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* Wave Race 64 FAQ *
Author: Jdude84
E-Mail: Jdude84@Hotmail.com
Version: 1.5(FINAL)

==========Version Hitory==========
1.0 All done with the first edition!

1.1 Added Stunts section.

1.2 Added Game Data And Review

1.5 Added one new section, added a bit to the current sections. Final Version.

1. Controls
2. Gameshark Codes
3. Hints, Tips, And Codes
4. Stunts
5. Game Data
6. Review
7. Credits
8. Tracks
9. Legal Stuff
10. The End

1. Controls

R: Sharp Turn (Use with control stick)
L: Sharp Turn (Use with control stick)
D-Pad: Not used
C-Left: Not Used
C-Right: Not Used
C-Up: Change Camera Angle
C-Down: Change Camera Angle
Z: Accelerate
A: Accelerate
Move: Control Stick
Stunts - See section 4

As you can see, you use basiclly just the 3 buttons to race, making this one of 
the simpler games to control.

2. Gameshark Codes

99 Points

Always Place 1st
Infinite Course Out Time
Infinite Time Stunt Mode
Maximum Power
Misses Don't Count

R Shoulder Turbo Boost
Super Speed 

Maximum Power P2
3. Hints, Tips, And Codes

To see the baby dolphins, go to Championship, Normal, then Warm Up. Now follow 
the dolphin three times around the course as best as possible. If you follow him 
correctly he will jump over the Bridge after the Dolphin Park sign. It's 
important that you do what the dolphin does, so if it does a barrel roll as it 
clear the jumps, then do barrel rolls; if it does flips, then do flips, etc. The 
dolphin seems to randomly make a choice as to which trick (if any) it performs 
each time you turn on the machine, so if you aren't good at the tricks, keep 
restarting machine until he's just clearing the jumps. To see the killer whale, 
repeat this trick 30 times without a mistake. Good luck!
To view the big dolphin, you must go to Championship, Normal, then Warm Up. If 
you do this 20 times consecutively you will see a larger dolphin in Dolphin 
While selecting your jetski, highlight any character and hold Up on the analog 
stick. Continue to hold until your character and jetski change color. 

As you start up ramp, press and hold Down. As soon as you clear the ramp, press 
and hold Up to dive under water. 
Hint: This works best with wild waves. It just slows you down with calm waves. 
Select Stunt Mode mode and enter Dolphin Park. Next go through all the rings and 
perform the following tricks:

Backwards spin 
Stand with backflip 
Single backflip off ramp 
Dive off ramp 
Barrel roll off ramp in both directions 
If you did the trick correctly a dolphin will squeak when you cross the finish 
line. To ride your dolphin, select Dolphin Park in a Championship Race and hold 
Down while selecting your racer. 

First get some speed with the jet ski. When you are on the ramp tap Up one inch 
from the top of the ramp and hold Down to do your flip. Instead of making the 
character do one complete flip hold the Down button longer so he does another 
turn. If you do it correctly he will land perfectly and ride on.
Hint: J.Meter is the best racer to do this with; especially on the small ramps. 

This stunt can earn you over 2000 points if done properly. Head straight at a 
ramp and gain as much speed as possible. Then about an inch from the top of the 
ramp push the joystick in the up/diagonal position and then pull down and hold. 
If your timing was right you'll do a side flip, then a back flip and land 
Note: J. Meter is the best one to do this with. 

Press Start as soon as you complete a stunt. If done correctly all sounds should 
stop except for the announcer. You want to pause the game as soon as the 
announcer starts talking after you do a stunt. If done correctly, you can get up 
to 30,000 points on a level!
Addendum: For even more points, cross the finish line at 0 time. This will push 
your score even higher! 

Simply do a barrel roll while going off a ramp at incredibly high speed. The 
combination effect is very nice and gives you plenty of points. If you can't get 
it right, play with the timing a little, that's where the REAL skill comes in. 

To do a hand stand, simply press down then up quickly, then press up again but 
this time HOLD it. You should do a hand stand! 
Get up as much speed as possible and head for a ramp. As you reach the peak of 
the ramp, press the control stick Down and Left or Down and Right. 

To get a very quick start, tap the accelerator during every beep, if you do this 
correctly you add 3 lights to your power meter and you are already on your bike 
when the announcer says go! 

