
•  Gain access to autopsy lab
•  Rescue the crash Survivor

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Falcon-2 (Silenced) (2x)
•  Phoenix
•  Dragon
•  Super Dragon
•  Hand grenade (rare)
•  Lab clothes
•  Tranquilizer
•  X-ray Scanner
•  Data Uplink
•  Medlab 2 key card
•  Operations room key card

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

This level plays with your mind. It tells you to do one thing when in
reality you can do many different things to do the same task much more
easily. What am I babbling on about? Why, the first half of the're "supposed" to clear out the stores room (a task in
itself), push the box of explosives to the marked wall, and detonate it.
But this is extremely challenging and frustrating.

Thankfully, there's a way around it.

There are three main ways to get past the wall:

•  Using the explosive hovercraft (HARD)
•  Tossing a proximity Dragon in front of it, then shooting it (MEDIUM)
•  Using the Phoenix to clear the path, then blow the wall (EASY)

How do you get the Phoenix? I would usually only include this in my
bonus guide, but since it makes the level about 10X easier, I'll tell
you. In the Area 51: Infiltration stage (the one we just got past) you
will note a man tending to a robot interceptor near the large lifts. If
you kill this man, you can't get the Phoenix. Instead, shoot him in the
leg, let him limp about 10 feet away from the robot, punch him out, then
blow the robot away. Then finish the stage...Hell, you can even use
cheats to do it if you want! Just make sure it's on Perfect Agent, all
the objectives are completed successfully, and you reach the end.

Now, in the current level (Area 51: Rescue), watch the opening cinema
until Jonathan triggers the hovercrate, then press start and speed
strafe to the lift and you'll be able to get on just as the doors close.
Don't mess with any guards. When the elevator takes you to the catwalks
above, turn RIGHT and follow the long path to a lone soldier. Kill him
then attempt to open the door. "This door is locked." Wait for it...aha!
That same guy you punched out will open the door for you from the other
side, then run away -- so kill him or punch him out, whatever it takes.
Inside this secret hangar, go up the ramp to the left, take the
elevator, go through the halls, and you'll find the Phoenix pistol --
aka the dildo gun -- lying on a table near some bulletproof windows.

Immediately switch to it, and be on its secondary function -- explosive

Backtrack to the catwalks above the stores room, go past the elevator,
turn left and take out the man right there. Then go towards the doors
that lead to the room with the cracked wall -- kill both guys by sending
explosions around their feet, which will send them flying through the
air before they can even get a single shot off. Go through the two doors
and look at the catwalks above -- several guys will come running.
Usually you would have to take cover and battle them inside the
elevator, causing huge health losses, but again, the Phoenix takes care
of everything -- shoot a few shells up there, and bodies will go flying.
Even if one guy gets past, you can board the elevator and shoot an
explosive shell at the next level before he can even realize you're
there. It makes it sooooo easy. No more getting mowed down while you
attempt to get off the elevator!

Now use the alien-crafted gun to blow a hole in the weak wall, turn
left, and go into the cryo room on the RIGHT. You will go through a
single Area 51 soldier armed with a Super Dragon, and a disturbing
doctor dressed in blue with a face-mask. Go into the containment lab,
activate all the red switches, and use your X-ray scanner on them all --
you're looking for a dead alien body inside one of these tubes. When you
find it, look at it for a couple of seconds until "OBJECTIVE 2:
COMPLETED" flashes on screen.

Backtrack to the hole in the wall, taking out soldiers as you go. Be
sure to collect their weapons. Go past the hole and up the hill,
ignoring all doors. Just keep following the hallways, illuminated by
fiercely bright lights. You'll soon reach an area with a door on either
side, and two soldiers will come out. Kill them, follow the path, and
you'll reach another large room for storage. Immediately switch to your
Super Dragon's secondary function: grenade launcher baby! Strafe to the
left and unload about four-five rounds right into the fray, laughing as
bodies fly across the room. A single guy will drop from above, take him
out as well. Run up the ramp and you'll notice two large planks coming
off the catwalks -- and on one there is no grating, which means you can
climb across, access the air-conditioning system, and drop right into
the showers (the doors are locked in PA, as you should have noticed).

Once inside the showers, head back into the locker room, kill the man
there ("Oh my GOD, a GUN!" -- am I the only one who thinks that is kind
of funny?), and open up all the lockers until you find the clothes, its
location is random so check them all. Immediately equip it via the pause
screen, and make sure you are UNARMED! The uniform is no good if you're
toting an automatic weapon around, ya know? "OBJECTIVE 3: COMPLETE" If
you want to be absolutely sure you're in the disguise, try punching thin
air -- you should be wearing white for your arms.

Exit the showers and you'll notice you only have one minute and 30
seconds (1:30) before the entire place realizes you're a fake, so go on
the double! Race up the corridors until you reach the place with two
doors across from each other, and go through the one on the left (coming
from the showers). Inside is a drone gun, but the programmers here won't
recognize you as a foe and will greet you cheerfully. Punch both of them
out, go to the computer console in the back, whip out your data uplink,
and download the virus into its hard-drive. Now all the doors in the
immediate area are going to go haywire, opening and closing at random,
totally out of control.

Continue back through the hall, coming closer to the hole in the wall.
You'll reach two large silver doors, both opening and closing furiously.
One of them was locked before, but now you can go inside and have a
small conversation with two Area 51 soldiers and a programmer. Position
yourself behind one of the soldiers and take out your Dragon, they'll
say something like "What are you going to do with THAT?!" or "Are you
authorized for that gun?" Before you can answer those questions, they
should be in a bloody heap on the floor. See that computer console?
Destroy it. "OBJECTIVE 1: COMPLETED" Not too shabby, eh? ;)

You should have about 50 seconds left on your timer. Run back to the
hole in the wall and nearby you should note a slanted silver door --
open it and a very long corridor awaits you, filled with office cubicles
and soldiers. You did remember to put your weapon away, right?
Regardless, run through to the other side (Joanna will make a comment
about how the air is being recycled), open the door, and a man on the
other side of the door will let you in when he checks your ID. Note,
however, that you must have:

• Completed objectives 1, 2 and 3 for him to appear.
• Be disguised
• Be unarmed

...then he'll let you into the autopsy lab. "OBJECTIVE 4: COMPLETED"
Punch him out, then run across the room and punch the guy next to the
drawing, then equip your Super Dragon and kill the single doctor inside
the glass room, and be sure to collect his "Medlab 2 keycard."

About now, roughly three billion men and doctors (the scary kind) will
flood the room. They're psychics, knowing where you without them having
any kind of clue whatsoever...use a flurry of grenades from your trusty
Super Dragon and then collect the ridiculous amount of ammunition
littering the floor.

Exit back into the main hallway, turn right, and you should note yet
ANOTHER slanted silver door with a similar corridor littered with
offices and tables. Since you have the keycard, you can go inside.
You'll also find a few guards...take care of them using some grenades.
Then go into the final door, blow everyone away, then get the
"operations room key card." It can be hard to find, because the
explosions will sometimes knock it around the room a bit. When you get
that, use it on the doors to finish the stage. "OBJECTIVE 5: COMPLETED"

Whoo! That was a long one!

                         E N D   S T A G E

                         A R E A   5 1

                         TYPE:  Escape

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Locate alien tech medpack
•  Rendezvous with CI spy
•  Locate secret hangar
•  Revive Maian Bodyguard
•  Escape from Area 51

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Falcon 2 (scope) (2x)
•  Remote Mines
•  Super Dragon
•  dy357 magnum (failed mission)
•  Alien medpack
•  Tranquilizer

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

I hate this stage. Repeat, I hate this stage. I hate waiting for that
dumbass Jonathan that takes 10 minutes to follow me, and I hate waiting
for Elvis to catch up with his short, scrawny little legs. I don't care
if he's a riot, he's too slow! But oh well.

You start out the stage pushing Elvis along in his hoverbed, which you
have doubtlessly seen hundreds of time in .mpeg movies before, right?
Not what you expected, I guess. Just keep pushing him forward through
the doors, in no particular hurry, listening to Jonathan keep
talking...and talking some more.

Eventually you'll reach the cal-de-sac that holds the entrances to the
two cryogenic rooms, and two maniacal doctors (the scary kind with
masks) are there to teach you a lesson by filling you with drugs. You'll
get high, everything will become a swirl of light and colors, and you'll
lose health, but the only good thing is the "high" bit, so you may as
well shoot them dead using your scoped Falcon-2. Run through the brown
door that looks like a wall, and rush down the sloped corridor. At about
the middle let go of the bed by pressing B, then speed strafe ahead and
open the door. Elvis will slide in smoothly, and Johnny-boy will tell
you "good job" and hand over a cookie.

Run back up the hill and go through the cryogenic room on the right-hand
side. Two more doctors await, and running through blindly isn't the best
of strategies, namely because you WILL become blind by doing so. Wait at
the entrance and use the corner for cover, and shoot them from your
vantage point. Collect their Tranquilizers if you wish, but it's useless

In the back of the room you'll find a short corridor and a doorway, go
inside. If you rescued Elvis (e.g. got him to the designation point) in
under 40 seconds a box of three remote mines will be sitting here. Why?
I'm not so sure (I know I should've taken that class in quantum
physics). If you get them just fling them all over the room, detonate,
and watch gleefully as the three Area 51 soldiers fly across the room.
Collect their Super Dragons and change to the secondary function,
grenade launchers.

Go out onto the huge zigzagging catwalk and take out both soldiers using
your grenades. I think it's extra-funny when one of them flies over the
railing and into the darkness below. "Ahhhhhhh..."

On the other side is a door, open it and Joanna will make a remark about
how the alien medpack should be near here. Who knows how she knew this,
but more importantly who cares? Use a grenade to break the glass wall
into millions of tiny shards, and walk up to the console and activate
it. This will unlock a door around the next corner (beware of the
guard), and inside the alien medpack rests on a pile of gasoline
canisters. Collecting it = "OBJECTIVE 1: COMPLETED"

Follow the path, watching in amazement as every door opens for you
automatically. You'll soon see a guard right in front of you, plaster
him. Ignore the door behind him and turn right, kill that guard, then
kill the third guard in the third room. The next chamber has several
compute consoles/lockers, and you'll find Jonathan inside. "OBJECTIVE 2:
COMPLETED" After a short conversation three soldiers will burst into the
room, but one grenade will take care of them.

Here's an important tip: don't just run back to the room where you first
found guys with Super Dragons. No, that's bad. What you want to do is go
to the room with the door I told you to ignore, open it up, and about
five guys will be RIGHT there -- single grenade, flying bodies
everywhere. Collect the lot of ammunition and wait here for Jonathan to
catch up. Go through the automatic doors, waiting for him to catch up.
If you don't, some pixie-dust laden guards will magically teleport in
and start fighting Johnny boy. Sure, he'll win, but his health will be
depleted and it will take forever to catch up.

When you finally get back to the zigzagging catwalks and see that he is
on it, run back to the original room, and again, about five guards will
be there, out of nowhere. BOOM, BOOM! Dang, that's a lot of bodies on
the floor...step carefully. John will begin to set his bomb, and you'll
have to "protect him"...not exactly the height of difficulty. When it
explodes, go inside ("OBJECTIVE 3: COMPLETED") and kill the two men on
the catwalks, then turn your attention back to John and make sure to
kill anyone he's fighting, because if he dies you fail the mission.

Return to the Maian and use the alien medpack on him (select it, tap Z).
You should hear this weird noise to confirm is working. From here on
out, make sure to kill anyone who gets near John. Don't worry about the
alien, he'll be fine. When it says "Alien medpack has been administered"
run back to our diminutive friend, a cinema will take place, and god
damn is Elvis (the alien's name) a riot. His voice sounds like Yoda and
he cracks me up everytime he says one of his corny jokes. Sad, I
suppose, but I don't care.

Then we will all make a trip to the Maian flying saucer, and here's
where things get complicated. There are THREE ways to exit this stage,
and each one has its own positives and negatives. I'll list them all,
going from the easiest to the most challenging.

Ways To Exit Area 51: Escape:

•  (Easiest) Once the conversation by the saucer begins, run back to the
   ramp, go up, and kill people who come through the doors. When Joanna
   says something to the affect of "We can't leave you behind!" go to
   one of the two computer consoles on the catwalks. When the fast music
   begins, activate it, then run back to the second and activate that as
   well. Both hangar doors will open and the UFO will leave, and the
   stage will be over. Weird, if I must say so myself. I think this may
   be a glitch, I just hope it isn't fixed in PAL territory.

•  (Medium) When the conversation begins and Jonathan volunteers to open
   the hangar doors, just wait by Elvis and protect him from any
   soldiers. Just stay right here...and when both doors are open, you
   and Elvis will leave.

•  (Hardest) When the conversation ends and Jonathan volunteers to open
   the hangar doors, run up to him before he reaches the ramp and Joanna
   will say something to the affect, "You leave on the saucer, I'll open
   the doors." Now open both hangar doors as in the easiest method, but
   now John will leave on the UFO, leaving you here, which means you
   have to get on the hoverbike (double tap the B button) and go through
   hundreds of guards, then find the exit. Here are some directions...

   - Go up the slanted hill that leads to the two cryogenic rooms.
   - Go through the long corridors (you'll see some of the nerve gas for
     a few seconds), and make your way all the way back to the hangar
     where you dropped into the showers from the air-conditioning vents.
   - There's only one door on the ground level, and it's ahead and to
     the extreme right of the entrance. Follow the path, killing the
     soldiers who block the corridor.
   - When you reach the large room with slanted pillars, go through the
     door that all the pillars are in front'll burst out into
     the satellite dish area from the first Area 51 level

"Captain Sith Jago...please report in...Captain Sith Jago..." Sheesh,
this is the same message from the second Area 51 level! He must be, uh,
occupied in the bathroom or something. Sorry Miss.

Regardless of which way you exit the stage, it leads to: "OBJECTIVE 5:

                           E N D   S T A G E

                M I S S I O N   F O U R   C O M P L E T E D

      __  __  __  ___  ___  __   __   _  _    ___  __  _  _  ___
     (  \/  )(  )/ __)/ __)(  ) /  \ ( \( )  (  _)(  )( )( )(  _)
      )    (  )( \__ \\__ \ )( ( () ) )  (    ) _) )(  \\//  ) _)
     (_/\/\_)(__)(___/(___/(__) \__/ (_)\_)  (_)  (__) (__) (___)

Another government bashing misson, I see. First you sneak onto the holy
grail of terroristic activites: Air Force One. Then you spoon-feed the
Presdient information about the huge conspiarcy, then get him to safety
before said conspiracy can take place. Unfortunately, the plane is
smashed into the ground. The final level deals with righting all the
wrongs, and rescuing the President from the clutches of evil. It happens
every day, right?

                          A I R     B A S E

                           TYPE: Espionage

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Obtain disguise and enter base
•  Check in equipment
•  Subvert security monitoring system
•  Obtain flight plans from safe
•  Board Air Force One

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Crossbow
•  Dragon
•  K7 Avenger
•  dy357 magnum (2x)
•  DrugSpy
•  Stewardess's clothing
•  Suitcase
•  Proximity Mines
•  Horizon Scanner

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

Let the cinema run for a few seconds, so the guard that is walking away
can get towards the entrance to the cavern. Then press start to enter
the level -- allow the crossbow to totally deploy. Now turn the corner
and nail the guy right there. He will always back away and his arms will
move out of the way, allowing you to him right in the chest. The
crossbow is set on sedate, so a single shot will cause a person to be
unconscious for hours. Be sure to collect his Dragon, too.

Now move towards the alarm box and kill that guy. The man walking
towards the cavern has his back to you, so he's easy prey. Walk inside
the cavern and deploy the DrugSpy, and drive it around the corner until
you see the stewardess and her two bodyguards. The guys will usually run
up to investigate this strange object in front of them, so nail them
both using the DrugSpy's high speed darts. Take out the woman, as well.

Now return to Joanna's view and collect the ammunition, and don't forget
the bag that the woman was carrying. Go to the pause menu and equip the
disguise, and make sure you're not carrying any weapons. If you want to
double-check to make sure you're in the disguise, punch thin air. Your
arms should be blue, with golden rings around the wrists.

