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 Star Wars Episode I Racer Guide Version 2.1                  

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Kurt Glaze (VGTrader12@aol.com)/ Chris Wolf(CWolfTX@aol.com)

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Table of Contents

1: Controls
2: Pods
3: Courses
4: Tips, Tricks, and Codes
5: Closing

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This Guide was last updated 07/17/99 By Chris Wolf and originally written by Kurt Glaze.

                    I. Controls

        Below is a list of basic controls which you will be using in 
Racer, as well as some helpful tips on some. 

Control Stick:  Steers your Podracer

Z Button:       Slides the Podracer for better turning. Personally I never 
use this button because I never see the effectiveness of it. Try        it 
anyways, as you might be better than I am with it.

A Button:       Accelerates the Podracer.

B Button:       The Air Brakes of your Racer, which slow it down.

R Button:       Repairs the Racer (hold down for maximum effectiveness). 
Also, when using Sebulba (and only Sebulba) a flamejet is accessible by 
quickly tapping R twice.

L Button:       Toggles between the Progress Bar, the Perimeter Progress 
Loop, and 2 different map views. 

C Up Button:    The Camera Button, which conatins 4 different racing 

C Down Button:  Hold this down to get a rear view behind your 
podracer. I would try to avoid using this button, as it only hinders 
your ability to race. If you really want to see if someone is close 
behind you, look at the map located in the top-right corner of the 

C Left Button:   Rolls the podracer onto its left side.

C Right Button:  Rolls the podracer onto its right side.

Start:  Pauses the game. This menu allows you to re-start a race or quit.

Boost Mode:  This allows your pod-racer to speed up temporarily, what you do is
hold the control stick forward until the yellow light appears at the top of your
thrust meter, then wuickly release A and press and hold it.  This should put you
into thrust mode, which can be exited by releasing A quickly, or tapping B.  Do
not hold this too long, as you will have an engine fire which damages your engine.

                    II. Pod Racers

        Each pod in Racer has its own unique styles and traits. Mainly 
though, each pods capabilities are based on 7 different performance 
bars, which you can see in many of the games menus. The 7 different 
performance bars are based on traction, turning, acceleration, top 
speed, air brake, cooling, and repair.

        When you start the game, only 6 pods are selectable. But as you 
progress through the different races, you can get up to 23 pods (not 
including secret characters). Anyways, below is a list of a few of the
pod racers.

1: Anakin Skywalker- A small podracer, yet fun to play (from the movie)
and also comes in handy when getting through tight corners and spaces.
His small size is also a bad thing, as it makes him less of a contender
when battling other racers for position. Still, he is a very good racer
for the Amateur Circuit because his vehicle stats are very even.

2: Ebe Endocott- Ebe is another good racer to choose in some respects. 
His mid-size racer has good traction, cooling, and repair. The rest of 
Ebe's stats are about half of the ones listed, especially his Airbrake, 
which is the lowest of all. 

3: Dud Bolt- The name "Dud" really seems to describe this racers pod. 
Except for his traction, all of this pods stats are very low. Avoid 
using this racer, unless you have already upgraded you parts.

4: Gasgano- This large racer has good traction, top speed, and repair. 
It is too bad all of his other stats are average and low, or this pod 
would be a good choice. Just take a look at his Air Brake and Cooling.
Again, with some work, Gasgano can be a good racer.

5: Elan Mak- This large pod has average turning and repair. Almost all 
of his other stats are very weak, which makes this a pod to avoid.

6: Ody Mandrell- This pod has good traction, acceleration, air brake, 
and repair. The rest of his stats are low, but that doesn't hold this 
pod back much. Another good choice when starting the game. 

7: Mars Guo- This is a large pod, with overall above average stats and 
with upgrades, it can be very good. A good choice overall.

8: Sebulba- This large pod has a very good top speed, and good stats 
otherwise, and is a good choice, but don't flash his vents too much, it
will slow you down.

9. Clegg Holdfast- Bad Acceleration, and handling, but good turning. By the time
hes available, a good choice.

10. Aldar Beedo- Good for courses with turns. Real Good acceleration, good handling,
and turning as well.  Its good to take turns fly right out of them.

        Overall, I would definately choose either Ody Mandrell, Anakin, or 
Ebe Endocott when starting the game. I would also suggest that as you 
move on through the game and access new podracers, ( do this by getting 
first place each race in tournament mode ) try to choose a pod with good 
traction and turning, as these attributes become VERY helpful in later 
races. I would also suggest having a good top speed on your pod. The 
other stats are important too, but you can get by and win a lot of races 
without them. 

