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How do I get past the hedge maze in the Flower Fields?

I cannot get through the maze. I am having trouble finding the last berry for one of the flowers at the head of one of the paths in the Flower Fields, and moving past the red, purple, and green platforms in another path.

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BlanketPI answered:

You have to go under the hedges at some point. So, go up at the first intersection. Then go right and eventually, despite there being a hedge there, you can go down. Go through there and walk along the path following. You'll see a pipe. You have to go under the hedges again, this time when the pipe is on your left. (up a bit, too) Then you can enter the pipe to gain access to the next room.
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yossynes answered:

Keep pushing by press down then you will enter pipe
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Gravemaker15 answered:

Try looking at the map someone made in the faqs section for visual aid and to help you find what you need help finding.
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