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How do i get to sector z from zoness?


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The_Suit_Guy answered:

You need to destroy all the searchlights on Zoness, before they spot you. There are certain times you'll see Slippy fly ahead and go through a searchlight, but that won't count as being spotted. You'll most likely need Falco in order to get them all, as there's a section where the searchlights are almost impossible to get straight on, so Falco will fly in from the side and destroy them.
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reyllyoc answered:

You can get to Sector Z from Zoness by shooting all the searchlights on Zoness. Watch out, some searchlights are a bit hidden, and some may be hard to hit. also, listen to Katt when she says she will take the left, and you should take the right, it helps with shooting all searchlights.
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