FAQ/Strategy Guide by The Guardian

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 2000-01-28 | Printable Version

Version  2.0
Date  28-January-2000
Author  The Guardian
Email  Legion@comic.com
Title  Turok Rage Wars
       ______                 __           ____
      /_  __/_  ___________  / /__   _    / __ \____ _____ ____
       / / / / / / ___/ __ \/ //_/  (_)  / /_/ / __ `/ __ `/ _ \
      / / / /_/ / /  / /_/ / ,<    _    / _, _/ /_/ / /_/ /  __/
     /_/  \__,_/_/   \____/_/|_|  (_)  /_/ |_|\__,_/\__, /\___/
                     _       __
                    | |     / /___ ___________
                    | | /| / / __ `/ ___/ ___/
                    | |/ |/ / /_/ / /  (__  )
                    |__/|__/\__,_/_/  /____/
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1. History
   - Version 2.0
   - Version 1.9
   - Version 1.8
   - Version 1.7
   - Version 1.6
   - Version 1.5
   - Version 1.4
   - Version 1.3
   - Version 1.2
   - Version 1.1
   - Version 1.0
2. Story
   - Introduction
   - Characters
3. Controls
   - Normal
   - Arcade
4. Stratergies
   - 1 Player Trials
   - 2 player Trials
   - Multiplayer
   - Time Trial
   - Frag Fest
5. Guide
   - Map Listings
   - Weapons
   - Pickups
   - Rank Listings
   - Medals
   - Unlocking Things
   - Character Stratergies
6. Codes
7. FAQ
8. Credits
   - People
   - Companies
9. Copyright Information

1. History
Version 2.0
- 28-January-2000
- Added more medals.
- Added more ranks.
- Added more skins.
- Added more repeting text in the history section.
- Added a new section called character stratergies.
Version 1.9
- 17-January-2000
- Added more ranks.
- Added more skins.
- Added more medals.
- Added pickup section.
- Added to controls section.
- Added bit in FAQ section.
- Made little corrections.
- Gave credit where it was due, sorry guys.
Version 1.8
- 16-January-2000
- Added more medals.
- Added more ranks and skins.
- Made lots of little corrections.
Version 1.7
- 14-January-2000
- Changed the charater information to some real information (bosses only)
  thanks to IceLord.
- Added more ranks and skins thanks to IceLord.
- Added more medals.
- Added a new weapons section.
Version 1.6
- 3-January-2000
- Added the art at the top.
- Added still more medals.
Version 1.5
- 2-January-2000
- Added more medals.
- Added more ranks.
Version 1.4
- 1-January-2000
- Added more medals.
- Started rank section.
- Added more codes.
Version 1.3
- 30-December-1999
- Added more medals.
- Added more information on how to get medals.
- Expanded upon the codes section
- Change character information
Version  1.2
- 30-December-1999
- Added more medals, this will probably be a continous thing.
- Changed character information.
- Added more information to unlocking things.
Version  1.1
- 28-December-1999
- Added map listings.
- Added more character info.
- Added more medals.
Version  1.0
- 23-December-1999
- Made the page.
- Named the page.
- Thought it looked good.
- Made it Version 1.0

2. Story
The Lost Land was born of chaos.  Since the dawn of time, the Turok have
maintained the balance between good and evil, order and chaos.  The Turok
control the "Light Burden," a sacred vessel that holds the last remnants of
the pure energy source that created the Lost Land.  Whoever controls the
Light Burden controls the power of creation.  Fierce battles were waged in
an effort to wrestle control of the Light Burden from the line of Turok, and
plunge the Lost Land into darkness.  Now you must prove yourself worthy to
wield the Light Burden.  You must relive the challenge of your ancestors and
survive The Rage Wars...
Raptor - Easy
Slag - Medium
Claw - Hard
From the dawn of time, the raptor has been a savage hunter.  No foe or
preadetor could ever live to tell the tale of how he survived a raptor
attack.  Maybe this is the reason that the raptor stands a worthy oponent
for control of The Light Burden.  The great raptor returns for a third time
to make some serious havoc.  One real bitch of a dinosaur.  This dinosaur
can kill anyone in a single hit.  Great for scaring your opponents.
Mites - Easy
Compies - Medium
Teddies - Hard
Straight from the egg, these warriors are already hungry for blood.  To
grow to the size of a Mantid Drone and to please their Queen, they decide
to enter The Rage Wars.  These bugs have now shrunk even more and banded
in a group of five.  They are probably the most original character ever
made as they are not only small but very fast and even tend to spit.
*Turok (Joshua Fireseed)*
Turok - Easy
Warrior - Medium
Master - Hard
The ultimate champion of order, and guardian of the Light Burden.  Joshua
Fireseed is the latest of the Turok leaders and now he is ready to kick some
butt and prove his superiority.  One of those overall guys, Turok is a good
character for beginners to use as he is very skilled in most attributes (eg
He is an average on speed, strength etc).
*Mantid Drone*
Drone - Easy
Grunt - Medium
Slave - Hard
One of the Queens favorite drones, she sends this brave warrior into The
Rage Wars to bring back his queens greates prize, The Light Burden.  Will
he be successful, only time will tell.  The green warrior is small and
skinney that makes him a somewhat harder target to hit.  I can still kick
his butt though.
*The Campaigner*
Campaigner - Easy
Slaver - Medium
Tyrant - Hard
The vile cyborg Tyrant onve vanquished by Tal Set and long thought to be
gone forever.  The Campaigner has returned to exact revenge on the Line of
Turok, and reclaim his glorious place as the undisputed ruler of the Lost
Land.  One hard mother.  A very strong character to use but does have his
own weaknessess.
