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All your favorite Nintendo characters in a fighting game! You must pick your favorite and battle everyone until you get to the Master!AMorozin10/10
It is the best party game that I have ever played because of its multiplayer!Articuno649/10
An execellent game for 2-d lovers and for party-game lovers.Brett8/10
Flawed graphics and music, but very fun with many othersCheezking7/10
A Time to Rescue, a Time to Kart, a Time to Party, a Time to BrawlDandyQuackShot7/10
Nintendo sure has gotten more creative over the years...DarkMark429/10
A Great Way to Start a Franchisedrakkar249/10
Definitly worth a look....Eeveon9/10
Fun Game, Cool Characters, and no story, but with this game, that's ok!Faust10/10
Mario and co. tekken' on Heihachi and co. !!!FeyZan8/10
N64 owners - Get this game!Haunter12O10/10
Did you really think kirby was merciful?hogman10/10
Oh my goodness a game!JAndonuts10/10
Easy, But Addicting.. It's your fault if it's repetitive.. Because you won't stop playing!joeyissoweird9/10
9 years later, and still rocking my N64.KyleKilltacular9/10
Proof that Link is the best Nintendo character!Leetdude10/10
It's one of the best games since GoldenEye 007! and I'm serious!Link_9/10
Best Fighting Game on Nintendo 64 Ever!!MasterReviewer10/10
A Decent Start to a Great SeriesMisterMarioMan7/10
Mario + Mortal Kombat = Funnintendolover928/10
You want a great party game....This is it!Pikachu9/10
A Great Party GamePLoeb8/10
I've got one word for you.... AWESOME.Pneuma9/10
The birth of a empire...pstriple1018/10
Finally the Nintendo 64 gets an above-average fighting game...Psycho Penguin8/10
You won't be disappointed with Super Smash BrothersRanma9/10
One of the best N64 game on the Virtual Console!redmario2179/10
Before Melee, there was the original. Super Smash Bros. is one of my favorite.redmario2179/10
Let's smash!!!!Retroreviewer Productions9/10
Nintendo's unqiue mosaicSchlave9/10
Game Set!SharmHedgehog7/10
I want my life back...Shinfy10/10
It sets Tekken 3 back a hundred yearsSSmashBrother10/10
This has held up to be still quite smashing.Super_MooRio10/10
What won't Nintendo do with their mascots?Tenshi No Shi8/10
FALCON PUNCH! IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE! When games collide.thebrawler569/10
In my opinion, the Mario series of games is the best game series on the N64 and Super Smash Brothers continues that tradition.tuvok4710/10
Finally, a fun game where you can kick the crap out of PikachuTybalt10/10
A Crazy Battle Of The Century!ZGoldman10/10
Only one word: Classic!!zhao_guang10/10

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