Turn around and go back to the airbase, and enter through the door. You
will have a brief conversation with the secretary at the front desk, who
will grant you access to the entrance to the base. Before going in,
however, find the elevator in one of the corners. Call it down, ride it
up, and you'll find two men at a table. Behind them you'll discover a
suitcase -- grab it and punch out both men before they can take their
plan into action. Return to the elevator, go down, and enter the airport

When you enter you will see a single soldier toting a Dragon and two
escalators, one right in front of you and one to the right. Go down the
one in front of you and will you find a conveyor belt and a small table.
Equip your suitcase and lay it on the table. ("OBJECTIVE 2: COMPLETED")
You now have no weapons on you at all, so you can go through the nearby
tunnel with blue lights without setting off the metal detector.

Carrington will now inform you that the case will be checked soon, so
you must now shut down the security systems or else your ass will be
arrested. After the tunnel with blue lights go across the lobby (A man
in blue will say, "You shouldn't have come here, girl!") and through the
hall filled with pillars. Steal one of the Dragons from the men in white
by disarming them (do it to only one guy). Run up the stairs and you'll
find a man in white in front of a computer console and a man in blue,
toting a K7 Avenger. Go to the computer and shut the security systems
off ("OBJECTIVE 3: COMPLETED") The man in blue will then shoot the man
in white and scream, "We're taking over!"

Now fast paced music starts and all Hell breaks loose as dataDyne
employees flood the airbase, armed with K7 Avengers and old-fashioned
body armor (unless you have another theory why they can take automatic
fire to the chest and still live).

Now this is the ultimate challenge, the most difficult section we have
seen in the game yet. I can't even do it 100% of the time, but I suppose
that will come with practice. Here is the only strategy that has worked
for me on a consistent basis (3/4 times, only time it doesn't work is
due to a sloppy mistake):

When you go down the stairs (after killing the guy who had the Avenger)
there will be about 3-4 soldiers in the distance. Fire off your Dragon
to get their attention, plus some guys around the next corner you can't
see yet. Keep firing off your Dragon to make noise -- as they start to
advance into the room, retreat up the stairs. Look down...when you see
guys trying to climb the stairs, throw a proximity Dragon down there and
about 10 bodies will go flying as a huge fireball erupts in the small
room. Collect the bounty of ammunition and switch to your Avenger.

Follow the hall back to the lobby (it has the escalator) and you will
find a Dragon lying on the ground, probably from the guy that was
walking there and was killed from the dD thugs. Go into the lobby and
you'll see a hallway with several guys there: shoot in there to attract
their attention, then look up the escalator, shoot up there, then
fucking RUN back to the hallway with all the pillars. Hide behind one of
the pillars until people start to come in. Again, throw a proxy Dragon
there and watch the people fly. This won't get them all, but it will get
a majority of them. Peek around the corner and peg anyone who didn't
catch up to the explosion.

Return to the cleared lobby and enter the brown door. Here a man will be
staring at the marble wall, pondering the mysteries of the universe. Cap
his ass and move in, collect the Dragon at his corpse. Go into the
nearby hall and there should be a single man there, kill him as well. In
the room next to him there is sometimes a group of four-five guards; I'm
not sure what triggers them, but if they are there toss your proxy-
Dragon in there and watch the fun. Move in and you will spot a proximity
mine on a door -- move far away and shoot it. The explosion will shatter
the nearby windows.

Go into the small space the glass once covered, and you'll find a safe.
Behind it, on a wall, is a small switch. Move the glass casing off, then
press the switch, and the safe will open. Yeah, no criminal could EVER
open such a complicated safety device (chortle). Collect the suitcase
inside, which happens to be the flight plans ("OBJECTIVE 4: COMPLETED"
and go on your merry way.

Back in the hallway with the purple/orange strips on the floor you will
find an elevator. Call it up and enter. You can now sigh in relief, the
worst of the worst is over. The elevator will go all the way down, and
when it opens there will be two men with their backs to you. DON'T SHOOT
THEM OR GET THEIR ATTENTION IN ANY WAY! Just close the doors and the
elevator will go up a few floors, dropping you off in a silent area.
Follow the path to the left and step on the shuttle that will take you
to Air Force One. "OBJECTIVE 5: COMPLETED"

If you did get the attention of the two guys, the "silent area" would
have been overflowing with guys. Some people even try to kill the two
guys, go up the stair-cases fighting off huge amounts of people,
thinking that's the only way to reach the shuttle. Using the above
"trick" or "detour", whatever you want to call it, drastically decreases
the insane challenge of this level.

                         E N D   S T A G E

                    A I R    F O R C E    O N E

                      TYPE:  Anti-terrorism

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Locate and retrieve equipment
•  Locate President
•  Get President to escape capsule
•  Secure Air Force One flight path
•  Detach UFO from Air Force One

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Laptop Gun
•  Cyclone (2x)
•  K7 Avenger
•  Timed Mine
•  Combat Boost (2 boosts)
•  Suitcase
•  Lift key card
•  Closet key card A
•  Closet key card B

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

Damn, this level is awesome. Definitely one of my more played missions.

You start the stage facing a doorway, so open it up. Keep going down the
side of the plane, always going through the door on the left. Eventually
you'll reach an area where a man is walking towards you. Near him, on
the floor, you'll find a large grating, the color of red. Kneel all the
way down and open it, going down into the lower compartments of the

Once again, keep going through the doors. Eventually you'll reach the
kitchen, inhabited by two stewardesses. Sometimes they see through your
disguise, sometimes they don't. I don't understand what causes them to
see through it, but in the big picture it really doesn't matter. Just
keep going. You'll eventually reach the baggage room, a dead-end, and
the man here will either greet you nicely or fill you with hot lead,
depending on if you the people in the kitchen saw through your disguise.
Just keep punching him until he goes under, grab his lift key card, and
activate the red button nearby. This will cause an elevator to come up.
Grab the suitcase on it ("OBJECTIVE 1: COMPLETED") and inside you'll
find a Laptop Gun and a single Timed Mine.

In the room with the hoverbike, if you press the nearby button it will
go down and you can use the bike on the next level. Not all too useful,
but still, it'll be there.

Back in the kitchen, activate the button to cause the dumbwaiter to come
down. Get on, wait a second, and it will go up a floor, delivering you
right where you started the level. Go through the bronze door -- by now
everyone on the plane knows you're not a steward -- and go up the ramp.
Turn to your left and open the door there. Aha, the President!

This presidential situation is totally unrealistic. Yes, he's black, but
that's a small matter compared to this next fact (and I'm no hater
either). Look under his desk: there's no slut under there waiting for a
little sucky sucky. This is just a flagrant disrespect for the real
world and totally ruined the vividness of this level for me.

That's enough sarcasm for awhile. After the long conversation with the
President (Who doesn't even bother to check the tapes. For all he knows
it could be the Golden Oldies.) a cinema will show a Skedar ship dock
with plane. fast paced music begins and dD men will flood
the level. Hasn't this happened before? ;)

Equip the timed mine, gone down the stairs as fast as you can, and open
the bronze door that allowed you to get in here in the first place. Now
toss the mine right inside the tunnel that connects the alien ship to
AF1. You've done it dozens of times, so I won't bother to explain that
there's a single man in here and when the mine blows it will kill many

Now rush back to the lobby with the ramp/stairway. Whip out your weapon
of choice, Cyclone or Laptop Gun. I prefer the Cyclone for two reasons:
(1) It has more bullet-spread than the accuracy of the Laptop, meaning
you will always hit the intended target. (2) Its friggin' cool looking
and you can't get it in any other level. Good enough reasons for you?
They both use the same type of ammunition, as well. Quite nice.

Err, where was I again? Oh yes, the lobby. Go around the base of the
ramp, helping out the president's bodyguards in taking out Trent's men,
dressed in black and toting Avengers, just like the last stage. There
are some other guys in black in the rooms behind the rampway, two to be
exact, one in the hall and another in the room with the grand piano. I'd
take them both out.

By now you should get the message that the Pilots have been killed, so
rush up the ramp, head straight ahead, open the door, mow down the guy
in front of the entrance, and head inside the cockpit. Both of these
guys have their back to you, so it is easy pickings. I wonder what they
were thinking? "Yeah, we'll just kill the only people who know how to
fly this plane, then we can all crash and die! YEAH BABY!" To activate
the auto-pilot simply press the large, glowing button near the windows.
"OBJECTIVE 4: COMPLETED". Now that the plane is stabilized you won't
have to worry about getting blown away from crashing into the ocean.

Go back down into the lobby, meeting the President again. "Are you sure
this is the way to the escape pod?" Hmmm Mr. P, I dunno, isn't this YOUR
friggin' plane? Shouldn't you know? Sheesh, no wonder he's El

Clean up any extra men down here, collecting ammunition as you please.
The President's body guards should have held fort quite nicely, and if
you kill them you get extra Cyclone ammo and two keycards that open the
locked closets, enabling you to collect double Cyclones. Oh, baby...

Continue through the plane until you reach the "Twin Mr. Blonde
Scenario." Trent Easton will say a few words of encouragement, then run
away laughing as Mr. Blondes (not THE Mr. Blonde; they're uhh, well
you'll see after the next level) attempt to mow you down. I find it
easiest to go through the door on the right-hand side, show myself for
an instant, and allow them to shoot at thin air as I find cover. When
they stop to reload, use both of your combat boosts at once, whip out
your gun of choice, rush in, and blow them against the wall,
sadistically watching as their bodies fall against the wall, blood
spurting from their open chest, then they slide down, limp. What, am I
the only one who does that? Stop looking at me like that!

Now the Combat Boosts should still be affecting you, so run after Trent,
taking out two of his black-clothed friends. Go down into the lower
compartment and kill the two guys there as well. And that's just about
it, the President will come down and enter the pod and the level will be

                           E N D   S T A G E


Aturn has this to say:

"Hey, did you know it is actually possible to start in the cargo area of
AF1? In the AF base, if you shoot the laser control panel, it will go
haywire and certain lasers will disappear and reappear like in area 51.
You'll be able to get to that litttle latter under the plane. This makes
the laptop gun cheat even easier than it was before. You can use cheats
too on the AF base. It's not much, but it made my life easier.


P.S. (the panel is after the lift that seems to go diagonally down, in
the middle of those two rooms with the pillars and control panel, just
in case you forgot like I did)."


marshmallow's notes:

To climb the ladder (I was confused on this for awhile) you have to
stand in front of it and then press the action button. You'll start out
in the room that has the hoverbike on Air Force One. Quite handy, and a
huge secret.

                         C R A S H     S I T E

                          TYPE:  Confrontation

Primary Mission Objectives:
•  Retrieve Presidential medical scanner
•  Activate distress beacon
•  Shut down enemy jamming device
•  Retire Presidential clone
•  Locate and rescue President

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Falcon-2 (scope)
•  K7 Avenger
•  Sniper Rifle
•  Remote Mine
•  Night Vision
•  Horizon Scanner
•  President Scanner

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

Of all the half-assed, half breed, wanna-be-cool but I'm not piece of
crap levels I have ever played, this has got to be in the top 10. It's
not that this level isn't fun, or its music isn't really catchy (because
it is), but the premise is just so out-of-whack it's unbelievable. They
expect us to believe AF1 and the Skedar craft crashed right in the
middle of the Alaskan wilderness (even though we were flying over the
ocean), nobody got hurt, and all these soldiers, sentry guns, and bases
just magically appeared within seconds. But oh well, on with the
strategy (whatever THAT is...).

Go forward from your starting position and you will come upon two
soldiers with their backs to you. One shot, one kill. Collect their K7
Avengers and equip them immediately, you'll have a little over 100
rounds of ammunition. Go to the nearby escape pod, buried in the snow,
and up to the red, glowing button that is just begging to be pressed. Do

On the right-hand side of this snow plain is a huge wall, and two large
passages are carved into it. Take either one you please, and you will
find the wreckage of AF1 in all its glory, smoke and ashes, pieces and
parts littering the field, and sparks spitting from the cockpit. On the
left side of it, in its shadow, there is a suitcase that is well
camouflaged against the white snow. It's on the side with the man in
black facing the wall -- if you're on the side with the Mr. Blonde,
you're on the wrong half. Pick it up ("OBJECTIVE 1: COMPLETED") to
acquire the magical Presidential Scanner, which will allow you to see
where the President and his clone are located.

Return to the area with the pod, and keep against the right side of the
snow field. You will find a small traveling party consisting of two men
in black wielding Avengers, and the third a Mr. Blonde with a Sniper
Rifle. Go through the small tunnel that goes through the snowdrift
(there will be the grand piano from the plane buried in the snow) to
reach a large valley full of soldiers, one of AF1's tires will be in the
middle. I like to kill all men to the left side of the tire, then rush
in and hide behind the tire and shoot people from this area. If they
start shooting back, simply duck down and the ruined tire will take all
the bullets for you. Clear the area.

To the right side of the tire are two passages, one to the left and one
straight ahead -- take the one straight ahead to see a precarious bridge
of ice going across what appears to be a bottomless pit. Take out any
men you see, even the ones on the upper ledge. Go across the bridge and
into the underground tunnel, being very cautious as you will usually
encounter one or two soldiers in here (sometimes with their backs to
you, sometimes not). You will eventually be spilled out into a large
snowfield with what look like withered palm trees (???) and two drone
guns similar to the ones found in GoldenEye's Jungle mission, except
these are much stronger. From this tunnel's exit you can take the one
out on the far left using your Sniper Rifle. When that's nothing but
dust, run to the tunnel straight ahead, dodging machine gun fire from
the second one. From this tunnel's entrance/exit (depends on which way
you're going I suppose) you can take out the final gun -- I prefer to
duck all the way down and use the Avenger myself.

With both guns history, rush into the field of trees and you will spot
the Skedar ship in the snow. Two men will start shooting at you from the
bottom of the hill, so retreat, using the trees as cover. Watch them run
up, and since the trees will mess up their aim, you can kill them as you
please. Empty an entire clip of your K7 Avenger into the Skedar ship,
then two clips of your Falcon-2 (be sure to stand FAR away) and a HUGE
explosion will take place, reaching all the way to the front of the
tree-field. Impressive. "OBJECTIVE 3: COMPLETED"

Coming from the wreck of the Skedar ship, on the RIGHT side of the wall
there will be a tunnel (where you took out the last drone gun), so go
down it, spilling onto another icy bridge. There will be two men down
there, take them out. Follow the bridge across the pit and into the
underground cave. Eventually you come to a huge hole, pitch black
inside. Take out your remote mines, you will have three of them (that's
tres for my Spanish-speaking fellows). Put two of them on the walls of
the cave -- one near the black hole, one a few feet away from first one.
Switch to the Avenger, put your Night Vision Goggles on, and rush into
the cave and turn to your right -- you will see two green blobs, but one
is shorter, thinner, and unarmed. This is the clone of El Presidente!
Shoot him dead and fucking run BACK to where you put your trap of remote
mines because about five or six Mr. Blondes will come running to see
what all the noise is about.

Hide behind the corner but keep peaking out, looking at the black hole.
When Mr. Blondes are overflowing the tunnel, set off your two bombs and
watch the bodies fly. Be wary as one or two will sometimes survive the
blast, either because they barely touched it or they were at the very
back of the line. Mr. Blondes are extremely strong and have impeccable
aim, so don't screw around with these guys unless you want to see the
red screen of death.

Go back inside the dark ice cavern, collecting the ton of ammunition
littering the floor. On the other side there will be a single Mr. Blonde
left, facing away from you (thankfully). Cap in the face and go through
the tunnel behind him, arriving in a lighted area again, so take your
goggles off. Uh-oh. Three "cop" robots are ahead, firing machine gun
fire at you. Take out your last remote mine, toss it up there and watch
the fireworks. If one survives, about a clip of the Avenger will make it
think twice. In the next cavern is the President being held hostage by
Trent. When he says, "You'll never save him now!" shoot him a couple of
times and he'll run off with his tail between his knees. El Presidente
will now follow you.

Follow the snow drift up, going through the first passage to the right-
hand side you see. It will spill you out in the rim of a HUGE snow
field, so gigantic the game will begin to stutter if you speedstrafe. In
the middle of it all is Elvis and his crashed saucer, and the Maian
rocket-star will take down guys from a great distance using his Phoenix.
The President will arrive, and the level will be over. "OBJECTIVE 5:

Of other interests...some people like to rescue the President, then save
killing the clone for last. This way when you kill the clone the level
will be over, and you won't have to face the herd of Mr. Blondes. You
can save the President and skip the blondes by going into the cave on
the left-hand side of the valley that has a tire in the middle (shortly
after the tunnel with the grand piano in the middle). In those caves
you'll also find a passage (this gets really confusing) that will spill
you out into an area that has a huge hole in the ground that will allow
you to snipe the clone without having any harm dealt to yourself. Very
cool. And a run on sentence. But let's not be picky.