                              III- The Courses 

        Courses are accesed then you place high enough to pass that race 
and move on. Most of the time the game requires you to place 4th or 3rd 
to move on to the next race, which is very easy in most cases. I 
reccommend staying on a course until you obtain 1st place, as it opens 
up more racers, and increases the difficulty of the game ( which I 
though was very easy early on). Below I will list each of worlds that 
you can race on, as well as give some helpful hints for each.

1: Aquilaris- This world is mainly made up of sky cities and tunnels 
that are underwater.The races on this planet are mosly pretty easy, but 
watch out for doors that open and close, and tight spots.

2: Ando Prime- This ice filled world contains many frozen obstructions. 
Watch out for the ice lakes which make your pod hard to control. Also, 
look for many shortcuts in these races, as most of Ando Prime's levels 
have many options on which way to go.

3: Mon Gazza: This spice mining worl offers a good array of route 
options, and is sometimes a difficult place to see in. Watch out for the 
drilling machines that are sometimes in the track. 

4: Malastare- This dry planet isn't too hard most of the time, but it 
can be hard to navigate because of all the green methane gas that is on 
the surface. Overall though, these are easy races.

5: Oovo IV- These races aren't too hard most of the time, and they offer 
a good amount of route options as well. Watch out for meteorties on some 
of the levels, though. 

6: Tatooine- This famous Star Wars planet holds many tough courses, 
especially the Boonta Eve Classic. Watch out for rocks, tuscan raiders, 
and a farmillar vehicle that blocks a part of one of the tracks. 

7: Ord Ibanna- This sky racing planet holds, in my opinion, the hardest 
couses in the game. The tracks hold nothing particular, but watch for 
falling off the couse into the sky. 

8: Baroonda- This world holds many tough and easy tracks, as well as my 
personal track favorite, Baroo Coast. Look for shortcuts in these races, 
as they are very obvious at times. Also, look out for lava on some 
couses, as it slows you down and damages your pod.

         I find most of these couses, except for the invatational and the 
last couple of galactic couses, to be very easy. I would set the 
winnings to 1st places takes all the money, that way you can better 
upgrade your pod. 

                         Specific Tracks

        Below are a few tips on some courses that needed them.

                    Semi-Pro Podracing Circuit
          Howler Gorge- 
This is a hard course on The Frozen Ando Prime Planet, which reminds me of Hoth
This is the one with the big jump.  After the jump, there is a smaller jump, 
avoid falling in there. Around the end of the first lap, the shortcut 
on the left side of the start/finish plaza opens, this is a very useful
shortcut.  Also mind your speed on the turns, and traction is important.

          Baroo Coast- 
This course takes place on The Volcanic/Swamp/Foresty planet of Baroonda, 
where straightaways rule. This level has some, and be sure to use them, because
Baroonda's Hairpin turns are all over. Not really any shortcuts, but try to take
the right path when it does branch. You need a fast racer with good turning here. 

                    Galactic Pod-Racing Circuit

          Sebulba's Legacy- 
This is a dangerous course for your pod racer because of the turns
and drops, you have to be careful. Try to stay on the main road, 
because there are many paths. Overall, you need a good speed and turning pod racer.

          Grabvine Gateway- 
This course is very hard, try to get a podracer with very good turning and
traction, as this course has many hairpin turns. Later, an earthquake opens 
up an alternative to the first sharp turn in the sandy section.  Make sure
to notice this and take the shortcut, it will help you a lot, later.  Also, 
in the marshy turn secton where it doubles back numerous times, you can cut
across the inside of the turns, but watch out for trees.

          Andobi Mountain Run-
This course features a big shortcut in the start/finish line plaza, although 
it is hard to get into, and only available after an earthquake, it is very 
useful. This course also features a big jump, like Howler gorge, but 
after the jump, you turn left and go underground into that underground
water channel. Its fairly straight so you can boost through it, with practice. 
Near the end, you come into a large ice flat which is easy to navigate if you know
where to go. Go straight, and then turn left into one of the canyons, but watch out 
for very hard turns.  If you go right, you do a big loop and end up where you started.

          The Boonta Classic- 
This course has many sharp turns to it, as well as a lot of obstructions. 
There are Tuskan Raiders who fire at you in one part of the race, which is
followed right after by a Jawa Sandcrawler blocking part of the course. I would 
reccomend getting a really tight turning vehicle with an acceptable top speed 
for this race. Near the beginning, a fork should be taken to the left to save 
time. Later in the race, try to take the middle on the three way branch.

