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Is My High-Score Even Possible?

Well I was looking through my old N64 games and I found my old Star fox 64 cartridge. I looked at the high scores and one of them was 3481. So I took a Picture. I do remember playing a really good game a year back but I don't think this is possible. Can anyone give some input on this? Did I break a record?

Sorry the picture is kind of blurry. I didn't feel like setting up my capture cam since it was already hooked up to a different TV.

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My next best was like 2400. I'm pretty sure I've never gotten over 3000. I did see another post where someone had a gameshark but I've never owned one for N64 and the game has never been lent out to anyone. I'm pretty sure it's a bug of some sort.

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Yeah. Upon further inspection I'm 100% sure this isn't possible. That's weird for that to happen without a gameshark though. At least the game was able to provide me with a blast of nostalgia. I beat this game over 200 times as a kid. I bet I still have the skills to reach 2400. If you know off-hand, I'm curious as to what the record really is.

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dragondance answered:

Looking at the records, it is just too high to be possible even for an exceptional player who could get the following scores reliably.

Corneria - 300, some are as high as 350
Sector Y - 300, the world record is 380
Aquas- 200,
Zoness- 400, though I have seen 450 or more
Macbeth- 150
Area 6- 600, some tool assisted runs can achieve 700
Venom- 215

2165 for a very good player.
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