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How do i find the red switch ?

How do i find the red switch

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fiddlededee answered:

Get 10 stars, then go to the main lobby of the castle. Stand on the mat where a beam of light should be shining down. Press C-up (that's up on the yellow C-pad), and look up at the ceiling. Hit the switch on the tower in the middle of the stage, which is a little way down from where you start. If you want you can collect 8 red coins, or you can do this later.
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TyVulpine answered:

When you go to the main lobby, you have to actually look up at the sun (looking up alone doesn't trigger the stage) and it's easier to get the switch first then come back and do the 8 coins (since it's often easy to miss, and if you miss even one, you'll have to start all over, since there isn't enough time to go back for it)
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