                    Invitational Pod-Racing Circuit

          Ando Prime Centrum-
This race has a LOT of course options, some which I still have trouble finding,
after playing it a lot of times. The main fork is one where you have the 
option to either go up a level and through, or stay down and circle 
around the center to 2 different holes in the walls. ( If you don't know 
what I am talking about keep looking at the track for it... it is in a big
plaza). Try to find the route that is easiest for you and take it the 
whole time. 

This race took me awhile to beat for one reason alone. I didn't know that 
the trick to winning this race is to keep on the top level of the course.
Most of the time I would fall down to the bottom floor and basically you
are out of the running after that. So to be most effective on Abyss, 
get a really tight turning pod and try to stay on the top level if you 
want to come in first place.

          The Gauntlet-
This race is held during a meteor shower, which can seriously damage your 
podracer if you are hit. Watch out for flames coming from the ground, 
they will set your engines ablaze. This course also has a huge shortcut.
Before the long straight away, there is a branch, take the right one to 
avoid detouring. Overall, have a fast, good turning podracer. And in the 
Zero-G Tunnel try to speed up to make up for slowing down on the turns.

This Volcanic level causes me many problems because the lava torches your engines.
The going is very treacherous because most of the roads have no guard rails, no 
problem right? Well when your racing 700 mph on a 20 foot wide road through the 
middle of a raging volcano, guard rails become important. During the race, after 
a section where magma flows over the road, and a ramp comes up on the left, look
to hit the ramp, or the small, un-noticeable tunnel next to it. Otherwise, a fun 
course, I like the graphics here because the same course without all the scenes
and theming would suck.

                             4- Tips, Tricks, and Codes


- On some of the harder courses, be not afraid to brake on turns, when
before you simply let go of A to take the turns you thought were sharp.

- Buy your pit droids as quickly as possible!! They keep your new parts 
in good conditon for a long time, where as if you don't have the droids 
these parts break easily, costing you a whole lot of money.

- If you are having trouble beating a certain couse, go to time attack
and explore the couse, looking for shortcuts and secrets, asthey are 
sometimes neccessary in beating that level.

- Try to get as many pods as you can by coming in 1st place in all the 
races. The new pods give you a lot more choices for upcoming races, as 
well as make the game more fun for you and your friends!

- As a little side note, if you have a big pod racer use it to your 
advantage! If you are near other racers, slam into them and send them 
crashing into the walls. It won't affect your speed much, nd it sets 
computer racers far behind you.

- When you go off a big jump remember to pull back on the control stick 
for as long as possible. It helps to give you an edge over other pods by 
sort of shooting you over top of them.

- If you finally access Sebulba, don't completely rely on his flamejet 
to win races. I find that it sets me back even more just trying to use 
that weapon, and I can't even tell the difference when it works, except 
for a slight delay. ( Sebulba does have great top speed though!)


Below are some useful and cool codes when playing Racer:

When at a blank player screen click into it holding Z down the whole 
time. Now, still holding Z, scan through the letters to spell out the 
following codes using L to type the letters in and remember** hold Z the 
whole time. When you are done typing in the code press the L button on 
"end". You should have seen the code appear in the lower left corner, 
and when you press end, OK should pop up. During a race, press start,
Then press the DPAD to access the game cheats.

To Access All Codes: Type RRTANGENT with Z-R and then go to end and press
L and Z, and then B. Re-Enter the empty tournament, then type ABACUS the
same way, go to end, press L and Z, it should say OK.  Then type your name. 
During a race, hit start and press up, left, down, right.

Invincibility: Type in RRJABBA. When you get to a race press pause and 
simply use the control PAD* to press left down right up. A cheats screen 
should appear, as well as some debug screen which seems to serve no 
purpose. Then just turn on invincibility and enjoy!

Duel Controls: Type in RRDUEL. Then plug in controllers to the first and 
third controller ports and have fun!

Play as secret racer Jinn Reeso: Type in RRJINNRE. Go to the character 
select screen and look him up! (*** for this code to work you must have 
Mars Guo )

Mirrored Courses: Type in RRTHEBEAST. Again, pause the game during a 
race and type in with the control pad left down up right and unlock the 

Play as secret racer Cy Yunga: Type in RRCYYUN. Go to character seclect 
screen and look him up!

                                5: Closing

        I hope this guide has been helpful in playing Racer, and please, 
if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please send them to                     

Your thoughts will be answered quickly and thoroughly!! Thank you for 
using my guide!

Kurt "the Critic" Glaze
Chris Wolf