FAQ/Walkthrough by marshmallow

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* * * The ULTIMATE Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Guide * * *
Author: marshmallow (m_mallow@hotmail.com)

Hello! I am presenting yet another FAQ for your little minds...or 
something. Why am I doing this guide? Well, I'm bored, which is good 
enough if you ask me. I also need to make my guide collection larger. 
And besides, I haven't really seen any good Walkthroughs. So, for your 

Version 1.1

Revision History:

March 21st - Spellchecked. New Font. Go home now!  

December 19 - Just released.


1) The Exciting Story
2) Items & Controls
3) Weapons 
4) Walkthrough
5) You Kill These Things
6) Bosses
7) Codes, Tricks, and Oddities
8) Credits
9) Legal Stuff
10) Final Notes/Farewell

1) The Exciting Story

This was pieced together from the instruction manual; I added a little 
to it to make it more exciting, too...

There is this dimension called the Lost Land, it's a place where many 
times and places come together to make one, GIANT world. All sorts of 
creatures hang out here...from all times and places. One day a man, the 
Campaigner, came. He was insane and had a superiority (sp?) problem. 
Well, he was looking for something that he could use to go up the food 
chain, yes, that's all he needed...then he found it, or, part of it...

Chronoscepter! Long, long, long ago, this awesome prototype gun was 
invented by a now extinct alien civilization. Falling into the wrong 
hands, it's massive power was unleashed onto cities and villages, nearly 
killing off it's inventor's race. All that was left of them was a small 
band of mis-fits, which finally reclaimed it. Holding it in their hands, 
they had to fight the urge to use it. So much power...but they had to 
get rid of it. They smashed it into eight separate pieces, and hid them 
very carefully, so no one could ever find them again. 

The Campaigner went to seek these pieces, because when hooked together 
he could have all the power in the UNIVERSE! With it, he would bridge 
the gap between the Lost Lands and Earth, which looked like a giant 
playground to him.

But Turok stood in his way. In his Indian (er...Native American...yes, 
that's what I meant to say) family, the oldest male son has the duty to 
protect the Lost Lands from itself, others, and whatever is left over. 

YOU are the current Turok (Joshua Fireseed) and you must gather the 
pieces, defeat the Campaigner, and destroy the Chronoscepter ONCE AND 

* - Only to awake another evil being which you must fight in a sequel :)

2) Items

Spirit Token:
Looks like a small skull, found by killing enemies with your basic 
weapons (Bow and Arrow [NO TEK ARROWS] and Knife). Adds 5 points to your 
max. energy.

Spiritual Invincibility:
Makes you invincible, everything flashes, and you are really fast, while 
enemies and bullets are really slow. Pretty neat!

Collect this and your energy will be replaced by a number, this is your 
Armor Energy. It takes a lot of hits to reduce it, and when it reaches 0 
it will return to your normal energy. Sweet...

Allows you to carry twice as much ammo for whatever gun you are using. 
For example, normally you can only carry 100 Assault Rifle bullets. With 
this, you can carry 200! 

Silver Energy:
Looks like a silver +. Adds two points to your health.

Orange Energy: 
Looks like an orange +. Fills energy up to 100.

Blue Energy:
Looks like a blue +. Adds 25 points to your energy.

Ultimate Yellow Energy:
Looks like a glowing yellow +. Adds 100 energy units.

NOTE: Blue and Orange Energy will not do anything if your energy is 100, 
but Silver and Yellow will push it above that.

Ammo Boxes/Quivers/Cells:
Fills up ammo for the particular weapon!

Warp Portal:
Green squares in the ground, they transport you to another Warp Portal.

Exit/Entrance Portal:
Looks exactly like that machine in SG-1...something...A big round metal 
thingy. When certain things are done a blue portal will open inside. It 
transports you places...

Yellow Life Force:
Adds one point to your Life Force Meter. When it reaches 100 you get a 
free life!

Purple Life Force:
Same as above, except it adds 10!

Step on these and see what happens!

Found on little altars, these are what Stars are to Mario 64. They let 
you open new levels. To beat the game you must collect them ALL.

Check Point: 
Pass through this and it will save your game, sorta. If you die you will 
return to the Check Point. However, if you shut the game off then come 
back, it will not.

Save Point:
Walk up to this and it will ask you to save. Saving requires a Memory 
Pak, so if you don't have one, I'd get one! =) Best way to enjoy 

Chronoscepter Pieces:
Each piece looks different. One in each level. Find them all to amass 
the mighty Chronoscepter!


Analog Stick - Look around

C Buttons - Move forward, backward, right, left...

Z Button - Fire weapon

R - Jump. 

Control Pad - Toggle run mode on and off. Nothing much more to say, 

Start - Pause game, lots of options. 

A & B Buttons - Go forward/backward in weapon selection

3) Weapons

Description: A steel blade with serrated edges 

Power: Weak

Notes: Weakest weapon in the entire game it may be, but it's usefulness 
more than makes up for that. Use it to tackle weak enemies with close 
range attack (like a knife...). The best method of approach is the 
"attack and run" technique, as I call it. Basically, run at an enemy, 
swipe, and run like Hell! Or...step forward, slash, and step back and to 
the side!

Description: A basic pistol

Power: Meager

Notes: You fire and shiny thingies come out! =) Each shot may cause 
little damage, but it's fast firing rate outweighs that. Even tough 
enemies will be thrown to bits with this little weapon, though after 
level five or so it becomes everything BUT useful.

Bow & Arrow
Description: A long bow crafted from the finest wood. The arrows have 
sharp tips made of a special steel only found in the Lost Lands.

Power: Pathetic

Notes: Use this only if you're desperate! It has a very low firing 
rate...If you hold "Z" then fire, the arrow will travel much farther and 
cause twice as much damage. But is all of this REALLY worth it?

Tek Arrows
Description: The tip is packed with explosive substances that burn when 

Power: Above Average

Notes: Very useful indeed. Most players overlook this weapon in the 
later levels where it is really useful for saving ammo for the tougher 
bosses and enemies...A direct hit will usually damage an enemy very 
much, if not killing it. Nice blue explosions, huh? :)

Shot Gun
Description: An old Shot Gun, it barely functions

Power: High

Notes: Well, each shot has considerable damage, but it takes anywhere 
from three to four seconds to reload...that could mean the difference 
between life and death!

Automatic Shot Gun
Description: With the help of technology, an old time weapon becomes a 
deadly force in Turok's arsenal!

Power: High

Notes: Same damage as the Shot Gun, but A LOT BETTER. You can fire many 
times in a second, and an enemy's flesh is torn apart as the bullets 
pierces it's skin...deadly.

Explosive Shot Gun Shells
Description: Normal Shot Gun Shells encased in red

Power: HIGH!!

Notes: This doubles the (Automatic) Shot Gun's power...with this, the 
Automatic Shot Gun becomes one of the deadliest weapons you can have in 
the entire game! Just don't waste your ammo on stupid things like 
soldiers or beetles...you'll regret it later when you meet a Purr-Linn.

