• Play as mortis

    MortisHighlight Kanyon and press C-Up

    Contributed By: Lone Wolf16.


  • Secret Wrestlers

    To unlock the following wrestlers, simply beat the game in the idicated championship modes of play:

    Beat Tag Team Championship: Unlock Meng & Barbarian(The Faces of Fear)

    Beat US Championship: Unlock Curt Hennig(accompanied by the late, great ''Ravishing'' Rick Rude)

    Beat Cruiserweight Championship: Unlock Billy Kidman

    Beat TV Championship: Unlock Kanyon and Mortis (By pressing left or right C buttons to change the costume on the wrestler select screen, you'll get 2 different versions of the wrestler, Mortis, who was Kanyon's old personality in WCW)

    Beat World Championship: Unlock Rowdy Roddy Piper

    Other wrestlers not unlocked by beating championship mode:

    THQ Man: Press Top or Bottom C on the wrestler select when AKI Man is highlighted to play as THQ Man

    Contributed By: Gruel.

  • Unlock Curt Hennig

    Win the U.S. Championship mode.

    Contributed By: JPeeples.


  • Play as Managers

    During a one-on-one exibition match, choose a wrestler who has a manager. During gameplay press Z on the 3rd & 4th controllers.

    Contributed By: Ben Zetlitz.

  • Silver Belts!

    During the game's intro, about a few minutes into it where you see The Giant, Eric Bishoff, and Hulk Hogan with a microphone for a few seconds, press the A button to skip to the title screen, now go to championship mode where you see the champion of each belt, and now you'll see that all the champions have silver belts!

    Contributed By: Gruel.

  • Steal Opponent's pose!

    To do your opponent's pose, simply wiggle the control stick up and down very fast, for example you can get Hulk Hogan to do the famous Disco Inferno dance!

    Contributed By: Gruel.

  • Steal opponent's special move!

    To steal an opponents special move you just gotta make sure your spirit meter is flashing ''Special'' and get in either a front or back grapple and press the A and B buttons simultanously and you'll do your opponents special move.

    Contributed By: Gruel.

  • Steal your opponents submission

    When on special, make sure your opponent is on the ground and tap A+B next to their body, depending on their position, you will do your opponents submission hold. Hogan can do the crippler crossface and DDP can do the sharpshooter.

    Contributed By: Da Ass Man.

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