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Asked: 6 years ago

Why won't I get the medals for certain levels, despite having the required amount of points?

I was looking at a FAQ to see how much points you needed for each medal. Titania's is 150. I got that but it didn't give me the medal. You need 150 to get Bolse's and Katina's as well, and I once got 150 on Bolse and got nothing. However, I got 150 again on Bolse after that and got it. I also got 150 on Katina, but no medal. I got 100 on Sector Z and didn't get it either (I thought 100 was the requirement). Is this time-based or something? I don't understand.

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From: Storm101 6 years ago

Yes. All of your allies (excluding Kat and other cameos) need to be in working condition, A.K.A. not shot down.

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Did all of your allies survive? Been a long time since I played, but I'm pretty sure if any of your allies are shot down, you will not receive the medal.

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Kat and Bill cannot die. They are invincible.

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^Well,you CAN kill them(at least you can kill bill*)but it's useless anyways,since nothing will happen.

*see wut i did there :)

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