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Are the pigs important?

Are they?

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From: kungfun45raid 5 years ago

you can get rare items like ultra shroom (if you have some luck) from them. here how it works you must pay 10 coins for each pig to get in the pen. when there are 10 pigs in the pen(which total you have to pay 100 coins which i think is a rip-off) an item will come out depending on the color. After stepping in the pen to get the items all the pigs will run away. the rarest colors like gold or silver will leave a very good item. if your fast enough(quickly hit the pay button then hammer the egg and do the steps again) you can get two items before the dissapear. still, it think this whole pig thing is a RIP-OFF!!!!!!!

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you mean the pigs farm near the train station at Toad town?

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I'm fairly certain you just get items from them, you don't have to raise them if you don't want to.

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