Assault Rifle
Description: A rifle with a long nose...

Power: Meager

Notes: This one will become the "gun you use most of the time" type of 
weapon. It fires three bullets each time you pull the trigger, each one 
having the power of one Pistol shot. It may sound weak and feeble, but 
you'll be using this one A LOT! Trust me on this one...

Machine Gun
Description: Watch Terminator 2, you'll see one near the end! >=)

Power: Meager

Notes: HOLD ON! Each SHOT is meager, because it has the same power as 
the Pistol's. Not to fret, however, because it can easily fire 10 
bullets per second. Ripping through the toughest hides, this one 
requires skill and patience. Once you expel it's ammo, you won't fire it 
for awhile. Ammo for this is hidden QUIT cleverly...

Quad-Rocket Launcher
Description: An awesome rocket launcher with four nozzles. When it 
reloads, the motor manually forces four new warheads into the firing 
mechanism...very cool.

Power: HIGH!!!!

Notes: I wouldn't try this on moving target, nor would I try this on 
weak enemies. Save this for the bad ass bosses that just won't lay down 
and die. Of course, there's always the occasional Triceratops or Demon 

Alien Weapon
Description: Ever see the movie Eraser? Well, it's just like that one 
gun with the green lasers, except a little bit more flashier. The 
initial impact does little damage, but the following explosion will 
certainly kill them. Requires FIVE (!) plasma charges per shot...Don't 
use it much.

Power: Medium

Notes: Oops, I put the Notes in the Description...oh well :p

Plasma Rifle
Description: A light, gray weapon. Nothing to yell about in appearance. 
Shots are bright balls of plasma...

Power: Medium

Notes: Best used in the last few levels where firepower is needed. 

Grenade Launcher
Description: A 'one grenade at a time' Grenade Launcher. Explosions look 
good, but the fire goes out too quickly.

Power: HIGH!!!

Notes: Deadly in the hands of a master, a suicide weapon in the hands of 
a novice. Aiming it incorrectly will cause the grenade to rechochet and 
come back at you...Try to aim at the feet of enemies, so this will hurt 
the entire enemy AND it's easier to aim with. 

Shockwave Weapon (aka Particle Accelerator)
Description: A large, undulating, twirling, crystal/diamond powered 
weapon that shoots firework like shots.

Power: Low, medium, high, HIGH!

Notes: What's with all of those ratings? Well, it depends on how much 
you charge it up. The longer and more powerful the shot, the more plasma 
shots it uses. Personally, I just use the Plasma Rifle for the plasma 
shots. I mean, if you miss with the Shockwave, you're screwed because it 
takes so much ammo...But if you miss with the Plasma Rifle; no big deal! 
Only loses one shot...When an enemy is hit with this, it freeze, then 
explodes. Chunky.

Fusion Cannon


Nuclear Gun

Description: A huge piece of steel and metal fused around a central fuel 
source: A giant ruby with electricity flowing through it. Uses fusion 
charges to fire. About 10 shots in all the game...A fire will result in 
the screen flashing followed by shock waves and a mushroom cloud of 
sorts. Very cool. 

Power: HIGH!!!

Notes: Use this for the T-Rex and maybe a few tough enemies before you 
get to the ammo.

Description: A huge, long, gigantic weapon made of some sort of shiny 
blue metal. The resulting shot will blow any enemies straight to hell. 
Best not to point at face.

Power: HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...!

Notes: Though it may seem to damage a large area, the core is the only 
real damaging place. Use against the Campaigner. You get three 
shots...PERIOD! No remakes, no questions asked, no refills. You get this 
right before the last boss...if you collect all eight pieces.

4) Walkthrough

                         Level 1: The Hub Ruins

                       T H E   H U B   R U I N S

New Weapons:
Automatic Shot Gun
Shot Gun
Assault Rifle
Tek Bows

Campaigner's Soldiers
Giant Beetles

A jungle level with steep cliffs, tall trees, Indian shacks and tribes, 
plenty of buildings, and deep ravines filled with water. 

Go down the path and fall into the water, swim to the right and you will 
find three Pistol Cartridges. Now keep swimming and you'll spot an 
underwater cave, at the end is an open space with the Pistol. Now jump 
down to where you started. Go across the bridge and climb the vine wall. 
Keep going straight and you'll find your first key! 

Go to the left and you'll find a switch, stand on it and the door in 
front of you will lower. Go past it, getting the ammo, and follow the 
enemy infested path. After the little trail of Life Forces, look to your 
left and you'll see a vine wall guarded by a Poacher, climb it to the 
top to find another key!

Drop down to the main path and continue, swiping at bad guys to save 
ammunition. Keep looking to your left and you'll spot another Poacher 
next to a wall, only this time it's dark. This is a vine wall in 
disguise! Climb to the top to receive the Automatic Shot Gun. Heh, now 
the Shot Gun is obsolete before we even get it! Anyways, follow the path 
and you'll find some ruins with paths on either side. Follow it up, turn 
around, and go up the ladder. Here's your chance to get the Shot 
Gun...do you want it? I never do, but if you, get it. Shortly after the 
ruins is a warp portal...

...This is your first test in jumping, and it's a toughie the first 
time. Remember to look down at a 45 degree angle and to watch your 
shadow, it also helps to have the 'Run' option turned on. After the 
platforms is a Check Point, jump over the cliff and climb up the vine 
wall. At the top is a quiver of Tek Arrows, use them to defeat the Pur-
Lin that drops down. This will trigger the stairs to fall down. Up we 

At the top is a band of enemies, kill them all and climb the wall. Keep 
going, then the trail will change to logs. At the top of the little hill 
is a Save Point. Turn right and follow the path to a hole filled with 
lava. Kill all the soldiers and the pillars will lower, allowing you to 
reach a Warp Portal above...

...Step on the switch in front of you to lower the door in front of you, 
as well as another to the left. Go inside (there's another Shot Gun, if 
you want it...) and take out the pair of Raptors, then climb the ladders 
to find a narrow path that winds around the mountain. At the top is a 
little 'island' in mid-air, jump to it to get another key!

Hop back to the main path and continue to find a vine wall. Kill the 
Pur-Lin that falls down and then climb up to find a dark cave filled 
with Leapers of all shapes and sizes! It's somewhat of a maze, but it's 
fairly straightforward. At the end is a Queen, you may want to use a Tek 
Arrow for that one...behind it will be a Warp Portal...

...Drop down and get the Shot Gun Ammo, then keep going, up the stairs, 
and grab the Spiritual Invincibility. Use it to avoid all enemies in the 
area. This area seems big, but it's really not. At the end is a ladder 
laid up against a pillar, now just go up the path above and hop from 
platform to platform and get on the Warp Portal...

