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Pokemon Stadium 2 FAQ v2.0                            by Robodemon

Game Area Explanation                                                  
Quest Mode
Arena Tournaments                                    
Mewtwo Battle
Quest Mode (hard)                                       
Arena Tournaments (hard)                                     
Gameshark Codes
Other stuff


Welcome to the Pokemon Stadium 2 FAQ.  This FAQ is here to give you tips on how 
to win the tournaments and quest mode.  Just a little side note: this is my 
first FAQ; so don't kill me if this is a little off.  First off, let me explain 
the controls.  If you're confused about which attack is which, here's how it 
works: Your Pokemon's first attack is C^, second is C>, third is Cv, and fourth 
is C<.  This is for anyone who gets confused about their Pokemon's moves.  Of 
course, this FAQ is assuming you're playing with a GB adaptor and a Japanese 
version :)  It also helps to have a basic knowledge of Pokemon.

***GAME AREA EXPLANATION***                              
Here's a quick explanation of each area:
After the confirmation screen, you will have 4 options. 
Left option: Battle the computer (com from here on) or a friend in a quick 
battle with random Pokemon.  
Right option: Fight a friend with the Pokemon on your cartridges in one of the 
tournaments. There's some sort of timer ticking in the background as you fight.  
You need two GB adaptors for
this.  I really don't know what's going on here, can someone explain it to me? 
Bottom option: (the one without a picture) Leads to the options screen.  Here 
you can change between Stereo and Mono sound (top option), turn the announcer on 
or off (middle option), and erase the game's memory (bottom option).  
Center option: leads to the main area, so on to that.
Stadium in Center: Pokemon Tournaments.  You can enter Pokemon in 3-on-3 
tournaments against the computer here.  These can get rather difficult, so don't 
bother trying these with the in-game Pokemon :P  To see which Pokemon you can 
use in a particular tournament, select the middle option after choosing a 
tournament, then choose the one the cursor is already on.  The blue Pokemon are 
the Pokemon you can use: the red are ones you cannot.

Building in Upper-left Corner: the quest mode. 
Here you battle in mini tournaments against the gym leaders, and then against 
the elite four.  It's worth the trouble to win, you get a rare Pokemon such as 
Squirtle or Kabuto every time you win:)

Building to Left of Stadium: This is the research lab. 
The computer on the left lets you exchange Pokemon with your computer (top 
option), exchange items with your computer (second option), load your computer 
boxes to the N64 cartridge and vice versa (third option) and.... something else 
(bottom option), anyone know what that is?  The laptop lets you look at your 
Pokedex in 3D, and the computer with the tubes sticking out the sides lets you 
trade Pokemon with another GB pack.  The thing to the right of the trading 
device lets you choose another game to look at in the lab if there's more than 
one GB pack and cartridge.  Also, the Pokemon you win in the Quest Mode can be 
transferred to your cartridge in
the Lab.

Building(s) Below Stadium: This is the mini game area. 
Here you can play silly little mini games with the COM or other people. I'll 
cover this in a later update.

Building Below Research Lab: This is the trophy hall. 
Statues of the Pokemon you've used to win the tournaments and quest mode will 
appear here. Press A to see information on the Pokemon you're looking at.  You 
can use L and R to scroll faster than using the control pad.  

Giant Game Boy to the Right: This lets you play your GB game on the N64.
To exit, press C^ and choose the middle option.  Not much else to say :P 

Ring Below the GB: this is the free battle arena. 
You can battle using the in-game Pokemon or the Pokemon on your game.  After 
selecting who's battling, you can choose the battle area.  The top option is a 
free-for all: the others follow the tournament regulations.  Then you choose 
your Pokemon and battle.  Simple, isn't it? :)

***QUEST MODE***                                            
This is the tips area for the quest mode.  Each trainer uses a set team of 
Pokemon, and I'll be writing the teams here along with tips for beating them.  
The main reason for this is to inform you on what the computer is using, so YOU 
know what to use.  These might be a little off, so let me know if there's 
anything wrong.  You can use any Pokemon here, and the COM's Pokemon will be 
equal in level to your highest-level Pokemon.  Any
suggestions are (usually) welcome.

