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Where are all of the castle secret stars?

I have 119 stars and cant find the last and all i know is that it is a castle secret star.

babycasey provided additional details:

Thank you so much. Can you tell me where the secret red coins are in wing mario over the rainbow level is cause i think thats the one i need

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SScloud99 answered:

Lets see if I can remember.

-2 from the Princess Slide
-1 From the Aquarium
- One each for collecting the Red coins in the Cap Switch levels.
- One each for collecting the Red coins in the Bowser levels.
- 2 from Mips the rabbit in the Basement
- One for collecting all the red coins in the secret 'Wing Mario over the Rainbow Level'
- One from Toad in the Basement.
- Two from the Toads on the 2nd Floor.
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th3l3fty answered:

-2 from the Princess's Secret Slide
-3 from the Cap Switch level red coins
-2 from MIPS the rabbit (one at 15 stars and one at 50)
-3 from various Toads (one by Hazy Maze Cave, one on the second floor, and one on the third floor)
-1 from the Secret Aquarium (outside Jolly Roger Bay)
-3 from the Bowser stage red coins
-1 from the "Wing Mario over the Rainbow" red coins

"Wing Mario over the Rainbow" can be reached by jumping into the hole on the opposite side of the third floor from Rainbow Ride (also in a high alcove).
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