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Nicknaming/re-colouring pokemon?

Does anybody know what the criteria is, when nicknaming a monster, to get the different colour variations? I already know that reversing a name or using upper and lowercase usually yields in alternative colours but how can I pick which colours I get? (Unless I'm totally wrong and there's only one alternative colour for each monster?)

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Just to get clarification: does that mean that there isn't a way to pick colours, it just requires you to nickname them and then it's down to their trainer ID?

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---Nintendo--- answered:

The color depends of the name you give to your Pokemon or the trainer ID. For the names you can use lower caps (i.e. pikachu), reverse the names (i.e. DRILLBEE), take out letters (i.e. MAGMITE), abbreviate (i.e. PIKA), etc., this change the standard color for an alternative one, which is basically just a lighter or darker color. Note that the standard color appears with the full name in caps (i.e. PIKACHU).

For the trainer ID's it totally depends of the number (you also need to give you Pokemon a nickname), this will change the color depending on the Pokemon and the number, which can give you a purple and red Exeggcute, a red and green Koffing, etc.
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---Nintendo--- answered:

Well, the ID number just changes slightly the color of the Pokemon, it mostly depends of the name you give to it, for example, if you call a Koffing KOFSTOR, it will be red and green, but if you call it KOFFACT4, it will be brown and green.
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