I prefer my method when all is said and done.

You'll also find out what's behind all these "Mr. Blondes" that are
running around if you watch the cinema that ends the level. Very nice.

                          E N D   S T A G E

              M I S S I O N     F I V E     C O M P L E T E D

         __  __  __  ___  ___  __   __   _  _    ___  __  _  _
        (  \/  )(  )/ __)/ __)(  ) /  \ ( \( )  / __)(  )( \/ )
         )    (  )( \__ \\__ \ )( ( () ) )  (   \__ \ )(  )  (
        (_/\/\_)(__)(___/(___/(__) \__/ (_)\_)  (___/(__)(_/\_)

Now that the startling prescence of a massive alien space-craft has been
discovered on the Pacific Ccean's sea-floor, it is Joanna's job to
battle her way through it to find what is at it's massive core. Before
doing so, however, she must find the submarine on board the Pelagic II,
the most advanced and hi-tech sea-research vessel in the world, that
will enable her to dive down thousands of feet to reach the alien craft.

                      P E L A G I C     I I

                        TYPE:  Exploration

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Disable primary power sources
•  Secure laboratories and research data
•  Deactivate GPS and autopilot
•  Activate Moon Pool lift
•  Rendezvous and escape with Elvis

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Falcon-2 (silenced) (2x)
•  Laptop Gun
•  CMP-150
•  dy357 magnum
•  N-Bomb
•  X-Ray Scanner
•  Phoenix (failed mission)
•  Research data disk A
•  Research data disk B
•  Research data disk C

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

In this level we are going to go through hallways and kill guys dressed
like redneck hillbillies. Then we're going to go down hallways and kill
more hillbillies. After that, we will consider killing more hillbillies.
After this, we change gears and kill more hillbillies. After lunch, we
will continue killing hillbillies. Not just any hillbillies, mind you,
but hillbillies down the next hallway. For a change of pace, we will
then kill several hundred hillbillies.

Alright, I think you got the idea.

The main theme of this level (besides killing hillbillies) is not to
allow anyone to trigger an alarm. If this happens, you are fucked
sideways. This is because about 20-30 guards will magically teleport in,
then kill you immediately when you go to specific areas of the ship
(mainly the place with the moon pool lift and the halls that lead to the
submarine docking area). The only reason you should continue to play the
level after an alarm is to challenge yourself, or if you're feeling like
a lucky first-timer.

As you start off leave Elvis behind, and immediately equip the Laptop
Gun. This is going to be your bread and butter for the rest of the
mission. Open the first door and peg the guy right in the head, watching
as he slowly falls to the ground. Go down the hall to the first alarm
box, and the single soldier there will run to the alarm while screaming
something to the effect of, "Warn the others!" or "Activate the alarms,
we have an intruder!", etc.



As soon as you enter an area, one guard will be designated as the alarm
trigger. At this point in time, he is the only person on the ship that
can activate an alarm anywhere. He will not shoot you or attempt harm to
you in anyway, he will only run to the alarm box and ignore you, even if
you are shooting at him and you can smell his breath. Once he is killed,
someone else will be designated as the alarm trigger (usually the one
nearest the box) and will do the same. Use this information to your
advantage while in the middle of a firefight


Because this is only one person, you can kill him easily and he runs to
the box. Move to the door and look through the glass, you will see a man
standing against a wall. Remember Bunker from GoldenEye? Same method
here. Shoot him through the glass. BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT: Make sure it
is only a single round, and it is right to the head. If you do this
correctly another person will come and stand next to his body, and make
a comment, ranging from the serious ("Oh my God, he was my best
friend!") to the comical ("Eh, I never liked him anyway..." or "ARE YOU
OK!?" while his body is slumped against the wall, lying in a puddle of
his own blood). If you make too much noise, or miss him, an alarm is
activated. So get it right.

When the second guy is standing next to the body, shoot him dead and
move into the hall. The man nearest the alarm will suddenly become the
alarm trigger, and will immediately run to the alarm (which is behind
you). Shoot him easily, and the man down the hall will suddenly start
shooting. Easy pickings.

Go through the first door you see to be ushered into the nuclear reactor
room. Before doing ANYTHING be sure to check the staircase. If you were
slow one of the hillbillies will be at the top, but if not he will be
down below. Shoot out the cameras (one on top, one on bottom) and then
move to the large blue cylindrical structure in the middle of the room.
Activate the X-Ray Goggles and the buttons will become either red or
green. There are four green ones, placed randomly: activate them all.
Now go downstairs, and go to the large, phallic tube sticking out of the
core. At the tip is a button, activate it to disable all nuclear power
to the ship. "OBJECTIVE 1: COMPLETED"

Exit the room through the door you came inside of in the first place,
and continue down the hall. On your left will be a staircase,
illuminated yellow. Climb up to reach a crossroads of sorts: there's a
door on the left, a green staircase ahead, and a door on the right. Take
the door on the left to enter the research section. Shoot out the camera
and then unarm yourself. Here you see a ladder, and two doors. Inside
each door is a small laboratory filled with scientists who will try to
escape. I wish I could shoot them in the face with automatic fire and
enjoy their final death throes as they watch me kill their friends in
cold blood, but unfortunately that would fail the mission. So instead
punch them out, then collect the research disk that falls out of their
pockets. Three scientists, three disks. "OBJECTIVE 2: COMPLETED"

Return to the crossroads and go up the green / lime stairs, and two more
hillbilly yokels await their death. Further inside are the pilot
systems, filled with three civilians controlling the ship. Order them
around like the bitches they are, grinning as they say such things as,
"You win! I-I give up!" and "Please don't hurt me, please..." etc.
However, one of them will get a bit overconfident and try to kill
everyone with a magnum. Thankfully it takes him awhile to reload it, so
just shoot him dead. The remaining pilots, after seeing the power a sub-
machine gun has when you shoot someone in the face point-blank, will be
quite co-operative in your wishes. "OBJECTIVE 3: COMPLETED"
Interestingly enough, you can shoot them all dead after the objective is
complete without consequences. This is what I'm talking about, baby!

As you return to the crossroads be wary as one (sometimes two) guards
will magically teleport around the lime staircase. After dispatching
them -- if you get my drift -- go back down the yellow staircase
(Everything on this ship is color-coded, makes it hard to get lost and
easy to write a guide, eh?).


No, I haven't had an overdose of cocaine (don't do drugs, kiddies) again
and lost my mind, this is it! It's the most complicated alarm box
scenario (whatever you want to call it) in the entire level and where
about 95% of all people screw themselves over. So you can bet I'm going
to go into some considerable detail.

I hope you bet big.

ASCII map of the final alarm box scenario:

  |                  |             ----------------------
  |  moon pool room  |                 LEGEND / KEY:
  |____    __________|             ----------------------
 _______^^^__________________         ^^^ = Doorway
|    ^     *    ^   A  _   * |          * = Single redneck soldier
|A   ^          ^     |_|    |         _
|    ^__________^      _____*|        |_| = Support pillar
|*   |          |     |
|    |          | #1  |_______          A = Alarm box
|    |          |       _  *  |
|    |__________|*     |_|    |     #1, 2 = choices (see walkthrough
|*   ^    *     ^            A|            below to understand this)
|    ^      #2  ^             |
|____^___( B )__^_________    |     ( B ) = Blue stars
         ( B )            |   |     ( Y ) = Yellow stairs
                          |   |
                          |   |
                ( Y )( Y )

I realize the map above looks slightly cluttered, but if you take into
account the amount of things you have to keep track of, the above is
just barely enough.

The map has the locations of stationary redneck soldiers, eight in all,
but it doesn't take into account a ninth soldier who walks around the
entire circle (or square, I suppose) of halls. The location of this
ninth and wandering redneck will greatly affect how you take on this
sensitive area.

In the "enter" area above, peer through the window and you will see the
first soldier straight ahead. Shoot him in the head without making too
much noise. The man nearest him will inspect his body if you were
silent, or try to kill you if you were loud. Either way, dispatch him.
This is where things get tricky. As you enter this hallway, you have two
choices: # 1 and # 2 (and I ain't talking about the bathroom). Neither
is better than the other, but you have to choose very carefully. If the
doorway that leads to choice 2 is open, the man inside will see you and
run off to alert the others, sending an alarm off. If this is the case,
you must take choice 2. If it is shut and he does not know you are
there, take choice 1. However, the wandering guard can screw things up
because he can run away before your realize what's going on, so PAY
ATTENTION! Listen up, when someone says "Activate the alarm!" and starts
running towards an alarm. There are three boxes, keep close eye on them.

In the end, practice will prevail and make this section rather easy. But
when you first get to it, it's a killer.

Inside the moon pool room, there is a computer console on the wall.
Joanna will make a comment about submarine control systems, so activate
the computer. Of other note, if an alarm was activated there will be
roughly 10 people in here, all coming out of nowhere. Throw an N-Bomb
into the middle of the chamber and hope for the best. When you activate
the console the moon pool lift is activated, which leads to this:

Now go down the blue stairs. Well, before that you'll want to shoot and
kill the chest of the man you can see, which will alert his friend, whom
you can also kill rather easily. Now go down the blue stairs and go
through the door with no window. This is the blue hallway section,
leading all the way to Elvis. There really are no tricks, just plain
ol'e shooting fun. Shoot through windows where possible, and do your
best. In the final circular hall, show yourself for an instant and make
some noise, then retreat up the stairs and shoot the huge group of
people that come.

When you finally reach Elvis he will greet you with that hyper-extended
voice of his. You can either follow him to the last section or go there
yourself. The last section is the door in the crossroads that we didn't
go through yet, it leads to the golden hallways, which in turn leads to
the exit. The golden hallways are tricky in a few spots, but overall it
is extremely easy. However, if an alarm was activated then you are in a
pickle, as about 10-20 people will be added to the mix. Then it becomes
extremely difficult.

The only parts that are difficult are the parts where you can't shoot
through windows. In the first case, it is the third room. I just show
myself for a couple of seconds, and then use the shooting cycle trick to
kill them. For the second instance, this time the last room of the
golden hallway, strafe behind the small obstruction in the wall. This
will give you cover from the guard at the back, and allow you to kill
the man near the exit. Once he's done kill the guy in the back, then go
to the diving control center. "OBJECTIVE 5: COMPLETED"



Helpful reader has this to point out...

"I'd like to contribute this to your cheat faq. In Pelagic II:
Exploration, you remember the place where you have to hit the button to
activate the moon pool lift? Well, if you turn on your X-Ray specs and
scan the wall on the walkway above it, you'll find this little box in
the wall. Push B, and the thing will open. This passage leads STRAIGHT
to where you need to go after you meet up with Elvis. You can circumvent
the Golden Hallways ENTIRELY! Nice FAQ, BTW."



Sent in by alf (

"When you get to that tricky part in your FAQ where you made up that
ASCII map, I found a much easier way to clear the rooms, and believe it
or not, it involves setting off an alarm. First, when you come down the
yellow stairs after getting the disks from the scientists and ordering
the sailors around, the door to the tricky part should be to your left
as you come down the stairs. Make sure both doors are closed that lead
into your little room at the foot of the yellow stairs. Now enter the
tricky part and make sure the guy at the end of the room sees you.

Now quickly run back to the little room by the yellow stairs and close
the room. The alarm should go off. Position yourself so that you are
pressed against the door to the tricky part and aim through the window.
Guys should start coming toward you so take them down through the window
while they can't do anything. It's best to use the Falcon-2 to conserve
CMP-150 ammo. Even if guys make it to the door to your little base at
the foot of the stairs, if you are pressed against the door, more often
than not they won't be able to open the door and you should get head
shots through the window every time.

Don't even worry about the door behind you becuase as long as you've
cleared those areas behind you, no soldiers will come through there. If
guys stop coming, cautiously proceed and continue through the tricky
part. If someone sees you, let him activate the alarm and run back to
your little base. Pick them off through the window again. Using this
strategy, I managed to clear the entire tricky part without losing any
health. Just make sure guys see you and set off the alarm, run back to
that room, look through the window and wait!"


                          E N D   S T A G E

                            D E E P   S E A

                          TYPE:  Nullify Threat

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Reactivate teleportals
•  Disable Cetan megaweapon
•  Secure control room
•  Restore Dr. Caroll's personality
•  Escape from Cetan ship

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Falcon-2 (scope)
•  Shotgun
•  CMP-150
•  Farsight XR-20
•  Proximity Mines
•  K7 Avenger
•  Backup disk
•  Infra-red Goggles
•  Phoenix (failed mission)

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

This is what the entire conspiracy is all about, and what the Skedar
have been searching the galaxy for centuries so they can obtain it...the
Cetan Ship, crashed millions of years ago into our oceans, holding a
weapon of such power its magnitude can not be perceived by our feeble
minds. Dude, that is like, totally rad! :p

This mission is long and quite naturally very challenging. The main idea
is to stay as healthy as possible.

At the start you will run through a series of tubes, eventually spitting
you out into a green chamber like the slippery, wet spermatozoa that you
really are, that you hide from all your friends and family. But don't
worry, I won't hold that against you. Many people find the two rooms
full of cloaked guards wielding shotguns (and drugs, by the look of
their outfits) impossible, but there's no reason to get through without
taking a single hit. For the first room, run down the middle of the
room, slightly to the left, and run through the left-hand side of the
pool of water in the middle of the room. By now several people will have
shot, and thankfully, missed you. Now run straight ahead to the huge
doorway, another penis corridor, if you will.

The second room: as soon as the doors open several guards will cloak
themselves right in front of you. Rapidly fire your Falcon-2 (or Shotun,
if you want) by tapping the "Z" trigger while simultaneously running to
the right, and you will injure the two guards that will shoot at you.
They will be in too much pain to even lift their weapons, so run down
the hill as fast as you can. You will then spot a lone redneck trooper,
armed with a CMP-150. Shoot him and take his weapon. Continue to use
your Falcon-2, picking off the two rednecks loitering the nearby hall.
Ignore the large green door, and instead make a detour down the large
hole in the side of the wall, going down a hill, and into the
underground caverns, illuminated by alien lights. Mmmm, this reminds me
of a really good acid trip. Num nums!

There's only one more trooper before you come face to face with a door,
sealed tight. To open it, simply shoot the cylindrical object in front
of it.  Now you'll get the full attention of five-six redneck
soldiers...continue to fire your Falcon-2 into the fray, keeping your
distance, until you run out of pistol ammunition. Switch to the CMP-150
and finish off the survivors, then rush in and collect the ridiculous
amount of ammunition of the floor. You should have two clips of ammo,
easily. Shoot the second lantern on the floor to open the next door.

Only one trooper patrols this hall, so have your way with him. Shoot the
last lantern to open the door to a sort of control room. Ignore it,
however, and return to the second cloaked guard room. You will see Elvis
coming towards you, and there might even be a surviving guard behind him
(use your Infra-red Goggles to make sure they're all gone). When you are
sure Elvis is following you, return to the control room in the
underground halls. You will find two soldiers and a Mr. Blonde inside,
who for some reason have shit for accuracy. I wonder why? You can stand
in the doorway and take them all out with little effort. Grab their guns
and wait for your date -- that is to say, Elvis. Eh, same difference,

When he enters the room and says in his Yoda-voice, "Time to activate
those teleportals!" immediately run back to the second cloaked guard
room. Go right to the entrance to the underground tunnels. "OBJECTIVE 1:
COMPLETED" should flash on screen. Now run back in the direction of the
FIRST cloaked guard room, and you should hear a little "zip", the sound
a guard makes when he cloaks himself. Behind you, near the entrance to
the underground tunnels, two guards have magically appeared! Damn, isn't
that annoying?! If you don't kill these guys, escaping the ship later
will be a bastard, so be sure to take them out. They only appear when
the first objective is complete, and when you're about 50 videogame feet

After they are taken care of, go through the big green door and keep
going right. Eventually you will find the first teleportal, a large hub
on the wall with some trippy effects. Touch it to get some flashy sh*t
going on, and you will magically appear in a totally different part of
the ship. Elvis will also hand over his FarSight XR-20...sweet.

The idea of this short section is to reach the next teleportal,
preferably without getting hit once. There are six Kentucky-rednecks
waiting, and they are relatively easy to take out. I prefer using my
CMP-150, a short burst to their overall-covered chest will send them to
the floor.

