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Asked: 5 years ago

Controls for Virtual Console? (GameCube controller)

I hope they are the same as Melee/Brawl's default button setup... (Tell me what every button does, please.)

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I'll leave this open for more confirmation. Can't hurt. :p

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From: R_O_B_Sentry 5 years ago

Hey have you downloaded this game yet? It's out in Europe.
(a) Button= Standard attack (B) Button= Special. +C-Stick used for jump. X / Y also work for jump.
Controls are similar to Melee and Brawl, however, you cannot ''air dodge'' or dodge with ''Shield + Down'' and ''Smash attacks'' with button (a) cannot be charged, as these are not present. It is better than the N64 controller in fact, because the control stick is obviously not loose; it really feels like you are playing the Gamecube. Some special moves are not there.. for example, PK Flash- Ness, Rollout- Jigglypuff, Mario's Cape, arrows- Link etc, as a result, Link will hurl the boomerang with neutral (B), Jigglypuff pounds with neutral (B), Ness throws PK fire (B) etc.
It's a minor change you will feel.. It's very much like Melee and Brawl.

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The controls are the same from the melee or brawl games, using the classic controller or the game cube controller.

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He is indeed right. you use the same controls as melee or brawl for ye control methods mate=).

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