Fireborn - Easy
Icelord - Medium
Entrail - Hard
This dinosaurd is dumb but dangerous.  Some of these creatures are born of
fire and can produce it from themselves, others are born of the ice and
can freeze his opponents into fear, and the other is a robotically inhanced
with great target sensors, rocket shooting hands, and sniper mode weapons.
This however doesn't affect the gameplay.  The super inhanced dinosaur is
back and ready to kill any foe.
*Mantid Soldier*
Soldier - Easy
Captain - Medium
King - Hard
The last warrior the Queen sent out was a single Soldier.  This warrior has
proven his worthy by surviving many of the Turok attacks on the hive.  Now,
the warrior wants to get revenge on the Turok line and enter the great war.
But this is just another one of those bugs that continues to scream while
its butt is getting whooped.
Adon - Easy
Seeker - Medium
Huntress - Hard
The "Speaker of Forever Light" is an agile warrior, and wise beyond her
years.  From guiding the Turoks, she has seen the onslaught of many foes and
how they try to destroy the Lost Land for their own purposes.  Seeing all
this makes her choose a decision that will allow her to enter the Rage Wars.
Using all her knowledge about every type of creature can help her in many
ways.  But this is a place of war and the only female who packs a punch is
Syra.  Don't choose this chic, just don't.
*Lord of the Dead*
Lorddead - Easy
Maggot - Medium
Vile - Hard
From the dead side returns The Lord of the Dead.  This zombie creature has
risen from his grave and found his brothers killed a second time from Turok.
With the thirst for revenge, The Lord of the Dead enters The Rage Wars to
destroy Fireseed, and the legendary Tal Set.  This guy comes complete with
moans and groans.  By the way, dead guys can't die???  Right???  Wrong!!!
Slow and ugly, stay away.
*Bio Bot Elite Guard*
Elite - Easy
Biobot - Medium
Killbot - Hard
When the Primagen was killed, his mother ship started to create robots to
destroy The Lost Land.  But all the factory lines had been destroyed by
Turok.  Except one.  This single factory  line used all of the mother ships
last power to produce a single bot.  With orders to destroy Turok, this
single bot enters The Rage Wars.  Speaking of the Primagen, where is he???
*The Blind One Guardian*
Guardian - Easy
Ravage - Medium
Cyclops - Hard
The Guardians are creatures that dwell in the underground of The Lost Lands
with their pet spiders.  They live in the underground and only come up to
the surface during the night to feed on helpless victems.  Using sensours,
much like bats, these blind creatures can find any foe in the dark and kill
them.  A blind monster that can see pretty well???  Not too bad, but a bit
of a big target.
*Pur-Linn Juggernaut*
Juggernaut - Easy
Sloth - Medium
Mauler - Hard
This Pur-Linn is slow but heavily armoured.  From the murky waters of the
wasteland, a race known as the Pur-Linn have dwelled there since the
beginnning of time.  They have been a very primitive race with only
strength being used to make new leaders.  When the Primagen
tried to take over the Light Burden, he gave the Pur-Linn an arsenal of
weapons to stop Turok for him.  Now that almost the entire Pur-Linn race
is extinct, a last Juggernaut enters The Rage Wars to take back honour in
killing the mighty Turok.  He also takes no shit from no-one.  I like him
a lot.
*Oblivion Spawn*
Death - Easy
Reaper - Medium
Maw - Hard
This fierce creature is a brutal opponent.  During the Primagen's
reign, these creature known as Oblivion were sent out by some supernatural
force to destroy Joshua Fireseed and the Turok Lineage.  Now, one of these
creatures has been sent in the Rage Wars and will attempt to destroy Joshua
Fireseed.  They were bloody hard in Turok 2 so why not use them
yourself.  This scary guy always leaves a horrible portray in his
opponents eyes.
Bastille - Hard
*IceLord's Bit* Deposed Lord and General of a once mighty army, Bastille was
sentenced to death when he and his honor guard attempted to assassinate
the King.  His standing as a Lord revoked, Bastille was on the precipice
of death when a temporal distortion in his home world pulled him through
a fracture in the netherscape and deposited him in the Lost Land.  Bastille
found himself in a land ripe the taking.  A world full of technological
marvels and a host of "lesser" races that could be easily controlled.
Bastille's shield-generating armor was worn by a great Warlord whom he
poisoned after winning his trust.  Although Bastille soon amassed a
sizable following of warriors, he failed to attain recognition as anything
more than a roving thug, commanding a host of rabble and thieves.
Determined to win back his honor, and be regaled as a true leader, Bastille
has set his eyes on the "Light Burden."  With it, he could rule the Lost
Land and exact his revenge on his former King.
*The Guardian's Bit* Some fancy robot person with a shield.  But in
multiplayer, he posseses no shield.  Pathetic.
Syra - Hard
*IceLord's Bit* Syra began her life as the child of an arms maker.  Her
father crafted the finest weapons the Lost Land had ever seen.  Having
forged weapons for the famed army of Araissi, her father's skills were
unmatched in his day.  Syra felt a great kinship with her father, and the
fine blades and rifles he created felt natural in her hands.  Practicing
in the predawn darkness with every manner of weapon she could obtain,
Syra quietly honed her skills and perfected the art of killing. On a
cold winter's morning, Syra was awakened by the sound of a raised voices.