Once you reach the teleportal and go through, you will reach a huge
system of corridors and hallways, filled to the brink with baby Skedars.
You should ignore them all, because if you stop to fight you will just
get killed from behind, but if you keep on the move you won't get hit
once. The idea here is to use the FarSight's one-hit-kills power to
destroy the large, liquid filled glowing tubes you see around here. A
large explosion will ensue, so try to stand back. You will also meet two
biomechanical auto-guns, but they won't shoot until you get relatively
close, and everytime you see them they are about 20 feet away, so no
worry. Take your time to line up the shot and they die.

Near the end, things get semi-complicated. When you destroy all the main
tubes, a door will unlock. So go through, and here you will immediately
see a biomechanical gun right above your face. You have just enough time
to line up the shot and destroy it before it begins shooting. If you
miss, you will probably get hit, so start circle strafing immediately.
It won't be able to turn fast enough to hit you, so quickly shoot it
dead. The door here is locked. To open it, go up against the sides of
the room. Each wall has a set of two blinding lights. Use the FarSight's
secondary function and you will home in on a tube in another room you
can't reach. Shoot the cleverly hidden tube, hidden from view behind the
wall, and then the second one, and the door will open. "OBJECTIVE 2:
COMPLETE" will also flash on screen. Go through the teleportal.

Before opening the door in front of you, use the FarSight's secondary
function to look through it. Inside you will find two Mr. Blondes
standing guard. Shoot one of them, then go back to your normal view. The
first one will be alerted by his comrade's death, and will open the
door. However, he will not begin shooting his deadly Avenger until the
door is fully open. Since it slides rather slowly, you can shoot him in
the belly or chest region and kill him before you even see his face!
Nice trick if I ever saw one, because right now we don't need any K7
Avenger rounds in our face. Now the control room is secure. "OBJECTIVE

Here you will find Dr. Caroll on a table. Use the backup disk (from the
pause menu) on him and a cinema will begin. After it ends, or you skip
it, whatever, "OBJECTIVE 4: COMPLETED" will flash on screen.

Now all hell breaks loose, as the ship is about to explode and you have
only 60 seconds to do the obvious: escape. Standing in your way is a
group of three redneck guards, which aren't too smart because they all
congregate into a small group, enabling you to kill them very quickly
using your CMP-150 of Avenger (but that only has 20 rounds, not even a
full clip). This will be about 10X harder if you didn't kill or if you
just ignored the cloaked guards who magically appear after the first
objective is complete. They will still be here, cloaked and all, and
shoot you in the face with a shotgun, killing you just about instantly.
So it'd be a good idea to take them out earlier, enabling you to escape
the ship rather easily. "OBJECTIVE 5: COMPLETED"

                         E N D   S T A G E

               M I S S I O N     S I X     C O M P L E T E

   __  __  __  ___  ___  __   __   _  _    ___  ___  _  _  ___  _  _
  (  \/  )(  )/ __)/ __)(  ) /  \ ( \( )  / __)(  _)( )( )(  _)( \( )
   )    (  )( \__ \\__ \ )( ( () ) )  (   \__ \ ) _) \\//  ) _) )  (
  (_/\/\_)(__)(___/(___/(__) \__/ (_)\_)  (___/(___) (__) (___)(_)\_)

The Skedar's plans have been completely retaliation, the
Carrignton Insitute's HQ has been totally taken over by the Skedar and
their allies, the dataDyne corporation. It is Joanna's job to clear all
the hostage takers and rescue the employees and move them to safety. His
will be a daunting task, as all dataDyne soldiers have been equipeed
with a fearsome new brand of shield-technology that can stand dozens of
high-powered bullets before failing.

                C A R R I N G T O N     I N S T I T U T E

                            TYPE:  Defense

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Reactivate automatic defenses
•  Release hostages
•  Retrieve experimental weapon
•  Destroy sensitive information
•  Deactivate bomb

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  AR-34 Assault Rifle
•  K7 Avenger
•  Falcon-2
•  Mauler
•  Devastator
•  dy357 magnum
•  Laser
•  Combat Boosts
•  Data Uplink

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

This is a level some people say is impossible to beat on PA. I laugh in
their face, mainly because I can beat it just about everytime. It
doesn't take super-speedy reaction time or a cold-hearted aim. All it
takes is strategy. And here's the one that always works...

You start off near the ramp that goes down to the hangars. If you turn
the corner you will come face to face with your first adult Skedar, in
terrifying sight. I think they look pretty intimidating myself. But
ignore the Skedar, he will be busy fighting with a Carrington Institute
(CI, for short) soldier.

Instead, run down the ramp to the hangar with the big blue ship.
Carrington will plead with you to save them by activating the auto-
defense mechanisms. When you enter, shoot the glass out and fall to the
ground. Run around the ship and through the tunnel dead-ahead, and
activate the first gun by pressing the action button in front of the
computer console on the wall. Now open the door around the corner and
straight ahead. Open the second door straight ahead, and quickly
activate the second gun. Now turn around and strafe like hell back to
the hangar with the blue jumpship. If you go too slow a pair of K7
Avenger-toting dataDyne hooligans will blow you away. If you speedstrafe
you'll make it without getting shot once -- in fact, you won't even see

Back inside the hangar, go to the ramp on the other side, where you
originally entered. Go past all the gasoline canisters and enter the
door at the other end, and two CI agents will be standing right there.
Why the hell can't they turn the damned auto-guns on themselves? Lazy
'tards. Oh well, do this simple task and "OBJECTIVE 1: COMPLETED" will
appear on screen. Return to the lobby, to your starting position.

Depending on how fast you went, around 1:00 (one minute) should have
elapsed when you enter the lobby. The Skedar that was up here is usually
dead, but if not he will be very weak, so kill him. Go to the first
elevator and board it, taking it up to the second floor. Turn right and
you will find two doors: left and right. Go through the one on the
right. Some guides say to use your combat boosts, but this is a MISTAKE.
DO NOT USE ANY COMBAT BOOSTS UNTIL I SAY SO. They are very important to

Through the room on the right door, the first hostage situation awaits
you. There is one hostage-taker right in front of you, and another
behind a short wall, to your right. The one to the right will back away
and say, "What?" and then immediately shoot the hostage. So he is your
first target. The second hostage-taker, straight ahead, will bumble
around and have to reload, giving you more than enough time to take him
down. Don't bother to collect the Avengers, just go through the left
door this time.

This time there's a hostage-taker right in front of you, with his gun
pointed to Grimshaw's head, and the other one is to the left, but he
isn't even looking at the hostage. He'll have to turn around to shoot.
So take out the one straight ahead, the one behind Grimshaw (the guy
with the nasally voice). Kill him, then swivel your view and kill the
one in the middle of the room. Sometimes the woman will run in front of
your rifle-barrel and punch out the guy. If this happens, don't make the
mistake of shooting your gun. Obviously, assault rifle bullets to her
brain won't help you with the hostage objectives.

Go inside and one of the hostages will drop a devastator grenade
launcher as a thank-you present.  This only seems to happen if you go
through the door on the RIGHT first, then come in here. But then it
happens 101% of the time, so no worry. It has three rounds, two of which
you must not waste, and the last you can play around with. Go to the
other set of brown doors on this same floor, and go inside Carrington's
office (he's not there, obviously). Later in the mission, Carrington
will tell you to destroy some sensitive information in his office. If
you do it then you will be killed. DO NOT try to do it when he tells you
to. You'll just get shot from behind by magically appearing soldiers. So
instead, shoot a sticky grenade from the devastator on the safe (the
blue panel on the wall) and it will explode, destroying the sensitive
information much earlier than you have to. "OBJECTIVE 4: COMPLETED" This
is going to save you a ***HUGE*** amount of trouble and grief. And, for
some strange reason, you can't use the laser to rip the safe door off.

Now quickly go to the elevator that all the hostages are boarding, and
go down with them. The ground floor should be completely empty of enemy
presence IF AND ONLY IF you went fast enough. Under 2:10 seems to be the
limit, but that's easy to beat (I average 1:45 and below...). If you
_DO_ see any soldiers, do NOT use the AR-34 on them. Although not as
powerful, the Avenger shoots bullets MUCH faster, which allows you to
take them down much more efficiently, hence, you will not die.

Make your way to the holograph room (a right turn from the hostage-
elevator) and you will see three soldiers, lined up executioner style,
facing a large group of CI employees. Take out your devastator and shoot
a grenade slightly to the left of the feet of the middle soldier.
Sometimes, VERY RARELY, there's a weird glitch and the grenade goes
through the floor, having no effect. This only seems to happen if you
shoot the grenade and it hits the foot of the want to hit the
floor, not his foot! If this happens, shoot the last grenade as fast as
you can! Whichever grenade works, it will explode and send all three
soldiers flying. No hostages will die. If you try to go through them all
using an assault rifle at least two or three hostages will die. Two or
three is unacceptable in Perfect Agent.

Finally, go to the firing range, the final stop for hostages. If you
went fast enough there STILL shouldn't be anyone in the lobby, but it
doesn't matter, your saving grace is coming up. Inside the firing range,
several CI employees will be fighting two guards -- rather well, I might
add -- using Falcon-2 pistols. Blast the mothermuggers while they're
distracted and "OBJECTIVE 2: COMPLETED" will flash on screen. As fast as
you can, go to the computer, activate it, and the glass surrounding the
experimental gun will shatter. Collect it to retrieve the God-like RC-

Now about two or three trillion (or somewhere in-between, I didn't
bother to count) soldiers and Mr. Blondes wielding Maulers will flood
into the level. This is where people f*ck themselves, they have no
combat boosts! But we do. So activate both of them to enter the
Matrix...I mean slow motion. In real-time the RC-P120 couldn't really
give you that big a boost in performance. In slow may as
well be invincible with infinite ammunition. YOU CAN GO UP AGAINST A
GROUP OF EIGHT GUARDS and kill them all without getting hit once! If you
don't feel like Neo right now, you never will.

The RC-P120, combined with slow motion, will allow you to carve a path
right to the hangar that contains the Skedar Bomb, which is inside their
landing ship. Remember that last Devastator grenade I told you to "play
around" with? Well, if you see a lot of guards bunched
know what to do. Watching three Mr. Blondes spiral 10 feet through the
air in slow motion must be experienced by everyone.

Once you reach the area with the Skdar ship make sure the coast is
clear, take out your data uplink, and begin uploading the virus into the
ship (by now the boost's effects have ended). Back away so you can see
both entrances...If anyone comes in, stop and shoot them. You can't take
any risks. Simply start the download again if you have to do so. When it
takes off ("OBJECTIVE 5: COMPLETED") you can either stick around and
watch one of the most impressive real-time explosions of the game, or
run to the exit while cloaked using the RC-P120's secondary function.
Either way, the level is over.


In the Area 51: Escape level, if you exit the stage on the hoverbike
Jonathan will be near Carrington's office, and will helo you with his
magnum. Not all that useful, though. I'd just skip it if I were you,
it's pretty pointless.

                         E N D    S T A G E

              M I S S I O N   S E V E N   C O M P L E T E D

     __  __  __  ___  ___  __   __   _  _    ___  __   __  _  _  ____
    (  \/  )(  )/ __)/ __)(  ) /  \ ( \( )  (  _)(  ) / _)( )( )(_  _)
     )    (  )( \__ \\__ \ )( ( () ) )  (    ) _) )( ( (/\ )__(   )(
    (_/\/\_)(__)(___/(___/(__) \__/ (_)\_)  (___)(__) \__/(_)(_) (__)

Captured by the Skedar, Joanna must break free of her cell and totally
take over the alien craft before it is able to call for help. The ship,
although massive in size, only holds 50 or so of the deadly aliens. With
the help of Elvis and his friends, Joanna will have to fight to the
bridge to totally take it over.

                       A T T A C K     S H I P

                         TYPE:  Covert Assault

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Disable shield system
•  Open hangar doors
•  Access navigational system
•  Sabotage engine systems
•  Gain control of bridge

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Combat Knife
•  Mauler (2x)
•  AR-34 Assault Rifle
•  Callisto NTG
•  Slayer
•  Cassandra's Keycode Necklace

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

I would compare this to the Aztec level in's very long,
the enemies have very strong weapons, dying is a piece of cake, but once
you learn a trick for each group of guards, it becomes pie (yes, I just
made an analogy involving two different baked goods...I must be hungry)!
But still, this is certainly one of (if not ***THE***) hardest levels of
the game on Perfect Agent. It was actually pretty easy on Special
Agent...but not any more. No siree bob! For this reason, I'm going to go
into so much detail your eyes swill glaze over if you try to read it all
in one sitting. That, or you will get brain cancer from the computer
screen radiation. You should really get outside more. ;)

Before doing anything, we need to realize we are not fighting people
(duh hyuk, hyuk, really?). We are fighting an alien civilization evolved
on a totally different planet. Therefore, we need to study their
physiology if we want any chances of killing them.



The Skedar are not what they appear...they are hidden under a guise,
protected from the outside world by a mask of lies. In reality, the
Skedar are small, snakelike creatures about six feet in length. The
monstrosities you see are purely biomechanical, a combination of living
tissue and robotic mechanisms. The head is not the most vulnerable part
of their body as in humans, but it is the snake-like object trailing
behind it, wavering in the air like a flag everytime they run. This is
the tail of the real Skedar inside the mask.

Amount of damage a single Skedar can withstand (In AR-34 bullets. A
single clip, need I remind you, is 30 rounds):

• It takes 20 rounds to the leg or thigh of a Skedar for it to die.

• Around 15 to the chest (or whatever you want to call the object the
  two arms are connected to...I guess it's a chest).

• Around 10 to the face or head.

• Less than four shots to the snake (closer to base: less...closer to
  the tip, more).

So you see, knowing the truth about the Skedar makes them weaker.


Ha, all this talking and no walkthrough yet! Well, here it goes. The
mission starts off with you holding a combat knife (be sure it's set to
primary function, knife slash) and just escaping a holding cell.
Cassandra de Vries is running around in the next area and is going to
make a very useful diversion for you. If you watch closely, you will see
two Skedar -- one stationary, one moving. DO NOT get the attention of
either, just hang back inside the cell. When you hear Cassandra scream,
run out and the Skedar that was running will be inspecting the body, and
the stationary one will now have his back to you. PERFECT! Use the
combat knife on the one with his back to you and he will die instantly
due to the fact you surprised him. Grab his Mauler, and for some reason
you get 20 rounds instead of the standard 10...oh well, I'm not

Stay right here, and look behind you. The three shield consoles are
right there, below you: charge up the Mauler, and when it turns a pink
color, shoot each console to bring the shields down, as Elvis
instructed. "OBJECTIVE 1: COMPLETED" This is actually more ammunition-
efficient than shooting them with the primary function. Now move to the
corner, where the second Skedar is waiting. In a second you'll hear the
mechanical whir of an elevator. As of now, you have two choices: (1)
Running inside the open elevator while simultaneously shutting its door.
You won't get hit once, and waste no ammo of life if you do it right!
Just don't go inside the lift, then turn around and shut the door. If
you do that you take some nasty damage. You have to shut the door WHILE
going inside. (2) Killing the Skedar using the combat knife or Mauler. I
prefer the knife, because right now ammunition is precious.

Either way, you will go down to the Skedar Ship's runway, where the
hangar doors are located, being guarded by two trailer-park Skedar. The
idea here is to run straight across and down the hallway straight ahead,
where another elevator waits. IF you can, shoot the Skedar on the left,
towards the direction you're running, with an auto-aimed charged Mauler
shot. However, if you miss, you don't want to shoot again. But if you
kill him, quickly run and pick up his Mauler.

Now go to the elevator. You should have around 10 rounds, maybe only
five or six. Each charged shot you blast takes off five, so this is
critical. When the second elevator reaches the top, go to your left and
a Skedar will be dead-ahead. He will fall off the ledge while
simultaneously shooting off his alien-crafted pistol. Stand still for a
second, then strafe to the right while shooting your charged Mauler, and
if you auto-aimed correctly he should be laying in a pool of his own
blood. If not, backtrack and try again. If you run out of ammunition,
use the knife as a last, desperate plea.