...Another cave system, except this time it's not as sprawling. Turn 
left at the first (and only) turn to find another key! Then go forward 
into the water, avoiding the Leapers, and swim to the end to find the 
Assault Rifle and a Box of Ammo. Swim back and use the Warp Portal to 
the right of the key altar to exit...

...now is a nasty maze of pillars. The rule of thumb is to always follow 
the RIGHT wall...This way you can locate the Chronoscepter Piece, the 
key, and the exit to this maze. When you re-appear you'll find a path 
that winds around a box like platform to find a ladder, climb it to the 
top,  go forward, turn left, go up the ladder, fall down the hole, and 
now you're in another underground cave system! Run around the tunnels 
and you'll eventually stumble upon a pond, swim around it and hop on the 
platforms! In front of the portal is another Key, the last one for the 
level;! Hop down the portal...

...Get your Tek Arrows ready, a huge Pur-Lin is guarding The Hub. The 
Hub is where you can find all the levels. Go to level two...To do this, 
step up to it's altar and your keys will be fitted in automatically, 
opening up the level portal...step into it.

                           Level 2: The Jungle

                           T H E   J U N G L E

New Weapons:

Giant Beetle
Campaigner's Soldiers

The Jungle is very similar to the first level...except bigger.

The path to the first key is very long, and infested with enemies at 
every corner. However, it is a straight path, so I really don't have 
that much to say. After crossing the wooden trail, fall down and run 
through the canyon, then dive into the lake. A little bit after the 
waterfall you'll find an underwater cave. At every turn, go right. 
You'll soon get into a part filled with air, follow it to the first key! 

Now drop down, you're back in front of the lake. Instead of diving in, 
follow the path around and follow the path. Again, it's very long and 
pretty straightforward. You'll face Pur-Lin, Raptors, 
Poachers...etc...After a face off of two Pur-Lin at once, go up the hill 
and ignore the path to the left that goes to a cave with a few Life 
Forces, nothing more. Go through the temple, exercising caution since 
enemies will drop from the sky. Instead of turning right, going through 
the Check Point, keep going, through the mountains. At the end is a vine 
wall, climb it up to find a temple. Hit the switch and go through the 
secret door that has opened near the temple. Inside is a Spiritual 
Invincibility, now go until the path ends at cliff. Peer over the edge 
and you'll see trees, drop down there. Now, look over the edge again to 
discover a small island. Jump down and...you get a Chronoscepter Piece! 
Drop back down to return to the normal trail.

Ok, go through the Check Point and you'll find several Raptors, destroy 
them with your Tek Arrows, one shot, one kill. When you see a Soldier 
rush from around a corner, look down over the ledge, see the island? 
Drop down there, it has the entrance of a cave, overcrawling with Giant 
Beetles. Wander about aimlessly and you'll find a cliff, and on the 
opposite wall is another cave entrance, with some logs to land on. Take 
a mighty jump to get over there, yet another key awaits you!

Now you'll have to fling yourself over the cliff to get back to the main 
path. Go through the soldiers and you'll find a warp portal. Make your 
way through the pillars, shooting at anyone you see. Jump to the narrow 
ledge and you'll find a place where rocks will fall from above, crushing 
your opponents in a bloody, sick, twisted, and entertaining moment. Keep 
following the path, sooner of later you'll find a temple. I'd pick up 
the Armor inside if I were you, it's very useful. On the other side is a 
rope bridge, and a Pur-Lin waits at the other side. Go across, and into 
the cave. Once inside, Leapers will crawl out from under the crevices 
and attack! The heart of the cave is a gigantic cavern where Leapers 
will come from almost every direction, in here use the Assault Rifle for 
a better chance at winning. When you attempt to exit the Queen will 
block your way (and will probably scare you, since it comes out of a 
blind corner). When you exit you'll be in a swampy place...swim in the 
water, and soon the level will get very deep. At the bottom is a cave, 
swim to the end, it's filled with Leapers, so be careful. At the end are 
some Purr-Linn and soldiers, which are guarding the exit portal. WAIT! 
Don't leave just yet...venture behind it to find a path that leads to 
the last key. Ok, now leave...

Open up the third level...

                        Level 3: The Ancient City

                     T H E   A N C I E N T   C I T Y 

New Weapons: 
Plasma Rifle

Giant Beetle
Campaigner's Soldiers

Commando Jeeps


A level with A LOT of temples, home to many Warriors. 

Ok, this first quarter is a lot of searching and shooting while being 
under heavy fire. Run through the fields, avoiding the pack of Raptors, 
go up either staircase, jump in the water, and swim inside the large 
building. Collect the ammo and go up the long flight of stairs. Now 
follow the path, collecting ammo and Life Forces until you cross a 
wooden bridge, go up the stairs near here. This level is filled with 
TONS of stuff to collect! By going into the stream you can find a secret 
passage to a backPack, by climbing ladders you can discover tons of ammo 
and more Armor! Anyways, get out of this part via the stairs to find a 
new level, infested with Warriors. Remember: One shot of the Assault 
Rifle will put one down.

Run into the temple and jump in the Warp Portal. Ok, see the hole in the 
wall? Jump out and land below, then hop over the cliff to the otherside. 
Follow the path, killing the soldiers that drop down and the duo of 
purloins guarding the temple. Inside is a key! Now return to the 
previous temple and collect the Tek Bows, then jump down and enter the 
next area through the large pillar-like walls. Run up the stairs and 
blast the Raptors that come down to meet you. Run I say...RUN!! Fill 
anything that moves with lead until you find a temple, hit the switch 
and continue. Now, look up on the ledge to the left. See the 
Campaigner's Solider? Kill him before he sees you! Now, the tree 
farthest away on the left side is climbable, so climb it to the top to 
discover a switch. By tripping it the large rocks will move down to form 
a nice stairway underground. Before going down, explore the area behind 
the switch to find some ammo caches and Armor!

Down the tunnel you'll find a lot of Health and Ammo. At the end of it 
is a Warp Portal. When you emerge, go forward and claim the key guarded 
by the Raptors. Turn left and head up the Temple Stairs (behind it is 
some Armor!), then go around and down to find two purloins, kill them 
both and the doors will lower, allowing you to go even further into the 
temple. At the bottom are a lot of beetles, and in the center of it all 
is a Warp Portal.