Brock's Team-Round 1
Bug Catcher Team: Caterpie, Weedle, Kakuna, Metapod, Butterfree, Beedrill.
This is simply laughable.  If you can't beat this guy, you shouldn't be playing 
this yet :)  Just about anything will get you through this match.
Brock's Team-Round 2
Youngster Team: Bulbasaur, Ekans, Zubat, Oddish, Paras, Gloom.
This guy is a little tougher, but he's still a pushover.  Fire or Psychic 
Pokemon, or Pokemon that know those kind of moves, will win this one easily.
Brock's Team-Round 3
????? (anybody know?) Team: Farfetch'd, Diglett, Pidgey , Dugtrio, Sandshrew, 
Like before, if you have the right moves or Pokemon, this will be over quick. 
Ice and water types are your best bet.
Brock's Team-Round 4                                                     
Brock Team: Onix, Graveler, Cubone, Vulpix, Omanyte, Kabuto
WATER! WATER! WATER!  I don't think I can make it much clearer than that ;)  
Watch out though, the Omanyte and Kabuto sometimes use Agility, which makes 
things a lot harder.

Misty's Team-Round 1
Fisherman Team: Squirtle, Poliwag, Magikarp (HA!), Wartortle, Seaking, 
No matter what level they're at, most of this guy's team won't cause problems. A 
good Electabuzz or Raichu can handle this easily.
Misty's Team-Round 2
??? (HELP!) Team: Pidgey, Seadra, Kadabra, Voltorb, Diglett, Jigglypuff.
As long as you have a Pokemon with good attack power, you shouldn't have any 
problems.  If she uses the Kadabra, a physical attack or two will finish it.
Misty's Team-Round 3
Swimmer Team: Meowth, Goldeen, Mankey, Omanyte, Clefairy, Poliwhirl.
Electric can handle this team, so you shouldn't have any problems.
Misty's Team-Round 4                                                      
Misty Team: Starmie, Horsea, Psyduck, Blastoise, Staryu, Seel.
Now this is a little tougher.  Watch out for the Starmie, it has a nasty habit 
of using Thunder Wave.  The Blastoise could cause problems as well.  But except 
for that, you should win this one fairly easily if you're using electric types.

That's it for this time, more on the next update.

***ARENA TOURNAMENTS***                           
Here's where I am going to list the Pokemon the COM uses in the tournaments.  
Now I will explain the rules for each tournament.  In the 15-20 tournament, the 
total sum of your Pokemon's levels cannot exceed 60. This explains why you can't 
have more than one L.20 Pokemon, because 20 + 15 + 15 = 60.  In the L.50-55 
tournament, the total is 155, and in the L.25-30 tournament, the total is 80. in 
the L.100, 50, and 30 tournaments, all of your Pokemon can be at the max level 
allowed by that tournament.

First, I'm going to cover the L.15-20 tournament.  
Here's how this tournament works:
You can have one Pokemon at L.20 and two L.15 Pokemon, or you can have Pokemon 
of varying levels (ex. 3 L.16, 3 L.17).  Due to the fact that this is going to 
take forever to find out and type, I've decided to simply list the types that 
will make winning each particular battle a whole lot easier.    

Round 1: Nidorina, Ekans, Venonat, Butterfree, Kakuna, Paras.
Suggested Types: Psychic, electric.
Round 2: Pidgeotto, Farfetch'd, Bellsprout, Ivysaur, Zubat, Geodude.
Suggested Types: Psychic, Electric, Water.
Round 3: Poliwhirl, Wartortle, Magikarp, Slowpoke, Staryu, Nidorino
Suggested Types: Electric, Psychic.
Round 4: Ninetales, Growlithe, Sandshrew, Drowzee, Charmeleon, Vulpix.
Suggested Types: Water, Normal.
Round 5: Voltorb, Magnemite, Porygon, Mankey, Kingler (?), Raichu.
Suggested Types: Electric, Psychic, Rock/Ground.
Round 6: Rhyhorn (L.20), Wigglytuff, Kadabra, Machop, Seadra, Gastly.
Suggested Types: Water, Electric, Psychic, Normal.
Round 7: Gyarados, Mr. Mime, Arcanine, Tentacruel (?), Dewgong, Meowth.
Suggested Types: Electric, Normal, Water.
Round 8: Dragonair, Slowbro, Clefable, Tentacool, Raticate, Golduck.
Suggested Types: Ice, Electric.

