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Pokemon Stadium 2 FAQ
Copyright 1999
Paul Springer

You may use this on your site provided I get full credit. 
If not, then may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.

Last updated 1/03/00 - Final Update

1/3/00  - OK, I'm finished taking E-mails and ICQ messages from the same dumb people who ask the
          same dumb questions. I get inundated every day with things like "hi pokeman i like is
          fun and mew is there/////" in 4 different languages. I have never received so many dumb
          questions from so many people who feel like I should DROP what I'm doing and answer
          their idiotic questions that could be answered by actually READING THIS GODDAMN THING! 
          I'll say it one last time. IF IT'S NOT IN HERE, THEN I DON'T KNOW! 

          Gamefaqs is where my FAQ resides. If it's been filtered and distributed to other sites, 
          that's fine with me. But from this point on, I will refuse to answer any more questions 
          about this game. Period. If you go to a site that has an older version of this FAQ, 
          then you aren't reading this right now, and are in for the verbal thrashing of a 

          This is the last update I will make to this FAQ. Deal with it. 

7/10/99 - Please read the **** area of "About the game." I'm tired of getting questions that are
          answered by actually READING this thing, and other messages like "hi do you know
          pokemons?" Yeesh.

6/16/99 - Organized the attacks by Kana symbol, according to what I believe to be the Japanese
          alphabetical order. I thought it would make thigns easier to find. 

6/15/99 - Complete redesign. If you read the Gameplay section, you'll see why I think it's 
          easier this way. Let me know if you like it. I did this at work, so didn't have access 
          to the game to see the types of attacks the unsorted ones fell under. I'll fix it in 
          the next update. 

5/22/99 - Added a Japanese note.
          Added more Pokemon moves. 
          Removed the Height and Weight listings, since they'd probably never be completed. 
          Removed the comments from the Pokemon listings. They sucked anyways...

5/16/99 - Added some more Pokemon moves.
          Added a section on the Mini Games.
          Added some more gameplay notes.

5/14/99 - Added some Pokemon moves and transleted a few of the menus.
          Added some gameplay info and other miscellaneous stuff. 

5/13/99 - First incarnation of the FAQ. All the Pokemon, but none of their moves. 

Table of Contents

About the game
About my Japanese


The Charcaters
The Attacks
Mini Games


Welcome to my Pokemon Stadium 2 FAQ! I know I never got around to finishing the first one, but 
it was because of this wonderful update to the first game that I decided to postpone it until 
PS 2 was done and out. Well, now it is, and let the translation begin!

About the game
Pokemon Stadium 2 is a one on one Pokemon battle game, in which you pit your POekmon against 
another player, or the computer in a variety of tournaments. It is NOT an adventure game like 
the Game Boy version, although it's rumored to be possible to play the Gameboy style game in 
PS 2 with the GB Pack and a Japanese Pokemon Game Boy Game. As of right now, only Japanese 
Pokemon Game Boy games work with PS 2. I'm sure that will change if/when it comes out here.
Pokemon Stadium 2 is an update to Pokemon Stadium, both of which are for the Nintendo 64. PS 1 
was never released in the US, but the word is that Nintendo will release PS 2 in the US as 
Pokemon Stadium. The difference between PS 1 and PS 2 is that PS 1 only came with 40 or so 
Pokemon ready for use, and I believe that you had to upload the rest with the included GB pack, 
but I'm not sure. It could be that you could only update the existing ones with the stats on 
your GB paks. I'll find out more later. 

Anyway, PS 2 now comes with 150 Pokemon, and may even include Mew and Togepi, although I haven't 
confirmed this. You can buy a copy from BuyRite at www.buyrite1.com. The prices are a little 
high, but hey, it's an import, so quit whining. ;)

From what I hear, Pokemon Stadium 2 is coming out in the US in March.

