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The Best Ass-Kicking South Park 64 Guide, Ever: Version 1.0
By Roland Carlos
E-Mail: FongSucks@hotmail.com

Small town, 3rd graders, aliens, and mature content?!? Yup, its South Park.
The show on Comedy Central is coming over to the N64 for your playing 
pleasure. Fans of the show are highly recommended to get this game. All the
characters are faithfully placed in the game, with their respective sounds.
And Kenny, well, he still dies.

Table of Contents
1. Version Updates
2. Introduction
3. Controls
4. Walkthrough
5. Multiplayer
6. Cheats
7. Disclaimer

1. Version Updates

February 13, 1999 - Version 1.0: Started the thing.

2. Introduction

I was never a fan of the show. I never got Comedy Central on my cable
service until December 1998. And even then, I didn't like the show that much.
It was funny at some times, but I usually watched it to get to the Upright
Citizens Brigade.

Anyway, my friend said he got South Park. So, I played it, and...

This is the part where I say I loved the game and had to make a guide for it.

Well, your wrong. The game was just barely okay (single player anyway) and 
the levels were rehashing the same concepts over and over. The sounds of the
game kept me barely interested. The game was very easy, I beat it in less 
than 3 days.

The multi player is okay, there are a lot of arenas and characters, but I 
found it too childish. I compared it to Goldeneye and found myself bored with
the multi player. If I never played Goldeneye, I may have a different 
opinion, but I expect game released later to be better than the ones in the

But, why am I making the guide?

I still want to help people with their gaming experience. But also, there is
another reason.

Gamers.com is planning to expand to console games, and the head editor needed
a guide on South Park (he contacted me for Zelda 64). So, I made this guide
for him.

Don't worry loyal readers, I'll still be here on gamefaqs.com.

And, of course, you gotta love Cartman (I am soooooo pisssed...)

-Roland Carlos

3. Controls

Tu-Rock (Mimics the Turok Control System, but why would anyone want to use 

Control Pad - Switch between Primary and Secondary Firing Functions
L - No Use
R - Jump
Z - Use Weapon
B - Pick Previous Weapon
A - Pick Next Weapon
C Up - Go Forward
C Left - Sidestep to your Left
C Right - Sidestep to your Right
C Down - Go Backward
Start - Pause
Control Stick - Look Around

Brown-Eye (Mimics the Goldeneye Control System)

Control Pad - Switch between Primary and Secondary Firing Functions
L - No Use
R - Jump
Z - Use Weapon
B - Pick Previous Weapon
A - Pick Next Weapon
C Up - Look Down
C Left - Sidestep to your Left
C Right - Sidestep to your Right
C Down - Look Up
Start - Pause
Control Stick - Move (the slighter, the slower)

4. Walkthrough

Here is a brief walkthrough of South Park, single player mode. There is 
little info about which way to go, so use the arrows to your advantage. Just
remember, I don't own the game, just played it alot.

Operation Turkey Butt

Fair Game

Nothing much for you do in the beginning. Just find all your friends (3 in 
total) and use your Snowball supply to kill any turkeys that come by. Once 
you have all 3 friends, go to the entrance of the Renaissance Fair. Some
townspeople will come screaming out, followed by turkeys. Kill the turkeys
and enter the abandoned fair. You can kill the rabbit in his cage, but he
moves too much and leaves you open for the turkeys to attack you. You should
lure the turkeys into the entryway so you can easily kill them. If you fight
them inside the fair, the small area will make it hard to move around and
avoid damage. Once done inside the fair, exit it through the other way into
the snowy area. Turkeys will come from all areas, but they are easily killed.
Follow the arrows and the path until you reach the big door with the turkey
symbol on it. Watch your radar for those yellow dots to come. Kill all the
turkeys needed until the door opens. You can open the log door just by 
touching it. Keep running toward the exit, and you will finally be done with
your first level.