You're on a pillar, which activated a switch for another pillar to go 
down, the one in front of you that is. Go through it to find another 
portal! Keep running forward, through all of the enemies; Soldiers, 
Raptors, and even a well hidden Leaper cave with a few items...Soon 
you'll find a temple with water, swim through and go through the small 
hole to exit (behind it is a Backpack!), then go along the ledges, 
stepping on switches to raise platforms, then jump across. Then you 
reach the upper level, where bonuses can be easily collected; just watch 
out for the traps. I suggest waiting for the "snatttch" sound, then 
jumping quickly. At the end is a Save Point, I _really_ advise saving 

Now comes the ultimate challenge of the level! Jumping from pillar to 
pillar, above a pit of no-return. i.e. one wrong step and you're dead. 
With practice this becomes a cinch, but the first time it seems nearly 
impossible. Then you'll reach a temple with the portal to the boss...but 
WAIT! Don't go in! On the left side of the temple is a series of 
pillars, the last one directly across from a vine wall. Get the 'run' 
option turned on, get back, run, and jump! If you're lucky, you'll get 
there, at the top is a lonely Purr-Linn guarding the second 
Chronoscepter piece. NOW you can go into the portal. With all of those 
Armors and Ammo you have, it shouldn't be a problem. However, if you die 
when jumping from the pillars you'll lose all of your equipment. Just 
start from the Save Point and try again! You'll have everything back. 
When the Bosses are dead, collect the final key in the level! Oh, but 
don't forget to collect the Plasma Rifle that the Boss drops...it's 
REALLY handy.

Now open up the fourth level!

                         Level 4: The Ruins

                         T H E   R U I N S 

New Weapons:
Grenade Launcher

Giant Dragonfly
Campaigner's Soldiers
Warrior Priest
Alien Infantry (1)
Giant Beetle
The Sacred Four 

An open area with a few trees, a few temples, and a few underground 
caverns. A neat place to visit!

Go forward, tearing through the Raptor and run across the bridge, 
looking up to kill the Warriors firing darts at you. Dash across the 
open field with the Dimetrodon, then around to the left to find a thin 
ledge, which leads to a conglomeration of statues. When you get near 
them they will turn to life; Raptor, Purr-Linn, Alien Infantry, Warrior, 
Warrior Priest, and a Leaper. You can use the Fighting Trick to make 
them kill each other, but whatever you do, make them go away. Now, step 
on the switch near them and the force field will disappear, allowing you 
to hop into the portal.

This place is infested with Giant Beetles, so run and jump in the water, 
then get out on the other side to find a Warrior Priest, kill him and 
the gate behind him will lower, revealing another. Repeat. Now run 
through with your Assault Rifle and kick all the Warriors' butts! Then 
climb the stairs and collect the key...now exit through the portal in 
front of the stairs.

Turn around (180 degrees) and run in that direction, you're back to the 
area after the bridge. Now, near the little ledge that led to the switch 
is an area with Raptors. Looking across the canyon, you'll find a house. 
Look down, see the thing sticking out of the ground? Jump down on it, 
then fling yourself over there. Climb the vine wall guarded by the 
solider and go inside the house, kill the Purr-Linn, and grab the Armor. 
Go behind the house, see the pillars? Use them to jump on top of the 
house, where you will find yet another weapon to add to your arsenal: 
The Mini-Gun! To get back, jump across.

Go to the left when you get back, you'll spot a Warrior Priest, take him 
out. See the torches by the pillar he used to be on? Jump up them, then 
onto the wooden stake that has an Orange Health. Ta da! The gate in 
front of you will lower, opening up the rest of the level. At the first 
turn head right, kill the Purr-Linn and the gate will lower. Step into 
the portal. Now here's a big old maze...filled with enemies! Go in, and 
when you get in, head to the right side to find a small crevice that 
will allow you to escape. Kill the two Campaigner's Soldiers in front of 
the hole, then head on in. By the way, you should be using the Plasma 
Rifle now, since you can get new ammo everytime you kill a Campaigner's 

Talk about crowded! These narrow hallways are filled with Leapers 
(Queens...), Beetles, and Purr-Linn! After the immense bloodbath the 
gate at the end will open, if you killed the Purr-Linn in front of it. 
Go through the guards, up the stairs, kill the duo of Campaigner's 
Soldiers, then claim the key! Well, you'll have to navigate across a 
thin ledge where pendulums swing back and fourth, threatening to push 
you off...but it shouldn't be so hard. Exit the cave, the maze, and 
return to the trail.

Continue forward, you'll see a large temple. Climb the stairs and save 
at the Save Point. To the left-side of the temple, or the side that the 
Save Point is at, is a Warrior Priest in front of a wooden gate. Kill 
him and it will lower, then you will find a circle of portals. They all 
will take you into the middle of the lava pit, but one won't. See the 
portal closest to the stone structure to the left? The correct one is 
the one in front of it. You will descend into a very, very large 
underground cavern...

Get the items in the water then drop down into the Pillar Maze. Kill all 
the Guards in the level by shooting down each corridor that is formed by 
a pillar, including the Campaigner's Soldier. Now, listen. Walk along 
each wall, in one spot it is fake and you will find a secret area. Guess 
what's inside? Ammo, Health and...the Grenade Launcher! Woohoo! Now the 
destruction will begin...Muhahah. Make your way through the guards, the 
Beetles, and the fire breathing statues to find a portal. In this room 
is a simply HUMUNGOUS stone structure with water spilling over each 
side, and a large lake surrounds it. Go up the nearby ramp, then when it 
stops, jump onto it. Here are the Sacred Four, which are really just 
really powerful Leapers. Kill them, then hop on the pillar. It will 
rise...when it stops, you will have retrieved the fourth piece of the 

Now you just need to find a way out of here...Remember the room with 
switches in every corner? Quickly trip each one, the pillars in the room 
will rise. using them as steps, jump to the upper area. Here's something 
strange: A vertical pillar of water that defies gravity...neato. Swim up 
to the top, then jump out of the right side (from where you entered the 
room. You may need to check the map) and you will land on a ledge. Go 
forward, then jump on the pillars. Some are higher, and some are 
smaller. There are only a few paths that will get you out. It's pretty 
simple, if you know what to look for. Just jump on the highest pillar 
possible. At the end is a Warp Portal, use it.

Now you're back in the main area. Return to the place you started the 
very level...behind it is a path!  Drop down into the water and swim as 
far as you can, then look down to find a deep hole. Swim all the way 
down there, it will get very dark and you can just barely see. Swim 
through the next hole, now you're in an underwater cave with Leapers! Go 
through the Warp Portal when you emerge in the cavern. Go down the 
ladder, and jump on all the little platforms. At the end is another 
Portal, there's the last key! Now just drop down and exit the level...

Open up level five!

                        Level 5: The Catacombs

                       T H E   C A T A C O M B S 

New Weapons:
Particle Accelerator

Warrior Priests
Giant Beetles
Giant Dragonflies

Giant Mantis

A huge network of underground tunnels, corridors, and small crawlspaces. 
It's like Doom, but 500 times better!