**** If you have any questions that aren't answered in the FAQ, then I don't know the answer. 
If you ask me anything that IS in the FAQ, your question will be ignored or responded to in a 
less than friendly manner. And PLEASE - for the love of God - do NOT send me messages like: 
"how is call the page of the pokemon stadiumm to askk few questionn" because you will definately 
feel the sting. 

About my Japanese

I've only been studying Japanese for about 3 months, and am in no way claiming to be the end-all 
Japanese master. I'm doing this FAQ to enhance my Japanese studies and because my girlfriend is 
nuts about Pokemon, so it'll give her an excuse to play it constantly. Please keep in mind that 
just because I can translate single word attack names doesn't mean I can translate a whole novel 
for you, so please don't ask because it'll only lead to disappointment. 

The English names I provide are a very loose (and literal) approximation based on the translations
I find with each attack name. For instance, かいりき, which is loosely translated as "Superhuman 
Strengh," seems to do nothing but hurl rocks, so I call it a "Rock Throw." 

DON'T contact me telling me what you think the name should be. Write your own FAQ.

For viewing the Japanese characters, I recommend using the NJ Win program from NJ Star. You can 
get it at http://www.njstar.com. For printing them, I recommend the Kanji Kit '97 from Pacific 
Software Publishing. You can get it at http://www.pspinc.com.


When negotiating the menus, often times, you'll see はい and いいえ as your choies. 

はい means yes, and is pronounced "High." If you've seen any of the "Karate Kid" movies, then 
you know how to say it. ;)

いいえ means no, and is pronounced "eeeee-eh" with the "e" sound as in "bee." The "eh" sound
is like the "e" in "bet."

Main Menu

Left - Quick Battle


Middle - Pokemon Stadium

"Here is the Pokemon Stadium. This is where monster battles, study, mini games and other 
things are."

Clockwise from top:

* Stadium              - Main Area of Battle.
* GB                   - Play the GB game with the GB pack and GB Pokemon game. (Not Confirmed)
* Free Battle          - Battle against another player, or Team Battle. 
* Mini Games           - Head to Mini Game island. 
* Winner's Mansion     - Some kind of Trophy Room. 
* Research Laboratory  - ????
* Gym Leader's Castle  - Take on all the Gym Leaders.


Right - Event Battle?


Bottom - Options

* Sound - Stereo/Monural
* Announcer - On/Off
* Clear Save Data - 
  - "Is it OK if the 64 Pack save data is cleared?"
  - ??????????????

The actual gameplay is relatively simple. After picking your 6 Pokemon during the pre-battle 
sequence, you can then pick 3 of those 6. The A, B and C buttons correspond to your Pokemon, 
and the first button you press is the first Pokemon into battle. 

Once in battle, you have to option to attack, switch Pokemon, or pause. Pausing gives you the 
option to give up the match. Pressing "A" will put you into attack mode, and pressing "B" will 
put you into switch mode. If you change your mind, you can press "L" to get back to the three 
main choices. After choosing either Attack or Switch, you can hit "R" to bring up your choices. 
Pressing one of the buttons listed will either use that attack, or summon that Pokemon - 
whichever you chose to do. 

The factor that determines who attacks first is probably speed related, although i have yet to 
determine how to find out a particular Pokemon's speed. It's safe to say that a Starmie will take 
it's turn before an Onix or Dragonite, unless the Starmie is slowed down or something. 

I've discovered something interesting. The computer can use Pokemon that have different attacks
than the default ones available to you, even if you're both the same level. This leads me to 
believe that if you have taught your Pokemon deifferent abilites on the Game Boy games, you can 
them import those Pokemon using the GB pack for use in this game. I don't have the GB pack or 
Japanese Pokemon for the Game Boy, so I can't verify this, but if someone out there can, I'd 
greatly appreciate it. I saw a Geodude (A Rock Pokemon) do some kind of Tidal Wave attack on me. 
Since rock Poekmon are weak against water, it makes no sense for a Geodude to have a water 
attack to throw at me. This leads me to believe that if the computer can customize their 
Pokemon, so can the Player. Now I just need to figure out how. 