If you win the gold cup on Expert, you get a Reverse option. Unlike Mario Kart 
64 where the tracks are only "mirrored", in WaveRace 64 you can actually run the 
courses in their opposite direction. 

To ride backwards, rotate the joystick clockwise and quickly press and hold 

At the start of the race, press the Accelerate button immediately before the 
third beep. 

To do 3+ flips in Glacier Coast on stunt mode, simply go to the big patch of ice 
just after the long narrow pass and do the double side flip. You will need to 
hold "Down" on the D-Pad to do numerous flips. As soon as you dismount the patch 
of ice your score will show.
Hint: Works best with J. Meter. After a few flips he (or she) will start to do a 
sort-of nose-dive down into the ice. If this happens you are screwed but it 
shouldn't do that if you only do 4 or 5 flips. Rack up the POINTS! 

When you start the game and it says "wave race," push UP, UP, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, 
RIGHT, C-LEFT, C-RIGHT in 6 or less seconds, during the game you can do a triple 
flip easily on any ramp, but you must be going with max power. 
For a faster jetski, hold the gas button immediately before the announcer says 
"Go!" The closer you are to the announcement, the faster your jetski will go

4. Stunts

Control Stick Down, Then Up and Hold to execute.
Points: 300+

Riding Backwards
Rotate control stick clockwise, and hold down to execute.
Points: 400-750

Ride Standing
Rotate control stick counter-clockwise, and hold up to execute.
Points: 400+

Ride Standing+Backflip
Rotate control stick counter-clockwise, then tap down to execute.
Points: 500+

-Airial Stunts-

Submarine Dive
Off Ramp, press down, then hold up.
Points: 1,000+

Barrel Roll
Off ramp, tap left, then hold right, or...tap right, then hold left to execute.
Points: 1300+

Off Ramp, tap up, then hold down to execute.
Points: 1400+

Double Flip
Same as flip, just hold down longer. Works best with M. Jeter
Points: 2500+

Triple Flip
Works only on glacier coast stage, off the huge ramp, and with M. Jeter, same as 
double flip, only must hold down even longer!
Points: 3400+

Helicopter Flip
Off Ramp, Press Left-Up, or Right-up, then down to execute.
Points: 1500+

Double Helicopter Flip
Execute single flip, then perform helicopter flip.
Points: 2700+

Triple Helicopter Flip
Execute double flip, then helicopter flip. Works only on glacier coast stage, 
off the huge ramp, and with M. Jeter.

5. Game Data

MSRP: $39.99 (Players Choice)
Platform: N64
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Racing
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: KA
Memory Pack Compatible
Rumble Pack Incompatible
4MB Expansion Pack Incompatible

6. Reviews

Reviewer: Jdude84
E-mail Address: Jdude84@hotmail.com

This is a really fun game to play, simple as that. Racing on a jet-ski at high 
speeds hasn't been this fun since Wave Race for the gameboy! Now it's back, and 
better than ever! The graphics are sharp and clear, and the little extras they 
added into the levels are cool. The music goes along great with the levels, a 
few of them could even be considered catchy. The 1 player is really good, 
challenging, and replayable, unlike many other racing games. And let's not 
forget this was a 1st generation game too! The only game in this category that 
could be posibbly better would be Wave Race 2...you never know...

Graphics - 10
The graphics are great for any game, not just racing, i would compare the 
graphics to that of Super Mario 64. The courses look great, especially Port 
Blue, the helicopter is very cool looking. The ramps actually LOOK like ramps, 
the racers look HUMAN, and the water is CLEAR! This is the best water-racing 
game graphically wise on the N64! 

Music\Sound - 10
The music is nice, and goes well with the courses. The Jet Ski sounds are great, 
the music is really cool, and the announcer...well he's a whole different story. 
The announcer can be a pain in the butt! Especially in Stunt Mode, he will 
criticize you over and over again for wiping out or losing, but if your good and 
you win every time he will say cheesy cheering lines. This isn't a problem 
though, if your like me, you'll just choose the option which lets you turn the 
announcer off! Haha...loser! This game is very pleasing to the ears which adds 
to the racing excitement.