Either way, you'll want to walk up to the alien console and activate the
one on the left-hand side. The hangar doors will open and the pimp crew,
consisting of Elvis (the master pimp) and two of his cronies will enter
the ship, brandishing wicked sub-machine guns called Callisto NTG's.
"OBJECTIVE 2: COMPLETED" When you return to the runway, several
different scenarios can take place. We didn't kill all the Skedar, so
chances are, there will be one near Elvis. You will have enough
ammunition to shoot off one, maybe even two, charged shots. Make them
count, and make sure Elvis isn't in the line of fire. It might not even
matter if you miss, half the time Elvis' group of boys will blast them

Anyway, Elvis will greet you in his pimp-ways, and hand over an AR-34
Assault Rifle with over 400 rounds of ammunition. "Here, take this! You
may find it useful..." Hell yeah! We be hanging out in the Maian crib,

Now run into the runway and find cover, and watch in awe as Elvis'
friends, well it had to be said, kick some serious Skedar ass. Two
Maians with NTG's will basically take down 20 Skedar AT ONCE. Damn
they're good! But I'm not sure if that really counts, because if you
examine closely you'll discover that the Skedar are slightly weaker than
normal...but I won't hold that against them!

After a few seconds of this Skedar-arse-beating thing, an elevator will
come down and Elvis will tell you to take it. So do so. Short, gray men
can never lead you wrong. However, before leaving, you may want to
(gulp) shoot the little Maians and take their Callisto NTG's, setting
them to their secondary function: high impact shells. You only get 20
rounds, and that's all you get. If you have good aim, this can take down
two, maybe even three Skedar, but only save it if you run out of AR-34

When the elevator arrives at the top floor, go to the door straight
ahead, go to the VERY left-hand side of it, and open it. To your left
and right, on each side, is a Skedar. But if you DO NOT let them see
you, you can shoot both of them dead without them evening moving. For
the one on the left, you might be able to see his head if you're lucky,
but I usually have to settle for thigh/chest shots. That takes a bit of
ammo for the AR-34 (which is what you REALLY SHOULD be using MOST of the

However, the one on the right, you can see the pink underside of the
snake! So shoot it about three times and boom, he's dead. Go in and grab
their Maulers, and go through the door on the LEFT. Then take the door
to the right, and here is an elongated room with a single Skedar at the
end, and there's some sort of alien structure in the middle. Here's what

1. Strafe out to the right-hand side of the structure. The Skedar will
   immediately notice you.
2. Crouch all the way down.
3. Shoot him in the head with your assault rifle.

DO NOT switch steps 1 & 2, because then the Skedar will not try to shoot
you, he will simply run around the structure. The Skedar, although very
good fighters, have terrible aim over long distances. So you won't get
hit here. Another cool thing is that if you do the above tick, his gun
(all Skedar are right-handed) will be shooting nothing but the structure
in the middle of the room.

Collect the ammunition and head through the door straight ahead to come
to an intersection, then head RIGHT. But to do not rush into the
navigation room. Stay in the doorway, duck ALL THE WAY DOWN, and slowly
enter the room, looking to your left. Joanna will make a comment about a
machine that contains information. To your right will be a single
Skedar. If you are crouching all the way down his gun will not be
visible and he will shoot nothing but the wall (there is a small ramp
that leads to a lower area, which is why he is lower than you). Then
there is another Skedar in this room, this time on the left-side. What I
always do is strafe diagonally backwards (still crouched all the way
down) and he will start shooting at you, but again, his gun's shots will
be blocked by the low wall that surrounds the lower area. Cap him in the
head as fast as you can and he will fall. Grab the ammo and Elvis will
come in and investigate the computer (trippy graphical effects...).

Elvis will then say, "Time to head upwards!" Reusing voice samples
already? For shame. Exit through the door you DIDN'T come in here from,
and then turn left at the intersection. Go up the long corridor, and at
the end will be a Skedar. It's very far away, so his first two or three
shots will miss. However, his third of fourth shot will always hit. To
kill him as fast as possible, duck all the way down and fire off as many
bullets into his head as you can. He shouldn't get past his second shot.
Around the corner is another Skedar, only this time even farther away!
Take care of him in the same manner by crouching all the way down
(which, I think, makes you an even harder target to hit, and improves
you accracy ten-fold).

Now you enter an area with a blue door. Equip your Mauler, and set it to
a full charge. Now open the door and immediately close it. A Skedar will
be RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FACE and begin shooting off his deadly gun. After
three shots open the door again and tap the "Z" trigger. He's so close,
auto-aim will work almost instantly. He will die. If you miss...not only
do you suck (hang your head in shame), but you will take heavy damage
from the survivor.

This is the room I like to call the "Christmas Light Room." That has a
cheery name, doesn't it? Maybe too about, the "Christmas
Light Room...of Death." That sets a better impression. I call it the
Christmas Light Room because of the fact all the lights are hideously
green and make me feel all jolly.

But getting to the point, a single Skedar inhabits this room, to the
left. He's turned at an angle, and will have to turn around before
shooting. Because of this, you should use a Mauler (on charge, duh) to
take him out, because you'll have enough time to line up a shot. Now
take out your AR-34 rifle again, and enter the door behind him. Open the
second door, and there will be another straight ahead, who will again
have to turn around. Immediately crouch all the way down and blast him
with your rifle -- you may even hit the snake a few times. Now turn the
corner and another piece of alien trash is in wait. Allow him to shoot
two or three shots, then turn the corner, crouch, and kill. "Crouch and
kill" basically describes the strategy for this level...

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT enter the engine room. You will be mowed down.
Instead, crouch all the way down and destroy the brown panels on the
central pillar from the corridors. When both panels are destroyed, Elvis
will scream that we need to get out of here, so run back to the
Christmas Light Room (Of death...) to escape the huge explosion that
ensues, killing all the Skedar in the engine room. So don't worry about
anyone following you. "OBJECTIVE 4: COMPLETED"

Exit the Christmas Light Room through the door you took to enter it in
the first place. Turn to the right and go up the small ramp there, it
twists into another hallway. Kill the Skedar there (strafe out, crouch
down, shoot its head) and then enter the next room. Two Skedar are on
two different ramps, and will begin shooting at you. Quickly head up the
ramp to your left and shoot that Skedar as fast as you can, maybe using
a charged Mauler to take him down faster. The second Skedar, on the
other side, will now be on the bottom, distracted by Elvis. You have the
height advantage: take him down with the scope of your AR-34. You should
have around 100 rounds left.

Go into the elevator, and Elvis will use another recycled line (this
time from Pelagic II! They have no shame!). After the second elevator
you will enter the bridge, with three Skedar and new "action" music! And
one of them has double Maulers! Ouch! Find cover behind the walls
immediately, and crouch all the way down, and take them out one at a
time. Switch to your Mauler and go deep into the bridge, retrieving the
extra Mauler from the dead Skedar body in the may have to
search around for it, but be sure to snag it. Ooooh, baby, double --
CHARGED -- Maulers. Highly erotic.

Now Elvis will burst in, and behind him will be about five or six
Skedar, all waiting to die. They have guns, but never shoot them. They
totally ignore you, they all go right to Elvis. Every time. If you've
reached this point the mission is pretty much over, as long as Elvis
doesn't do anything retarded, like -- for example -- running in front of
your guns and getting shot in the side of his big-ass head (even though
his joke about the headache was funny). When all the Skedar lay dead the
ship is in your control. "OBJECTIVE 5: COMPLETED"

                           E N D   S T A G E

               M I S S I O N    E I G H T    C O M P L E T E

     __  __  __  ___  ___  __   __   _  _    _  _  __  _  _  ___
    (  \/  )(  )/ __)/ __)(  ) /  \ ( \( )  ( \( )(  )( \( )(  _)
     )    (  )( \__ \\__ \ )( ( () ) )  (    )  (  )(  )  (  ) _)
    (_/\/\_)(__)(___/(___/(__) \__/ (_)\_)  (_)\_)(__)(_)\_)(___)

The Skedar's Battle Shrine, the nerve center of everything related to
the Skedar's war plans, has been discovered. The ship that Joanna has
taken over will enable her to get there, land, and take over the
operations there. Once the Skedar priest is killed, the war between the
Maians and Skedar will finally come to an end.

                      S K E D A R     R U I N S

                       TYPE:  Battle Shrine

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Identify temple targets
•  Activate bridge
•  Gain access to Inner Sanctum
•  Destroy secret Skedar army
•  Assassinate Skedar leader

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Falcon-2 (Scope)
•  Callisto NTG
•  Mauler
•  Phoenix (2x)
•  Reaper
•  Devastator
•  Slayer
•  Infra Red Goggles
•  R-Tracker
•  Target Amplifier

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

Well, the Falcon-2 is pretty much useless, so toss it aside and whip out
the Callisto NTG. Set it to high impact shells. Now we're
talking...although there are many Skedar on this level, they aren't as
dangerous as the ones on the Attack Ship. Most of them don't have any
guns, but you must know that you MUST KEEP YOUR DISTANT. A good kick or
punch by one of these alien fascists will pretty much kill you in one
hit, if not put you in the red-danger zone health-wise. So be cautious,
and stay away from close confrontation battles.

First, be sure to activate the R-Tracker. We will be looking for special
pillars, and the only way to know if they are special is by looking at
the radar. If they're special, there will be a yellow dot on the radar.
If they're regular old pillars, they'll be no sign of them on the
scopes. Basically, if they're special (three in all) you'll want to toss
the target amplifiers on them. For the two normal pillars, put a sticky
grenade on them, and allow them to be destroyed. However, the location
of the special pillars are TOTALLY RANDOM. So it is up to you to take
care of things.

Move into the first area and show yourself long enough to the Reaper
toting Skedar, he'll begin firing his deadly chain gun at you, so
quickly hide behind the pillar. By now, two other Skedars will have
dropped down from nowhere. When he stops firing his Reaper, strafe out
and mow him down using your Maian sub-machine gun. Now turn around and
blast the two following threats down. The first pillar is right there in
the opening.

Go down the twisting path, marveling at the architecture of the
tunnel...that is, until a few Skedar warp in. When a Skedar warps in he
will be temporarily vulnerable, as he will stand there and look around
to get his bearings, so be sure to kill them as soon as they appear. Now
look behind you and a few more will be following you, so take them out.
Move down the sandy path until you reach the split path. A Skedar will
appear on either side: begin to backpedal while simultaneously firing at
them and they will both fall. They have no weapons, so this shouldn't be
too hard. At the split path, turn to your right. The second pillar is in
a small enclosure. Just be on your toes, because another Skedar will
usually warp in right next to you!

Now return to the split in the path, and this time take the left-path
(or, from your point of view coming from the enclosure, straight ahead).
Another split in the path occurs almost immediately, one has a Skedar at
the end, the other leads to a canyon. Ignore the canyon and take the one
with the Reaper-Skedar. He will immediately begin to fire, and if you
didn't know it yet, a Reaper will drain your health insanely fast, so
take refuge behind one of the support pillars. When he stops, strafe out
and teach him a lesson by shooting him in the head a couple of times.
The third pillar is directly behind his carcass.

This next part is somewhat tricky, but comes easy with practice. Two
Reaper-Skedar are taking cover behind a fallen piece of rock. You should
show yourself to them, then run behind the corner. When they stop
shooting, strafe back out and take care of one of them. Then do the same
for the remaining alien dirtbag. You really can't risk going out into
the open, you could die within only a few seconds. After both have been
"taken care of", if you get my drift, go behind them to the area that
holds the fourth and fifth pillars. The fourth, it should be noted, is
the "fat" pillar. If it is one you should destroy using the grenade
launcher, it will take TWO sticky grenades at once to blow it up,
instead of only one. It's a pity. Also of note, around the last pillar
TWO Skedar will warp in, but they are easy prey.

Now that all of the target amplifiers have been placed ("OBJECTIVE 1:
COMPLETED") the Maian fleet will level them by sending down rockets, so
don't get too close to them. Go back to the entrance to the canyon, and
if you blew up the two pillars that weren't special, twin Phoenix
pistols will be lying on the ground right before the ladder. WHY!?! Who
knows, more importantly, who cares! It will make the rest of the level
pretty darn easy. Switch to them immediately, and kill the two Reaper-
Skedars from your vantage point. Set them to secondary function --
explosive shells, baby -- and you can clear out the big dirt pile that
is blocking the ladder to the next section. Here, a Skedar will warp in
-- blast him into cinders. Now equip the Infra-Red Goggles and you will
find a weak section in the bluish wall -- use the explosive pistols to
take it out. We just saved a lost of Devastator ammunition...

Enter the hole, and four baby Skedars will flood the hallway (two from
the front, two from the back). Just send a couple of explosions their
way using the Maian pistol, and they will go flying, smacking against
the side of the wall...gruesome. Open the sliding door to reveal a
switch and a large rock. When you stand on the switch the bridge will
activate, but as soon as you step off it retracts back inside the wall.
There happens to be a moveable rock nearby...Hmmm, jeez, as if it wasn't
so obvious in the Zelda games: push the rock on the switch! It doesn't
exactly require that much brain-power. "OBJECTIVE 2: COMPLETED"

Now cross the bridge and you will enter an extremely awesome part of the
level...these hallways are extremely dark, the only lightsource you get
are the flickering of the destroyed lightbulbs, the remnants of them
spitting sparks into the air. Very nice use of lighting, if I may say so
myself! You'll also run across some of the locals: more of those damned
baby Skedars! Blast them into charcoal using your double Phoenixes.

Eventually you'll reach a door, go through it. Two Skedars equipped with
Slayers will meet your can either blast them away
with the Callisto or use the Phoenix. I prefer the latter, because if
you time it right the explosions from the Phoenix will destroy the
rockets they fire, so they pretty much blow themselves up. It's
hilarious! Either way, BE SURE TO GRAB BOTH OF THEIR SLAYERS. You get
two rockets, which isn't too shabby. You'll then find a small altar, and
a message will appear. "Make your sacrifice to the God of War." A Skedar
altar speaking to us in perfect English? Riiiight...It's almost as bad
as the ending to Independence Day when Goldblum hacked into the alien
ship using a Mac. Both are so corny!

But getting to the point, here's how to solve this "puzzle": Take out a
weapon you have no use for, mainly the Falcon-2. Now tap the action
button (the same one you use to open doors or reload) and the weapon
will be set on the altar, turning the generator on and opening the
locked door above. Speaking of above, look up there...a Reaper-Skedar
with nothing better to do than stare at the wall all day. Shoot him in
the head a couple of times, just to put him out of his misery. The poor

Now return to the flickering hallways and continue along the path,
eventually reaching the Inner Sanctum ("OBJECTIVE 3: COMPLETED"). Now we
meet the army room...many people have problems with this, but if you
have the proper explosive weapons, it's a cinch. Each side of the room
has several green doors, all in sets of two. One Skedar will come out of
each door. They will first come out of the ones on the RIGHT, then
through the ones on the LEFT. You should have two Devastator rounds, and
two Slayer missiles. If you had to destroy the fat pillar, then you'll
only have one grenade, but still. Here's what you do: shoot either a
sticky grenade or a Slayer missile at the sets of two doors. It will
explode and kill both Skedar before they even come out. If you run out
of explosives, use the Callisto NTG to finish the last one off (on the
left side, one set only has a single door, instead of the standard two).
When all the Skedar are dead, you are free to go. "OBJECTIVE 4:

The Skedar King is remarkably easy. If you're playing this on Perfect
Agent, you should already know how to beat him and know how to take him
down very easily, so..."OBJECTIVE 5: COMPLETED"

                            E N D   S T A G E

...Alright, I won't leave you hanging, I'm not THAT cruel and
unforgiving. First off, you have to keep shooting the King until his
shield turns a greenish/blackish color (I say it's mostly green,
myself). He will then run to the center of the arena and duck down, re-
energizing himself. This is your chance to shoot the statue above him,
it is the Battle Shrine itself. It normally has its own shield, but once
the King has been weakened and is recharging, it's vulnerable, except
for the long one in the center. Your first targets are the fat ones on
the side, and then the thinner, longer ones at the bottom. These are
hard to hit, until you realize you can strafe to the side of the King
and shoot the very base of them, which is much easier to hit than their
tips. If you would try to hit their base from the front, the King's
shield would have blocked it. But from the side, you can actually shoot
behind him. Very cool trick.

The weapon you use should be the Callisto NTG, set to high impact shells
naturally. It will drain his shield away very easily and has a much
larger magazine than that of the double Phoenixes. Or, if you wish, you
could use the Phoenixes to weaken his shield, and the Callisto to blow
away the pieces to the statue.