The next one is the L.25-30 tournament.  The rules are the same as the L.15-20 

Round 1: Caterpie, Weedle, Paras, Oddish, Bellsprout, Exeggcute
Suggested Types: Fire.
Round 2: Pidgey, Rattata, Ditto, Bulbasaur, Ekans. Zubat.
Suggested Types: Psychic, Fire.
Round 3: Geodude, Gastly, Voltorb, Shellder, Koffing, Exeggcute.
Suggested Types: Water, Electric, Fire, Psychic.
Round 4: Krabby, Horsea, Magikarp, Machop, Goldeen, Spearow.
Suggested Types: Electric, Psychic.
Round 5: Cubone, Growlithe, Meowth, Abra, Poliwag, Jigglypuff.
Suggested Types: Water, Electric, Normal.
Round 6: Diglett, Magnemite, Farfetch'd, Zubat, Charmander, Squirtle.
Suggested Types: Water, Electric, Psychic.
Round 7: Kabuto, Pikachu, Vulpix, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Eevee.
Suggested Types: Water, Electric, Ground.
Round 8: Nidoran M, Nidoran F, Dratini, Sandshrew, Psyduck, Omanyte.
Suggested Types: Psychic, Ice, Electric.

Next is the L.1-30 tournament.  BTW, the L.1-30 and the L.50-55 tournaments are 
both based on the tournaments in Pokemon stadium.  They use the same arena, same 
music, and same POKEMON as the original.

Round 1: Gengar, Golem, Exeggutor, Electrode, Ditto, Dugtrio.
Suggested Types: Psychic, Ice.
Round 2: Gyarados, Starmie, Alakazam, Chansey, Magneton, Lapras.
Suggested Types: Electric, Normal.
Round 3: Starmie, Vaporeon, Lapras, Dugtrio, exeggutor, Jynx.
Suggested Types: Electric, Ice, Fire.
Round 4: Electrode, Tauros, Golem, Gengar, Kangaskhan, Lapras.
Suggested Types: Rock/Ground, Ice, Electric.
Round 5: Kangaskhan, Hypno, Ditto, Chansey, Alakazam, Jynx.
Suggested Types: Normal, Fire.
Round 6: Jolteon, Jynx, Electrode, Magneton, Kangaskhan, Exeggutor.
Suggested Types: Rock/Ground, Fire.
Round 7: Lapras, Alakazam, Dugtrio, Tauros, Electrode Chansey.
Suggested Types: Electric, Normal, Ice.
Round 8: Jolteon, Alakazam, Jynx, Chansey, Vaporeon, Exeggutor.
Suggested Types: Rock/Ground, Ice, Electric, Normal.

And next up is the L.50-55 tournament.  The rules are explained above.

Round 1: Gengar, Electrode, Jolteon, Golem, Magneton, Ditto.
Suggested Types: Psychic, Rock/Ground, Ice.
Round 2: Jynx, Dugtrio, Venusaur, Exeggutor, Alakazam, Chansey.
Suggested Types: Fire, Ice, Normal.
Round 3: Gyarados, Lapras, Pesmerga(note to Robodemon:what's THIS?! =p), 
Vaporeon, Articuno, Kangaskhan.
Suggested Types: Electric.
Round 4: Chansey, Ditto, Tauros, Electrode, Kangaskhan, Gengar.
Suggested Types: Psychic, Rock/Ground.
Round 5: Alakazam, Zapdos, Articuno, Kangaskhan (3 times in a row?), Hypno, 
Suggested Types: Normal, Ice, Electric.
Round 6: Dragonite, Lapras, Magneton, Chansey, Jynx, Venusaur.
Suggested Types: Ice, Electric, Rock/Ground.
Round 7: Electrode, Golem, Kangaskhan, Dugtrio, Vaporeon, Articuno.
Suggested Types: Rock/Ground, Ice, Electric.
Round 8: Tauros, Alakazam, Jolteon, Starmie, Gengar, Exeggutor.
Suggested Types: Normal, Rock/Ground, Electric, Psychic, Ice.

And next is the L.1-100 tournament.  This is split up into 4 different 
tournaments, so I'll cover each seperately. 

