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How do I get into the waterfalls on level one?

My friend told me that if you go though the waterfalls on Cornerai you fight a hiden boss and lets you get to save Fox's father. is it possible?

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An_Axem_Ranger answered:

*Spoilers obviously*
I'll level with you right now: it doesn't save Fox's father.
But to get passed the waterfall, here is what you do: First off, save Falco. You'll notice at one point about halfway through the level or so, Falco gets chased by enemies He'll say "Something's wrong with the G-Diffuser." and "I could use some help here, Fox." You need to use the booster to catch up to hi and kill the enemies chasing him. If you do it, he'll say, "I guess I should be thankful."
Next, when you reach the portion of the level that takes place on water, you have to fly underneath all the half-circle rock formations. As you're doing this, Falco will say, "Pretty smooth flying, Fox." and if you do them all, he'll say, "Follow me, Fox!" and Bingo! The camera will lean towards the waterfall when you pass it and you'll be able to fly right through it.
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Gunbladelad answered:

On a side note, it's impossible to save Fox's father, although it is possible to spot him later on, but he's nothing more than a guide who promptly vanishes.
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