As she peered through the window of her room, Syra saw a band of
armor-clad men beating her father and demanding entry to his armory.  When
her father spat in the face of the man in charge of the mercenaries, he
was cut down.  In a blind fury, Syra burst through the window.  A girl of
only fourteen, she waded into the band like deadly whirlwind of lead and
steel.  Three of the men fell, before their comrades knew what had happened.
The rest fled for their lives.  Syra buried her father and burned the house
she was raised in.  Armed with her father's weapons, Syra set out to hunt 
for her father's murderers.  As time passed, and the last of the killers
fell  from a bullet fired too far away to hear, Syra's heart grew even
more cold.  The grief that she had felt for her father festered into raw
hatred.  Syra's tragic childhood loss had birthed in her the seed of a
cold hearted and lonely woman.  Syra travels the Lost Land as a hired gun.
The song of her long rifle, her only companion; the money she earns, her
only solace.  She has accepted a bounty on Joshua Fireseed, and has
entered the Rage Wars to collect her trophy. 
*The Guardian's Bit* Some chic with a grudge for someone and a boyfriend
that is a Purr-Linn.  Maybe thats her problem.  Pretty cool.
Symbiont - Hard
*IceLord's Bit* The symbiont are a large, highly intelligent Arachnid
parasites.  Using the bodies of their hosts as vehicles, the Symbiont are
able not only to control the physical actions of their host organism, but
to tap into their minds and rob them of their collective knowledge,
memories and will.  Once the Symbiont has drained the mind of its host,
it can create a psychic tether between itself and its host organism. By
using the psychic tether, the Symbiont can essentially control the hapless
body as if it were its own.  The Symbiont remains hidden while it's
"other" body does its bidding.  The Symbiont can push its host body beyond
its normal limits, canceling out the effects of pain or injury, and driving
onward as if the poor creature were a tank or automation.  Should the body
that the Symbiont is riding become too damaged to function, the Symbiont
will detach itself and scurry after a fresh body to usurp.  However, the
Symbiont cannot animate a dead body.  A Symbiont on its own is nearly
helpless and unable to defend itself from all but the least skilled 
adversaries.  The Symbiont wish to destroy Turok so that they may begin 
assimilating the Lost Land unchallenged.
*The Guardian's Bit* A wierd freaking alien dude.  Scares me just playing
with him (he he he).
*Tal Set*
Tal Set - Hard
*IceLord's Bit* The first man to take up the mantle of Turok, Tal'Set is
the greatest champion mankind has ever known, and the greatest Turok that
has ever lived.  Having witnessed the death of his wife and child, and the
subsequent destruction of most of his tribe, Tal'Set was pulled into the
Lost Land through a fissure in the netherscape.  When it was made known
to him that the fate of mankind rested on his shoulders, Tal'Set was torn
between the apathy the death of his people had fueled, and the sense of
honor and courage that he had lived by his whole life.  Ultimately, honor
and courage triumphed.  Tal'Set embraced the mantle and came to be known
as "Turok Son of Stone," the "Valiant One" and the "Fury of Hope."
Tal'Set is the veteran of more battles than can be counted, and has made
the name "Turok" feared by all that is black-hearted and evil.
*The Guardian's Bit* O.K..  Someone really must have pissed off the first
Turok guy.  Who said his game was shit???  Too late now, he has grown a
lot taller and now packs a serious attitude.  Gee, and to think, this
guy owns the Light Burden.

3. Controls
Control Stick - Looks Around
Z Button      - Fires
A Button      - Weapon Wheel / Scroll Weapons
B Button      - Uses Weapons Secondary Function
C Left        - Strafe Left
C Right       - Strafe Right
C Up          - Move Forward
C Down        - Move Backwards
R Button      - Jump
Control Stick - Move Around / Turn
Z Button      - Fires
A Button      - Weapon Wheel / Scroll Weapons
B Button      - Uses Weapons Secondary Function
C Left        - Strafe Left
C Right       - Strafe Right
C Up          - Look Up
C Down        - Look Down
R Button      - Jump

4. Stratergy
1 Player Trials
During the 1 player trials, most of the early levels are pretty easy, but
once you have unlocked most of the characters, you will be faced with
situations like "Frag 8 with 2 lives."  The best ways to do this are to stay
near the power core pickup, collect any sentry turrets and place them in
good spots (eg. A spot were every one seems to pass) and stay near the 50
health pickup.  Also when the computers are killing each other, jump in
when you think they both are about to die and kill both of them.  There is
no use waiting for one to kill the other because you can just as easily get
it yourself.
2 Player Trials
You could get a good friend, or no-one.  Just go around and kill the other
player who is waiting for you to do so.  Also when playing the bosses, use
one as a decoy and the other can go and collect loads of weapons come back
and kill the boss.
One word, meanie.  Be an meanie, use the raptor and kill everyone with his
single jump shot.  It only takes one hit and most of the time, it really
scares the other player.  He would just be walking around when suddenly a
raptor appears and kills him with one shot.  Other good weapons to use are
the Magnum laser sight shot, pumped up Inflator, and the Chest Burster
embryo shot.  All of these can kill a person in one shot (Magnum needs two)
and once you have shot them you can run away and in a few seconds they will
die, hehehe.  Also do not forget the Sentry Turret, he racks up kills on
one side of the map, as you rack up kills on the other side.
Time Trial
Use the raptor.  He can kill anyone with one shot and so is very usefull to
get around 10 kills in 3 minutes.  Don't forget, you have unlimited lives so
don't be afraid to jump in a hell of a lot of fire and take a few slashes.
You will probably kill two people before dying.
