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A nice, well balanced gameA B C10/10
Dawn of the Glory Days or Return of old fasioned Nintendo GamesAdama169/10
Short, but SweetAnalyticalGamer6/10
A good game with good graphics!!!Andy M.8/10
Do a barrel roll!Arkrex10/10
Not as good as everybody believes it is...........Blackjack4x6/10
If you have never experienced this N64 treasure, download immediately!BlueKnight0710/10
If you haven't played this game, you are missing quite a lot of AWESOMENESS.chickenman7710/10
I Did a Barrel Roll. It Was Everything I Ever Wanted It To Be.DandyQuackShot8/10
A great game with some flaws.Dave 008 Bond8/10
This game is probably the most overused in my entire N64 collection. A great game!dragondance10/10
One Great Game...drakkar249/10
One of the first N64 games to come out is also one of the best...EPoetker9/10
Your average space shooter....with a few extra additions.Jdude848/10
One of the first N64 games I ever played...and one of the bestKing_Meteor9/10
It's like the SNES version......... But different.Knight of Myth9/10
You'll Never Defeat Andross!!!!!!linkfan9119/10
Do a Barrel Roll!LinkGanonSlayer9/10
A Blast From Nintendo's PastMariofan09/10
Nintendo 64's best space shooter.ND9k8/10
Fox in Space!Nexxt9/10
It doesn't live up to the hype...Overmind3/10
Well I used to hate space shooting games until this.Paulos9/10
Oh my Lord..... a popular N64 game I LIKE?!?Psycho Penguin9/10
It's 2011, and many of us are still nostalgic about this game. Was it actually good?rdccdr8017/10
Still fun enough to hold up today's games! Anyone else think Peppy sounds like Jim Ross?Shadow Flare6/10
Don't waste your time reading this review, go out and buy the game.Sleddog11610/10
A classic, plain and simple. One of the N64's best.SNES_64_DC_Xbox9/10
Star Fox gets a 64-bit update.StarToad10/10
*insert Star Fox 64 quote here*SuperPhillip8/10
This is the greatest N64 game that I have played.Truegamer10/10
It could have been harder.Turkmenbashy3/10
Fox is the star now!X Slayer007 X10/10
Porting the Classics: Star Fox 64 stylexcamel248/10
Hey Einstein, I'm on your side!xenogears069/10
So this is Star Fox?xmunamaniacx10/10
Use the Boost to Get Through!zenGOSM7/10
Do a... Oh You Already Know!ZGDK8/10
Don't ever give up, my son._Spin_Cycle_10/10

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