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"A good game....if you have friends..."

no more of those reviews that over rate games, this review is honest to what I think of this game....Wave Race is an excellent game....if you have a couple friends, but what if your by your self? well wave race isn't the best 1-player game, there are a few redeeming qualities to the 1-player mode as I will state in my review below:

with all the new systems out(PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox) the N64s graphics are not any more the best, but for a N64 game this game isn't half bad, for instance the games character models aren't bad, but the games graphics are not smooth enough, but as I stated before, it has pretty good graphics for a Nintendo64 game so I rate this games graphics 7...

ah yes, the sound of this game has nice sound with the splash noises and such, there are few annoying sounds*cough*when you miss a bumper 5 times*cough* but on average the sound of the game is pretty good, with the sound of the waves and the splashing noises I give Wave Race sound a nice 8....

another down side to Wave Race is the music, I did not like the music much at all, but some wasn't bad, the music in some places was incredibly annoying *cough*select a character screen*cough*...damn, i used that same trick in the sound review didn't I, oh well back to the review... but in some places the music wasn't all that bad so this is why I give Wave Races music a low 6...

hmmm... finally we are at the gameplay, one of the best factors of this game is that its 2-player game is a lot of fun, but on the other hand its 1-player is ehh... not the best, while the 2-player mode deserves around a 9.0 or so, the 1-player deserves only around 6.5 or so, I myself still play this game because of its 2-player mode, but the 1-player mode could have been better which is why the Gameplay deserves a 7.5...

Replay Value:8.5/10
what would a review be with out a review of the Replay Value? so here it is... the Replay Value of this game is very nice in idea of the 2-player mode, but the 1-player mode won't keep you playing for long, so if you are still playing this game today(like me) its probably because of the 2-player mode which could last you and keep you interested for months, which is why the replay value is at a very good 8.5....

well reader there you have it my review of Wave Race, a great game, that lacks a good 1-player mode, now before you start saying I'm a stupid bastard, please remember that this is my review, which contains my opions, so I thank you for your courtesy, my review was hopefully helpful for you, and I think it was short sweet and to the point(well maybe not to the point), have any questions or comments? then this is my e-mail: and here is my AIM screen name: free4ever45(again please don't e-mail or IM me just to insult or flame me)...well here is a recap of all my scores:

Replay Value:8.5

Reviewer's Score: 7/10 | Originally Posted: 08/11/02, Updated 08/11/02

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