The King himself has several tricks up his sleeve. He can shoot a rocket
at you, but if you strafe to the side the explosion shouldn't touch you.
You can also make him explode the rocket all over himself if you use the
Phoenix...which is kind of funny if you ask me. His last two tricks
include teleportation and sending in a lone Skedar warrior to help, but
if you shoot at him fast enough he won't have any chance to do so.

When all four pieces of the shrine have been knocked off, the final
dagger's shield will disappear. Destroy it, and it will fall and skewer
the King like a shish-ka-bob, impaling his body and nailing it to the
ground. Nice one.

           M I S S S I O N     N I N E     C O M P L E T E D

                      C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S

Now you may enjoy the crappy ending. What the Hell were they thinking
when they made it? Sheesh, it's awful...thankfully, the ending credits
are worth it. Check it out for some extremely funny names (One man was
credited for, and I quote: "Guns and visual orgasms." Hahahaha!) and
dance to the wicked music. Dance I say, DANCE!!

Hold on a second, more you say...?

                  ___  ___  ___   __  __   __   __
                 / __)(  ,\(  _) / _)(  ) (  ) (  )
                 \__ \ ) _/ ) _)( (_  )(  /__\  )(__
                 (___/(_)  (___) \__)(__)(_)(_)(____)

        __   ___  ___  __   __  _  _  __  __  ___  _  _  ____  ___
       (  ) / __)/ __)(  ) / _)( \( )(  \/  )(  _)( \( )(_  _)/ __)
       /__\ \__ \\__ \ )( ( (/\ )  (  )    (  ) _) )  (   )(  \__ \
      (_)(_)(___/(___/(__) \__/(_)\_)(_/\/\_)(___)(_)\_) (__) (___/

Did someone say "Bonus"?! I hope so! These special assignments have you
playing as a totally different character than Joanna Dark. Mr. Blonde's
Revenge explains how Cassandra de Vries was captured by the Skedar, and
you play as the bad-ass Mr. Blonde himself. In Maian SOS, the sending of
the SOS by Elvis from Area 51 is revealed. WAR! details the final
erasing of the Skedar's battle shrine, including the cloned high
priests. The final level of the game, Duel, isn't really a level at all,
but more of a mini-game.

              M R .     B L O N D E ' S     R E V E N G E

Note: This level will only be available for use when the game has been
      beaten on Agent difficulty (or higher).

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Plant explosive device in lab lift
•  Eliminate dataDyne Captain
•  Locate and escort Cassandra to helipad

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Mauler
•  CMP-150 (2x)
•  Falcon-2 (2x)
•  dy357 magnum
•  Shotgun
•  N-Bomb
•  BombSpy
•  Cloaking Device (30 seconds)
•  Skedar Bomb

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

Mr. Blonde is a bad-ass character, so being able to play as him is a
great treat. Sure, the guards occasionally say, "Get her!" but it's all
worth it in the end.

You start out in the lobby of the dataDyne Tower, and your exit is at
the very top, on the roof. Before boarding the foyer elevators, however,
you need to make your way to the room that has the elevator that would
lead to the second level in dD: Defection. To do this without getting
absolutely mowed down by the butch guards, activate the cloaking device
and swiftly enter the elevator without them being the wiser. Equip the
"Skedar Bomb" from the items menu and it will automatically be set into
the elevator. "OBJECTIVE 1: COMPLETED"

Now head up the stairs and one of the foyer elevators (the one on the
right; the other is locked) will come down. Get inside, deploy the
BombSpy, send it out of the elevator, then return to your normal view.
Close the foyer doors to begin your ascent. When you are out of view of
the lesbian soldiers, uncloak yourself. You should have about 10-15
seconds left of it, depending on how fast you did everything. Now take
out your Mauler, and begin a charge. Then immediately return to the view
of the BombSpy. Move it to the second elevator, the one that is locked.
A person will magically teleport inside. When this happens, detonate the
BombSpy. "OBJECTIVE 2: COMPLETED" Your elevator will then stop at the
next highest floor.

Get out and quickly move to the metal stairwell. A lone shock trooper
will be moving down, armed with a dy357 magnum. All of the troopers in
this stage have one, along with a ridiculous amount of body armor
covering their chest. A charged Mauler shot, however, will go right
through it. Quickly open the brown door to the next highest floor, and
the elevator door that the dataDyne Captain magically appeared in will
be right there. Get inside, close the doors, and you will collect double
Falcon-2's...pretty sweet. The Mauler is actually a better weapon due to
the fact that everyone on this stage has lots of body armor, but I
prefer to use these double pistols...they have a sweet reload, and just
seem cooler!

The elevator will then drop you off at Cassandra's floor. Kill any and
all storm troopers (BEWARE! They can and will use N-Bombs, so try to
take them out as fast as possible). Ignore Cassandra's office door and
go up the metal stairway that leads to the fan-room. Cloak yourself,
quickly go up the ramp, and shoot the shock trooper who is standing
guard over the entrance to the roof right in the side of his masked
head. Cloak yourself again, go to the roof, and surprise the last
trooper by shooting him in the groin repeatedly. Muahaha, how's that
body armor feel now, buddy?

You can also take out the four security cameras, but it's not required.

Open the doors to Cassandra's office and she will immediately sound the
alarm. Then she will try to take you out with a Falcon; disarm her and
she will be totally vulnerable. Mr. Blonde will order her around like
the little bitch she is, then she will run to the roof, making snide
remarks the entire way. I feel like capping her in the ass 90% of the
time; heck, I'll fall the mission just to see her frail body hit the
floor, then watching as a pool of her own blood forms beneath her
corpse. But, er, I guess you want to actually complete the mission, eh?
:p Well, the rest of the level is totally clear, so there's not much to
talk about. A few guards may sneak behind you, but they're nothing to
worry about. When you reach the roof, "MISSION 3: COMPLETED"

                      E N D   S T A G E

                     M  A  I  A  N       S  O  S

Note: This level will not be available for use until every level
      (including Mr. Blonde's Revenge) is beaten on Special Agent or

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Sabotage enemy medical experiment
•  Destroy captured Maian saucer
•  Activate distress signal

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Falcon-2
•  dy357-LX (2x)
•  Dragon
•  Tranquilizer
•  Pyschosis Gun

So, you've played as Joanna for just about the entire game, and have
just discovered the joys of playing as Mr. Blonde and now want some
more alternate action?

Maian SOS is the way to go...

Poor Elvis has taken a bit of a beating in between getting captured and
finding himself ready to have a few "medical procedures" performed on
his little grey alien body. You'll start the level with only about a
third or your health. This can make things a real pain in the arse..

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

Walk up to the guard infront of you. Let him see you and wait for him
to draw his weapon. Disarm him, and then punch the crap out of him.
Quickly turn around and head for the door you see (you will most likely
have alerted the guard in here of your presence by now). Disarm him,
wait for him to take out a second weapon (if he does) and disarm him
again, then punch him to death too. Grab the Psychosis Gun from the
table, then head back through the door you came in from. Push the
medical stretcher into the back wall of glass. Stand back, pull out
your Falcon 2 (if you didn't already use it on the guards before),
making sure not to waste a single bullet, blow up the stretcher, this
will cause the glass too explode, giving you a way to get out.

Move towards the door ahead, there is a single guard in between the two
doors here, so open up, and put a hole in his head, grab his dragon,
and get read for another guard to open the next set or door and open
fire upon you. Take care of him and move out into the next room. Take
it easy, and watch your ammo. There are two more guards in this room...
making sure not to get hit kill them both and move on to the door at
the end of the room.

As soon as you open the door head left, killing the guards as the come
for you.

(-(- Optional: If you wish you can head right here now. The point of
going here is to get yourself a deadly buddy temporarily, who can help
you through part of the level. You may want to use him now, or after
objective one is completed. I HIGHLY suggest getting him after your
first objective is completed myself.

Anyway, if you choose to head right watch out. Kill the guard as soon
as you've turned right, and then go through the door infront of you,
put a hole in the guard to the left, and the guard to the right of you,
each standing infront of a door.

Once you've dealt with them, take the door to the right (or the door
too the left if you want a helping hand right away, but he won't last
as long this way >:). When you enter turn left, kill the guard you see
and then exit back into the room where the two guards were on either
side of. You probably will have alerted another guard who is in the
room ahead of you usually, if you have alerted him shoot him with the
Pyschosis gun. Why you may ask? Because he has TWO dy357-LX's! He'll
now be on your side, and he's the best person in the level to have
on your side, trust me ;) Now head into the room ahead of you, if he
didn't come out, then he will be in here to the left, either way once
he's been shot with the Pyschosis gun and is on your side you'll be
much better off. In this second round room there will be one more guard.
Kill him and exist until you come back to the area this optional
section started at. -)-)

Note: If you wish, you may want to get the guy with the two dy357-LX's
at a later point in the level... If so, then I've said
when you might want to get him.

Head left, walk up the the door, which will automatically open. Kill
the guard here and then go left through the grey door. There are
four more guards here, all sitting at desks as you enter. Kill
the lot of them, using as little ammo as possible :)

Run to the back of the room and open the first door, make sure your
dragon is out, open the second door and aim at the thing you see two
"scientists" standing around, shoot it. It will explode, killing
the scientists, and Completing Objective One! Run to where the
explosion was, and pick up the tranqulizers the guards dropped.

Go back the way you came, through the two doors right after each
other, and then out the door at the end of the room.

-HERE- is where you can go for the guy with the two dy357-LX's if you
didn't already get him and use him earlier in the level. I suggest
getting him at this point, rather than earlier myself. It makes things
a hell of a lot easier ;) Refer to the "optional paragraph" on what to

Turn left and head up the hallway, with your buddy by your side
(hopefully) stick closely behind him, and follow him though the
hallways, taking care of anyone that he has trouble with. Make your
way through the hallways, (up a ramp then right and down a ramp)
making sure your friend is doing ok, and that he doesn't miss anyone.
Once you've made it all the way through the hallway, you will come to
an open hangar area. If you wish, you can venture into the side rooms
along the way, for some extra Pyschosis ammo. But I personally
wouldn't bother, but hey, that's just me. The room on the left is
useless, the room on the right is where you want to be. Beware there
is a drone gun in the room to the right (with the Pyschosis Gun ammo
in it). As soon as you open the door, take out the drone gun and then
kill the guard.

Getting back to where we were.... at this point you should be at the
door that opens up to a hangar area. Your buddy with the dy357-LX's
will end up coming to and end here more than likely without even
getting a shot in. Aaaaaww how sad :P Make sure you pick up his guns

Head forward and left through the area, as always killing each of the
guards on your way.

Open the door that you come too and head forward, over the bridge and
up the ramp. You'll enter a room with three other doors in it.
Ignore the ones on the sides (there is nothing for you to see but empty
space) and head for the door straight infront of you. Make your way
through the hallways, killing the guards you see along the way. When
you come to a door to your left, and one to your right take the one to
the left. Ahead of you you'll see a little square gap in the wall.
Crouch twice, and jump through. When you hit the ground run through
the left side of the huge pile of crates and kill the guard you see
here (hopefully he'll be facing away from you). You CAN get lucky
here, and sometimes you can sprint straight to the elevator, and get
in. If not, you'll have to call it and wait around, taking out all of
the guards that come after you.

Anyway, once in the elevator it will take you up one level. Get off and
go right. You'll see another door at the end of the path. Open it and
shoot the guard standing there in the head. And up the ramps you go.
Watch out, because shit loads of guards will come after you at this
point, so you have to make this snappy. Run along till you are in a
spot that is fairly safe from guards shooting at you and where you can
see the Maian spacecraft and whip out your dy357-LX's DO NOT MISS THIS
SHOT! Shoot the spacecraft and it should blow up with just one hit.

Now pissbolt to the elevator and get your ass in fast! You're nearly
there...... don't get too excited yet, remember, stay calm and focus.
There will be a guard in plain sight when the elevator stops, so get
ready for a quick head shot. When he's delth with go through the two
doors and face right, sidestep out and kill the two guards at the end
of the hall. If you are feeling lucky you can throw a dragon mine....
but I wouldn't if I were you.

Go through the next set of doors and then either a) immediately shoot
the office desk divider thingy (the brown wall) and then run through
it and hit B at the computer teminal, wait 2 seconds and you are done,
or b) take it the safe way, still blow the first wall, but kill all
of the guards you see and then make your way to the terminal, hit
B and you're done! Good job...... only one real level left :D

                          E N D   S T A G E

                               W  A  R  !

Note: This level will not be available for use until every level
      (including Mr. Blonde's Revenge and Maian SOS) is beaten on
      Perfect Agent.

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Kill Skedar King.
•  Kill Skedar King 2.
•  Kill Skedar King 3.

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Phoenix
•  Mauler
•  Callisto NTG
•  Reaper
•  Slayer

Ready for the final bonus mission of Perfect Dark? Well, it's a
reasonably short one, but it gives you a great feeling of
acomplishment. Because you know that YOU ARE A TRUE FREAK, you've
managed to beat every level previous to this on Perfect Agent mode and
now you and three of your Maian friends are coming to blow the shit out
of every last one of those fucking Skedar.

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

The level takes place through part of the Skedar Ruins... Damn rare for
not making the bonus levels in original places.... but that's what you
get for having thousands upon thousands impatient gamers not willing to
wait a few extra months so the final product can be the best it can.

Anyway, for the purpose of War! this is fair enough. The level has
loads of Skedar running about the place, and three Skedar Kings you
have to destroy.

When you start off, run forward, follow the pathway right, walk up the
small slope and then turn right and enter the dark hallways through the
hole in the wall (which you blew open in the Skedar Ruins level

Set the Phoenix to explosive shells.

Follow the path when you come to an opening, where you have to jump
down turn left. Walk toward the right turn, get ready to sidestep out
with your Phoenix (set to explosive shells), edge out and shoot the
Skedar at the end of the hallway. Run to where it was, turn the next
corner (right) then go to the next turn (left) and edge out, shoot the
Skedar that come out at the end of the hall. Walk to it's dead body,
take the next corner and get ready for some really shooting action.
Shoot the first skedar you see (using the parts of the wall that stick
out for cover). A BUNCH more Skedar will rush out from the door to the
left at the end of the hallway, so be prepared.

Once you've killed them walk to the door that they came from, there will
be plenty more Skedar in here, just take them out from as far away as
you can with the Phoenix.

The king is in the area with the spinning pillar, and the place where
you had to sacrifice a weapon to the Skedar in Skedar Ruins. You have
to make this quick. Swith you your Mauler (which you should have picked
up by now), and set it to charge up shot mode. Jump around the dorner
and shoot the big skedar in the head (the gre-ish snake like thing) for
and instant kill. If you miss just try to shoot it again. If you take
too long he will summon a bunch more Skedar, so you really want to
take him out fast. When he's dead Objective One is Completed.

>From here, make your way back to the door you came in and head up the
ramp to the next door (which is locked until objective one is

Open the door, run across the bridge (shooting any Skedar that may have
found themselves there as you go). Open the next door and run back a bit
and blow the crap out of the Skedar that may greet you.
Run through the hallway until you come to another door. Open it (ready
to shoot), if there is/are Skedar there shoot it/them, open the next
door and shoot the two or so skedar that rush for you. Switch back to
your Mauler on charge up shot and walk up behind the pillar. There is
another Skedar King behind it, so aim up a little, edge out to the
right and shoot his head (the grey snake like thing), again for an
instant kill, if you miss the first time keep at it. When he is dead,
Objective Two is completed.

Whip out your Slayer if you wish and kill the rest of the Skedar in
the room and the ones that run through the door (in groups if you are
using your three slayer rockets) the Skedar King was in front of.

Switch to your Phoenix again (if you didn't use it to kill all of the
Skedar that just rushed you).

Go through the door with your Phoenix out, kill the Skedar that run
around the wide pillar in here (if you wish, you can use the slayer in
here instead, but be carefull not to get caught in the splash zone of
the explosions) and then get ready to complete the final objective, of
the mission in the game. Remember where the Skedar king was in Skedar
Ruins? Yeah, well aim for where he was (the centre at the back of the
room) with your Phoenix, then open the door and shoot like crazy. As
soon as he fires his first rocket it will catch the explosion of a
Phoenix shot and blow up right as it leaves his slayer >:P that will
kill him and Complete Objective Three.

Congradulations, you are a legend. You've done it, the final mission in
Perfect Dark completed, by you on Perfect Agent :) (Hopefully you've
done the Dual on Perfect Agent by now, but if not, come and read from
here on after you have).