First is the poke-ball division:

Round 1: Paras, Caterpie, Weedle, Magikarp, Growlithe, Charmander.
Suggested Types: Fire, Water.
Round 2: Ekans, Drowzee, Grimer, Poliwag, Omanyte, Nidoran F.
Suggested Types: Psychic, Normal, Electric.
Round 3: Mankey, Machop, Kabuto, Pikachu, Rattata, Cubone.
Suggested Types: Psychic, Electric, Rock/Ground, Ice.
Round 4: Geodude, Magmar, Seel, Goldeen, Krabby, Nidoran M.
Suggested Types: Water, electric, Psychic.
Round 5: Oddish, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Psyduck, Horsea, Eevee.
Suggested Types: Ice, Electric.
Round 6: Abra, Zubat, Pidgey, Spearow, Doduo, Gastly.
Suggested Types: Normal, Psychic, Ice.
Round 7: Shellder, Vulpix, Tangela, Tentacool, Bellsprout, Dratini.
Suggested Types: Electric, Ice.
Round 8: Flareon, Slowpoke, Diglett, Lickitung, Meowth, Magnemite.
Suggested Types: Ice, Electric, Rock/Ground.

***MEWTWO BATTLE***                                     
That's right, after you win all 12 tournaments, a 13th tournament opens up, 
where you fight Mewtwo!  He knows Psychic, Blizzard, Thunderbolt, and Rest.  The 
best strategy is to wail on him with Physical attacks from another Mewtwo.  When 
he's down to about 100 HP, hit him with Hyper Beam or some other attack that 
will drain the rest of his HP.  Otherwise he'll use Rest
and Recover all his energy :(  The Hard mode Mewtwo is basically the same, 
except he's a bit stronger and knows Amnesia instead of Thunderbolt.  After you 
defeat him, you'll see the credits.  Now you have you have new, harder 
tournaments to win.  Good luck, you'll need it ;)

***QUEST MODE (HARD)***                               
This update is pretty much completed.  I'll create walkthroughs for the hard 
after I finish the normal walkthroughs.

***ARENA TOURNAMENTS (HARD)***              
See the note for the quest mode :P

***GAMESHARK CODES***                                
For all you cheaters out there, here's some Gameshark codes for Pokemon Stadium 
800B4BF3 FFFF                                                  
This is a fairly crude infinite HP code.  Your Pokemon will still take damage, 
but after it's defeated, send out someone else, then you can call the Pokemon 
that was killed back into battle! This only affects the first Pokemon you send 

Playing this game usually involves forming teams on your GB game.  Here's the 
codes I've made for the Japanese versions of Pokemon:     
0199CBD2 + 0199CCD2 + 0199CDD2= infinite money

01??63CF-1st slot
01??64CF-2nd slot
01??65CF-3rd slot
01??66CF-4th slot                                               
Buy anything in store

01??BFCF-select Pokemon to fight/capture
01??ECD0-select level of Pokemon to fight/capture

Stats modifiers

01??33D1-1st slot
01??34D1-2nd slot
01??35D1-3rd slot
01??36D1-4th slot                                                
Skills Modifiers

01??4CD1-level modifier

Most of the digits for the ??s can be found at various sites across the net.  
The stats, skills, and level modifiers only affect the Pokemon in the first 
slot. BTW, the stats and level modifiers WILL NOT work with Pokemon stadium 2, 
so don't try it.

***OTHER STUFF***                                            
v1.0, 6/16/99--- first edition.  More to come later.
v1.1, 9/13/99---Finally got back to work on the FAQ(Kurin) Fixed spacing and 
spelling errors, and just tried to make the FAQ look neat.
v2.0, 9/13/99---Finished Quest Mode(easy) up to Poké Cup

Acknowledgements--- Kurin, without him, this FAQ wouldn't be online.

This file is copyrighted 1999 by Robodemon.  Any commercial use of this file 
without my permission, and you'll find out how I got my name.  

Here's a few tidbits of information: If you just want to battle with a certain 
number of Pokemon in Quest Mode, Mewtwo Battle, or Free Battle instead of 6, 
just press START after selecting your Pokemon.  After you access the hard mode, 
you can press C> at the main menu to switch between the normal menus and the 
hard menus.  

If you want to submit something to this FAQ, or if you need help with something 
else, e-mail me at deathmeister@webtv.net.  Flames, Spam, and other worthless e-
mails will not be responded to.  

If you want to complain about spacing, spelling, or anything related to this FAQ 
not related to Pokémon, email me(Kurin) at joker5@pacbell.net.