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Asked: 3 years ago

I've buried my artifact in the dry dry ruins, is it possible to unbury it?

I went through the dry dry ruins and discovered a map that tells me where all the artifacts are. I went to each area only to discover that the last artifact that I need...I buried!!!

Does anybody know how to unbury it? Is that even possible?

And Yes...I already saved after I buried it.

Do I have to start all over?

Additional details - 3 years ago

Yes. The map I found shows me that the artifact I need is in one of the lower rooms where I dropped sand down. I went to the room and can not see the artifact therefore it must have been buried when I dropped the sand down below. I believe it is the lower room of the two rooms in the top-right of the screen.

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how did you "Bury" it? I don't remember anything about artifacts getting buried. you mean like when sand drops from one floor onto the next? I'm pretty sure nothing becomes buried.

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Keep looking, I've been in this situation too. It's not in that area, if I am thinking of the right room.

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I've played through this game at least a half-dozen times and I am very confident it is impossible to screw yourself over. If memory serves, one of the three artifacts you need in order to advance is near the entrance, which requires some minor backtracking. Also don't forget about the hidden room Bombette helps you break into!

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