Go forward and fly down the long staircase. Take the right stairs and 
hit the switch, then go to the far side and kill the Warrior Priest, 
this will cause a nearby door to open, revealing a staircase. Go 
forward, down the long corridor. This is a good place to use Tek Arrows, 
one shot, one kill. Then you'll have to navigate small wooden bridges, 
with pendulums, and Giant Beetles. At the end is a Warrior Priest, kill 
him with the Mini-Gun, you can collect more Ammo in this room, so don't 
worry. The cage will lift, and the key is yours. Go back into the 
previous room and jump over the bridge (not the ones with the 

Go across the room and hit that switch, then go through the door. Kill 
all the Warriors in the hallway, they are very dangerous, especially the 
ones with the blow pipes. Look on the right wall, at one point it will 
have a hole in it. Go down there! It's a crawlspace you can wander about 
in. You can get all sorts of items down there, then you'll stumble upon 
a room. Destroy the Warrior Priest and the bars will lower, allowing you 
to get the fifth piece of the Chronoscepter! Get back into the main 

Keep going, killing the Warriors. At the end is a large room with ledges 
going all around, filled with Warriors w/blow guns...ouch. Find the 
stairs and crawl along the ledges, shooting at any warriors you may 
find. Soon you'll find a door, go inside and climb the wall with pegs 
all over theme. At the top is a Save Point, and a trail of Health +s 
going into a Portal...Geramino! Er...Gerameeno!...whatever.

Go forward and hit the switch, it will open the doors to the left of 
you. Then hit the switch with the Purple Life Force, it will raise the 
pillars. You have to find all the pillar switches, then jump up the 
pillars. Go through the doors that opened. Hit the next one. Go to the 
one that opens on the left. Follow the hallway to another switch, hit 
it. Go through the door. Hit that switch. Go through the right one. 
Follow the long corridor, it's filled with Leapers and Warriors. Near 
the end, a giant Purr-Linn will crash through the wall, probably making 
you wet your pants the first time. Go through the hole he made, then 
grab the Spiritual Invincibility! Now continue, at the crossroads go 
left, hit the switch, go through the door, then hit that switch. Go 
right and hit the pillar switch. Now, you could go through a lot more 
tunnels, but here's a better idea: Return to the main area where you can 
easily jump on the pillars...see the last pillar switch? Jump over there 
and hit it =)  Now simply jump up the pillars to reach the upper area (I 
suggest looking straight down, tap R, then press C ^).

Go down the hall, then hit the switch. The cement turns to stone, and 
before you know it, we're in this stinky cave with Leapers, Warriors, 
and Beetles EVERYWHERE!! Run like Hell through this horrific place until 
you find the large, central room. Continue on, then kill the troops at 
the end to open up the portal! Now we're outside, back in Raptor 
country. Killing the Dragonflies is easy with the Plasma Rifle, so 
remember that. Go around the structure, then dive into the water and 
climb the peg wall. At the top is a key! Now look over the ledge, you 
should see a switch. Jump on top of it and the water will drain. Follow 
it through a crawlspace, then you'll splash down into a vertical drop 
that is filled with water. At the bottom are deadly spikes, but they are 
useless now, due to the water. Swim through the cave, at the end is a 
portal to the boss, along with some ammo and a Save Point. After 
destroying the boss, collect the final key for this level!

Now go open up level six...

                           Level 6: Treetop Village

                         T R E E T O P   V I L L A G E

New Weapons:
Alien Weapon
Rocket Launcher

Alien Infantry
Bionically Enhanced Dimetrodon 
Campaigner's Soldiers
Warrior Priests

The first section is gigantic, but then you discover an even larger area 
above in the treetop village! Items to find, enemies to kill...This 
stage has it all. Pretty linear, though...oh well, here we go!:

Go forward and collect as many items as you can, you should be pretty 
drained from the last level's boss. Jump down on the platform, then drop 
down again onto the logs. Continue to jump on the logs, shooting 
grenades into the caves where the Poachers are. After a bit you will see 
a Purr-Linn across the way, just hit him with a few grenades (to aim, 
get him at the bottom of the screen...fire away!). Continue on, then 
jump down the hole in the ground, it's really a Warp Portal. Continue to 
jump down platforms, soon you'll find another Warp Portal. Go down and 
kill the Purr-Linn, the gate behind him will open. Dive into the giant 
lake and swim until you hit land. Continue along land, killing Alien 
Infantry and the occasional Poacher. Soon you'll find an island with a 
gigantic tree. Swim behind it to find a waterfall, right next to it is a 
small place underwater with the Alien Weapon! Go back to the tree, 
underwater. See the big roots? Swim under them to find an elevator. It 
will carry you to the Treetop Village...

...walk forward. Follow the path, that's it. If you see place where the 
railing has been trashed, walk forward, then when you hear a "swooosh!" 
noise, step back. A giant hammer thing will come back and try to whack 
you! About 10 minutes of walking and fighting, you'll find a bunch of 
different ways to go, right after a Check Point. Go right, at the end is 
a cottage with a Key! Return, then go left. Jump over the chasm, then on 
each pillar. At the top you'll discover a Purr-Linn and a hole, fall 
down the hole, kill the Purr-Linn down there, then continue. Soon you'll 
find a large shack, inside is a Warp Portal...

...quick! Grab the ammo and tear the Dimetrodon to pieces, then continue 
along the thin ledges, firing at the nearby guards with your Assault 
Rifle. Run past the huts and soldiers, eventually you'll find a large 
gate. Step on the switch and it will lower, revealing all three kings of 
Purr-Linn. Kill 'em with your Grenade Launcher! Continue, picking up 
some Armor. Soon you'll get to a really 'hutty' place, with shacks 
almost everywhere. Each one is filled to the brim with power-ups and 
items, but we don't need those right now, so ignore them. Soon you'll 
stumble upon a cave with a Save Point, and a Purr-Linn. Take it out with 
your Grenade Launcher, then collect the Grenade Launcher Ammo. Inside 
the cave is a thin ledge to your left. Jump over there, get in the 
tunnel filled with Leapers, then make your way outside. Collect the key! 
Seeing as there is no way out now, jump across the ravine, you'll land 
on the bridge, then climb up. GO back into the cave, but just keep on 
going instead.

Soon you'll find the little old shack (I've said that a lot, haven't 
I?), but don't go into it! Instead, move behind it, look down, you 
should see a Purple Life Force in mid-air. Jump down there to enter a 
room with a Portal. But, about 20 Leapers and a Queen will flood into it 
the second you step foot in it, so have something big and loud ready for 
them to taste. When you re-appear, you will be in a treehouse with 
the...Rocket Launcher! Now we're cookin'! Grab ammo for it then jump 
back down to the regular path, now go into the shack, and into the 

Oh, now we're in a cave again. Take out your trusty Assault Rifle and 
bust a cap in everyone's ass, especially those annoying Leapers. After 
you come out of the cave you will find two Warrior Priests...take them 
out with your Mini-Gun, then collect ammo for it nearby. The gate will 
lower, allowing you access to the last key in this level! Behind it is a 
path, and...uh-oh...about 50 Warriors and Poachers are coming out of the 
houses and shacks! Take out that Assault Rifle, it's bath time! And I 
ain't talking water with bubbles, either. Run as fast as you can across 
the bridges, until you find a Dimetrodon in front of the Exit 
Portal...but don't exit! Instead, drop behind it to find a ledge. Jump 
across the little hole to find the sixth Chronoscepter Piece! Now get 
back up there via the vine wall, then exit this long and awesome level 
(nice lightning, eh?)

