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"Dude, this is pretty *&#^*# up right here!"

South Park 64 is another horrible game based on a (mostly) good television show. Its a first person shooter, and it uses the same engine as Turok did. Turok is the better game, in my opinion. Heres why!

Gameplay: Uninspired gameplay gives this game the ''been here, done that'' feeling. Sure, its just like Turok. But is that really a good thing? Maybe if the makers of this game put in a little more time and consideration, this game could have got a higher score. Copying another game and slapping a franchise onto it does not make it a good game, in my opinion. If you've played Turok, you may like the game, other wise, stay away!

Visuals: The graphics aren't bad. At least all the South Park characters look correct, that's one good thing. Many of the levels look the same, and some even take place in the same area. It gets boring! At least the stuff in there is nice looking, but hey, I need some variety.

Sound: Probably the reason I bought this game in the first place. The South Park voices! The game contains many sound clips and full length conversations of all South Park characters. It leads too a humorous gaming experience.... the first time. The clips do repeat and awful lot, and after your second time playing, the novelty wears off. But the voices are a nice touch, and funny. Too bad they had too bleep out the curse words, but that is a minor complaint.

Fun Factor: This game isn't fun. Its boring and uninspired. The only enjoyment you'll get from this game is from the voices. It seems awesome the first time around, but after that, its just boring and lame! And I thought the makers of South Park would have made an excellent video game... I guess I was wrong.

Replay: None too be found... the game altering cheats may provide a bit of enjoyment, but other than that, theres nothing. Move along =)

Recommendations:I wouldn't recommend this game too anyone but hardcore fans who don't mind taking a bit of punishment too hear all the sound clips. And by punishment, I mean playing through this horrible game. What ever what I thinking?!

This game only gets a 2/10, for its boring gameplay. I would have gave it less, but the sound clips save it. Avoid at all costs! You have been warned...

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 09/20/02, Updated 09/20/02

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