Turkey Shoot

Enter Chef's Shack O' Love and listen up to the little cinema. It will help
you to really understand what the hell is going on. Use the arrows to guide
you. When you reach the first door with the turkey on it, kill the turkeys
around and that come to open it. From this point, all you really have to do
is kill turkeys and open the turkey doors. Use the arrows if you need help
finding the way. Watch out for the big turkeys, those are tanks. They can 
hatch small turkeys as well as dish out some of their own damage. After the
tanks have hatched enough turkeys or taken enough damage, it will start 
running. You can let it run away and fight it in the penalty round, or kill 
it now (chase after it, it is slow). When you reach the fork in the road with
3 paths, I suggest taking the left one. When you reach the big hole, jump in
and continue on. Crossing the little creek is easy, just wait for the boats
to get into place and cross. The rest of the level can be done by following
the arrows, so continue on to the exit.

Search and Destroy

Talk to Chef again to get more information. Enter the cave and go through it
following the arrows. There isnt much to talk about in the caves since it is
fairly closed in and there are arrows everywhere. If you reach a door with a
turkey on it, you know what to do. Make sure to explore as much of each room
of the cave though, you can usually find good items in the side areas of the
caves. After going through enough doors, you will find a ladder. Climb up 
that ladder and the rest of the ladders until you reach the open path. Follow
the path into the open area to begin fighting the boss.

The Boss here is a Giant Turkey with two weak points. The target on his butt
his the prime hitting point, except he is pretty fast for a giant robot 
turkey. You can also hit his head if you want, but it is a smaller target. I
suggest using super Dodge Balls since the ammo for it is all around. Just do
not get close to the Turkey since his leg attack takes a lot of damage outta
you. Once he is damaged enough, he will retreat.


Just a few steps out of the cave, the Giant Turkey will appear again. You can
stay on the top path for awhile to reach the Beefcake. When you drop down,
you can hit him again in the butt with your attacks. Watch out for turkeys
and a tank along the way. If he gets to South Park, he will rest his keister
and start spinning around to attack you, so you won't be able to get a good
long look at his target. Killing him while he is walking is the best way to 
go, but when he is damaged enough, he will sit down and spin around. Watch
out for his purple eye beam and leg attack, both take precious life away.

A Clone of your Own

There Goes the Neighborhood

Find the 3 friends again and kill all the clones. The clones take some damage
so snowballs won't kill in one shot again. The yellow snowball takes too long
to use, so stay with the white one until you need extra firepower. Make sure
the big clones (Tanks) don't reach the South Park sign, or you will have to 
fight them in the Penalty Round. Go through the neighborhood until you reach
the warehouse district. You will have to kill enough clones to unlock the
door to the northernmost warehouse. Once inside there, just keep going north
to the exit.

Warehouse Run

You'll start from the exit from the previous level. Just kill the clones as
necessary in order to open the doors. Use your radar to find the clones. 
Please note that there are clones in the warehouses you will have to kill to
reach the big warehouse (the one with the ladder). When you reach the 
warehouse with the ladder, go up that ladder and keep going straight when you
reach the second floor. When you reach the other side of the floor, look to 
your left to find a glowing green hole. Jump through it and end the level.

Mother Lovin' Spoonful

Make sure no clones reach the South Park sign near the police blockade so you
won't have to fight them in the Penalty Round. There is little to talk about
in this level. The level is very straight forward. Just kill all the clones
you see so when you reach the SWAT cars near the museum, they will be moved
so you can enter it. If the SWAT cars block the entrance, you probably missed
a clone. 

The Boss is a big blob of well, something. The blob can release clones, so
watch out. The boss's main attack is a eye thrust (the eye will try to hit
you). Note that the eye is weak at this point, and this is the only way you
can harm her, so you must avoid the eye thrust and then attack the eye while
it is out. If you get close to the blob, she will stomp the ground, harming
you and any nearby clones (clones have been known to jump the SWAT cars to 
the other side).

Close Encounters of the Bovine Kind

Find your friends and then proceed to the canyon. The cows are your main
enemies. The cows are pretty powerful, they take a lot, and can dish a lot,
their attack will send you flying back. Just try and kill the cows the best
way (3 plunger attack anyone?) you can. When you reach the intersection after
meeting your last friend (the one in the cave) and go left. Keep going until
you reach the boat. Go on the boat and let it take you to the cave and grab
the item there. Jump into the next stream and let it take you to the other 
side. Jump on the logs and go left. Keep following the arrows until you reach
the pelicular looking 3 caves side by side and a CAUTION! sign. Each of the
three caves has an item (Mr. Hanky, Terrence and Phillip Dolls, or Cow
Launcher). Pick the one you want, just know, you can't go back from this 
point. Keep on going, but watch out for the red dot on your radar. You may
look for the tank, but try looking up. The tank is a spaceship. Use your best
attacks on it since it is hard to kill and can get out of your sight easily.
The good thing about the spaceships is that they will kill any nearby cows
with their dying explosion, so their cows they teleport onto land will be
killed if you kill the spaceship (if the cow is in the explosion area). Now,
just keep on going on until you reach the exit.