Now open up level seven...

                          Level 7: The Lost Lands

                         T H E   L O S T   L A N D S 

New Weapons:
Fusion Cannon

Demon Lord
Giant Beetle
Giant Dragonfly
Robot Guard
Bionically Enhanced Raptor
Bionically Enhanced Dimetrodon
Killer Plants

This place is just a smoldering world with lava everywhere, deep 
ravines, disgusting creatures, steep walls, craggy earth, and famine 

Get out of the cave by dropping off the ledge then looking for the 
exit...not much else to it, really. Exit and follow the path, past the 
Bionically Enhanced Raptors and Dimetrodons. Go through the traps and 
demons, then inside the tunnel and into the Warp Portal. Kill the Giant 
Beetles, then the logs will lower, serving as a sort of bridge to the 
upper area. Go to the right of the demon and jump off the cliff. Kill 
the Triceratops with a Machine Gun and a few Rockets, you'll get them 
replenished when he dies. Behind him are several small platforms, a vine 
wall, and a small aclove where you can pick up the Fusion Cannon, but 
you need to go through the small platforms. Personally, I use the vine 
wall, get a few treasures up there, then fling myself over the ledge to 
the next area; you can pick up the Fusion Cannon later. 

Exercise extreme caution near this ledge, rocks will come falling from 
the sky. It's nice, since it kills the enemies in a gruesome sight, but 
it can do the same to YOU! At the end is a Demon Priest, kill him and 
some platforms will appear behind him. Follow them to the next area, 
which contains a Warp Portal...

...Behind you is a small island place with a Save Point and a Purr-Linn, 
if you want to know. Keep going forward, just keep running! There are 
holes with lava in them, they bubble. Find the large one that doesn't 
have any rocks around it, or bubble and flame, and jump on in! It's 
really some red water, at the bottom is the Fusion Cannon! Save it, 
though. Keep running forward, past the many power-ups and you'll find 
some bionic creatures. Near the edge you'll see a trail of Life Forces 
going over the edge...follow them to the area below! Kill the Killer 
Plant, then go in the cave it was guarding. Kill the Demon Lord with 
some Grenades, because you can find some in the cave. Run along the Tree 
Top bridge. Ah! Free of those cursed DRAGONFLIES!!!

If you're Health is low, pummel the Demon Lord with Automatic Shotgun 
fire until he gives you his Orange Energy. Make your way through the 
little caves, collecting ammo. Now you'll reach another lava place, but 
with only about two Dragonflies, and you can easily get past them since 
they stay in a little space. Now we meet the feared and dreaded: RISING 
PILLARS OF DOOM. Ok, not of doom, if you miss you just fall into lava, 
which will just nibble at your energy...but still. Near the pillars is a 
little aclove with lava. Wait...it's not steaming, boiling, or spewing 
rocks. Dive in! It's water. At the very bottom is a cave system, at the 
other side is the seventh piece of the Chronoscepter! Get back to the 
pillars, collecting the Armor near them.

The best way to do this is just to watch their movements, then jump at 
the one that is down the most, looking straight down to make sure you 
land on it. The first time you succeed it'll feel wonderful...then 
you'll die when you try to run around the blind corner, falling down the 
cliff instead. :) Well, you have to shoot the Demon Lord across the way, 
then pillars will rise, allowing you to cross. I Suggest Tek Arrows, 
since there are replacements around the area. After a Purr-Linn and one 
more Demon Lord, you'll find a Key! And a Save Point! Woohoo! Jump into 
the Warp Portal...

Here you can go into a room to find some Subterranean, but you don't 
have to. Just keep running to find another Warp Portal, now you're in an 
elevator, headed up. At the top is a long stretch of metal with alien 
Infantry everywhere, go up the ramp with two Bio Raptors, then collect 
the Armor. By now you're energy is probably barely in the two digit 
range, so collect as much energy as you can, especially from fallen 
enemies. Kill the Robot Guards using Grenades, you do not want to get 
close to them. See the switch? Hit it, then run back to discover that 
the wall has moved and there's a secret path! Collect the box of Shot 
Gun shells, bring out the Automatic Shot Gun, you'll been taking out two 
Bio Raptors and two Demon Lords before discovering...THE LAST KEY IN THE 
GAME! Oh, yeah, baby! Collect it, then drop down. We're in the home 
stretch now, problem is you're outnumbered 500 to 1, literally. Take out 
the Plasma Rifle, it can shoot very quickly, you need that.

Run through the halls and shoot at anything that moves, but do not get 
sidetracked into any fights, just run...run I tell you...RUN! Run like 
you've never ran before! About ten minutes later you'll pick up a ton of 
ammo before splashing down into some water. Take out the two Guard 
Robots by using the Rocket Launcher, you can replace the lost ammo by 
venturing under the water fall. Hit the switch, and there's the exit. 

Now, go into the very center of the hub, and open up the last 
level....Stage 8.

                     Level 8: The Final Confrontation

            T H E   F I N A L   C O N F R O N T A T I O N 

New Weapons:

Robot Guard
Cyborg Master
Mutant Crab
Alien Infantry
Killer Plant
Bionically Enhanced Raptor

Bionically Enhanced Tyrannosaurus Rex

A huge underground maze, the walls are filled to the brim with computer 
equipment and wires. Several elevators, tons of enemies, trillions of 
power-ups...two bad-ass bosses to kill.

This level is really linear...really, REALLY linear. I would be 
insulting your intelligence if I gave you specific directions. Then 
again, it would make this guide a lot longer...nah, I'll just list some 
solutions for a few problem spots:

- Ignore everything outside, just run straight into the level

- Collect as many Shot Gun Boxes as you can, you'll need them for the 

- When you see a small square on the ground, jump over it! This is a 
trap, and you'll fall to your doom!

- Use your Plasma Rifle 90% of the time, you can always re-fill it by 
collecting the Energy Balls the Cyborg Masters drop.

- In the maze, go left, right, then left again.

- Use Tek Arrows against the Mutant Crabs; it hurts 'em pretty bad

- Grenades do amazing work against the Purloins in the lava pits

- At one point you must destroy two Purloins to activate a bridge. These 
seem stronger than most, and it's in a small fighting area...Use your 
Assault Rifle!

- When you first enter the sewers, explore every nook and cranny for 
power-ups. You can find four Armors down there!

- When you first enter the pipes with feces, turn left for the correct 

- While transgressing the feces, watch out for Mutant Crabs.

- If in doubt, shoot the hell out of everything!

- The giant machines with little waves in between them are like pillars 
of water...get in, then 'swim' up!

- Leapers will burst into a bloody mess when you use the Assault Rifle.

- Do not underestimate the power of Tek Arrows!

- In the last room, go to each elevator for tons of goodies.

