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"Am I the only person who actually likes this game?"

Considering the fact it went smoothly last review, I'm handing the responsibility of this over to my trusty partner, Aaron the Lucario!

Aaron: Ahem...

Many people have condemned what is an extremely cute and good game to the bottom of the "for sale" bin, and will never play it again. Why? Because they think this game is for little kids. I beg to differ. I have played this game several times, and like it quite a lot. Here's why:

Story: 7/10
No complaints here, except for one. The story is that Baby Bowser stole the Yoshi's "Super Happy Tree" (you see my complaint?), and turned the whole island into a gigantic story book. Then, some baby yoshi hatched the same day, and set off to save the happy tree, eating fruit along the way. Cute...

Graphics: 9/10
Nintendo did very nicely here, with it being a sort of 2.5-D, with the Yoshi being 3-D, and the background being 2-D to go with the story theme. Not bad at all for the 64!

Gameplay: 9/10
I like how this works. If you've played any other Yoshi game, you will have no problem picking this up. You can attack by swallowing enemies with your long tongue, jumping on them, throwing eggs at them, or ground-pounding them. You make more eggs by hitting an egg block, or swallowing enemies. Simple as that. In this, however, the platformer game takes off from tradition. Instead of having to reach the end of the stage, you must find and eat 30 fruits to complete the stage. Also, there are 6 stages per story mode playthough. Sound meager, but you do have a choice for which stage you go to per area. It takes several differen times of playing through to access them all. Also, most of the game talks in rhymes. I like it, personally. Also, after each stage, it will give you a little rhyme depending on the stage, and when you complete story mode, you hear them all together!

Music: 10/10
Why do people go shoot themselves when they hear this game's music? It's my favorite part! You get to hear the Yoshi sing! The opening song is nice, and I absolutely, along with Pokebreeder123, love the song after you complete a level!

All in all, Yoshi's story is a great game, and on the contrary to what most people say, is definitely worth buying! And no, it's fine being rated E, and not EC, thanks.

Burn. buy, or rent?
I'd personally buy it, but if you still believe it might be horrible and childish, rent it. Try it out!

Pokebreeder123: Thanks Aaron! That's actually exactly what I was going to tell them...

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 03/18/08

Game Release: Yoshi's Story (US, 03/01/98)

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