I've also just discovered that the Pokemon may have different attacks when at different 
levels. This seems natural to me, but I now wonder why there are parts of the game where you 
can play with only level 50 Pokemon, or only level 25 or 30 Pokemon. I'm sure this lack of total
understanding of the game comes with my lack of understanding of the Japanese language, so 
until then, I guess I'll keep trying to figure it out. 

The attacks in thes FAQ are the default ones that come in the game. I don't know if you can 
import new attacks found only in the GB game. 

List of Types:

These are listed in the little colored boxes in the game.  

ノーマル - Normal 
ほのお   - Fire
みず     - Water
でんき   - Electric
くさ     - Plant
こおり   - Ice
かくとう - Fighting
どく     - Poison
じめん   - Earth
ひこう   - Flying
エスパー - Psychic
むし     - Insect
ゴースト - Ghost
いわ     - Rock
ドラゴン - Dragon


Your Pokemon can be in different conditions due to certain attacks from other Poekmon. Their 
status is listed next to their level.

ふつう - Normal 
まひ   - Paralysis
ひんし - Dying/Dead
ねむり - Asleep

The Characters

When picking your Pokemon, you'll see a status screen for each one before adding them to your 
roster. It looks something like this:

| Name     Level                 PokeNum.  PokeName       |
| ------------------------------------------------------- |
| Picture  Type 1  Type 2        Attack                   |
|                                Defense                  |
|          HP                    ????????                 |
|                                ????????                 |
|                                                         |
|                       Attacks                           |
|                                                         |

This lets you know about the Pokemon you're going to use, so you don't have to learn the hard 
way: in battle!

The Pokemon
Number        Japanese             American              Type
------        --------             --------              ----

001           フシギダネ           Bulbasaur             Plant/Posion
002           フシギソウ           Ivysaur               Plant/Poison
003           フシギバナ           Venusaur              Plant/Poison

004           ヒトカゲ             Charmander            Fire
005           リザード             Charmeleon            Fire
006           リザードン           Charizard             Fire

007           ゼニガメ             Squirtle              Water
008           カメール             Wartortle             Water
009           カメックス           Blastoise             Water

010           キャタピー           Caterpie              Insect
011           トランセル           Metapod               Insect
012           バタフリー           Butterfree            Insect

013           ビードル             Weedle                Insect/Poison
014           コクーン             Kakuna                Insect/Poison
015           スピアー             Beedrill              Insect/Poison

016           ポッポ               Pidgey                Normal/Flying
017           ピジヨン             Pidgeotto             Normal/Flying
018           ピジョット           Pidgeot               Normal/Flying

019           コラッタ             Rattata               Normal
020           ラッタ               Raticate              Normal

021           オニスズメ           Spearow               Normal/Flying
022           オニドリル           Fearow                Normal/Flying

023           アーボ               Ekans                 Poison
024           アーボク             Arbok                 Poison

025           ピカチュウ           Pikachu               Electric
026           ライチュウ           Raichu                Electric

027           サンド               Sandshrew             Earth
028           サンドバン           Sandslash             Earth

029           ニドラン             Nidoran Female        Poison
030           ニドリイナ           Nidorina              Poison
031           ニドクイン           Nidoqueen             Poison/Earth

032           ニドラン             Nidoran Male          Poison
033           ニドリイノ           Nidorino              Poison
034           ニドキング           Nidoking              Poison/Earth

035           ピッピ               Clafairy              Normal 
036           ピイクシイ           Clefable              Normal

037           ロコン               Vulpix                Fire
038           キャウコン           Nine Tails            Fire

039           プリン               Jigglypuff            Normal
040           プクリン             Wigglytuff            Normal

041           ズバット             Zubat                 Poison/Flying
042           ゴルバット           Golbat                Poison/Flying

043           ナゾノクサ           Oddish                Plant/Poison
044           クサイハナ           Gloom                 Plant/Poison
045           ラフレシア           Vileplume             Plant/Poison