Frag Fest
Well all I can say is that some of the stages are friggen hard and you get
jack all for doin it.  Why put yourself through all this torture for
nothing???  Because you are a psycho gamer, thats why!!!

5. Guide
Map Listing
Bloodlust Maps
- Grim Retreat
- Fallout
- Bomb Shelter
- Fire Temple
- The Pit
- Leap of Faith
- Crypts
- Hopeless
- Proving Grounds
- Basic Training
- Crossroads
- Cathedral
- Warehouse
- Tempered
- Tightrope
- Amphitheater (The Best Map)
Team Bloodlust Maps
- Earth Temple
- Breakdown
- Matrix
- Spirit Temple
- Starlight (The Best Map)
- Prey
- Water Temple
- Wicked Dance
- The Pedestal
- Defcon 5
Frag Tag
- Courtyard
- Retaliation
- Bunker (The Best Map)
- Boxed Set
- Mystic
- Fathom
Capture The Flag
- Dire Straight
- Bottleneck
- Fire Walker (The Best Map)
- Stronghold
Non-Ammo Weapons
Information    - Hammer out some kind of understanding with your enemies,
                 even if it's just where to bury them.  Hand held weapon
                 which can be used for hand-to-hand combo attacks.  The
                 Warhammer causes heavy damage and by default is possesed
                 by every character except the raptor and mites.
Ammo           - None
Primary Fire   - Swing
Secondary Fire - Charge Hammer
Features       - When uing charge hammer, the Warhammer is lifted and
                 charged.  Firing the weapon now causes massive damage.
Bullet Weapons
***Mag 60***
Information    - Oh, mama, get me one of these in this hour of need!  The
                 semi-automatic Mag 60 causes light to medium damage.
Ammo           - Bullet rounds
Primary Fire   - Three short shots.
Secondary Fire - Laser sight mode (held down).
Features       - When in laser sight mode, a red target laser comes out of
                 the gun and can be used to shoot a more powerful shot of
                 25 bullets that causes a staggering 50 points damage.
***Assault Rifle***
Information    - Banned in any civilized society, the assult weapon truly
                 comes into its own only out on the trail.  The assult rifle
                 causes medium damage.
Ammo           - Bullet rounds
Primary Fire   - Single shot
Secondary Fire - Auto assult rifle
Features       - The auto assult mode lets it fire a rapid and continuous
                 stream of bullets.
Information    - The close range ravager choice, the shotgun causes light
                 damage from long range but heavy damage at close range.
Ammo           - Bullet rounds
Primary Fire   - One double-barreled shot.
Secondary Fire - Street Sweeper
Features       - When using the secondary function, the shotgun loads 4
                 shells and shoots them all on one shot causing massive
Information    - This old favorite is one of the best there is at making
                 the world an ugly place to die.  The Minigun causes rapid
                 medium damage.
Ammo           - Bullet rounds
Primary Fire   - Continuous firing.
Secondary Fire - Shield (uses energy rounds)
Features       - Using the shield gives your a temporary shield which
                 still allows you to fire and walk around making you an
                 invinceble machine.
Explosive Weapons
***Grenade Launcher***
Information    - The Grenade Launcher causes heavy damage.  Don't get too
                 close to the detonation area or you'll suffer what's
                 quaintly called "collateral damage" that is, you'll blow
                 your own head off.
Ammo           - Explosive rounds
Primary Fire   - Grenade lob bounce
Secondary Fire - Non-bounce lob grenades
Features       - When using the Non-bounce mode, the grenades explode as
                 soon as they hit something.
***Scorpion Missile Launcher***
Information    - Are you bad as you wanna be?  You will be with the stinging
                 Scorpion.  The Scorpion causes massive damage on a direct
                 hit and heavy damage with the splash.  The rocket magnet
                 causes no damage.
Ammo           - Explosive rounds
Primary Fire   - One missile shot
Secondary Fire - Rocket magnet / repulsor
Features       - When you use the second function, it will put a red mark
                 where ever you are pointing at and then any rocket shot
                 will be attracted to it.  Pressung the secondary function
                 while shooting puts a repulsor that pushes any rocket away
                 from it.
***Napalm Gel***
Information    - You'll be styling up a firestorm with this fashionably
                 fatal gel.  This weapon is similar to a grenade launcher
                 except that, when shot, the ammunition sticks to any
                 surface or player.  The Napalm gel causes heavy damage.
Ammo           - Explosive rounds
Primary Fire   - One gel canister shot
Secondary Fire - Detonate canisters
Features       - Only 3 canisters can be shot.  You must detonate them in
                 order so shoot more canisters.  Canisters will explode
                 after a time limit.
Energy Weapons
***Tek Bow***
Information    - Whether shopping for trophies or relaxing with so-called
                 friends, the Tek Bow is a welcome companion.  The crossbow
                 causes light damage.
Ammo           - Energy rounds
Primary Fire   - Arrow shot
Secondary Fire - Sniper mode
Features       - Using the sniper mode makes the arrow shot do massive
                 amounts of damage.
***Plasma Rifle***
Information    - Turok watchers will be familiar with this fiery fellow, a
                 fancy assault firearm that fixes the focus on fatality.
                 The Plasma Rifle causes medium damage.
Ammo           - Energy rounds
Primary Fire   - Plasma energy shot
Secondary Fire - Sniper mode
Features       - Using the sniper mode is much like the Tek Bow's except
                 the fire rate is increased and the damage is decreased.
Information    - Pretty, isn't it?  But the real beauty of this hand held
                 throwing weapon is the serene way it turns opponents into
                 the departed.  The Boomerang causes heavy damage.
