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"Dude, his head came off!"

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was the first in its three part series. Seeds of Evil came next and showed that Turok simply could not be beaten. Acclaim made a very satisfying game here. They should be very proud of their work. This marvelous first-person shooter combines lush, beautiful graphics, an innovative story, sturdy play control, CD quality sound, and more. Trust me, this is one that you will not be able to resist. Let us move on to the review, so that I can show you all of the little details scattered about.

Due to popular request, I am now moving story to the front of the review. The story is about an evil monster with plans to make the universe that we live and flourish in his hellish domain. The name of this deadly beast is, “The Primagen”. As Turok, you must explore six vast levels to continue your journey. You will encounter over forty ferocious enemies, all with their own weapons, artificial intelligence, and looks. You will need to suck up your courage to the last drop, and dare to venture into the moist caverns of the mysterious Blind Ones. You will battle until every last beast falls to the ground in defeat. Your alien friend, Adon, will assist you at her best when necessary, and brief you of your objectives before every single mission. The Primagen does not work alone, though, so do not expect to have a smooth journey. Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!

Lush graphics with dazzling lighting effects will blow you away as Turok does to dinosaurs. The only downside to Turok two is its frame rate. Many of the reviewers have exaggerated greatly here, so do not take full trust in their words. The frame rate is simply not super smooth, as with some games. It moves at a somewhat slower speed. It is nothing that will make you want to shut off the game and switch to another in disgust, though, so don’t worry to much. The level of detail is incredible. If you look at the scales of a dinosoid or the muscle of some other enemy, you can see them twist and turn with the enemy as it moves. The motion capture movements of the many different characters were largely responsible for the games “M” rating. When an enemy flinches, things can get a little a bit frantic. Lighting effects are another major plus here. If you swish your flamethrower back and forth, the walls will light up in a bright orange-yellow color. All the guns will make the walls flash with brilliant color when fired. There is even a flare gun that has the sole purpose is to light up the walls in dark walls so that you can see. Let us travel to the sound category.

Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Large amounts of voice action enable game play to fell “alive”. You’ll frequently keep in contact with Adon, the alien, so as you might expect, voice action is plentiful. Also, as in the first, music is tackled with a scary, primitive attitude. Sound effects such as gunshots and ambient are all well done, too. The sound made when guns go off is very loud, and an improvement to the weak sound effects heard in Dinosaur Hunter. The ambient is just as good as ever. If you are roaming the battle stricken streets of Adia, you will hear soldiers screaming in the background, Raptors and other enemies screeching, the faint air whistling, and more. It would be a good idea if you didn’t play this game at two in the morning, by yourself, and in the dark, unless you like to be scared. One of the mission briefings kept me awake at night! It was something like this: “Legend says that the Blind Ones were ghostly figures who appeared during the night, and drug helpless victims to their doom”. Scary, huh? Let us go to a bonus category I’ve decided to add.

Incredible enemy AI will make your journey a bumpy one at times, so watch out. I quote from the head of the Turok team, David Dientsbier: “Enemies will run figure eights, chase you, cut back on’ll be going, ‘Aaaahh’!”. This is most definitely the truth, too. As in games such as Goldeneye(Rare) and Perfect Dark(Rare), enemies can hear your gunfire and come to you, instead of the opposite. All the different enemies have their own attack patterns, so don’t expect the same old thing every time you encounter one.

As in the first Turok, there is “big cheat” that allows access to almost every code. There are also many other kinds of codes that you can use at the cheat menu.

I buying Seeds of Evil. I do not yet own it, but I plan to buy it used as soon as I can.

Well, fellow gamers, that wraps my review for Turok two: Seeds of Evil up! If you have any further questions, comments, or critique on my review, contact me by e-mailing me at, Doak out.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 04/09/01, Updated 04/09/01

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