046           パラス               Paras                 Insect/Plant
047           パラセクト           Parasect              Insect/Plant

048           コンパン             Venonat               Insect/Poison
049           モルフオン           Venomoth              Insect/Poison/Flying

050           ジイグダ             Diglett               Earth
051           ダグトリオ           Dugtrio               Earth

052           ニャアス             Meowth                Normal
053           ペルシアン           Persian               Normal

054           コダック             Psyduck               Water
055           ゴルダック           Golduck               Water

056           マンキイ             Mankey                Fighting
057           オコリザル           Primeape              Fighting

058           ガアジイ             Growlithe             Fire
059           ウインジイ           Arcanine              Fire

060           ニョロモ             Poliwag               Water
061           ニョロゾ             Poliwhirl             Water
062           ニョロバン           Poliwrath             Water

063           ケエシイ             Abra                  Psychic
064           ユンゲラア           Kadabra               Psychic
065           フウディイ           Alakazam              Psychic

066           ンワンリキイ         Machop                Fighting
067           ゴオリキイ           Machoke               Fighting
068           カイリキイ           Machamp               Fighting

069           マダツボミ           Bellsprout            Plant/Poison
070           ウツドン             Weepinbell            Plant/Poison
071           ヌツボット           Victreebell           Plant/Poison

072           メノジュラゲ         Tentacool             Water/Poison
073           ドククラゲ           Tentacruel            Water/Poison

074           イツシブシ           Geodude               Earth/Stone
075           ゴロオン             Graveller             Earth/Stone
076           ゴロオニャ           Golem                 Earth/Stone

077           ポニイタ             Ponyta                Fire
078           ギョップ             Rapidash              Fire

079           ヤドン               Slowpoke              Water/Psychic
080           ヤドラン             Slowbro               Water/Psychic

081           コイル               Magnemite             Electric
082           レアコイル           Magneton              Electric

083           カモネギ             Farfetch'd            Normal/Flying

084           ドオドオ             Doduo                 Normal/Flying
085           ドオドリオ           Dodrio                Normal/Flying

086           プワウ               Seel                  Water
087           ジュゴン             Dewgong               Water

088           ベトベタア           Grimer                Poison
089           ベトベトン           Muk                   Poison

090           シイルダア           Shellder              Water
091           パルシイン           Cloyster              Water

092           ゴオス               Gastly                Ghost
093           ゴオスト             Haunter               Ghost
094           ゲンガア             Gengar                Ghost

095           イワアク             Onix                  Earth/Stone

096           スリイプ             Drowzee               Psychic
097           スリイパア           Hypno                 Psychic

098           クラブ               Krabby                Water
099           キングラ             Kingler               Water

100           ビリリダマ           Voltorb               Electric
101           マルマイ             Electrode             Electric

102           タマタマ             Exeggcute             Plant/Psychic
103           ナッシ               Exeggutor             Plant/Psychic

104           カラカラ             Cubone                Earth
105           ガラガラ             Marowak               Earth

106           サワムラア           Hitmonlee             Fighting

107           エビワラア           Hitmonchan            Fighting

108           ベロリンガ           Likitung              Normal 

109           ドガアス             Koffing               Poison
110           マタドガス           Weezing               Poison

111           サイホオン           Rhyhorn               Earth/Stone
112           サイドン             Rhydon                Earth/Stone

113           ラッキイ             Chansey               Normal 

114           モンジャラ           Tangela               Plant

115           ガルウラ             Kangaskhan            Normal

116           タッツー             Horsea                Water
117           シードラ             Seadra                Water

118           トサキント           Goldeen               Water
119           アゾマオウ           Seaking               Water

120           ヒトジマ             Staryu                Water/Psychic
121           スターミー           Starmie               Water/Psychic

