Corneria Medal Guide by PMaynard

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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 22:06:17 -0700
From: Philip Maynard <>

Fot's formula for a medal on Corneria         c Philip Maynard 1997

This is one of the toughest medals in the game, but with this
formula, it can be done within an hour, or even on the first 
try if you are good enough.  This formula is a list of tips
written in the order they appear in the level.

1.  The very first enemy.  If you shoot the water near him with a homing laser 
(fire without a lock), and the blast kills him, not the laser impact, you will 
get 2 kills for him.
2.  The same can be done for the second group of enemies, pulling 4 kills from 2 
3.  After you destroy the second wave of enemies from the front, immediately 
charge a homing laser, 2 enemies will come from behind you and your laser will 
target the first one, on the right.  Let that go and it will kill him, then pick 
the left one off with your uncharged lasers.
4.  After those two, fly down to the lower left corner of the screen, laser kept 
charged.  2 group of enemies will fly in from the sides far in front of you, and 
then group to form a cross formation.  If you stayed in the lower left corner, 
your gun should target the lower left one of the left group, before they form 
the cross.  After Slippy flies by and right before they group, fire the gun, the 
lower left enemy will become the center of the cross formation, and you will 
kill the entire formation for 9 kills.  Get the laser bonus they leave behind 
and fly over to the left again.
5.  As soon as Slippy flies by, start firing your uncharged lasers at the space 
behind him, careful not to hit him.  If you kill his attacker before he fires 
the 5th shot, slippy will take no damage.

-=-=| You should have 18 kills when you hit land |=-=-

6.  After you kill Slippy's assailant, charge your laser.  Before you go over 
land, get to an altitude slightly lower than the middle of the area.  Some 
enemies will come over your head and shoot, and fire the homing laser as soon as 
the first is targeted.  Do the same for the second.  Wait a split second before 
you shoot number 3.  If you time it right, you can kill number 4 with the same 
shot, adding a bonus kill.  After you kill the 5th with lasers, charge your gun 
7.  When you enter the city, the first thing you will see is 2 pairs of enemies.  
They will fly on opposite sides of a building, shoot, and cross over each other 
(pass each other) and attempt to flee.  By now your gun has targeted one of 
them, it does not matter which.  Right before they cross, fire the gun.  If you 
timed it right, it will kill all 4 for 7 kills!
8.  Stick to the right of the course for a while.  Use the strategy of firing a 
homing laser at one enemy, and then gunning another one down with lasers.  Try 
not to let any get through, but 4 or 5 inevitably will.  when you get to the big 
red robot (there are 6 of these in the stage, and they are worth 6 kills each, 
so try not to miss any.), fire a homing laser at the flying target before him, 
and then empty as many lasers into him as you can.  If you kill him fast enough, 
he wont push over the building, and you can get the laser bonus.
9.  Right after the robot, try to hit the train on the bridge for 5 more kills.  
Then cross over to the left of the bridge and shoot the formation of 3 enemies 
for 5 more kills (try to target the bottom one).  Then, shoot the next train on 
the bridge, for 5 more kills, and Peppy will tell you you have an enemy one your 
tail about when you fly over the bridge.
10. Take a quick, short drop in altitude, so they don't hit you, and hit the 
brakes.  They will fly past you and while you are braking and also while you are 
braking, the robot will push the building down, towards you.  Belt as many 
lasers into him as you can, for 6 more kills.  Pick off the 2 that were 
following you.
11. Here is a sweet maneuver:  right after the robot facing towards you, you 
will see a door with a flying turret in front of it.  Kill the turret, but don't 
go through the door.  Bank right with the R button so you are skinnier and fly 
to the left of the door, to a robot.  Kill it fast for 6 more and, still banking 
with R, brake hard and turn right very fast.  You will see another robot to kill 
for 6 kills.

-=-=| You should have about 75 kills when you enter the checkpoint ring |=-=-

12. After the 2 robots, there will be a formation of 3 enemies to your left.  5 
more kills.
13. After this, Falco will need assistance, be sure to save him, you will need 
him.  Ignore him for a few seconds, to shoot a train, then a formation of 3 
ships on the far right in front of a building.  Then boost to catch up to Falco 
and kill his attackers with uncharged lasers.  There will be 2 power ups, a bomb 
and a laser.  If you have blue lasers, get the bomb, if not, get the lasers.
14. You will see 4 turrets, 2 on a bridge, and 2 on the ground below it.  Target 
one on the bridge and fire, then immediately destroy the one opposite it with 
uncharged lasers (if you targeted the left one on the bridge, shoot the right 
one on the ground). 
15. You will see 2 robots twirling things in the distace, sink to about chest 
level altitude.  Hopefully the thing that the first threw at you will miss 
because you dropped altitude.  Blast both of them, starting on the left, then 
immediatley charge your laser.  Veer to the middle of the screen (you are 
usually on the right from destroying the right robot, so usually veer left) and 
you will see 3 turrets.  Target the middle turret (actually, a target is not 
necessary.  You can even target a different one as long as you release the 
charged laser very close to the turret. ) if you hit the middle one, targer or 
not, you will kill all 3 for 5 more kills.

-=-=| If you followed this flawlessly, you will have 120 or more kills when you 
see water again, but you are basically home free as long as you have at least 
110 (I've done it with 108) |=-=-

16. You have to do the secret in this level to get enough kills.  Flying though 
the seven arches can make it hard to kill the sled robots, worth 4 kills each, 
but it can be done.  Kill the first one with unchaged lasers, as soon as you see 
him, before you have gone through any arches.  Ignore the second; it's very 
difficult to kill him without missing an arch.  The third is easy to kill, he 
will be a sitting duck when you come out of the arch.  Dispatch him with 
uncharged lasers.  The fourth one may require some turning or even braking, 
depending if you have been boosting.  Kill him with uncharged lasers also.
17. When you reach land, veer to the left side of the screen.  This way you can 
kill the 2 birds without hitting Falco.  They give you a kill and usually a 
bonus.  After killing them, go in the waterfall.
18. After you go into the waterfall, there will be a wave of bomb-dropping 
birds.  Kill them by homing a laser on one, then shooting more with uncharged 
lasers.  After you pass them there will be some dark robots that jump from 
behind trees.  Destroy as many as you can using the same technique you used on 
the birds.
19. There will be 2 groups of 3 small fighters each coming from the left and the 
another group of 3 from the right.  Detonate a homing laser right when the 2 
formations of fighters cross eachother and you can pull up to 10 kills out of 

-=-=| If you don't have at least 139 kills by the time you reach the boss, give 
up. |=-=-

20.  The boss is easy and you probably do not need help with him, but I do want 
to incude this section so this guide will be unquestionably complete, and to 
make sure you can get the full 11 points from him.  This boss is most easily 
defeated from the cockpit view, so if you arent in it, press C^up now.  First 
position your craft so the front of HIS left arm is in thr crosshairs.  He will 
say "Deploy all units!  CHARGE!!!" and it will open when he says "CHARGE!!!"  
Then just keep it in your crosshairs and press the button as fast as you can, 
hopefully, you can knock it off before he closes it.  Next, do the same for his 
right arms.  As soon as his last arm falls off, immediately put his main body in 
your sights and tap the button very fast.  You will beat him in no time.

          --- StarFot 64