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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I catch the rabbit?

I've tried running at it or crawling to it but it's just too fast and dodges all of my attemps, any specific way to nab him?

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From: jarryd_182 6 years ago

Not really.
Wat i do is wait till he gets to a dead end where he has to turn around then with good timing you can grab him while he's coming towards you.
Otherwise just keep diving and chasing until you catch him

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Either at the dead end where World 8 is located (stay by the right wall, which is where the rabbit will hop towards when it tries to escape, and punch as it starts towards you) or when it hops down towards the door to World 6, and jump and slide to try to cut the corner at an angle, and nap him in the slide.

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There is no specific way, but what i do is corner him then dive at him

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