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Where's the 121st star?

I heard there is a 121 star. is there, and if yes where???

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Mario64Masters answered:

As SuperiorAlex said, you may have heard about the one after the last Bowser, but instead you may have gotten it confused with @SPOILER ALERT FOR ANOTHER GAME@------->

the Wii game super mario galaxy. On that game there is a secret 121st star for first getting 120 stars on a file then getting them again with the unlocked secret.

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SuperiorAlex answered:

There is no 121st star. You may be thinking of the star you get when you beat bowser for the final time, but that is not counted as a Power Star earned on your file.
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smashbrosbar21 answered:

There is no such thing as a 121st star. There are only 120 stars in the game.
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Retroreviewer answered:

The 121st star is earned when you defeat Bowser for the third time. The star is actually a wing cap that will soar you to the castle grounds where you see Toadstool once again.
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