Ammo           - Energy rounds
Primary Fire   - Throw
Secondary Fire - Throw and slow
Features       - Using the secondary function makes your foe go into a
                 temporary slow time when it is hit.
Information    - Maybe you can't be too rich, but you can be too thin!  This
                 weapon can be rapid fired or charged.  The Emaciator,
                 by withering the opponent, causes medium damage in rapid
                 fire.  Maximum charge kills instantly.
Ammo           - Energy rounds
Primary Fire   - Rapid fire wither
Secondary Fire - Charged shot wither
Features       - Shooting an enemy makes it wither, go thin, and then
                 the opponent will start to regain his normal shape if
                 not hit again.
Information    - A truly repulsive advance in weaponry, this weapon is
                 the opposite of the Emaciator.  With each shot, the
                 opponent becomes inflated.  And let's face it, flesh
                 only streaches so far...
Ammo           - Energy rounds
Primary Fire   - O2 dart
Secondary Fire - Charge inflator
Features       - Using the charge inflator shot can inflate an enemy so
                 much, that it will soon after explode.  A messy weapon.
***Freeze Gun***
Information    - Fire this baby then break out the blender!  This weapon
                 chills out enemies by slowing them down.
Ammo           - Energy rounds
Primary Fire   - Liquid nitrogen shot
Secondary Fire - Nitrogen frost
Features       - When using the nitrogen frost mode, the enemy will be
                 unable to move for a short amount of time.
***Chest Burster***
Information    - This weapon places an alien embryo into the body of a
                 player.  If the waepon compleates its task, the infected
                 player is fragged.  Note  Must be unlocked in the Mantid
                 Soldier trail before it can be used.
Ammo           - Energy rounds
Primary Fire   - Talon Shot
Secondary Fire - One embryo shot
Features       - When using the embryo shot, it loads it into the gun.
                 When shot, it will go inside the enemy and then after a
                 little while it will hatch and burst out of their chest
                 (ie Chest Burster).
***Flare Gun***
Information    - Let their be light, and plenty of radioactive isotopes
                 to go with it!
Ammo           - Energy rounds
Primary Fire   - Radioactive Flare
Secondary Fire - Radioactive Meltdown
Features       - The meltdown shot takes a while to shoot and when it hits
                 the ground, it produces a big pink flare that will cause
                 a lot of damage to anyone stupid enough to step into it.
PFM Mine      - This is a mine that can be placed and will stay there for a
                certain time limit.  If anyone comes into close contact with
                this mine, it will explode causing damage to the person.
Sentry Turret - This is probably one of the best weapons as it places a
                little turret on the map.  This turret will then kill any
                foe within its range.  It constantly fires at them totaly
                chewing up all their health.  This is very deadly as it
                can also rack up kills faster that a human.  It does,
                however, have a time limit on it and can also be destroyed.
Cerebral Bore - This devestating weapon will seek out any brain signal,
                lock onto it, and then drill to it, hehehe.  After taking
                a few seconds to lock on, let this babey rip so you can
                watch your foe's brains come dribbleing out.  Takes 80
                health from any one.
Iron Claw     - Why not put a bear trap in a game.  This weapon is put
                on the ground where it waits for anyone to step in it.  If
                you do, you will slowly lose 30 heatlh.  Pretty useless
Power Cores
Teleportation      - When hit hard from a weapon, you will be teleported
                     to a random place around the map.
Invisibility       - Gives you temporary invisibility, so no one can see
                     you.  This is much better that that blur type
                     invisibility seen in most other games.
Bullet Shield      - You are immune to bullet weapons.
Energy Absorption  - Being hit by energy weapons raises your health.
Blast Shield       - You are immune to explosive weapons.
Slow Time          - All players except you and team mates move in slow
Speed Burst        - You can now move heaps fast.
Invulnerability    - You are invincible and nothing can stop you hehehe.
                     It does't last very long.
Petrify            - When you hit an opponent, they freeze and get covered
                     in green.
Massive Damage     - Your weapons cause heaps and heaps of damage.
Life Force Vampire - However much you damage someone, you recieve that
                     much in health.
Damage Reversal    - However much someone damages you, they recieve that
                     much in damage also.
Regeneration       - You will slowly regenerate your health.
Rank Listing
Rank       Number of Medals Required       The Skin Unlocked
Novice     - 00 Medals                     - No Extra Skins Avaiable
Newcomer   - 02 Medals                     - Turok Skin
Grunt      - 04 Medals                     - Adon Skin
Scout      - 06 Medals                     - Mantid Drone Skin
Brave      - 08 Medals                     - Juggernaut Skin
Tracker    - 10 Medals                     - The Campaigner Skin
Hunter     - 12 Medals                     - Fireborn Skin
Warrior    - 14 Medals                     - Oblivion Spawn Skin
Darkling   - 16 Medals                     - Lord of the Dead Skin
Seeker     - 18 Medals                     - Velociraptor Skin
Assassin   - 20 Medals                     - Elite Guard Skin
Bane       - 22 Medals                     - Mantid Soldier Skin
Warlord    - 25 Medals                     - Guardian and Mites Skin
Deathwind  - 28 Medals                     - Turok Skin
           - 30 Medals                     - Adon Skin
Conqueror  - 31 Medals                     - None
           - 32 Medals                     - Mantid Drone Skin
Master     - 34 Medals                     - Juggernaut Skin
           - 36 Medals                     - The Campaigner Skin
Tyrant     - 37 Medals                     - None
           - 38 Medals                     - Fireborn Skin
Warslave   - 40 Medals                     - Oblivion Spawn Skin
           - 42 Medals                     - Velociraptor Skin
           - 44 Medals                     - Mantid Soldier Skin
Godhand    - 45 Medals                     - None
           - 46 Medals                     - Elite Guard Skin
           - 48 Medals                     - Blind One Guardian Skin
Chieftain  - 50 Medals                     - Mantid Mites Skin
This game is all about medals.  Here is a list and I hope to continue
finishing it.  Send in ways on how to get any other medals.