The Road to Craterville

Listen to Chef's wise words. Now, go through the level, following the arrows,
killing the cows and spaceships. When you reach the hole, go down, and then
go down the other hole a few paces away. Just keep going through the level as
you see fit since there is not a lot of stuff in the level to talk about.
When you reach the big pit though, if you jump in, getting out is a hard 
task. Collect all the items there (Mr. Hanky is down there) and watch out for
the Alien that guards the way up.

One Mother of a Ship

The level can only be described as being somewhat like an arena. There are
items in the caves and on top of the boxes all around, but they take some 
time to get. The aliens are all around, so kill all of the ones you see. Once
enough of the white aliens are killed, two floating, blue aliens will be near
the ship. Kill one of them to get the key, and then kill the other alien. Use
the key to open the ship and go inside.

Blow the Core

Keep going through the rooms. The level is very straight forward. Just watch
out for aliens that like to hide in the corners. Also, there is one room that
is probably hard for you. This is the room that is just after the room where
you can see the nuclear core for the first time. To get to the next room 
after this room, first go to the white desk near the window that lets you 
look at the nuclear core. Jump on the desk, and then jump onto the box 
nearby. From that box, jump onto the next row of boxes. You will at the top
now. From that row, jump across to the other row. Then, from there, jump onto
the other row. Now, you can drop down and enter the next room. 

When you reach the Boss (the nuclear core), there isn't much you can do. The
core attacks by firing lazers, but you can easily avoid them. Just aim your
shots at the core to blow it up.

Something Wicked this Way Clunks

Seismic Rumble

Find your 3 friends and follow the arrows. The snow drifts are very random,
so you need to use the arrows or else you may get lost. When you reach the
door with the turkey on it, you will wonder where the turkeys are. You have
to kill the tv robots to open the door, so avoid the shots from the robots
and fire back at them. After the door, go through the caves into you reach 
the big open area with the canyon in the center. Avoid falling in, and try
to reach the Seismic Center on the other side.

Militia Camp Madness

The Seismic Center will be destroyed, but now follow the arrows and signs to
Jimbo and Ned's Camp. Along the way, you will find the log fort. Go inside
and kill the robots there and grab the items. The fort is also a good sniping
point. After the fort, keep on going, past the cars, and towards the exit.

Nuts and Boltz

Jump down to the bridge and kill the robots to open the door. After the 
cinema with Jimbo and Ned, follow the path until you reach the warehouse. In
the warehouse, you will find the evil assembly machines making tv robots. 
Fire shots at the thing on the top of the belts to stop the production. After
all the belts have been shut down, find the room that takes you to the boss 
(it's a big room).

The Boss is a robot and Mr. Hat (how does he get around?) inside it. The boss
Robot can make small robots, so dispatch the smaller ones first. When the
boss opens up his panel revealing Mr. Hat, fire at Mr. Hat to damage it. 
Avoid his charges however, they will do a lot of damage. Once everyone is
done, you'll be done with this episode.

Some Disassembly Required

Toy Rampage

Find your friends and stroll the neighborhood, sorta. Watch out for the dolls
that spit their puke at you, they are everywhere, espcially on porches. The
race cars are a problem since they are too fast for conventional weapons. The
tanks do the most damage and airplanes are super annoying. Long range 
weapons like the Terrence and Phillip dolls are highly recommended. When you
reach the SWAT vans, again, the only way to move them is to kill all the 
evil toys.

Parking Problem

The Parking Lot is self-explantory, it just is very complicated to navigate.
The first part is easy, just go follow the path, killing the evil toys. When
you reach the second part (after the bridge) keep going to your left until 
you reach the police station. You can kill Officer Barbrady if you want, and
well it counts towards your Innocent Creatures total. There is a Cow Launcher
by the dumpster, and some evil toys. Continue on, when you reach the 
roadblock, just jump on the cars and boxes to pass it and reach the front of
the toy store. You will have to fight some Jack in the Boxes to open the door
to the toy store though.