Gameplay - 10
This game has tons of features, Championship Mode, 2 player, time trials, Stunt 
Mode, and plenty of options! Championship mode is really fun, especially the 
first time, there are 4 levels of difficulty, and you race 3 other computer 
players for the highest score. The computer is good enough to make it 
challenging, and the levels are fun! 2 player is also fun, although 4 player 
wouldn't of been so bad. Time trials isn't that much fun, who wants to get a 
fast time on a jet ski? Not me! I'd rather play stunt mode! This mode is the 
BEST, you can do a variety of stunts, both in the air, and on the water! This is 
perhaps the best mode in the game!

Replay Value - 9
The replay value is good, with stunt mode being an option. After beating the 
game entirely on championship mode you won't find yourself playing it as much 
anymore, even though you'll give it and occasional run. The most replayable mode 
has to be Stunt Mode, where you can compete with yourself, and your friends for 
the highest score! The 2 player feature is nice too, as with any game!

Overall - 10
Great Graphics, Great Sound, Great Challenge, Great Game! Buy it today if you 
don't have it allready, it's only $40 since it's a players choice!

7. Tracks

Sunny Beach

A good chance to get an early lead. Here you will race around an oval track with 
no obstacles or jumps. Please turn off the system if you cannot beat this.

Sunset Bay

Another easy course that will get you ready for the glaring lights and choppy 
water. Gets used to the waves and the odd color of the lake due to the sunset 
occuring. However, you should be able to get a 7(1st) on this course as well.

Drake Lake

This course is my favorite, due to the precise control you must have in the 
level, and the fog that burns off on the second lap. If you have no problem 
steering, and can see through the fog you should be able to get 1rst yet again.

Marine Fortress

Here you will encounter EXTREMLY violent waves and many box obstacles. Jump over 
the log at the start via the large wave that appears, and cruise through the 
rest of the level and it's sharp turns. If you are playing on Hard or Expert, 
you can also take the manditory shorcut on the 2nd and 3rd laps under the gate. 
With a little bit of luck, you should get 1rst and be riding high in first 

Port Blue

This is extremly fun, and exremly easy. Here you'll find mild-type waves, and if 
you are playing on Hard, Expert, Or Reverse, a shortcut near the start to the 
right. This is a must on all difficulties to win!

Twilight City

The AI gets a bit smarter here, but you should be all the better. At the 
beginning jump over the mini-shortcut wall, or on expert, dive. Shoot over the 
1rst sandbar to shave off a couple of seconds. Also, on the ramps, use them to 
go slower, and avoid the obstacles, or avoid the ramp to go faster, while you 
must dodge several spikes. It's your choice. Also, at the end, take the last 
ramp over the dock.

Glacier Coast

This is THE level in the game, not to mention the only level that MAY present a 
challenge on ANY difficulty level. The racers are fast, and there are icebergs 
everywhere. There are also ice ramps at the start and a HUGE one at the end. 
This is all skill, so the only advice i can give you is this. On the skidding 
ice area, stay to the right, and slowly, continually move the stick to the right 
instead of quickly, or you'll slip and fall.

Southern Island

For the last level, this is sadly easy. Near the start jump the boat via the 
ramp, also near the end on the 1rst lap use the jump to DIVE under the bridge to 
shave of 5 seconds or so. On the 2nd and third laps you can simply drive under 
the bridge as the tide is MUCH lower and the bridge higher. Have fun...

8. Credits

Nintendo: They Made The Game

Gamesages: I Copied The Hints From Their Site, Check It Out At 

Me: I Wrote This FAQ

GameFAQs: For publishing all of my FAQs.

InterAct Accessories: Copied Codes From Their Site, Check It Out At 

9. Legal Stuff

You may not reproduce this faq in any way, shape, or form. Reproduction of this 
FAQ without my consent is prohibited, this document is copyright 1999, all 
rights reserved. The most updated version can ALWAYS be found at 
http://www.gamefaqs.com if you are reading this FAQ from another site, and have 
a question be SURE to check the one out at GameFAQs first before you ask. For 
you site owners out there wondering if you can use my FAQ just e-mail me with 
your name, e-mail, web URL, and where you found this FAQ. I'll probably give you 
permission to use it, so don't hesitate to mail me.

10. The End

That's it for now, i'm gonna go play Star Wars Rogue Squadron now, yes AGAIN..so 
why don't you go and visit some of the other FAQs I have written? You can find 
them all at http://www.gamefaqs.com 

                                                  1999 Jdude84