Frag Medals - Use 4 players
            - Set frag number to 10
            - Set time limit to 10
            - Make the other 3 players constantly fire (lean it on
              something to hold the fire button down)
            - Aquire 10 kills
            - Use all different weapons (dont keep killing him with one
              weapon, use all weapon types during the game)
            - Do not use the gun turret
            - Do this twice
Team Medals - Use 4 players
            - Set frag number to 10
            - Set time limit to 10
            - Put everyone on their own team
            - Make the other 3 players constantly fire (lean them on
              something to hold the fire button down)
            - Aquire 10 frags
            - Use all different weapons (dont keep killing him with one
              weapon, use all weapon types during the game)
            - Do not use the gun turret
            - Do this twice
Tag Medals  - Use 4 players
            - Set tag number to 10
            - Set time limit to 10
            - Make the other 3 players constantly fire (lean them on
              something to hold the fire button down)
            - Aquire 10 tags
            - Use all different weapons (dont keep killing him with one
              weapon, use all weapon types during the game)
            - Do not use the gun turret
            - Do this twice
Flag Medals - Use 4 players
            - Set flag number to 10
            - Set time limit to 10
            - Put everyone on their own team
            - Make the other 3 players constantly fire (lean them on
              something to hold the fire button down)
            - Aquire 10 flags
            - Do this twice
Medal 1  - Achievement on Proving Grounds
Medal 2  - Achievement on Basic Training
Medal 3  - Achievement on Crossroads
Medal 4  - Achievement on Grim Retreat
Medal 5  - Achievement on Cathedral
Medal 6  - Achievement on Fallout
Medal 7  - Achievement on Boxed Set
Medal 8  - Achievement on Dire Striaght
Medal 9  - Achievement on Prey
Medal 10 - Achievement on Warehouse
Medal 11 - Achievement on Water Temple
Medal 12 - Achievement on Bomb Shelter
Medal 13 - Achievement on Tempered
Medal 14 - Achievement on Earth Temple
Medal 15 - Achievement on Fire Temple
Medal 16 - Achievement on Mystic
Medal 17 - Achievement on Bottleneck
Medal 18 - Achievement on Tightrope
Medal 19 - Achievement on The Pit
Medal 20 - Achievement on Leap of Faith
Medal 21 - Achievement on Wicked Dance
Medal 22 - Achievement on Bunker
Medal 23 - Achievement on Amphitheater
Medal 24 - Achievement on Fire Walker
Medal 25 - Achievement on Crypts
Medal 26 - Achievement on Breakdown
Medal 27 - Achievement on Retalliation
Medal 28 - Achievement on Hopeless
Medal 29 - Achievement on Matrix
Medal 30 - Achievement on Fathom
Medal 31 - Achievement on The Pedestal
Medal 32 - Achievement on Defcon 5
Medal 33 - Achievement on Spirit Temple
Medal 34 - Achievement on Stronghold
Medal 35 - Achievement on Courtyard
Medal 36 - Achievement on Starlight
Medal 37 - Attained 15 frags in 5 minutes
Medal 38 - Attained 25 frags in 10 minutes
Medal 39 - Not getting any frags
Medal 40 - Killing yourself 5 times
Medal 41 - Coming in last (Come under 10 the 3rd person in 4 player match)
Medal 42 - Total frag award (Acumulate more then 1000 frags)
Medal 43 - Total being killed award (Acumulate more then 1000 deaths)
Medal 44 - Sniping 10 people in a round
Medal 45 - Not being killed in a round
Medal 46 - Defeat Bastille
Medal 47 - Defeat Syra
Medal 48 - Defeat Symbiont
Medal 49 - Defeat Tal Sel
Medal 50 - Beating the co-operative scenario
Unlocking Things
To unlock characters, you must finish 1 player trials with someone.  This
new unlocked character can also be used to unlock more.
Turok = Raptor = Lord of the Dead = Mantid Mites
Elite Guard = Guardian = Juggernaut = Oblivion Spawn
Adon = Mantid Drone = Campaigner = Fireborn = Mantid Soldier
Bastille after Turok, Adon, and Elite Guard
Syra after Raptor, Mantid Drone, and Guardian
Symbiont after Campaigner, Lord of the Dead, and Juggernaut
Tal Set after Mantid Mites, Oblivion Spawn, Fireborn, and Mantid Soldier
To unlock a player skin, you must get 2 medals except when you need to get
25 medals (eg you get new skins at 2, 4, 6...22, 25, 28...46, 48, 50).
To unlock the Chest Burster, you must recieve it as a reward during the
Mantid Soldier trial.
To unlock Time Trial, collect 18 minigame icons during the 1 player trials.
To unlock Frag Fest, collect 36 minigame icons during the 1 player trials.

Character Stratergies
Well to start off, this guy is the general person, how boring.  He is also
quite quick and so can be used well with bullet weapons.  Has a normal
jumping distance that makes him good to collet the powerups.  When
fighting him, you will have trouble because he keeps on appearing
everywhere and is also quite smart, so be careful.