Batteries Included

Another one of those straight forward levels. Kill all the enemies in the 
room you are in so you can open the next door. There is a chicken somewhere
in one of the rooms, but I don't know how to get its eggs. When you reach
the lounge, get ready to fight with the boss.

The Boss is known as Ultra Mega Mega Man. He has two attacks, a kick with his
leg which sends you flying and a laser shot. He can also glide fast with his
boosters to another area. He has two weak points, the M on his front, and the
batteries on his back. Taking him down to a low enough level will cause him
to start running away toward the big machine in the corner. That machine will
cause him to regain health. To stop this health gaining, when the machine is
active, hit the red switch that is near the machine to stop it. He will be
forced to fight for awhile before he tries to use it again. Just keep 
fighting and stopping him from healing himself. Sooner or later, you will 
knock him down.

5. Multiplayer

Multiplayer may be the only redeeming factor of this game. The multiplayer is
a lot like the Goldeneye Multiplayer, you play tiny version of levels and
kill your opponents.

In the beginning, you can only pick 4 characters (the 4 boys), but as the
game goes on, you will get passwords which will allow you to pick all the
shadowed in characters. The only difference between the characters is the
sounds they make and their size. The exception to this is with Marvin and
Ike (the two small dudes) who start out with 50 and 25 health respectively.

The levels themselves are fairly small, so you can find your enemy easily if
you use the radar. 

Always sidestep and circle your opponent. That way, most shots will be 
missed. Get the big weapons as soon as possible since snowballs aren't gonna
last long. You should also pick small people since they are hard to hit if
the enemy is big (they have to look down to hit you).

Multiplayer ends when a condition is fulfilled (time or number of kills).
Setting both to undefined will set you for an unending killing fest.

6. Cheats

You can use the Cheesy Poofs Decoder to enter secret codes into the game. If
the code is correct the effect will be placed in a Cheat Menu (if it is not
a character cheat) and can be turned on and off at your pleasure in and out
of the game. Cheats can even be placed into multiplayer mode (although God
Mode in multiplayer has no point).

MAJESTIC - Alien can be selected in multiplayer
ELVISLIVES - Barbrady can be selected in multiplayer
OUTRAGE - Big Gay Al can be selected in multiplayer
LOVEMACHINE - Chef can be selected in multiplayer
KICKME - Ike can be selected in multiplayer
STARINGFROG - Jimbo can be selected in multiplayer
GOODSCIENCE - Mephisto can be selected in multiplayer
DOROTHYSFRIEND - Mr. Garrison can be selected in multiplayer
CHEATINGISBAD - Mr. Mackey can be selected in multiplayer
ALLWOMAN - Mrs. Cartman can be selected in multiplayer
HAWKING - Ned can be selected in multiplayer
FISHNCHIPS - Pip can be selected in multiplayer
SLAPUPMEAL - Starvin' Marvin can be selected in multiplayer
PHAERT - Phillip can be selected in multiplayer
RAFT - Terrance can be selected in multiplayer
CHECKATACO - Wendy can be selected in multiplayer

VEGGIEHEAVEN - All characters are very thin
OMGTKKYB - All characters can be selected in multiplayer
MEGANOGGIN - All characters have big heads
BOBBYBIRD - All the Cheats below are activated
FATTERKNACKER - All your weapons have unlimited ammo
ASSMAN - God Mode
PLANEARIUM - The game is now all black lines
FATKNACKER - You now get all weapons when you start a game
SCREWYOUGUYS- You can now see the credits
THEEARTHMOVED - You can pick any level you want

7. End

This guide can and should be given out as long as it is not altered in any 
way. The guide's purpose is to help people play South Park and that is its 
only purpose. This guide cannot be used in any commerically such as, but not 
limited to, Magazines, Books, Guides, without first contacting the author for
his consent. Credit must given if you take information from this guide.

South Park is a 
trademark of Acclaim, Inc., copyright 1998.  
All other trademarks copyright their respective owners.

Copyright 1999 Roland Carlos