- To get past the lasers, first get near them to activate them, then 
quickly step back until they stop, then quickly run ahead.

- Have fun!

After defeating the Bionically Enhanced Tyrannosaurus Rex (what a 
mouthful!) you will receive the...dun dun dun <dramatic reverb>...THE 
LAST CHRONOSCEPTER PIECE! Then it's on to the Campaigner for some fun 
and frolicking. ;)


5) You Kill These Things

For those of you with "thinking problems" this is the enemies 
section...okay? Good...


Description: A man in animal skins.

Weapons: Knife, arrows, semi-automatics, and grenades

Tips: Usually just gets right up in face and starts slashing! Some stand 
in one place and toss grenades at you. Any weapon will put these jokers 


Description: A man in an army suit, camouflaged and everything

Weapons: Guns, pistols, shotguns, and long knives

Tips: They often just stand there and hold down the trigger. Scary.

Campaigner's Soldiers

Description: A mean looking guy with tons of body armor

Weapons: Super plasma rifle (it shoots red...what's with that?!)

Tips: It just stands there and unleashes tons of shots, all of which are 
_very_ painful. Try to find something to hide behind and then just 
strafe back and fourth while shooting something powerful.


Description: Who hasn't seen Jurassic Park/The Lost World?

Weapons: Claws, teeth, and...that's it come to think of it

Tips: Uses the straightforward approach and just gets in your face. 
Often travels in packs of three to four. The Tek Bow is the best weapon 
to use. Since it has no long range attack, it's fodder from a distance. 

Bionically Enhanced Raptor

Description: This guy's skeleton has been re-enforced with a strong 
steel, with is visible. The Bionic Raptor is gray instead of the usual 
brown. Also has a large blast cannon grafted to it's arm.

Weapons: Blast Cannon

Tips: If you can't avoid this guy, use a Shot Gun with Explosive Shells. 


Description: A large reptile with a sail on its back. Scientists aren't 
sure what the sail is for. There are several theories. Maybe it was used 
to attract mates? Or it could have been used to heat it's body in the 
morning, making it more active than the other cold-blooded creatures, 
letting it attack the sluggish creatures...

Sorry. Just "showing off" my large amount of Dino info (so he's not 
quite a dinosaur, more of a cross between a mammal and a 
reptile...oops...I should stop now).

Weapons: It's mouth of daggers

Tips: Just gets in your face! It has a thick hide, so it requires many 
shots to kill. Best to avoid if you can. Often found near ledges (uh-

Bionically Enhanced Dimetrodon

Description: This one has twin machine guns mounted on his 
shoulder...very painful indeed! 

Weapons: Twin machine guns and it's teeth

Tips: When attacking it, strafe around and fire grenades at it. It has a 
thick skin, so it may take a lot.

Ancient Warriors

Description: Men painted to look like skeletons. Some carry blowpipes. 

Weapons: Blowpipe or club

Tips: The ones with the blowpipes should be taken out immediately. Those 
darts can take up to 12 off of your energy...in one shot!! The Assault 
Rifle can take them down with one shot.

Triceratops w/soldier

Description: A huge Triceratops with a man riding it

Weapons: Rocket Launcher, machine gun, horns, and power 

Tips: Well, it's main attack is it's rocket launchers, which can 
actually work to your advantage. If any enemies get in their way...BOOM! 
Say bye bye! =) Just strafe around this animal while firing the Machine 
Gun or Rocket Launcher.


Description: A big, green dragonfly. Lots of detail.

Weapons: Mouth

Tips: It just flies up to you and starts gnawing away at your energy. 
Very annoying, and powerful for such a small guy. Best to run away, but 
the Knife does work well.


Description: A big, purple Beetle.

Weapons: Mouth

Tips: This guy presents an easy target, since it doesn't do much but 
scuttle around. Try the knife.


Description: Depends on the Leaper

Weapons: Teeth and claws

Tips: Leapers are different from other creatures, as they come in 
different breeds. Sorta like an ant colony...there are the small 
workers, the larger drones, and the gigantic queens!

Alien Infantry

Description: Green aliens with a Predator-like mast on. Has four arms, 
with a gun on either side. Also has a rocket launcher on it's back.

Weapons: Blaster

Tips: In open spaces, it will use it's rocket launcher to soar up high 
and land behind you. If you start to piss if off, it will self-destruct 
itself (it will stop and you will hear a beeping noise). Otherwise it 
will just blast you relentlessly with it's dual Alien Weapons. Find 
something to hide behind and strafe!  


Description: Large ape-like aliens, usually found guarding areas. Very 


Normal - This one will come at you and try to punch you with his giant 

Earthquake - It'll hit the ground and cause little waves in the ground, 
which will damage you.

Blaster - This one is the most common, and deadliest, of all! It has a 
blaster on it's left arm, and will shoot large fireballs that explode on 

All Purloins have thick hides and absorb bullets like a sponge does 

Warrior Priests

Description: A warrior with spikes coming out of his head and a large 

Weapons: Spells

Tips: He'll throw all kinds of different colored spells at you...mostly 
fire and water. Easy to avoid, if you have something to hide behind. 
Just rush these guys and take them out quick!


Description: Strange beings with red eyes. Some carry spears...

Weapons: Magic, spears

Tips: If left alone, they'll make a fireball in their hands and make it 
rush towards you. If you're good, you can hop over it. These guys aren't 
that powerful, so a few bullets should do.

Demon Lords

Description: Large demons with red eyes, large spikes, and a mace made 
out of human bones

Weapons: Magic

Tips: These guys are painful, they shoot all sorts of spells at you. 
Find a corner and strafe repeatedly, then fire a few grenades it's way.


Description: A huge worm creature with snapping claws. Resembles the 
monsters in one of my favorite movies, 'Tremors' and 'Tremors 2.' 

Weapons: Acid saliva, claws

Tips: It comes straight out of the ground, looks for something to 
bother, then does it. These things can be filled with 500 Machine Gun 
Bullets and still be happy...be sure to have some HEAVY firepower when 
these are in groups! =)


Description: A robot that looks like a human, with glowing eyes and 
metallic sounds. Some carry batons, as well. 

Weapons: Batons, Hands

Tips: Runs right up to you and uses it's tremendous strength to bend you 
into two pieces. Three shots of the Plasma Rifle will put 'em down.

Cyborg Master

Description: A Cyborg, but with red eyes and a ton of armor, he looks a 
lot fatter. They carry huge guns.

Weapons: Super Plasma Rifle

Tips: Take 5 Campaigner's Solider and squish them into one mean, 
fighting machine and this is what you get. Shoot them with your Plasma 
Rifle as quickly as you can, you will get more ammo for it when they 
die. It takes about 10 shots to put them down.

