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"Mario, fighting for Freedom, Justice and the last bowl of pasta."

Super Mario was obviously a really big step both for Mario and for gaming everywhere.

Story 9/10: I never fully understood the storyline. Did bowser kidnap peach or was it just a coincidence? If she didn't it's a pretty original Mario game, if she did it's still good. You had to get stars to advance to the next floor or course. The good part was that some courses had mini bosses that had some what of a back story. Take the giant whomp in whomps fortress. He had a grudge against Mario because they had always been stomped on.

Graphics 8/10: My eyes!! It's too bright and cheery!! Actually that's not so fact I liked the bright colors. A side from the colors it's 3D!!! In my opinion it's a big improvement from the other Mario games. The only problem was that it looked too clumpy. I mean, Mario's hand looked like a baseball without the red stripes! The big bully was a bowling ball with legs and horns!! The boos were volley balls with faces!! Why do I keep making ball comparisons?! Anyways all jokes aside the graphics were okay.

Sound 8/10: The sounds were like the graphics, too cheery. Now like with the graphics I don't mind it but some of were just too happy. Although, not all songs were cheery. Take Jolly Roger Bay for example, it had somewhat depressing music but it picked up at some points. Some of the courses didn't have their own music. Although the music was memorable and I'd usually end humming to them, so that makes up for the repetiveness. The sound effects weren't all that bad either. I never really noticed them but when I did they were okay. Before I wrote this review I went and beat the game and to my surprise there was voice acting.

Game play 9/10: A big problem with this game was that it was way too easy. All the killable enemies died in one shot which really killed the purposes of having a variety of attacks. What I thought was probably the best part, was the amount of freedom you had. Sure in the beginning you need stars to unlock some courses but getting three stars was nothing! In the actual courses you could anywhere you wanted. Most of the time you didn't have to get the star you selected in the screen before you the course.

Overall the game was almost flawless. This was the first game for me and I'm sure it was for a lot of other people too. I would recommend this for anyone who has a Nintendo 64 or a Wii (if VC has it anyways...).

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/04/08

Game Release: Super Mario 64 (US, 09/26/96)

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