This girl has not very good life bacause it depriciates a lot quicker
then anyone else.  But to make up for this, she can move quicker and
so you will always have to be running around with her.  This makes it
difficult to hit anyone with bullet weapons but you could use the rocket
launcher and just shoot anywhere to really throw your opponent
offguard.  Against her, she will be just as much of a pain as Turok.
*Mantid Drone*
With this guy, you will be faced with the same situation as Adon.  But he
is a little harder to hiut because he is very skinney.  He is good when
usng energyweapons because his responsiveness is really good.  When kicking
his arse, dont forget  that he it a little shielded and very quick, so try
to use a bullet weapon and not an energy one.
A realy big guy, so his speed is slow, he cant jump, but he can kick arse
against anything.  He is so big that he wont be able to hide, so why hide,
just sit in the middle of a place and make sure everyone can see you.  He
is so tough you can just sit there holding a machinegun or rifel or
a rocket or the inflator and sit back and laugh.  Just let your weapons
rip because if you hit your opponent as much as he hits you, he will die
when you are on 50 life.  So you can probably kill almost 2 people befor
getting off your butt and getting some health.  When playing against him,
dont stand there, use either a charge inflator shot or magnum shot
and then run away before he kills you.  He is almost as tough as
the warclubs.
*The Campaigner*
He is a lot like Turok but packs a bit more punch and moves a bit
slower.  He is also a bigger target and therefore wont be able to
camp as much because you can spot him easily.  When against him, dont
worry too much because he isnt all that hard but sometimes plays a
little smarter than the others.  Well I think so anyway.
The Fireborn is another overall fighter and is much like Tuork.  Except he
has a difference that can be bad or good.  He is a one colour
character.  This means he is all read or blue or green.  Being one colour
can help him camp because (especially in the fire temple) he can camoflage
himself with the walls and from far away, you may not even be able to spot
him (kinda).  But then, if you are not in the fire temple, then he cant
camoflage himself with anything and then be as clear as a cow in a heard
of horses.  Against him he is easy because he plays very dumb and doesnt
even try the camoflaging thing.
*Oblivion Spawn*
Well this is the Juggernauts brother in relation to his attributes except
that he is a bit taller.  He also is a menacing character in looks but
when used well, he can be quite leathel as he tends to be somewaht faster
then most of them.  Well when you are using him though, dont tend to camp
too much as he is taller and more noticable then the Juggernaut even
though the Juggernaut is really large.  When playing against him you
will notice he tends to be smart and can sometimes even trap you.  Be
*Lord of the Dead*
Well this is probably the worst character because he is slow, ugly, and
looks like my ex girlfriend.  He isnt noware as useful as any other
character because his lower attributes are never matched by any other
attributes.  The only reason he is good is because his constant groaning
will make your opponents try to stay away so you will shut up (or kill
you whichever comes first).  Playing against him is so easy and will be
a great help when you need lots of kills, as he is really crap.
One of my favorite characters.  Why???  Because he is fast, jumps heaps
far, can scare the shit out of anyone, and kill anoyone in one shot.  To
use this guy, constantly run, when ever you see someone, run at them.  Have
you ever seen the part in aliens where an alian is running to a man while
the man is reloading.  Well this is what it looks like to your
opponent.  And what happens in the movie???  Just as the man get a few
shots off, the Alien eats him.  This is much like in the game except
you can slice him in half instead.  I absoulutly love this guy and cant
believe how crap he used to be in the Turok 2 game.  When you are against
him, you will see him pop up everywhere, but this is no problem because
for some reason, the computer uses him really weakly.  Why???  I dont
*Elite Guard*
Well this is that robot dude.  He is quite big and noticable and so should
make him a quicker character.  But this isnt true and so he is a
not-so-good character to use.  He also cant stand getting hit and makes
him all the more worse.  Actually, he is almost as bad a the Lord of the
Dead.  Well when you are against him, he will be a bit hard because he is
usually used smartly and only attacks you with heavy weapons or when you
are down on weapons yourself.  But dont worry, he is an easy target.
*Mantid Soldier*
He is the biggest mantid type and actully still moves quite fast.  This
is an unusual combination and it reflect itself by makeing him get totally
wasted by machine guns.  He definately cant handle any bullet weapon and
is there for a not a good character to use because mostly all players
begin with a bullet weapon and is therefore always in danger.  When
playing aginst him, you will recieve no pain if you use the machine
gun and really chew him up into little bits.  He is also a bit suicidal
and so you will ahve no trouble racking up kills on it.
*Blind One Guardian*
He is another big, but quick character but somehow, doesn't fall short
like the Mantid Soldier.  He is able to take a punch and is quite
versitile as he can be using a tactic one minute (camping) to a really
different one (running).  This sounds weird but it makes sense to
experienced players.  To make it simple the Juggernaut should always
camp whil Adon should always run.  This means Guardian can be used as
if it was both of these characters.  This amkes it one of the best but
one of the hardest to use and should only be used by experienced
players.  Against it, it is much like a normal character with nothing
special added.
*Mantid Mites*
Well this character is far from the raptor.  Sure it cant hold any weapons
and is small and fast, but it is pathetic.  It does not much damage at
all, and its spit attack is so inaccurate that I could shoot a fly with
it (sacasim never helps).  Well it has some good properties as it it the
smallest in the game and still fast making it hard to hit, but however it
does take up lots of space on the floor and is actually bigger then it
lookes because you dont need to hit the little things you just need to
hit the target section surrounding it.  This may also sound confusing
but once again, experienced players will find it understandable.  When
against it, it can be difficult to spot, but dont forget it has to touch
you to hurt you and you will have spotted it by then.
