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Not a hard game in any wayandrew103885/10
Childish, odd, and still somewhat difficultblaze_fire126/10
Isn't this what we play games for? Fun?Captain Doormat8/10
This is so funny it's not even worth laughing at...Casanova9732/10
Superior graphics, but no fun.CLR1/10
One of the best games for the Nintendo 64 !!!!Cooper9/10
There's A Thin Line Between Cute and Abnormal Kiddyness, and This Game Took A Big Leap Over ItCrimsonScythe3/10
A great game for the little ones...Cyber-Sushi7/10
Still the best 2D game on the wilting N64Cynikar9/10
Everything Is Just So HAPPY!!GeckoGreen9/10
It's just dosn't live up to Yoshi's Island...LegendaryFrog7/10
This game isn't worth your time or fact, why am I even writing this review?LordAtomic2/10
Who ever said a game had to be hard to be fun?MissBatty9/10
Great Graphics, Sound, and Variety make Yoshi's Story a great gameNint1257/10
Worst game on the N64...Overmind1/10
An extremely fun game IF you play it the right way.paranioa9/10
This could've been betterplasmabeam6/10
Am I the only person who actually likes this game?pokebreeder1239/10
Fun Little 2-D PlatformerRHunter8/10
Doing Homework Is Much Better Than Playing This GameRockyStarPro3/10
This game is supposed to be like Yoshi's Island???SeanKelson3/10
Short, little-kiddy, and high pitched voices - only for those who are Barney at heart.Spektre6/10
Don't think it'll be another Yoshi's Island...SuperBear4/10
Yoshi's Story is probably the most pointless feeling Nintnedo developed Mario game to date.vgc20005/10
An Amazing, Underrated Game.Zipoop8/10

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