Robot Guard

Description: A supremely cool looking robot, they vary in colors; red 
and yellow. Red has a machine gun and a gigantic axe on either hand, 
while the yellow one has a machine gun and rocket launcher on either 
hand. If you kill them with bullets they will just freeze, sparks 
falling everywhere and smoke coming from it's back. If you send an 
explosive it's way, it will break into it's basic parts!

Weapons: (Yellow) Rocket Launcher, Machine Gun (Red) Machine Gun, Axe

Tips: Avoid getting into close confrontation with these guys, or they'll 
chop you to pieces. They soak up damage, and they'll keep coming. Try to 
ignore them unless they're in your way.

Mutant Crab

Description: A huge crab creature with large pincers; found in sewers. 
Weapons: Pincers

Tips: Use Tek Arrows, and watch out! They can come from behind you.

Killer Flower

Description: A pink, peaceful flower...

Weapons: ...then it shoots you with poisonous barbs and attempts to eat 
you alive.

Tips: Since it wants to be so friendly, toss a few grenades it's way! 
I'm sure it will love to play with them...It usually guards/blocks a 
cache of ammo.

6) Bosses

Boss: Double Commando Jeeps

Found: End of Level 3

Description: Two jeeps fitted with Missile Launchers

Tips: Before falling into the arena, collect the items in the 
surrounding moat, there's some Armor down there! The best way to defeat 
these guys is to get it so they are turning around you...since their 
turning radius is so large, they'll just be running in circles, allowing 
you a perfect target. 15 Tek Bows will put them down, and 100 Assault 
Rifle bullets will do quite nicely. Ammo and supplies appear on the rim 
of the level, and they will keep re-appearing, so if you need 
anything...Just be careful that the Jeeps don't get you!

Boss: Longhunter

Found: After destroying Double Commando Jeeps

Description: A Solider, fitted with tons of armor, plenty of ammo, and a 
Plasma Rifle.

Tips: He shoots small triangle objects when you get far away, he fires 
his Plasma Rifle when you get near, and when you get in his face he'll 
kick you! This can either be a long and hard fight, or an easy and quick 
fight. Just whip out your Automatic Shot Gun with Explosive Shells, and 
shoot him point-blank. Sure, he'll hurt you pretty bad, but he'll be 
slaughtered within seconds! Besides, you should have a ton of Armor from 
the level...one time I had 90 Energy level for the Armor!

Boss: Giant Mantis

Found: End of level 5

Description: A hulking beast, a Praying Mantis. The color is silver...it 
can fly.

Tips: Armed with your Automatic Shot Gun, walk up to the statue of a 
Mantis. Oh! It will crack open, revealing your target. Pound it with 
your Shot Gun! After a bit, it will fly around and knock down walls, 
making the fighting space much larger. It will spew acid at you, but 
this can be avoided easily. It also swipes with it's claws...again, this 
can be avoided. Later, it's skin will fly off, when it hits 
something...BOOM! Big explosion. Just don't be near when it does 
that...Shoot it with everything you got, and don't forget; there is ammo 
on the outside. The best way to approach this guy is to run backwards 
around the perimeter and shoot.

Boss: Bionically Enhanced Tyrannosaurus Rex

Found: End of level 8

Description: A huge T-Rex...actually, they're all huge, but that's 
besides the point. Nearly taking up the entire screen, this boss is 
easily one of the most impressive sights in the game!

Tips: It's attacks include spitting fire, firing lasers from it's eyes, 
making earthquakes, smacking you with his tail, and attempting to 
swallow you alive. All it takes to kill him are 3 Fusion Cannon shots, 
40 Grenades, 40 Rockets, and a few Plasma Rifle Shots. Uh...yeah, that's 
a hell of a lot of shots if you ask me. Again, if you go in a big circle 
around the arena, backwards, you can easily avoid all of it's attacks, 
except for the lasers, which take a bit more footwork. After a lot of 
it's energy has been depleted it will sort of pause and moan a bit, it 
looks like some of his component parts are blowing off. Use the chance 
to get a few shots in. There are acloves around the level with ammo in 
it, but I don't suggest going in unless you're really in trouble. Why? 
Because if you do, you're pretty much trapped. He'll stick his head in 
there and PULL YOU OUT! 

Boss: Campaigner

Found: After Bionically Enhanced Tyrannosaurus Rex

Description: A man with some clothes on. His face is a skull, and he has 
scars and blood all over his body. He carries a big mace with spikes on 
it. Scary...

Tips: First off, shoot the mighty Chronoscepter at him! Be 100% sure 
that he won't jump up and away, dodging the blast completely. If you do 
hit him with all three shots, it will reduce his energy to 1/3 of what 
it was when you started! Pull out...yeah, you guessed...the Automatic 
Shot Gun. That should finish him off. His attacks are mainly projectile: 
Shooting homing flares at you, firing a huge blue explosion at you, a 
missile that ends in a huge explosion...He can also smack you with his 
mace, and land on you from above! Get killed at least once, it's very 

Enjoy the ending! 

7) Codes, Tricks, and Oddities


CMGTSMMGGTS - All weapons.

TSHNTTBNCTPRDCRD - All enemies have big heads.

DNCHN - Shrinks enemies to the size of a pea! However, the amount of 
damage they inflict DOES NOT change.

SNFFRR - Disco is back! Flashing colors everywhere, and get 
this...ENEMIES DANCE! They don't attack, either. Hilarious...have you 
ever seen a Raptor do that? 

LKMBRD - You can fly! Use R and L to move up and down. You can go 
through walls, floors, water...anything! VERY COOL.

THBST  - Gallery Mode. See the enemy models and view them from a variety 
of different angles. Neato.

FRTHSTHTTRLSCK - Infinite Lives. Also found automatically by collecting 
99 Life Forces with 9 lives.

DLKTDR - Takes all the textures off of the polygons...very cool. It 
looks like someone drew it!

LLTHCLRSFTHRNB - Purdy Colors...everything is a strange color.

CLLTHTNMTN - Quack Mode. This is how it would look on the PSX...lol. 
Seriously, it is. Not very pretty, is it?

NSTHMNDNT - Shows enemies as red arrows on the map.

FDTHMGS - Credits...who wants to see the credits?!

THSSLKSCL - Spirit mode. Everything is slowed down and you're 

BLLTSRRFRND - Unlimited Ammo.

NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK - Ultimate cheat. Level warps, boss warps, infinity 
lives, spirit mode, unlimited ammo, all weapons, invincibility, big head 


You can get enemies to fight each other! Just as long as they're not the 
same species. It's pretty interesting...Especially when there are like 
five Raptors fighting a lonely Purr-Linn! 

When playing with the Spirit Mode Code, take out your Rocket Launcher 
and hit people with it...they take forever to fly, right? It also takes 
a lot longer for the body disappears. See how long you can make them go! 
On level 3, first area, try to get a Warrior to fly off the upper area, 
then fall down and watch him hit the ground! Cool...it's raining 

For more, check out www.n64cc.com, IGN64...Turok.com =)

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turok.com (at least check it out!)

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