Teddies Rock Though!!!
Well this general is quite big but fast.  This is good for him because
it makes him a lot like Guardian.  He is also good to use with any weapon
and is quite a good character to use, but there are better characters to
use anyway.  When against him, he has a shield.  This is probably one of
the hardest characters to defeat in the game.  It is best to use the
machine gun and just chew his health up, but when his shield is gone,
your machine gun will proabably run out of ammo.  So try to get it a
low a possible, get as much bullets as you can, walk up to him and
totally let it rip.  He will die after about two or three of these.
She is quite flexible and is kind of like Adon mixed with the Oblivion
Spawn.  All the bosses are quite big but she posses some small
attributes.  Whe is best to use with bullets and her sword (if you
could use it that is).  When playing against her, you will have to
go upstairs in the warehouse becasue for some resson she isnt afraid
of heights.  When up there try to almost kill her but dont do it
because you will need to kill warclubs first (see below).  But she
isnt all that hard and this is usually a good fight.
Well, you cant be him, so kill him.  When fighting this idiot, he will
charge at you just waiting to be killed.  Just stay there and shoot.  Im
not sure, but I think that his arm protects him from any damage, so just
shoot a little below it into his stomach for an easy kill.  Use the
machine gun.
Once again a tall guy that is quite fast.  Most of the bosses act very
much the same way, but when playing them in the single player trial,
they are very different.  Fighting this guy is actually a fun game.  You
see, there are always 3 of them and only one is the right one.  The best
way to kill him is to run in the hall section.  They will all line up
and kill eachother.  But once you know whic is the right one, he will
die in about a second of pumping him with lead.
*Tal' Set*
Well this is the boss boss.  Being him is again just the same as the
others, but killing him is a hell of a lot harder.  In this match on
the Starlight, you will have to kill him 3 times.  The best way is to
stay at the top and use the scorpion rocket launcher.  He will sooner
or later come up with you and then he will be easier to hit.  When he
falls down and says some words, two mosters appear.  You must kill these
to make Tal Set reappear.  Do the same a before and when he dies kill the
new two monsters again.  When he reappears for the last time, the two
monsters also reappear and will continue to do so unless Tal Set has
been killed.  You will definately need the most live you can have.  Around
5 should be used.

6. Codes
To view the cheat screen, press Z at the main menu.  You must unlock the
codes in order to use them.  This is now becoming a trend in most games and
I think it is a good way to make you not cheat, but have more fun.
Credits        - This is in the cheat menu, but it doesn't need to be
                 unlocked.  This cheat obviously lets you see the credits.
                 There are some funny comments at the end of it so watching
                 this is pretty good.
All Characters - Acquire 8 medals.  This lets you play as all characters in
                 the multiplayer and scenarion mode without having to unlock
                 them.  But that just ruins the game.
All Weapons    - Acquire 10 medals.  This cheat unlocks all the weapons in
                 scenario mode and unlocks the Chestburster in the
                 multiplayer mode.  Its pretty good to use so you can just
                 use the chestburster.
Unlimited Ammo - Acquire 12 medals.  This cheat gives you unlimited ammo.
                 Put this cheat on and use the minigun's secondary function
                 (the shield) and then walk around killing everyone.  The
                 ultimate machine.  Pretty cool!!!
Extra Modes    - Acquire 14 medals.  This cheat unlocks the Time Trial mode
                 and Frag Fest mode.  But you can just permanantly unlock
                 them by compleating the single player modes.

7. FAQ
Email me for any questions, corrections, or medals at Legion@comic.com and I
will be happy to include you in the credits list.
Q  During the co-operative scenarion, I cant pass the tag levels.  How do
    I get past these levels?
A  Well, as far as I know, there is no way.  I believe that Acclaim have
    made a system that can replace your Turok  Rage Wars for a new and
    updated version that lets the tag levels be won.  I will add more
    infromation as soon as Acclaim email me.  I also believe that the
    Australian version was fixed before it was released, so the Aussies
    can play Turok  Rage Wars with no problems.
    You can now email acclaim at there console problem address and describe
    your problem.  They will reply in a few days with an address and some
    info telling you to send it there.  After sent, it will take about a
    week to get it back to you and now you can play the game and get that
    last friggen medal.

8. Credits
- Thanks to IceLord for the character information on the bosses, skin
  information, and powercore descriptions.  Email IceLord
  at DpthchrgeX@aol.com
- Thanks to Aaron Stubbendieck for some medals.
- Thanks to Gergall for the skin table idear and telling me that the credit
  cheat had some funny comments at the end.  Sorry man.  Email Gergall at
- Thanks to my brother Chiro for letting me use his computer.
- Thanks to Acclaim for a great game.  Visit Acclaim at www.acclaim.com
- Thanks to Iguana for making another great game.  Visit the official Turok
  website at www.turok.com
- Thanks to Nintendo for making the Nintendo 64.  Visit the official
  Nintendo site at www.nintendo.com 
- Thanks to GameFAQs for putting my FAQ on his website.  Visit the great
  GameFAQs site at www.gamefaqs.com

9. Copyright Information
This entire FAQ is Copyright (c) 2000 by Warrior  The Savage.
This FAQ is intended for private use only and may only be distributed or
reprinted if you have emailed me and I have given you my permission.
Turok Rage Wars is Copyright (c) Acclaim and Iguana and in no way, shape, or
form am I or this FAQ affiliated with them.