Your reward?

***Semi-Spoiler alert***

Perfect Dark mode!!! What's this you say? Well for those who have
completed Goldeneye totally on 00 Agent mode you'll be able to guess
this one.. Perfect Dark is listed under Perfect Agent mode on every
level that you select. When you hit A you'll be taken to a mini-menu
where you have three opetions to adjust:

Enemy Health, Enemy Damage and Enemy Accuracy. They have little sliders
for each, all three options start on 100%. You can slide them anywhere
from 10% to 1000%. You can have a lot of fun with these... if you are
insane you can jack all three up to 1000%..... or for a bit of a
challenge you can take them up to more respectable levels (110-300+%).
If you'd like some fun try sliding the health bar up to 1000% and the
Damage and Accuracy bars down to 10%.

Experiment, and have fun with your small but awesome reward.

***End Semi-Spoiler alert***

                          E N D   S T A G E

                       T  H  E     D  U  E  L

Required Mission Objectives:
•  Defeat dataDyne guard
•  Defeat Jonathan Dark
•  Defeat Trent Easton

Available Weapons / Gadgets:
•  Falcon 2 (Scope)
•  Dy357 Magnum
•  dy357-LX Magnum

This isn't a mission as such, but rather your final training level.
This will take you one or two tries..... perhaps three at the most to

You start the Duel with absolutely no health! But that is the entire
purpose..... see, the idea is to defeat three progressivly harder
enemies without being shot once. Which is rather easy.

Why you are reading the walkthrough for this level is beyond me......
why I wrote it is even more puzzling...
Anyway, lets get down to buisness.

Perfect Agent Walkthrough:

You'll start watching about a two second cut-scene in first person mode
where Joanna will take a few paces forward. When she stops walking
forward you will gain control of her. Turn left or right 180 degrees and
pop a cap in the virtual dataDyne guard (using the scope of your Falcon
2), if you don't want to do that you can turn around and run up to him
for a more accurate shot, but you risk being killed doing this. Before
the dataDyne guard shoots he will jump to his right, so he'll be pretty
easy for you to take out. When it's dead (well it is just a hologram)
Objective One is Complete.

You'll go back to the same cut scene again once the first objective is
completed. As soon as you gain control of Joanna turn around 180 degrees
again and then run forward and turn around once you are at the other end
of the wall on the left and look inbetween it and the other wall, if you
are lucky the hologram of Jonathan will be at that end of the hall, if
he is take a few pot shots at him from close range, if he isn't there he
will be at the other end of the hall, if he is at the other end of the
hall either zoom in and shoot him then and there, or run back around the
wall (so he can't shoot you) until you come to the end of it, then run
around and shoot him from close range. When it's dead Objective Two is

When objective two is complete, you'll go back to the cut scene again.
As usual wait until you gain control of Joanna. As soon as you can
strafe around to the right and hide behind the wall. Run behind it till
you are almost to the end (sticking to the right of it). Get your gun
ready then zoom, and edge out and quickly shoot the hologram of Trent.

When the hologram of Trent Easton is destroyed that's it. Objective
Three is Completed, and so is the last of the single player missions
(even if dual isn't really a mission as such, but rather the final
training level)...

                          E N D   S T A G E

What is there to do now? Well, you can try your luck at the Co-Operative
single player missions with up to three other simulants, or a friend.

After that you've got the insane multiplayer modes to play. There are
the 30 challenges for you to complete with one, two, three and four
players which will be no easy task. When you've completed all of the
Co-Op levels in single player, and all 30 challenges with one, two,
three and four players you're done with the actual things you can

Now, sit back and play the hell out of multiplayer would you? There are
soooooooooo many options and settings for you to fiddle with you'll be
playing for months, even years..

What's this? You want to play more of the single player missions?
Well, I guess I don't blame you, they are great. Fiddle around with
Perfect Dark mode for a while then will you?

You want to play them some more? Play around with cheats..... hell why
not try to complete all of the levels you can with enemy rockets on or

You *still* want to play the single player missions? Fair enough.
Play the levels, on all three difficulties and try to beat them as FAST

Do you think you have what it takes to get some world record times?
Or just wanna check out how fast come freaks can really move?
Check out the Perfect Dark Elite, and have a look at the world record
times for each stage, on each difficulty level here:

Still want more suggestions...? Well think of something yourself,
because I can't be stuffed :P


  5.   F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S


Question: I'm in a small room with 3+ guards and with a wimpy pistol.
          They're all facing at me...what should I do in a situation
          like this?

  Answer: Peg each guard with a shot to the arm or leg. This will stun
          them, causing them to stagger in pain. While they're busy with
          this, mow down one of the others. Rinse and repeat.


Question: How do I get <enter cheat name> for <enter level name>? I'm
          having a lot of trouble on this one!

  Answer: As with GoldenEye, I'm working on a separate Cheats/Secrets
          FAQ for Perfect Dark. Be patient.


Question: Ack! In <enter level name> there is something different in it!
          I'm not on Perfect Agent, so your guide can't help. What do I

  Answer: Agent? Secret Agent? BAHAHA! The only use those two modes have
          are for unlocking cheats and practicing for the Perfect Agent
          setting. C'mon, be a man. ;)


Question: In GoldenEye, I could peg guys in the head from 50 feet using
          the scope of my AR33. But how come in this game I can't do
          that? The bullets just get too inaccurate over long distances!

  Answer: It turns out you can still peg people from far away with
          automatics! If you kneel all the way down, your bullets will
          go EXACTLY in the center of the square! This makes it harder
          to move, yes, but it's a great trade-off for being able to
          make head shots from so far away.


Question: Whatever happened to the "Perfect Head" mode where you could
          use a GameBoy Camera to take a picture of your head and put it
          on other characters in the game?

Answer: To aviod potential lawsuits by stupid friggin parents along the
        lines of "Hey, I want $20 billion dollars from Rare, because you
        made my son Jimmy shoot his sister with a real gun because her
        face was in Perfect Dark" Rareware, unfortunately, but wisely
        removed the function from the game towards the end of


  6.   W E A P O N S   /   G A D G E T S


No matter how hideously genius the levels are designed, or how smart the
enemies may be, or how the missions are set up, each first person
shooter has one thing in common: guns. Whether you're sniping a dataDyne
guard at 30 yards or literally bowling over people with the Super
Dragon, Perfect Dark offers some of the most extensive weaponry for a
first person shooter to date.

This section is split up into smaller sub-sections, making it much more
organized than if I were to simply list all the weapons in one huge

                  S E M I   A U T O M A T I C S

Semi-automatics consist mainly of pistols and slow shooting weapons.
They make up a majority of your arsenal as you start out the game.


• A small, grayish-blue pistol. It can be fitted with a silencer, a
  scope, and a laserbeam.

• Mainly for covert operations where silence is key, and surprising your
  opponents is more important than rushing into a room and mowing down
  guards. With only eight bullets per clip, you're going to need to be
  very accurate. Aim for the head if possible.

• Its secondary function is a pistol whip, where you will (as Joanna
  says) "bosh" people using the gun. Sort of like the Sniper Rifle
  butting in GoldenEye.

• This is Perfect Dark's equivalent to the PP7.


• An elongated pistol with a reddish-brown handle and a gray coloring to
  the rest. Its filled with small valleys and craters, giving it a very
  futuristic look. Rounds are standard pistol shots with an extra punch.

• The Magsec-4 is considerably more powerful than the Falcon-2, and its
  shots are extremely high pitched which indicate the speed of the
  bullets. Although it has a scope (2x) its accuracy becomes pathetic
  the more and more distance you put between yourself and the target.
  This weapon was clearly made for close-quarter fighting.

• Its secondary function is a three-shot burst, similar to the upgraded
  pistol in Turok II: Seeds of Evil. Use this when facing many guards at

dataDyne dy-357 Magnum

• Pretty much the same as the Cougar Magnum in GoldenEye, except a bit
  trimmed down.

• The Magnum is annoyingly slow, up to two seconds between shots even if
  you rapidly press the trigger. Even worse is the fact that the reload
  time is about five seconds -- Joanna flips the used cases out and
  shoves new ones in, then flips the magazine back into the gun.

• This weapon's only saving grace is that it can usually kill a man in a
  single round, causing them to fly back several yards.

• The dy-357's secondary function is a pistol whip, similar to that of
  the Falcon-2.

dataDyne dy-357-LX

• Exactly the same as a regular magnum, except plated in gold and can
  kill in a single shot regardless of where you shoot the person.


• Perfect Dark's shotgun makes GoldenEye's look like a pea shooter by
  comparison, not only in looks but in action as well.

• The shotgun's primary function is a single shot, a short reload, and
  then you're set again. But you really don't want to use
  that...instead, try the secondary function, which causes TWO shells to
  burst out of the muzzle, and then there's the short reload, and you're
  ready to go again. Aside from explosives, this is the only weapon that
  can kill more than one person with a single pull of the trigger.

• The obvious downside to the shotgun is the ridiculously long reloading
  time -- up to 10 seconds! In the field, if you are left in the middle
  of the room with no offensive weapon and nothing to hide behind while
  reloading, you may as well just quit right there. Pay close attention
  to the magazine in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and
  anticipate when you're going to reload. When this occurs, quickly get
  cover until it's over. Using this weapon takes a huge amount of skill.

• If you're in the middle of reloading and need to shoot, press the
  trigger button and you will stop reloading.

Sniper Rifle

• Yet again, the Perfect Dark version of a GoldenEye weapon makes the
  latter look quite sad. PD's sniper rifle is everything you could ever
  want in such a gun: a huge scope, awesome detail, cool reloading
  animation, power, and being able to zoom in well over the distance of
  any football field.

• The Sniper Rifle IS NOT meant for close-quarter fighting. Doing so
  will leave you wide open because the time between shots is long enough
  for the enemy to get a shot in.

• The Sniper Rifle's secondary function allows you to get on your belly,
  similar to the way some of the guards do. This makes you much more
  difficult to hit!

                        A U T O M A T I C S

Ah, *these* are the fast firing children of love. Hold the triggers down
on one of these bad boys and a stream of bullets will fly out. Lethal.
For more information on how to correctly operate these machines, check
out rule 10 of "The Perfect Rules."


• A small, silent sub-machine gun that has extreme detail in its sides.
  You'll find this in just about every level that involves dataDyne.

• The CMP-150 isn't terribly powerful, but it can extend its entire clip
  within seconds. This is both a plus and a minus...on the positive
  side, you can take down a guard very quickly. On the negative side,
  its clip is empty within seconds and you're forced to reload again and

• Its secondary function is a lock-on target, which points the gun at
  any enemy that you have you put the aiming target over (a red box and
  a number will appear around the enemy once the lock has occurred).
  This works even in Perfect Agent mode, and even if the auto-aim option
  has been turned off. It is a built-in feature of the gun.

AR-34 Assault Rifle

• It's supposed to be an upgraded version of GoldenEye's AR-33, but it
  seems to look more like an upgraded RC-P90. Odd.

• This is, in my opinion, the best assault rifle in the game hands down.
  Its clip of thirty rounds isn't evaporated in seconds like other guns
  (ahem, K7 Avenger!) and each individual bullet does an insane amount
  of damage to any one enemy. Add in the fact it is awesome in both
  close-range battles and long-distance ones (thanks to the scope),
  well, I think you can understand my reasoning.

• The AR-34's secondary function allows you to walk around while zoomed
  in. Not all that useful, but at least people can't complain about not
  being able to do that now.


• Although bizarre in appearance, the Cyclone is one mean automatic. It
  has 50 bullets per clip and its accuracy is rather decent. And let's
  not forget about the crazy reload animation that shows the clip going
  through one end of the gun and out the other...

• The Cyclone's secondary function empties the entire clip with one pull
  of the trigger. The amount of damage this causes is astounding -- use
  this when a group of guards just won't go away. Be aware, however,
  that once the process begins, it can not be stopped.


• An assault rifle that resembles the guns used in Aliens film (the
  second one), it suffers the same fate as many other rifles in the game
  -- that is, a very small magazine with two fast of fire.

• The Dragon has a scope, but its accuracy over long distance isn't too
  hot. Use it sparingly unless you are crouched down.

• The Dragon's secondary function causes you to throw it on the ground.
  Whoever comes by will cause it to explode into a huge cloud of fire
  and smoke. This is best used in multiplayer (aka "Combat Simulator").

Super Dragon

• The differences between the Dragon and Super Dragon are difficult to
  spot. The only major contrast is its secondary function -- a small
  grenade launcher instead of a proximity mine. A combination of fire
  and automatic rounds make this a much deadlier weapon than the Dragon.

Laptop Gun

• This is quite possibly one of the most clever guns in the entire game.
  The laptop gun is named so due to the fact that it is meant to look
  like a regular laptop computer. You carry this into an area, and then
  with a click of a button it will fold out into a lethal sub-machine
  gun that spits bullets like nobody's business. Add in the fact that it
  has a zoom function, and you have one awesome piece of weaponry.

• The laptop gun's secondary function turns it into an automated sentry
  gun which you can attach to any surface: wall, floor, ceiling, hill,
  stairway, slope -- whatever you wish. When anything passes by, it'll
  burst out into automatic fire and mow them down. This is best used in
  multiplayer instead of solo play, however. Once it is laid, it'll run
  out of ammunition after about a minute. You may pick it back up by
  pressing the action button and then reload it. Or, instead, you can
  get another laptop gun and throw it somewhere else. NOTE: There can
  only be one sentry gun at one time. If you throw a second one down,
  the first one will explode.

• The sentry gun is simply HILARIOUS in multiplayer, especially Capture
  the Case or King of the Hill. Use it often to defend an area, or put
  it in an area where many people go. Be aware that it will not shoot
  at either the person who laid it, or their team-mates.

K7 Avenger

• Although it looks quite lethal in appearance, it is quite possibly the
  worst automatic in the game. With that said, it is ever-so useful in
  the few levels you find it.

• The K7 Avenger's largest and most obvious flaw is the fact that its
  magazine capacity is simply too small for the speed at which it spits
  out lead. You'll find that it takes up to 10 bullets just to kill a
  single guy, because most of the time you'll miss and by the time you
  stop half the clip is practically gone. You'll definitely want to make
  sure your target is standing still before shooting this baby.

• The K7's secondary function is a "threat detector" which tells you
  information about various objects around the area. Talk about


• A new, revolutionary gun made by the Carrington Institute, they
  upgraded the design of the RC-P90 from GoldenEye.

• Can anyone say best gun of the game? The only problem is its
  absence...Yeah, it has a simply ridiculous amount of ammunition, and
  its reload time is surprisingly short, but you'll hardly EVER find
  this in solo play (which really is a shame due to its secondary
  function). Why you couldn't pick this up in the last few levels is
  beyond me!

• Secondary function? Why yes, the RC-P120's extra "revolutionary"
  feature is a cloaking device that is built into the gun itself and
  draws its fuel from the bullets in the magazine. Once cloaked you can
  not shoot your weapon, but you can sneak behind people and then unload
  40 rounds into the back of their skull. S-w-e-e-t...

                      B O O M ! ! ! B A B Y

<Screeeech> <KABOOM> <Glass shattering>

You'll oftentimes hear the above sound-effects (often at once) when
playing with these dangerous toys. Just don't wander too close to the
blast radius because, suffice to say, you'll be blown away.


• A fancy name for a regular grenade launcher. It is a gray cylinder
  with a handle.

• The Devastator's shots are extremely difficult to shoot precisely,
  because they will arc wildly and bounce all over the place. It takes
  an extreme amount of skill to use this; to novices this will be a
  suicide weapon, to experts it will be a lethal tool.

• Its explosions will send groups of guards flying, and can blow down
  downs, barrels, and just about anything you want.

• Its secondary function is a "sticky grenade" similar to that found in
  the movie Saving Private Ryan. The grenade will stick to a wall or
  ceiling for several seconds, then fall and explode. Very nice!

Timed Mine

• Exactly the same as found in GoldenEye. After five seconds, BOOM!
  They're gone. Its secondary function is a threat detector, which can
  detect if there are any timed mines ahead. This way you won't kill
  yourself with your own mines (note: this is actually pretty useful in
  multiplayer modes).

Remote Mine

• In Perfect Dark, the remote mine takes on a lesser role than that of
  its cousins in GoldenEye. When you do get a chance to use it you only
  get ONE, which means you can't play around with it.. It's a
  shame, really -- but maybe that's what the cheats are for, such as
  infinite ammunition? ;)

• To detonate, press A + B at the same time. KABOOM!