122           バリヤード           Mr. Mime              Psychic

123           ストライク           Scyther               Insect/Flying

124           ルージュラ           Jynx                  Ice/Psychic

125           エレブー             Electabuzz            Electric

126           ブーバー             Magmar                Fire

127           カイロス             Pinsir                Insect

128           ケンタロス           Tauros                Normal

129           コイキング           Magikarp              Water

130           ギャラドス           Gyarados              Water/Flying

131           ラプラス             Lapras                Water/Ice

132           メタモン             Ditto                 Normal

133           イーブイ             Eevee                 Normal
134           シャワーズ           Vaporeon              Water 
135           サンダース           Jolteon               Electric
136           ブースター           Flareon               Fire

137           ポリゴン             Porygon               Normal

138           ノムナイト           Omanyte               Stone/Water
139           オムスター           Omastar               Stone/Water

140           カブト               Kabuto                Stone/Water
141           カブトプス           Kabutops              Stone/Water

142           プテラ               Aerodactyl            Stone/Air

143           カビゴン             Snorlax               Normal

144           フリーズ             Articuno              Ice/Flying

145           タンダー             Zapdos                Electric/Air

146           フアイヤ             Moltres               Fire/Air

147           ミニリュー           Dratini               Dragon
148           ハクリュー           Dragonair             Dragon
149           カイリュー           Dragonite             Dragon/Flying

150           ミューシー           MewTwo                Psychic

The Attacks - Organized by kana symbol. Loose translations in the ()

ノーマル - Normal 

Generic Attacks

いかりのまえば - Bite (Teeth of Anger)

うたう - Sing 
Puts opponent to sleep. 

かげぶんしん- Divide and Conquer
Agility Increase?

かなしばり - Bind (binding hand & foot; a temporary feeling of paralysis)
Make opponent paralyzed. 

かみつく - Bite (to bite (at); to snap at; to snarl at)

きりさく - Scratch (To cut up, to tear to pieces)
This is usually some kind of scratch attack. 

すてみタックル - Sacrifice Tackle (tackle "at the risk of one's life")
Recoil Damage. 

せいちょう - (Growth into adulthood)

たいあたり - Tackle (body blow; ramming (suicide) attack)

つつく - Poke Attack (to pick at; to nudge; to poke)

つのドリル - Horn Drill

つばさでうつ - Wing Strike

とっしん - Tackle
This attacks has recoil, which means you lose some HP after doing it. 

のしかかり - Body Drop (to lean on; to bend over; to come upon)

へんしん - Copycat (metamorphosis; disguise; transformation) 
Ditto's only attack. Copys the enemy he's fighting, moves and everything. He cahnges back when 
you recall him.

まきつく - Bind (To twine around)

ゆびをふる - ("The falling finger"; implies something random)
A random attack. 

じこさいせい - Regenerate
Regain some health.

ずつき - Tackle (comes from ずつきをする, which means "To Butt Heads")

テクスチャー - Texture

トライアタック - Tri Attack
Send three colored beams at your opponent. 

フラッシェ - Flash?

メガトンポンチ - Megaton Punch
POW! This sends a ball of energy out of your fist and into your opponent. 

メガトンキック - Megaton Kick
Delivers a powerful kick that sends a ball of energy at the opponent. 

ロケットずつき - Shell Tackle ("Rocket Tackle") 
I call it the Shell Tackle because the only time I've seen this attack in use was when Squirtle 
tucked into his shell and tackled the opponent. 

ダブルニードル - Double Spear 

みず - Water

なみのり - Surf
Catch a wave and soak your opponent. 

ハイドロポンプ - Hydro Pump
Send a stream of water towards your opponent.

バブルこうせん - Bubble Beam 
A big blast of bursting bubbles.

こおり - Ice

ふぶき - Blizzard

れいとうビーム - Freeze Beam (Refrigeration Beam)

オーロラビーム - Aurora Beam

かくとう - Fighting

いかり - Anger
I think this increases your attack damage for the next turn. 

ちきゅうなげ - Body Slam (Earth Throw)

どく - Poison

どくのこな - Poison Powder

どくどく - Poison
Doesn't do any initial damage, but every subsequent turn takes damage. 