Proximity Mine

• Exactly the same as found in GoldenEye. When someone comes by, BOOM!
  They're gone. Its secondary function is a threat detector, which can
  detect if there are any mines ahead. This way you won't kill
  yourself with your own mines (note: this is actually pretty useful in
  multiplayer modes).

Rocket Launcher

• Wow, talk about flashy. The entire rocket is gray, but on the side of
  it is a shiny sticker with caution stripes that say "CAUTION" in bold

• Pretty simple -- point to your target, press the trigger, and watch it
  be blown into the next world. You have to reload after every shot, but
  considering the radius of the blast, I doubt anyone is going to
  survive to shoot you.

• The Rocket Launcher's secondary function is a homing missile that will
  track any target that you point the aiming target at (a box will
  appear around it, similar to that of the CMP-150, indicating the
  lock). Press the trigger, and a large blue rocket will fly out -- it's
  slower than your run-of-the-mill rocket, but it will go around corners
  and slopes just to get to the target.

• The Slayer and Devastator get bad-ass names, but this is just a plain
  old "Rocket Launcher." Discrimination I say! ;)

• WARNING: Keep out of hands of children under eight.


• A nasty bit of alien technology. Its primary function is a normal
  rocket launcher, massive smoke trail and all.

• Where this weapon earns its infamous reputation is its secondary
  function, where you get the view of the rocket and can physically
  control it using the analog stick! You can go around corners, up
  slopes and stairs, anywhere you want. You can also press the "R"
  button to slow down, if you wish. Once you hit the target, the screen
  goes static and then you return to Joanna's view, and see a huge
  fireball in front of you. This is just too MUST experience

• A multiplayer favorite.

Hand Grenade

• Similar to that of GoldenEye -- when you pull the pin (nice sound
  effects, if I may add) the timer starts. It can ricochet off walls and
  corners, and its explosions will send guards flying. You can hold it
  longer, so that you won't have to wait so long for it to detonate. If
  you hold it long enough you can throw it so it explodes in mid-air,
  which means no one will be able to successfully dodge it. Don't hold
  it TOO long, though -- I shouldn't have to tell you what will happen
  if you do!


• A cylindrical grenade, but much darker than usual. When you throw it
  the resulting explosion will make every guard and enemy totally dis-
  oriented; and you too if you get too close! The ones at the center of
  the blast will be killed.

• Primary function explodes on contact with the floor, the secondary is
  a proximity mine.

                        F U T U R I S T I C

The following guns are devices that can't be fathomed in today's time.
Only the world of Joanna Dark can hold these gruesome weapons.

Callisto NTG

• A Maian sub machine gun, the inner workings can not even be fathomed
  by our primitive brains. Reloading consists of inserting a liquid ball
  in the side, which morphs into a liquid itself and sucks it in.

• The Callisto's primary function is a quick fire, laser machine gun,
  while its secondary function is slower, yet more powerful laser. This
  is one nasty toy!


• Another liquid morphing reloading alien device (say that three times

• This alien pistol shoots regular laser shots as standard, but its
  secondary function spits out shells that explode on contact. This can
  take down even the strongest of shields within seconds.


• This titanic, three-barreled chain gun was especially fitted for the
  Skedar race, which are much more muscular than humans. Due to this,
  the accuracy of this machine is absolutely pathetic, as once this
  baby starts up almost everything you look at will be filled with lead.
  It can unload its ridiculous 200 clip within seconds.

• If anything manages to get by the radius of your devastation, use its
  secondary function, which uses its cooling fans as a sort of thresher
  and will cut a regular person to pieces.


• Another laser, made this time by the Skedar. I consider this the Klobb
  of the game, as its slow shooting and each individual shot seems to do
  little damage. Its only saving grace is the secondary function, which
  charges up the gun (it will turn red) and allow you to kill in a
  single round. This is VERY useful in levels where you fight the Skedar

Pyschosis Gun

• Similar to the tranquilizer, except each dart will now cause the
  person you shoot to become mentally disorganized. He will shoot other
  soldiers and open up previously locked doors just for you. Ammunition
  for this machine is very limited, so make every shot count!

FarSight XR-20

• Although never said specifically, one can infer this was created by
  the Maians. It shares the same liquid-metal morphing reload animation
  as the Callisto and Phoenix, and it has a similar color scheme

• The mechanisms that drive this machine defy our basic principles of
  physics. Its secondary function shows an X-Ray view of the level in
  real-time, showing people and everything, and here it is a sniper
  scope that can view hundreds of feet into the level. But the
  incredible thing is that a single shot will go through walls, floors,
  and shields, and kill a person with a single hit. No hole is left in
  the walls.

• Its primary function is a similar one-hit kills shot, but it is rather

                             O T H E R S

Those that couldn't fit in any other category have all been non-
cerismonily dumped into the "others" file. Most are worthless, save for
the knives and Classic Weapons.


• Hints of Turok abound, but let's focus on the gun itself. Its primary
  function is a fast, totally silent arrow that will sedate a person
  with a single hit. They'll be out cold for hours. Its secondary
  function is a poison tipped arrow, which kills.

• The only drawback of this tool is the fact that reloading is similar
  to the shotgun; individual arrows are put in at a time.


• Primary function is the slash and clash of a sharp edge, which has a
  similar range to that of the fist. Secondary function will send a
  poison tipped knife flying through the air, killing anyone it touches.


• Even when unarmed, Joanna is a deadly force. Regular punching will
  send a person to dreamland, while the secondary function will allow
  you to steal a weapon from a person. This is most useful in


• A small gun that shoots high-speed darts that will cause a person's
  view to be incredibly blurry. After about four shots they'll basically
  become blind as everything will become a swirl of lights and colors.
  In the solo missions this can kill guys in a few shots.

• I love the "pop" of the reloading animation!


• This little oragne and black baby straps onto your arm. I must admit I
  wish that I owned on of these!

• The Laser's primary fire mode shoots out fairly weak laser bursts, that
  are best used at close range.

• The second function of the laser shoots a constant short-range beam,
  which is about 1/3 as powerful as the primary firing mode, but will still
  deliver a one hit kill when aimed at a head >:P

• The secondary fire mode reminds me slightly of a lightsabre :)

Classic Weapons

By getting gold stars in the shooting range of the Carrington Institute,
you can unlock these "classic weapons" from the great game of GoldenEye
007 (check the cheats section). Their names were changed slightly,

Perfect Dark Version      GoldenEye Version
•  CC13                  •  DD44 Dostovei
•  KF7 Special           •  KF7 Soviet
•  DMC                   •  D5K
•  RC-P45                •  RC-P90
•  PP9i                  •  PP7
•  KLO1313               •  Klobb
•  ZZT (9mm)             •  ZMG
•  AR53                  •  AR33

Strangely enough, these "old" guns make PD's arsenal look like complete
and utter crap. They don't expend their clips as quickly (compare the
D5K to the CMP-150, the AR33 to the AR34, and the KF7 Special to the KF
Avenger...HUGE DIFFERENCE!) and you don't have to crouch to get good
accuracy. Suddenly, getting headshots in this game from far-away when
the guard knows you're there isn't so tough!

                          G A D G E T S

These stabbers, grabbers, and bob-blasted doo-hickies will all help you
succeed in the field somehow.

Combat Boost

• A revolutionary type of pill that will affect the nervous system and
  allow you to view things thousands of times faster than any regular
  person. You can watch in awe as individual bullets cases fly from your
  automatic weapon, soar though the air, and peg a poor guard in the
  head. If they miss, a huge shower of sparks will light up the room.

• Put this in the last weapon slot in multiplayer. This basically allows
  you to have the slow motion effects of "The Matrix" upon activation.
  It lasts for about one minute and allows for action that you simply
  can not do otherwise.

• The only downside to this is that when you die, it will take FOREVER
  for you to 'wake up' again.

X-Ray Goggles

• Special goggles that allow you to view X-rays of the surrounding
  environment in real-time. It shows everything as shades of red,
  purple, and green. Humans also appear, but disappear when you get up
  close. This is especially useful in the second Area 51 level, near the

Night Vision Goggles

• These are nothing new in the year 2023, but they have been much
  improved over the decades. It's quite simple really: when it's so dark
  you can't even see your gun, use these. Everything will appear as a
  sexy green tint.

Infra-Red Vision Goggles

• Exactly the same as the Night-Vision Goggles, except these tint
  everything in red, and allow you to see the body heat of all enemies.
  Because of this, this device enables you to see cloaked soldiers.
  Quite useful!


• A small mechanical camera-bot, once deployed you gain control of it
  through its warped view. This allows you to go places that Joanna
  can't, either for safety or space reasons.


• A variant of the CamSpy, it is exactly the same except for the fact it
  can shoot high-speed darts tipped with a poison that will cause a
  person to be knocked unconscious for hours.


• As you may have already guessed, this is exactly the same as the two
  former "Spies", but this baby can be detonated upon a push of a
  button. The resulting blast has the same radius as that of a rocket
  launcher explosion!

Energy Shield

• dataDyne suddenly introduced this technology shortly after meeting
  with the Skedar (i.e. it was part of their trade: dataDyne gets lots
  of new alien merchandise to make them billionaires, Skedar get access
  to the Pelagic II). It is an extremely diminutive machine, but it can
  save your life. Once equipped it will form a protective energy shield
  that will block anything from bullets to lasers. However, after a
  short while it will collapse and you will be left vulnerable once

• The shield is similar to the body armor found in GoldenEye.

Cloaking Device

• Using advanced Skedar technology, this device will enable its users to
  become almost totally invisible to the human eye. However, once you
  shoot or punch, the field around you will be disrupted, and you will
  become visible for several seconds.

• You can only find this once in the solo play missions without
  cheating, which is a shame in my opinion. You get 30 seconds worth of
  it, which is just enough to make the level it appears in quite

             L E S S E R   U S E D   G A D G E T S / I T E M S

ECM Mine

• You use these in dataDyne: Defection. Their ability? ECM Mines can jam
  electronic communication devices, as long as they are directly
  attached to the comms. device itself.

Data Uplink

• This little baby is capaple or accessing (more like stealing) just
  about any form of electronically stored data, via remote interaction.
  Once you've got the data is is sent directly back to the Carrington
  Institute Hackers, who can then hack into the system directly for you.

• The point of the Data uplink is pretty much to either open doors, or
  just download data.


• This powerful tracking device can be customized to show the locations
  of: People, Weapons, Objects and just plain set co-ordinates.

• The R-Tracker displays a radar on your screen, the locations of
  certain pre-programmed things show up as a colored dot.

Tracer Bug

• Used only once, the Tracer bug, once attached to an object will allow
  people back at the Carrington Institute trace the movement and exact
  whereabouts of whatever it is atached to.

• Make sure to stick this somewhere where it won't easily be spotted.


• Like the Data Uplink, the Reprogrammer is capable of remote
  interaction of just about any stored data. Once data is accessed it is
  sent back to Carrinton Institute hackers who are then able to gain a
  direct link to the data an minipulate it as their skills allow.

• The Reprogrammer is used in Chicago: Stealth to reprogram the
  navigation system of a futuristic taxi cab.

Door Decoder

• Perfect Dark's safe-cracker. Attach it to the electronic lock of a safe
  and watch it do it's stuff...which is, cracking the code to open the safe
  door, thus allowing you access to whatever may be inside.

• The Door Decoder isn't Perfect, it does take a little while to crack the
  safe door's code as it has to go through every possible combination until
  it singles out the right one.

Comms rider

• Attach this to any part of a communications relay. It "piggybacks" off
  the signal, allowing contact between Joanna and the Carrington Institute
  to be maintained in areas this otherwise would not be possible.

• Damn Joanna has a good throwing arm.


• A nice little plastic explosive device. This comes complete with a
  sealed tamper-proof timer, and built in teflon-coated shrapnel. You don't
  want to get on the wrong side of this, do you?

• Joanna should be a baseball pitcher or something....


• Practical joke, novely nose, moustache and glasses.......
  Not really. There are two different disguises you can wear in Perfect
  Dark. One is used in Area 51: Rescue, the other on the Air Base.

• It sure does take people a while to catch on to the fact that you are
  not the person you are supposed to be in those clothes... :P

• Don't go shooting that meaty weapon while in disguise, or people will
  suspect something is up almost instantly.

Alien medpack

• The latest in Maian technology. It can diagnose and perform surgery on
  a patient, all without the need of cutting them up at all :P

• Made by Maians, for Maians. It's a pity it doesn't work on humans.

• You use this to revive good old Elvis in Area 51: Escape.

Horizon Scanner

• The Horizon Scanner is basically a high-tech, high-powered pair of
  binoculars. They show a wide, zoomed in image of the horizon. You can
  zoom in even further, and adjust what you are looking at as well.

• You can't move while using the Horizon Scanner, so you'd better make
  sure you are not out in the open, or in sigh of an enemy.

• Comes with up to a whopping 31 times zoom lense!

• I want me a pair of these.. I guess I'll just have to wait another
  22 years.

President Scanner

• This will bring up a radar display on the location of the President.
  Also contained in the device is the most up-to-date records of the
  President's state of health, medical conditions, both past and present
  as well as treatment details, and much, much more.

Target Amplifier

• Attach one of these to an object (thee in all) and it's exact location
  will be sent to a Maian ships flying above the planet. You attach the
  Target Amplifiers to three vital thingies (:P) in Skedar Ruins.

• When all three of these are placed correctly the Maian weapon launches
  missles at all three of them, and in a matter of seconds, the objects
  they are attached to are destroyed.

Skedar Bomb

• Surprising, since the slack arses are rare didn't use any new levels for
  the bonus missions, is the fact that....dun dun duuuun there is a bonus
  level exclusive Item in the game :P. Mr. Blonde's is where you will use

• A "directional fusions bomb", custom designed and built by the Skedar.
  What that means is, when placed in the right place it will send an
  explosion downward, destroying the underground dataDyne labs, and then
  cause the rest of the dataDyen building to collapse.

• This sooooooooo is funkier than the pissy Carrington Institute made
  "Explosives".... The Skedar certainly know how to make mean weapons and
  other devices.


  7.   C R E D I T S   S E C T I O N


I have to thank the following people, companies, sites, inanimate
objects, horrific demons, and whatever is left over.


Nintendo: If you didn't know, you're playing it on their system.

Rareware: They made this awesome game, along with GoldenEye, Jet Force
Gemini, Donkey Kong 1-4, Perfect Dark, Blast Corps, Marble Madness,
Battletoads, Snake Rattle 'n' Roll...and countless other AAA+ titles.


Rareware <>: Rareware's official site. This is the best
official company site ever made, for one of the best companies there is
in the world of video games. This site's tongue-in-cheek humor is
irresistible! You have to love those Brits...

Gamefaqs <>: Besides the fact that my massive collection
of FAQs is there (cough, cough), it is also the largest FAQ site on the
Internet. Please, if you copy this FAQ, make sure it's from THIS site
and you keep it updated. If this FAQ has not been updated awhile and
there's a lot of information missing, make SURE you're not viewing an
outdated version. Please, for the sake of my e-mail box...

IGN64 <>: Apparently, I took many of their tips from their

Cheat Code Central <>: The biggest video game code
resource site on planet Earth.

                   <-- You may catch me on their message boards...


Jeff "CJayC" Veasey <>: For kindly accepting my
FAQs, and for making such a cool site.

Super Foot <>: Typing error corrections.... For information on the angry
scientist in dataDyne: Investigation.

Aturn: For telling me you can climb the ladder to the airplane in the
Air Base to start out in the lower compartments on Air Force One. Very
cool trick. For pointing out the cool trick that allows
you to skip the golden hallways in Pelagic II entirely. Sweet trick! I
didn't even know about it.

Alf <>: For the tips on Pelagic II.

Limp Bizkit 9168 <>: The alternate strategy for
the Chicago: Streets was written by him.

Satan aka the Prince of Darkness <>: I like
Satan, he gives me candy!


  8.   C O N T A C T   I N F O R M A T I O N


Feel free to contact the insane author of most this FAQ, marshmallow,
with any e-mail, corrections, adorations, admonitions, praise,
damnation, condemnation, or death threats at:

Basically, there are five different types of e-mail I will receive on a
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If you ask a question that has been answered in the FAQ, I will most
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I've received very few of these, but it's happened. Chances are high
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I apologize for the aforementioned subjects, because they had some
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