どくばり - Poison Sting

いわ - Rock

エスパー - Psychic

サイケこうせん - Psychic Beam

サイコキネシス - Psychic Attack

じめん - Earth

あなをほる - Burrow (To dig a hole)

かいりき - Rock Throw (Superhuman Strength)
Usually some kind of rock throw. 

すなかけ - Sand Attack

じしん - Earthquake

でんき - Electric

10まんボルト - 10,000 Volts

かみなり - Thunder
Standard electric attack. 

でんきショック - Electric Shock

でんこうせっか - Flash of Lightning

ドラゴン - Dragon

くさ - Plant

いとをはく - String Shot

ねむりこな - Sleep Powder
Put your opponent to sleep. 

はっぱカッター - Razor Leaf (Explosive Cutter)
Launch deadly leaves at your opponent which scrape him up.

やどりぎのタネ - Leech Seed               
This attack lauches seeds at your opponent which drain life from him and give it to you every
turn. The only way to get rid of it is to go back into a Pokeball. 

メガドレイン - Mega Drain

むし - Insect

ひこう - Flying

そらをとぶ - Arial Attack
This attack takes a turn to rise in the air (making you invincible to everything but poison 
and leech seed effects). On your next turn, your Pokemon will swoop down and smack the opponent.
Great attack!

ほのお - Fire

かえんほしゃ - Flame Attack

はかいこうせん - (Destruction Beam)

ほのおのうず - Flame Attack

だいもんじ - Large Fire Attack 

ソーラービーム - Solar Beam 
This attack takes a turn to charge up, but really delivers the damage. 

ゴッドバード - God Bird 

Unsorted Attacks

リフレクター             Reflect
つるぎのまい             Attack Power Up?
カウンター               Counter
じごくぐるま             Hell something...
カウンター               Counter
ちょうおんぱ             Confusion Sound Wave
スピードスター           Speed Star
こう?くいどう           Agility Increase?
ひっさつまえば           "Ceratin Kill" Bite
きあいだめ               Fighting Spirit
ドリルくちばし           Drill Beak
にらみつける             Glare
こう?くいどう           ????
オウムがえし             Pheonix Attack (Lose a Turn)
へびにらみ               Serpent Glare
ものまな                 Imitate?
たたきつける             Tackle Attack
でんこうせっか           Tackle
ちきゅうなげ             Body Drop
にどげり                 Double Roundhouse
ゆびをふる               ??????
でんじは                 Paralysis
いあいぎり               Scratch
いわなだれ               Rock Avalanche
スプーンまげ             Spoon
ちきゅうなげ             Body Slam
つつく                   Poke Attack
でんじは                 ??????????
りゅうのいかり           Dragon Rage

Section 6 - Mini Games

You can either play one at a time, or go to a tournament in which you set the number of games 
you have to win. 

Drowzee - Press "A" when the pendilum is at the center. You fall asleep if you don't. It speeds
up, making it harder to hit. The one who stays awake wins. 

Ekans - Ring around the Diglett. Aim with the D-Pad, and use the analog stick to coil back by 
hitting "Down." The farther you push it, the more spring in your leap. The stick is VERY 
sensitive. The gold ones are worth 2. 

Lickitung - Eat the good food, avoid the bad stuff. Certain food is worth more points than 

Clefairy - "Simon Says" with the D-pad. 

Metapod - Harden before the boudlers hit you. Hardening takes up your energy, but getting hit 
takes much more. Whoever lasts the longest wins. 

Magikarp - Hit "A" to bounce. The longer you hold "A" the higher you bounce. HIt the counter 
the most number of times to win. 

Rattata - Tap "A" mutliple times to run. Press Up on the D-pad to leap over the walls. It's a 
race to the finish. 

Sandshrew - Hit "L" and "R" in fast sequence to dig. First to the bottom wins. 

Pikachu - Tap either "A" or "B" when the light is either Blue or Green, respectively.